Awake! – Part 9 – Signs

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The day/night/evening Yeshua was born and at His death, Adonai, put signs in the heavens. We all know about the star the night He was born. In fact, with our technology today, we can go back and look for ourselves! What a gift we have in the days we live in! The day, the hour, He took His last breath, there was a 3 hour solar eclipse! Just a small fact for those who might shrug their shoulders at that. A normal solar eclipse last only about 7-8 minutes with the moon blocking our sun. A 3 hour eclipse is a GOD thing! It’s has never happened since. Nor the alignment of the stars quite like the night He was born, though some say the day God created the heavens, earth, and all that was in them, was the same. No one can know for sure. The sign from Revelation 12, as seen in the pictures here, will happen September 21-23, allowing for some inaccuracy on our part. The sign began last year with Jupiter entering the womb of the Virgin, and as I type, it is in its final phase of retrograde motion. These signs can only be made, set in motion, orchestrated by God, not the enemy, no human – just God. 

I’m not going to conjecture what will happen on this day. I’ve been given insight in my own study, but it’s up to each one to consult The Sign Giver, for theirs. To say it’s an indication to preparation in the Kingdom of heaven would be an understatement. The body of Messiah has many parts, and thereby, what the ear must be open to hear, the eyes will not hear, nor the hand be prepared in the same way the foot must. That the heart and mind of each child of God must be consecrated and ready; there will be no exception.

There are some things Adonai has pointed out to me I think worth noting. 

First: This sign will be during the day. The significance of the times we live in, therefore, sheds illuminating signals on things here. For only with the technology we have could anyone know this sign was appearing! Below, I’ve taken a picture from my phone using Stelarium myself. Anyone can go see for themselves. 

Second: I am leary of those who try to say exactly what will happen as a result. I am keeping the whole of Scripture in mind. During Yeshua’s birth, a handful of people really knew what that sign meant at the time, much less, laid eyes on its fruition. On the day Yeshua died, there were other signs happening that distracted, as hard as it may be to believe, people from noticing the eclipse. There was a storm, earthquake and the veil was rent in the temple. There was also a Lunar eclipse! The sky was busy that day! Still, too many, were oblivious to the signs and their meaning. I believe history will repeat itself this year. I’ve personally experienced the “blow off” in people who I thought believed in the Word of God, and Yeshua as their Messiah. Tears flow daily at the apathy I see. Yet just like when Yeshua came people were dulled by the worries of this life, focused on their plans, and…well…sick of waiting on God or just plain mad at Him. Also, they were looking for something totally different. They did not know their Word, or the One who wrote it. 

Third: No matter what happens in September a line in the sand is being drawn in the Kingdom of Heaven. It would be unwise for anyone who says they follow Yeshua (Jesus) not to give this the attention due it. 

Forth: there’s no small significance to the Feast this sign falls in. If one doesn’t understand that, they will miss important details. 

I’m not one of those who leans towards the rapture of the church. Though I see indications of the possibility. Though I’ll clarify, I don’t see anywhere in scripture where anyone who says they follow Yeshua will not be persecuted for it. Here in America, those who have paid with their lives for Him, are either hidden or extremely rare at this point.This is not counting those who are American who have died, been jailed, stoned and the like, in other countries. Being called a “Jesus-freak”, or mocked in kind, hardly comes close. I’ve had family members and friends avoid and cut me off, but this is hardly persecution. It hurts, but it’s nothing compared to what’s coming. 

I’m prepared, looking for Him everyday, as instructed by Yeshua. Yet, staying the course of looking for His work He wants done here and now is my primary focus. I believe, this way of living is the only way from here on out. Lamps need to be full, hearts need to be clean, lives need to speak louder than words to our testimony that Yeshua is Lord! Mouths must be ready to speak and lose much in the days ahead. 

Most important to me to say here in this blog is this: this is not a fearful thing!   

Why be afraid? 

Luke 21:28 – Yeshua speaking…

When these things start to happen, stand up and hold your heads high; because you are about to be liberated! 


In this same chapter we are told, friends and relatives will betray us. To make up our minds not to worry, to keep watch on ourselves, and not let our hearts become dulled, stay alert, always praying. There is nothing that comes from the mouth of Yeshua that says we should fear, or even that we should be so focused on signs and wonders and world events that we become consumed with them. In fact, there is only one verse that some may see as a reason to fear. 

Luke 21:34-35

But keep watch on yourselves, or your hearts will become dulled by carousing, drunkenness and worries of everyday living, and that Day will be sprung upon you suddenly like a trap! For it will close in on everyone, no matter where they live, throughout the world.  

Having shared that verse, I reiterate, I’m not saying The Day Yeshua’s referring to here is happening in September. I, only know that this sign means something very significant, and the days we live in are the end of the end. It’s not time to be slack about anything the the Word (Yeshua) has said. To do so now, I think it’s safe to say, is very risky. 

That being said, one must know that there are those being prepared for every single minute that leads to the 1000 year reign. Some may well be caught up before the really hard stuff comes. Some are being prepared for being left behind in that case. Some being prepared to die for their trust and stand for Yeshua the Messiah. Some prepared to die of “natural” causes. Everyone is called to die to themselves everyday!

God is working every angle, He is far more concerned with every soul than even they can care for themselves. His love, trumps satan’s hatred – forever! His grace out wits the enemies accusations – to eternity! His finished work, is final! If there is fear in your heart at the mention of this sign, you need only rectify it with Him. For only if you are holding on to your life will fear enter in. Otherwise, joy unspeakable shall be your companion, and the process of daily walking with Him, letting Him clean us up, train us, love us, teach us, live through us, well…this won’t change except to add to the joy that we are alive to see such a sign! Straight from Heaven from the beginning of time! The wonder of it is truly amazing! This is why I share it! Not to brow beat, or threaten, or preach. God is the convictor, not I. I’m excited! I am praising Him! I’m honored to be able to be here for such a time as this! The glory of God is about to be unveiled, His justice for all those who have suffered at the hand of a tyrannical enemy is about to finally come! I rejoice in His plan, His ways, Himself!! Who wasn’t overjoyed to watch the Red Sea part and close again on the enemy? The shepherd’s in the fields who heard the angels sing, the magi who saw the Star and then the Saviour as a babe, had nothing but joy! Those who watched Yeshua, heal the sick, cast out demons, calm seas, raise the dead and rise again from His own; these found Life and joy burst from within who truly loved Him! Fear not! For once again, we watch the truth of His Word unfold before our eyes! 

✡ May the grace of the Lord, Yeshua the Messiah be with you all. ✡

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