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To find a place of rest in turmoil is to understand Jesus asleep in the boat in the storm at sea. The only reason He needed to still the storm was to silence the fears of the disciples. The storm was not disturbing Him. I have a feeling He rather enjoyed it, for He recognized that it was from His Father’s hand. If we could know that, we would not fear winds nor wave. His was a greater peace, resting in the storm, than that which the disciples experienced following the “miracle”. (It wasn’t really more miraculous for God to stop the storm than to initiate it in the first place) We need so much to realize that whatever befalls us within divine providence really doesn’t need altering. It is we who need to be changed within – not so much the circumstances without.

– Frances J. Roberts
Total Love; page 64

♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡


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♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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The Shell or The Seed?

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***Taken from Total Love by Frances J. Roberts.***

God has great and wonderful things for those who dare to trust Him. Don’t look for Him in the shadows of the past. He’s not there. When they looked for Him in the tomb, He was not there. He was not wrapped in the grave clothes. They were empty! Beloved, you will never find Him by looking in the grave clothes of your past experiences. He is not there: Behold, He is alive, and He is going before you. He is always before you. Today is all we have. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is not yet here. We dare not live in the past nor try to reconstruct that which has already come to its own fulfillment. We have to find the vision He has for us today and follow that. We are not called to perpetuate someone else’s vision that has already come to completion.

God has something wonderful for every one of His children, and it will be something new and something different. It will not be part of the shell but part of the seed; not of the flesh but of the Spirit; not of personality but of Christ who frees every individual to be indeed individual, bound only by his own personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.

You may have bound yourself to the shell, but you were never bound by the seed, for the seed is of the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty, there is freedom, and there is a continual unfolding of new life.


As I read this year’s ago, I remember saying to myself

“well the day they looked for Jesus in the grave, was ‘today’ – as in the present for them so that doesn’t quite feel right”

True, but my perspective was…argumentative. I’m a literal kinda gal, and craning my head to look around a corner usually puts my neck out and tries my patience. Most things God says are directly in front so there can be no doubt that He indeed is “always before you”. Neck aches and impatience ( spiritually speaking ) are not my favorite way to learn. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this. 🙂 As I reread this tonight, my neck was already sore and yet my patience seemed to ripple slow and sure, like small waves lapping lazy along the banks of a lake.

Hmmmm, that’s new…

So much has been being inserted to my “storage drives” for the last 8 months, and it’s required a lot of neck craning; and unlimited patience! Re-learning major aspects of living after doing it all wrong for 40 plus years tends to do that. The first plate that gets served is dessert!

Humble pie.

It’s so rich you don’t ask for whipped topping!
It’s so rich, you hardly notice to “plates” that get served after it. You just submit and eat, and pray God has you covered for the rest.

The thought struck me this time:

God is as much behind me as before, if I look to the side – He’s there too.”

He is the Seed. The One promised to Eve in Genesis. Shells are only evidence of what seeds produce. The past is like that. It’s hard to look back at shells, some of the product was ugly. The seeds on the other hand – rest in His palm. He owns the patent on seeds, all of them! I crane my neck the most when I’m looking through a spiritual lesson for physical things. All things physical point to the spiritual. Take it to the bank. (Save your neck some time in achy breaky time out). Look back, briefly, mind you, and see. God made every single physical thing to teach us about His nature, His person, His purposes, His power, His trustworthiness, His creation – Life. Ever been in a room when someone has died physically? Something changes, and you can’t see it with your physical eyes – that ‘something’, but you know it’s real. Indeed it is. The obvious is seen plainly, someone was there and now they are not, breathing stopped, the shell is empty. It’s really the real-ist world. What we don’t see but He gives us the power to sense because we have been given eyes to see some physical representation of what lies beneath, waiting to teach us the real deal.

I think it vitality important for Followers of Yeshua the Messiah to train their brain to look for what lies beyond the physical. That’s what the Spirit waits for us to do, so He can reveal and thus encourage, comfort and give us the tethers of faith that is required of us all to follow those new paths everyday.

I pray that whatever the “newness” of what you are grasping is, you’ll have the courage to embrace it. New does not always feel good, like a shiny new car. Sometimes new put the old out of commission, retires it. We have to put what we thought we knew away completely. Amazingly if we don’t, we – ourselves – will become old. Old, repetitive, and lifeless. He is with us, around, in front, behind, beside, constantly trying to give us new eyes to see. Everyday becomes an adventure. That’s why we are to be like a child. They are not in control of what they will do everyday, what they will eat, where they will go. Parents decide those things. Yet they rarely even think about it that way. They complain in the moment of dissatisfaction of those choices made for them sometimes, but I don’t remember as a child wishing I could plan tomorrow nights meal. I wondered what it would be sometimes, but it never occurred to me to “take over”. Thus, everyday was new to me then. I was alright with taking things as they came in a way that as an adult God has to give me neck-craning moments to adopt it again. But the patience inside is beginning to keep a steady pace. Miraculous Grace.

It amazes me that grace becomes somewhat diminished over time. We get used to it. I want it always to take my breath away, don’t you? Like when I was a child, I planted a seed, and waited and watched, and then…up came a shoot – my breath sucked in and my whole spirit smiled. That’s the sign of the Seed. That’s the purpose of them all. The shells will all blow away and be forgotten. But here’s an amazing thing too – God doesn’t discard them, one day we will see the shells become more!


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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