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♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡


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Misinterpretation Exchanged for Perspective

April 20, 2015 at 12:10 am (Devotionals, Thoughts to Ponder, WSGD Newes) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , )


We all know how many read so many scriptures but they get to a part where God says He’ll turn His hands against them and slam the book closed; feeling justified that they can validate their lack of belief in Him “because any God that turns against us must not be a “good” God.” But they fail to keep reading! Look! Look what His hand turning against us means.

1) cleansing
2) restoration

Inarguably painful and often difficult these processes, but then LOOK at the results.

1) righteousness
2) faithful (trusting)
3) redeemed

These are the new names we are given. It’s so often overlooked that the reason God’s hand is turned against us is because we first turn away from Him. Much as we often seem to “turn against” our children when they disobey, in order to correct, protect, teach, and guide them into the right way of living. So God, because He loves us makes sure we “go it alone” when we live inside our bodies and our hours and minutes of living doing things our own way instead of the way that brings life. God is the Author of Life. He uses death to His own Life purposes, but does not authorize such ways of living. One could aptly picture His hand swooping up to our behinds for a tap, as His hand turning against us. Or smacking a hand before it reaches a hot burner. In the latter, should the hand continue not to heed the warning, He steps back and let’s us learn the hard way. Ready to run cold water over the burn and apply grace as His salve to the wound. It’s stunning how often and quickly He knows when to let the hand be burned instead of constantly playing referee. Notice how He didn’t show up at that tree in the garden when the snake struck Eve. He didn’t get in her face and say “hey, remember what I said, don’t listen to him he’s a liar!” Nor did He get in Satan’s face and say, “Leave her alone, she’s mine, be gone!” It smacks up against our logic. Why didn’t He? “A good God would have intervened!” Right?

Ahhhh, such is the reality that His ways are not ours and His thoughts fall into a realm of Wisdom we are incapable of without Him. It’s like the difference between justice and fairness. God is just. Always, one hundred percent of the time. Yet, we equate justice with our idea of fairness. A huge mistake. I beg your time for an example. Let’s turn to a parable Yeshua (Jesus) gave. It’s found in Matthew 20, verses 1-16. He starts out by saying, “The Kingdom of heaven is like…” and proceeds to tell of a farmer who goes out to find workers for his field. He goes out at 9am, noon, and three, hiring workers at each time. Then goes out at an hour before quitting time and hires another. The workers come in to collect their pay and find that everyone got the same pay, no matter how long they had worked. Needless to say the first worker was feeling the weight of mankind’s version of fairness and pressed into the farmer to express his point of view. The farmer replies that its his land and his money and the worker agreed to work for the money that now laid in his hand, and to focus on his word being true in his hand and not the method in which he applied to everyone else. The last words Yeshua says in this story is, “thus the last shall be first and the first shall be last” Often these words further confuse the one without eyes to see beyond their idea of fairness.

But let’s look at a different point of view. Each worker has a family to feed. God’s perspective includes everything, everything we effect as well as our own hearts needing growth. God tends to the needs of all, not the pride of one. Each worker went home and was able to feed their families, not just take pride in a whole days work. The grace given to the last worker of the day, likely fed his family well beyond the hour of work in one single day, causing him to work harder. The grace given to the first worker, having been rejected and replaced with pride and puffiness, likely didn’t meet the needs of his family much beyond the day he was saying goodnight to. Ungratefulness is the symptom of pride. Pride loves to critisize authority. I love this parable because it shows how God keeps His Word to care for us, not depending on our interpretation of earning or deserving but on His Word alone. He meets the needs of countless people when He meets the needs of the one.


Understanding what it means when God turns against and when He deals in justice verses our idea of what correction and fairness looks like is a flood of revelation to the soul. It makes it so easy to have our minds “changed” and draw near to Him who has all things well in hand. Just like He did in the garden, and every second since. Truly all glory and honor and praise belongs to Him and Him alone! Worthy is the One who is, was, and is to come!

Misinterpretation is also a symptom of pride. Pride is the ultimate blinder of all God is and all He does and His heart that is the only good heart in existence. Perspective is everything, give yours to God and the exchange will change your life, and likely countless lives you effect everyday as long as you draw breath.


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Quote Note

February 16, 2015 at 5:31 pm (Remodeling the Mind, Thoughts to Ponder) (, , , , , , , , , )


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Eternal Arms that Hold

January 30, 2015 at 4:28 am (Poems) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )


Oh you little critical voice
That creeps inside of me
That dives inside and tries to hide
The truth that you are free

That turns your thoughts
Towards other lots
And starts to grab the gavel
Accusing gibes with condemning tides
Where only Love should travel

Those twisted shouts
And selfish pouts
That rage against His Love
I see you now
And throw you off
The Hands of God now shove!

I cast you out
No more to heed
Your hellish sing and creed
There is a Judge
Upright and fair
The pith of every need!

His holiness and bent down hands
Will cover every ear
With precious Blood
That takes the blame
And covers every fear

With His love so rich
And gracious fare
That souls grow mercy wings
I harken now
The hallowed song
And join as Heaven sings

“Fear not, dear child
Call out for help
That rests inside My keeping
That voice of hurt
And graceless worth
My Life shall bring forth leaping!”

All at once
The critical voice
Vanishes like a mist
The rightful Judge
Now sounds His voice
And Love cannot resist

The rest and peace
Where grace now cries
Forgive! And be forgiven!
The heart begins to find its song
And sends it’s voice to the Living!

I thank Thee God
For Your great work
That tends to every sorrow
With faithful grace and mercy calls
That teaches us to Follow

Salvation’s path
The Healers creed
I run towards Your position
And leave behind
Thoughts unkind
With obedience and precision

Yielding up
Submitting to
The righteous Voice emitting
Chain breaking waves
That Freedoms work is bidding

No captives here
No slaves to find
Just precious lambs within Your fold
I harken now and leap into
Eternal arms that hold!


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Chasing Chesed (Mercy)

November 12, 2014 at 1:37 am (Mile Stones, Remodeling the Mind, WSGD Newes) (, , , , , , , , , , )


Matthew 5:7,10

How blessed are those who show mercy! For they will be shown (given eyes to see, a heart to give) mercy.

How blessed are those who are persecuted because they pursue righteousness (chase mercy)! For the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs. (Now and forever)

On a tombstone somewhere in the holy land the inscription reads that the one for which the grave serves as a resting place; that they spent much of life under the oppression of persecution but after having been freed from Auschwitz-Birkenau they spent the rest of their life chasing Chesed.  Chesed is the Hebrew word for mercy, release from judgement, forgiveness granted without delay, and without need for retribution.

It strikes me as something of a mystery that one who suffers and could thereby live their life in bitterness or reclusion due to such torture at the hand of mankind’s cruelty; would spend their life chasing mercy.

Well, it’s not so much a mystery to me because of Yeshua (Jesus) who Is Chesed. But it stops one in their tracks and makes you want to take notice at least a little, right? My guess is much like one did with Yeshua Himself – still does.


We spend so much time trying to dissect and minimize our sufferings. Countless hours in therapy, and so much wasted breath pushing air in and out attempting to discern “who errored” ourselves, others or even God when suffering happens to us. I find this usually points to the severity of the suffering. Not to minimize anyone’s suffering, but here in the USA, we have very little concept of it really. Mostly the suffering that is not called suffering in Biblical terms but really just the way of life; loss of life, financial hardships, illness, etc. The suffering of such as those who are beaten repeatedly and made to slave in working conditions that would and is designed to kill even the hardiest human. .. this is an American unknown. The Auschwitz kind of suffering leaves no room for one to assign blame and manipulate how they can use their victimology to evade life more. They dont expect to see the “end” of it. Something happens inside the womb of this kind of suffering that gives birth to a new creature much like Yeshua speaks of in being born again. Chasing mercy. .. chasing… running after… the art of forgiving. Looking for places to forgive; people to forgive or asking the Father to forgive…every minute of every day. Instead of looking for offense, looking for how ones rights are being violated, usurped, taken. What do we really have a “right” to? Given by God Almighty?

Mercy to receive from Him.
And if received to be given away just as He has given.

Waking up everyday to “put on our running shoes” to give mercy, live mercy, be merciful, receive mercy from God. Chasing Chesed. Not walking towards it… but running. Like a child chases a butterfly until they catch it. Having caught it they cup it into their hands and run to show mom or dad…”Look! Look what I caught!”

My life has seen such an absence of even normal life suffering. My loved ones have mostly died of old age. The ones that haven’t I was not really close to or did not know well due to the fact that I was so young when they died. Illness has not found its lethal teeth among my family or friends. Hardships in life all normal and mostly consequential. Hard, yes but hardly the Auschwitz kind. Yet all this in review and pulled under a scrutinized thumb has still produced a chasing Chesed heart in me. How can this be?

There’s a stigma in christianity that seems to go like this. The more one suffers the better, stronger and more holy they are. I think this is sideways a bit. It’s what we do with whatever suffering God sets before someone that dictates how strong He becomes in them. Putting suffering on a scales in human measure is tantamount to judgement. Everything that causes one to reach out and say “I can’t do this without You God!” – this is what comes under the heading of character building, persevering, soul climbing out of this world and into Abba’s lap stuff. Degrees to suffering is pointless. Throw out the scales. God is the only One who can measure.


What makes you chase Chesed?
What makes you want to give it out like candy? What makes you yearn to forgive and see others forgiven? What makes you cast away any concept of offense? What makes you willing to give up on having “rights” instead of protesting to have more?

For within the bound of this kind of thinking; sufferings have a new name – Joy. Not happy, smiley, warm and fuzzy, giddy emotions. But deep well, beyond the tears that cascade from your soul because He lives – Joy. His will be done – Joy. The Lord gives and He takes – Joy. It is as He wills – Joy. Nothing is loss – Joy. His presence is all that I need – Joy. Indeed we can be wretched and twisted in pain and approach the Throne of heaven with this Joy. Not pastey, grin and bear it, put on a good face, pull yourself up by the bootstrap foolishness. But a real human being full of all its strengths and weakness, scorning the shame of its fallen nature but rising up with Yeshua from the grave that wins the victory – humbly but boldly crawling into the lap of the Father for every need and want and desire. Joy. Chasing Chesed is the key to this mystery.

These are the shoes of readiness spoken of in the armory closet we are instructed to put on every day. Not preaching the Gospel… but living it. Chasing Chesed.

What do you chase?


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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