Carma or Judgement

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Psalms 8:16

His mischief will return onto his own head, his violence will recoil onto his own skull.

Psalms 9:15-16

The nations have drowned in the pit they dug, caught their own feet in the net they hid.
Adonai made Himself known and executed judgement; the wicked are ensnared in the work of their own hands.

Psalms 5:10

God, declare them guilty!
Let them fall through their own intrigues, for their many crimes, throw them down; since they have rebelled against You.

Psalms 37:15

But their swords will pierce their own hearts, and their bows will be broken.

Throughout history one thing repeats itself over and over without fail. Humans learn the truth from GOD first, and either turn and run towards Him or turn and run away. And as they run away they “reinvent” the truths they learned from God. Carma instead of judgement. Humans rights instead of humble giving without expectations or need for acknowledgement. Tit for tat instead of ‘here’s my shirt and coat and my right cheek and my left. “Reasoning and educating” into self awareness as a means for improvement instead of confessing the simplicity of sin and repentance as the ONLY grace that saves. Circumstantial excuse making instead of trusting the fully trustworthy ways of a God who makes no exceptions out of the very definition of faithfulness. Reinventing science as if humans have the ability to reason apart from the very Creator that can do as He pleases with anything – turn gravity into levity; water into anything; dust into a human; stars into planets; light to darkness; sin into beauty; physics into chemistry; chemistry into music; music into chaos. He wrote the rules, has all the power to rewrite them…only He! So above we see…long ago…David prayed in the tone of what the world now calls “carma”; but look those scriptures up…read the surrounding words. God calls it judgement and justice, God is the One who causes and effects…not mankind. There is no such thing as carma, only the ways of a God who either gives as we don’t deserve because we choose Him or gives exactly what we choose without Him.

Tough words, there’s no sugar for the bitter pill of correction. We swallow and our pride melts if we do. If we spit it out, the “sweetness” that may appear in the rejection of His love, will in the end be a bitter pill that shall lodge in the throat and fight pride in an eternal agony.
We cannot take what God says or does and conform it to an image of our choosing or “making”. We either become His Image reflecting Him or a mirage of vastly empty space. There’s the Truth and a whole bunch of lies. It doesn’t “pay” to have options all the time. I am a Child of Adonai Elohim, what ‘goes around’ in His Kingdom will never be ‘you get what you give’. We can give only what He gives and we receive, there’s no “take out” parking. We don’t “save up” for a rainy day…we give as soon as He gives. Our dependence upon Him is solidified this way alone. And they that depend wholly upon God are; never betrayed to the enemy; always satisfied, joyful, full of thanks; surrounded and hidden in a Fortress that defies reason; given the ability to see beyond the physical; given the ability to hear and follow a Voice that leads them in the blackest of environments; given a love that becomes leprous to carnal abuses and inattention; and a Hope that does not, ever disappoint.

I will take judgement over carma. Both to stand in myself, for I trust the Judge for true justice; and for my outlook on others; for His Judgement lays in the Realm of Righteousness that He alone has earned! Glory to the God of Judgement, for His mercies that never fail and graces that acquit the most vile of sinners at the mere turning from within from the way that leads to destruction. This ability to judge comes only in a God who truly is the Creator of all things. As of this day…He made only One Human who can share this sight…Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah – and He chose to die that all may live. Errrr…well…at least be given the choice to. But in so choosing, we then die in order that He may live in us. 🙂

That ain’t carma, that’s a gracious miracle!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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The Conscience; A Holy Fire

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What’s the use of repentance on earth, when hell will do just as well?

In those few words lay the germ of preference for hell of poor souls, enfeebled by wickedness. They will not have to do anything there, only to moan and cry and suffer forever, they think. Its not so much the sorrow or remorse of repentance they dread; its the action it involves; it is the having to be different, behave differently, that they shrink from. And they have been taught to believe that this will not be required of them there; that their wills will not be called into action.

But, tell them that the fire of God, both around them and within them, will compel them; that the “torturing” Spirit of God in them will keep their consciences awake – and hell will lose its unnatural fascination for them. Tell them that there is no refuge from the compelling love of God, except that love itself, that if they make their bed in hell, they shall not escape Him; and then, perhaps, they will have some true perception of the fire that is not quenched. If not now under the sunshine of heaven, then in the torture of the awful world where there is no light but that of the conscience, perhaps repentance may break through the dark as light; as seen as if perhaps for the first time.

~ George MacDonald ~ 1868

I have never heard of the conscience serving such a purpose in this light before!! Upon reading this I could not help but praise God that He made me so that my inner light would flame and become a blaze when I do that which does not love, live, and praise! What a gift!! Totally unmerited, and who? Who would ever think to ask for it? There is no one who does not desire for the weight of a wrong to be cast away as if it never was! Our culture fairly worships the idea of numbing out the pain of all we do that hates instead of loves. There’s a pill for every burdening conscience, every form of its manifestation. If the doctor won’t prescribe one, then the local drug/liquor store is at your service! Heck now we have marijuana stores! Next heroine and cocaine! Why not?

Then there’s the morbid fascination with “the living dead, walking dead, vampires, werewolves, the “un”-dead, horror movies” wrapped in the cloak of “fun” as if hell is some stretch of the human imagination! As if to say: “Hey no worries! That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” Does anyone else hear the bottomless pit of evil’s invitation in such a cliche? Almost every movie is now drenched in the deceptive fluid of the “beauty of a conscience free “life”! But Life without a conscience does not exist! Its not dead, it will never, has never and can never be! God doesn’t make Life without conscience! The “un”-dead, “living” dead is a human full of denial’s made up lack of conscience! It comes from their minds devoid of their beating hearts!

Oh the many ways we make up devices to call an inconvenience the very thing that was meant to point us to our Savior!! Our conscience is the LIGHT!

As always when I read MacDonald some truth from Gods word gets blown up in vivid color and high definition! Countless scriptures start falling down from previous readings (sometimes countless) in confirmation! Words of Yeshua (Jesus), His disciples/followers, His prophets, words God the Creator of all Life told them to say, for our conscience’s sake! It may “offend”, but I am glad to submit to its lack of comfort now…for later it will be rendered needless where I will spend eternity in the Light of His countenance! For now I will consider it a gift of Light that no darkness can suppress!

Matthew 3:11-12 – John the Baptist speaking…
It’s true that I am immersing you in water so that you might turn from sin to God; but the One coming after me is more powerful than I – I’m not worthy even to carry His sandals – and He will immerse you in the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) and in fire. He has with Him His winnowing fork; and He will clear out His threshing floor, gathering His wheat into the barn but burning up the straw with unquenchable fire!
**see also Luke 3:16-17; Mark 9:42-49

Matthew 13:41-43 – Yeshua speaking…
The Son of Man will send forth His angels, and they will collect out of His Kingdom all the things that cause people to sin and all the people who are far from Torah (His Teachings); and they will throw them into the fiery furnace where people will wail and grind their teeth. Then the righteous will shine forth like the sun in the Kingdom of their Father. Whoever has ears, let him hear!

Isaiah 1:31
The strong will be like tinder and the idol maker like a spark; both will burn together, and no one will put them out.

Isaiah 27:4
I have no anger in Me. If it gives Me briars and thorns, then, as in war, I will trample it down and burn it up at once; unless it takes hold of My strength, in order to make peace with Me, yes to make peace with Me. (put conscience in for the word it)

Isaiah 66:42
As they leave, they will look at the corpses of the people who rebelled against Me. For their worm will never die, and their fire will never be quenched; they will be abhorrent to all humanity.

Jeremiah 7:20
Therefore, here is what Adonai Elohim (the Lord God) says: “My anger and fury will be poured out on this place, on men, animals, trees in the fields and produce growing from the ground, and it will burn without being quenched.”

John 1:5
The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not suppressed it.

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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