The Great Exchange

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1 Timothy 6:11-12
But you, as a man of God, flee from these things; and pursue righteousness, godliness, faithfulness, love, steadfastness, gentleness. Fight the good fight of the faith, take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you testified so well to your faith before many witnesses.

What is the good fight of faith? This question is the foundation of our walk with God. Everyday I wake up to a fight. One that the promise of God to me is that He has provided the victorious walk of Yeshua (Jesus), in exchange for mine. He gave His Son so that I may live. In the general sense, that death may never have the victory, no final breath for me! But in the broadest of terms, everyday a life-giving replacement of thoughts and deeds has been given in exchange for what my flesh shall resume in death at the rise of my consciousness from sleeping to waking, the dawn of a new day in the good fight of faith.

One of the greatest gifts God has given me is the wisdom and discernment of what that good fight “looks like”. It’s practical application to every minute of my walk and testimony of faith. Repentence is an exchange. I give my evil deeds in exchange He gives me deeds to produce life. Repentance is a life long exchange. It always starts in the mind, where evil deeds begin as lies, and root words, if you will, that produce the weeds of the actions. Not all the lies are persay untrue. Example: my thoughts of complaint about this or that may be valid (based on a truthful assessment) ie: “Life is so hard, that person is so difficult, this pain is so bad,” etc. These thoughts are not persay untrue. People can be difficult, life is hard, pain is hard to ignore. What developed from these thoughts is the need to express them in the form of complaint for me. The attitude of complaint turns true things into lies by saying that they are worthy of complaint, God is no longer in control, good can not be had in this or that or them, etc. What we give voice to states what we believe is true. We as a people are professional complainers! Almost everything we complain about has truth to it. How then do we fight the good fight with the tendency to complain (groan, mumble)? We must exchange at the thought level complaint for praise. It’s being transformed by the renewing of the mind that Paul talks about in Romans 12:2. So the thought begins with “that person is so difficult” and the great exchange is: I give that thought to God and ask Him to replace it with praise, in turn I take the outward and inward action of thanking God for that person and His work in them instead. It literally is the power of the Holy Spirit we are given to do such an exchange. If one is tempted to take something from someone, the exchange is to give something to them instead. We can take all sorts of things from people and not realize it. Their time, their resources, their energy, their hope, their encouragement, their courage, their trust, and the list can go on. To complain out loud to someone can take many of these all at once. It’s essentially how we bring one down rather than lift one up. Often the good fight in these cases ends and begins only in the mind. Where complaint gets exchanged for the praise of God in every situation. Often its there where the deeds or actions of evil are reverted or avoided. No one sees this place but God, the hidden fight is within. Sometimes this is why we don’t do it. We like to be seen, even if we need to repent. It’s a mystery for sure, but not mysterious. Hence why we so often do the things we don’t want to do and don’t do the things we want. All sin has its source at self display; the need for us to be seen, acknowledged, praised, felt sorry for, even encouraged in a not so encouraging way. This is why the Scripture repeatedly from beginning to end says to “give thanks to God for everything at all times. For if God is the pursuit of display, our goal for WHO gets seen, then our-selves are exchanged for Him.

So we exchange every untrue, unworthy, unholy, unwise thing for His truth, His holiness, His wisdom, His worthiness. It starts first in the mind, but without taking action on the exchange it becomes fruitless. I stayed stuck at the exchange in my mind for years and wondered why I never seemed to change outwardly. It’s a wonderful thing to go from complaint in the mind to praise to God, no doubt. But the fruit must be produced. When I have a judgemental thought towards someone I know, in my mind, I praise God for them and His work in them that I can’t see at the moment (faith), but the Spirit gives fruit, and this is when I send that person an encouraging text (action) as a result of the exchange in my mind. (Now many will wonder how many times their text messages of encouragement was a result of a judgemental thought!) But, so what? The fruit of my good-fight walk with Almighty God is the point of praise, I never deserved praise in the first place!

The same especially applies to truth, if I’m tempted to lie, I act on truth. If I’m tempted to be unforgiving, I act on grace and mercy. If I’m tempted to be impatient and unkind, I act on kindness and perseverance. When I’m tempted to react with frustration and anger, I act on the steadfast love of God for me. All of these things start with the good fight inside my head, where I exchange my thoughts for His. The experience of victory is found in the action that I take as a result of the battle that gets won in my mind. Every time I have a thought of complaint, it’s my goal (and first and foremost God’s goal for me) to exchange the complaint for praise of Him, then for the proof of its existence I act on the praises of my God. I watch myself transform into a doer of the Word, not just a mere hearer.

Often complaint is towards circumstances, so the action is then to move into them with praise and thanksgiving, steadfast effort into the hope that God is working good in them, faithfulness to His efforts, His results, not mine. I take action on these instead of complain. Again, no one sees this process, but God. Hence the Scripture that says “the God who sees what you do in secret will reward you, in secret. Not hush hush, secret, but inside where peace is formed into formidable action and rest of soul. Where we cease our striving, and can be still and know that He is God – really know, faith becomes reality.

All faith must be exercised in action or it becomes a system of our own perceptions of God instead of who God really is. It’s not about works, it’s about The Worker, the Author and Perfecter of our faith. The One who provided this Great Exchange-Market of our flesh for His heart. Without Yeshua we have no access to this “market place”. The currency of the Kingdom is the Spirit that changes us from within and makes it evident outwardly as a testimony of God’s goodness to the world around us. We are witnesses to God’s transforming power in us as well as those He directs their attention to us as we learn and grow in Him. We are never to display the work of God, that’s not our job, that’s His. We are to fight this good fight and allow the process of our transformation to become a beacon of light in a dark world. He directs the light as He wills, but His direction for our attention is ever upward. For us to become aware of the light He makes us is and can be a sign that we have lost the place of exchange. For we are never light without His goodness replacing our garbage first.

It’s a Great Exchange to walk with a Holy God, whose thoughts and ways are so different than ours. The process of this invades every little part of our living, breathing, waking moments in this life. There is no place where the good fight does not take place in us. No where we can relax and say “I’ve got this.”. We never had it in the first place, we’ll never gain it to take ownership of it ourselves. The only thing that comes close, is that God gave it to us in the first place. We take hold of it, as a piece of armor, but never does it originate from us, ownership is His and His alone, always.

Jude 1:24-25
Now, to the One who can keep you from falling and set you without defect and full of joy in the presence of His glory – to God alone, or Deliverer, through Yeshua the Messiah, our Lord – be glory, majesty, power, and authority before all time, now and forever. Amen.

1 Thessalonians 5:23-24
May the God of shalom (peace) make you completely holy – may your entire spirit, soul and body be kept blameless for the coming of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah. The One calling you is faithful, and He will do it.

Be of good courage, take heart, the transformation of your whole being is assured and completely possible, thanks be to God. The good fight is where we are given eyes to see, a heart to understand, and turn to God. Every single battle is glowing with victory because He who is within you is greater! He can give us, in exchange for our inglorious thoughts and ways, a glorious mind and spirit and body. We are not doomed to failure, but to faithfulness! Enter the Great Exchange, and see the Kingdom of God within you!


♡ Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Praise that Feeds

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The limitless Love of the Lord never ends, His pardon for sin never finds itself matched for the sin itself. These are new at the first rising of the Sun, everyday, everyday! Great, mighty awesome in Power is Your commitment to us, O Ruler of my soul!  Great, mighty, awesome in Power is Your commitment to us, O Ruler of my soul!

(The steadfast Love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning, new every morning.  Great is Thy faithfulness, oh Lord. Great is Thy faithfulness.)

The two stanzas of this famous Song are the same. To meditate on things, often is best done when we take the words and fill up the space with all they mean in detail to us. One is not more precious than the other, for they tell the Good News. Glory to the One for which all songs are worthy to be sang! May our spirits rise up to meet Him!


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Holy Contrast

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“What is the difference between God and man? In Hosea, God said He’d stop loving and no longer forgive. This seems contradictory to me” asked Toby to a friend.

“That’s a good question, Tobe. I almost forgot God said that through Hosea to Israel. The best I know is that God is God. There is no sin in Him, even when He “stops loving and forgiving”. But, man cannot stop loving without sinning. And I’ve never seen a man refuse to forgive without becoming bitter or resentful. It’s hard to understand I ‘spose. But the thing is, there are things we just don’t “get”, aren’t meant to “get” that God does and doesn’t do. He often seems to give breaks and leniency to some, and as far as I can see – it does them no good. Yet I’ve seen Him press down on some that I see as needing some kind of break, some of that leniency I see Him give another, yet He seems to be unrelenting. It makes no sense to me. He often tells me “It’s not meant to make sense to you.” Yet the Truth is, God can do or not do anything without a shred of sin or its effects – man can not. God is God, man is His creation. I’m not sure God truly stopped loving as we think of loving, or stopped forgiving as we think of forgiving Israel. Truly though I just don’t know. If He wanted me to know, I would. And so would you. God is God and can not sin, ever. Man is man and can not do anything good without Him – ever. So we are then called to just trust, and not always understand. I admit it’s really difficult to do. Yet when I do, I have peace.” The friend looked up at a flock of geese honking as they flew over head; he smiled.

Toby watched his friend, saw the words his friend speak came from some deep place of serenity Toby had never really experienced. All his life he asked questions and expected answers, answers that made sense to him. If they didn’t or no answer was forth coming he felt his spirit pout and would brood. He wanted what his friend had but had no idea where to begin. He had been reading the book Hosea as a result of a series his church was doing on God’s love verses man’s love. It kept poking at the question center of his mind.

Could I love someone who would not love me back? Could I continue to hold and cherish a woman if she always went to other lovers?

God’s love seemed impossible. But then there were those seeming contradictions. As he mentioned earlier about God saying he would cease to love and forgive. It confused him. Yet the words his friend spoke were true. Man can’t stop loving without sinning, and if God is all He says He is perhaps He could. Perhaps the “ceasing of love” mentioned in Hosea was different than what he could understand. Another passage came to mind. From the 1st chapter.

“So what about where God told Hosea to tell them that they were no longer His people and He was no longer their God? But then not long after that He then says He’d no longer consider then ‘not His people’ but change the name to His people and change again their name from ‘not loved’ to loved. Does God always contradict Himself?” Asked Toby.

The friend was quiet for a length of minutes that made Toby wonder if he’d heard him. Yet the way he looked at him in stillness left little doubt he’d been heard.

“Toby, the same thing seems to apply here. Only God can disown without abandoning. Only God can withdraw His person, His character without withdrawing His presence. It’s so hard to understand to us because we are incapable of disowning without sinning a.k.a. ceasing to love. We cannot withdraw our person without cutting someone off from our presence. Read Romans 12, it talks about how God corrects or disciplines those He loves. Then go to Isaiah chapter 53, in verse 5 it says “the disciplining that makes us whole fell on Him” meaning Jesus. Whenever you read about God passing judgement and causing things to happen that seem “unloving and rejecting” to our mind to His people we must keep this in mind. Love is discipline. And only God can discipline perfectly, fairly and lovingly. Hosea is a love story of God’s undying love and commitment to us as people who constantly betray and turn away from Him. How He is not like us and will never turn away from us.
When we discipline our children, it’s love that causes it and fuels it. It seems unfair to them, and at the time of correction we can come across to them as though we have ceased to love them. But they will learn in time that perspective. Not right away. It takes time. Correction, plus time soaked in consistent love teaches this. Not words, not “understanding” as we think but as Love teaches with time, correction, and faithfulness.
Love does not make us comfortable to be unloving, unfaithful, selfish, abusive, self-centered, revengful, and so on. Love makes us uncomfortable doing that, too our benefit, our good. But that brushes up against us as unloving and unkind much of the time. Hence why we must not lean on our understanding to follow God. The passages in Hosea you’ve been referring to are loving discipline passages. You must ask a question every time you read God’s Word. It’s not a question that seeks to make your understanding feel good. It is a question that asks the opposite. It is this:

Lord, would You give me eyes to see, ears to hear,and a heart to understand what YOU are saying here. Give me, YOUR perspective, Your understanding?”

It’s more a request, a plea than a question as we understand questioning. But it is the best question anyone can ever ask of Him.”

The friend again, looked up into the sky. No birds were flying and honking, but the cloud that had been shielding the Sun from its full brightness was moving off to the west. The full light and heat of the Sun became a physical thing to the eyes and the body. Again his friend smiled. The smile seemed to say “thank you God”.

Again Toby was drawn to his friends words but also how he seemed to be part of them, it wasn’t just head knowledge, it was where he was moved and had his being.

“God, I want that! I want to know You like that. I want to be part of YOUR understanding, and not my own! I want to know how to receive YOUR love and so be able to love like that. I will continue to read Hosea, and ask or plead the question this friend has shown me. Thank you for bending down in this moment to teach me the Holy contrast of man verses You.”

The two friends continued to sit in silence, but having very real and intimate conversations with the God of Hosea. And it was good.


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Old Covenant ~ Fulfilled Covenant

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Matthew 5:17
Don’t think that I have come to abolish the Torah or the Prophets. I have not come to abolish but to complete.

Exodus 20:14
Do not commit adultery.

With every single command we must ask – “Who is God?”. For every single instruction God gave was His communication of: I Am God  – I Am who made you – I Am who made all things; therefore all things are made to tell you I Am. Most of us don’t see how everything we do or say communicates intimately who we are – what and why we love, etc. We disconnect everything and have many files by which we label the things we say and do. We have files that are defined as; “Things I do and say that have nothing to do with who I am” and “Things I do and say that have everything to do with who I am”. God has no such files. Everything He said/says, does/did or will do has everything to do with Who He Is/was/and ever shall be.

With this in mind I approach the 6th commandment – Do not commit adultery. I begin taking notes:
*What is adultery to God?
*Who is God in faithfulness? (How does it define His Character)
*Why did He communicate this specific instruction?

Then because Yeshua (Jesus) said He came to fulfill/complete this instruction, I take more notes:
*What does fulfill mean?
*How did/does Yeshua fulfill faithfulness – or not committing adultery?
Since Yeshua said, “If you have known Me – you have known the Father.” (John 14:7) These two pictures must come together to completion. His words are clear – you cannot divorce the Old from the New. This in and of itself is a form of adultery. The Torah (Instructions – 1st 5 Books of the Bible) and Yeshua are a marriage, they have been from the beginning. It took Yeshua (Salvation) to keep the command before He came as a human and it takes Him now after His walk on earth with the Father, His death, resurrection and ascension. The early Messianic Body only had the Torah, Prophets, Psalms and Proverbs as a Bible. Titus studied only the Old Testament; as did all those who Followed Yeshua for 100’s of years following His ascension. The Truth of Yeshua is/was found in confirmation in the Old Testament; it still is.

This series will show my own studies of how Yahweh points us to Him intimately from the beginning. The Old Testament points forward to Him who keeps His promises 》Yeshua, and the New Testament that points to the Promise Keeper 》Yeshua. Backwards and forwards Adonai points to Himself. Reveals who He is in an intimate communication of invitation for relationship and intimacy with the Creator and the Created (us). A heart of Love that communicates how He made us and why. Not to prove ‘I am God’ though it does; but to prove what kind of God He is. One who will instruct to the detail how we can stay so connected to Him that evil will not have any influence upon our being. Which is the true definition of Freedom.

Adultery in relation to Yeshua would not have applied to Him in any other way than the way Adonai spoke of adultery in the Old Testament. Yeshua never married a woman. Yet, He could have been unfaithful to God, His Father. Which all the prophets spoke (or repeated what God said to them) of in reference to Israel’s adultery with Himself.

It’s important to note this: It is impossible to break any commandment following the first if the first is kept faithfully. If we love God with all we are, have, and do all the others will come natural to the flow of our love and commitment to Him. Then we see what Yeshua meant by “all the laws and prophets are summed up in two commands (Matt.22:36-40) – Love the Lord your God with all you are, have and do – and Love your neighbor as if they are Him. I realize I’m seemingly putting the second in outrageous wording. But we know – “love someone as you love yourself” – we’ve all seen the whole world loves – selfishly. The words must reflect the intent of God’s heart. Which is to say they must reflect what they are meant to do – as in transform – in us. If we take the first commandment – Love God alone with all you are, say, do and have at your disposal – materialistically, physically, emotionally, spiritually. We are and become a being that says:
“I am a vessel that God made and only He may use. Because I not only believe and am convinced He indeed made myself and all; but also I’m in union/agreement with Him in how myself and all that He made shall be treated, loved, and related to.”
If we LIVE this command; how can we break any other? Loving my neighbor as myself goes far beyond the human ideal of what love is. For to love oneself is at the very heart of satan, who loves himself more than God. This is the kind of love we naturally and by example (sadly) show each other to love like. The translations are lacking in understanding what God means – not what we think like. So I re-worded Yeshua’s 2nd command by what He reveals it means – not by the English translation of the words. You must, of course, test this yourself in the fire of His own teaching to you. Ask Him, He’ll speak directly into your questions and all of Scripture will only fuel the fire which burns what He teaches into your heart. Never take anyone’s word but His.

So the only place to go and understand how Yeshua fulfills the command to not commit adultery IS in the Old Testament. Where His Father spoke over and over about what “outward” adultery (physical) is as the by-product of the “inward”. Which is essentially the breaking of the 1st commandment, both in the Old and the New:
1st Commandment – Exodus 20:3 – Old
1st Commandment – Matthew 22:37 – New

When thinking of the word – fulfill. Picture a jar – a stone jug/vessel which has been made to hold a gallon of water. If the jar is constantly only filled half way or three quarters full – it is not being used as it was made to its full capacity. Yeshua – fulfills – as in – fills up the vessel all the way to the top; so as to make the vessel completely used as it was intended. Full. Filled. The way it was designed from the beginning by God alone.


♢To be continued…stayed tuned for part 2 🙂

♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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The First Teacher Who Ever Taught

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There is no more imprisoning place than a soul created by Divine Love forgetting, forsaking, and falling into a inner-life devoid of the One who breathes His very essence into it.  ~ LRV

The above picture/quote sounds so truthful, and yea, a small truth attaches itself to a cloaked lie. The best lie’s, that is, the most deceptive and easy to be enticed by; always have some truth to them. The truth they use to point the finger of blame somewhere else. Any time a truth is used to blame, distort, twist and “get God out” of it; it ceases to be a truth. This was the first response to the first lie ever responded by mouth upon by human-kind.

Genesis 3:11-13
He said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree from which I ordered you not to eat?” The man replied, “The woman You gave me – she gave me fruit from the tree and I ate.”
Adonai (the Lord), God, said to the woman, “What is this you have done?” The woman answered, “The serpent tricked me, so I ate.”

Notice Adam blamed God, then the woman. The woman the serpent. Truthfully God did give Eve to Adam, the woman did give the fruit to Adam. The serpent did lie to Eve. The full truth, though, is God did tell them what they needed to know, He told the truth, they did not act on the truth! He not only told them not to eat of the tree, but proved to them His word was 100 % reliable while they walked and talked with Him in the Garden. God has never not proven His words to hold the Life He says they do.

So what’s the cloaked lie, and fully accessible truth to the above quote/picture?

Truth: God said the responsibility of teaching children lay upon the parents at HOME.

Lie: Its the fault (blame) of government and public institutions that our children don’t know the Bible. (Hogwash!!)

Here’s the proof.

Deuteronomy 11:18-21
Therefore, you are to store up these words of Mine in your heart and in all of your being; tie them on your hand as a sign; put them at the front of a headband around your forehead; teach them carefully to your children, talking about them when you sit at home, when you are traveling on the road, when you lie down and when you get up; write them on the door-frames of your house and on your gates  – so that you and your children will live.

God never put teaching the most essential things in life in the hands of anything but 1st Himself to us, 2nd us to our children. The Bible is not lived and read, taught and acclaimed, threaded into everything at HOME.
God was the first Teacher! He taught us how to live, how to conduct our behaviors, and most importantly how to love Him! What better Teacher, than the One who knows everything and never lies!?

Lets face it, most our children are not in state and federal prisons. But look at us! We are all imprisoned when we don’t listen and obey the Teacher! We are bound up and not free. Vulnerable to these kinds of lies, that blame everyone but ourselves, including God, for the “wrongs” in the world. Truth is offensive, but only to the parts of hearts that would rather hold to a lie. Its time to expose them. Hold them out to the Creator of them and He, Himself, will teach, correct, guide, and instruct as we talk, travel, lie down, get up! He will write them on your hand, forehead, door-frames, gates. (Our hearts, our inner-beings). He goes first, and then says “Follow Me”.

But! Let me be very plain! He follows our children in the absence of our faithfulness, He will set them free! Let them take Bibles out of schools and put them in prisons! God alone is completely trustworthy to teach His children! To those of us that would post, paste, and parade the above quote/picture as a “piece of wisdom”, hear the voice of Wisdom Himself, “Get your Bibles out at home and begin to live and breathe it yourself, teach it to your children; then, even if they land in prison, I will continue to teach them!”

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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