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♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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In Favor of the Undeserved

September 3, 2014 at 1:14 am (Poems) (, , , , , , , , , )


Along walks full of discontent
Uwittingly drawn to falter
Along the circumstances sent
Down from the Upper Mysteries
Where gracious waters flow
Down into undeserving souls
That topple while It flows

Caressed by inner beatings
That bruise and batter and blow
In effort to force penitence
And move the will “just so”

Yet light almost indistinguishable
Flickers down deep within
A barely known, yet somehow shown
Marks the Owner of your soul
Ancient as the world began
This mark has been so placed
Its the Favor of the Undeserved
Often a thing called Grace

There’s no definable measure known to man
So small as this can save
No retched state of being
By which each cell’s been made
It by and large holds every breath
That every lung expands
Grace exhales filth
And pulls in pure previous Love’s demands

It rips the whip out of every hand
That seeks to make a slave
Of every pit that self or others have made
Its subtle solidarity is not so faint to grasp
It hinges up on Yeshua’s (Jesus’) work
From His first breath to His last
That even dead and three days down
The breath that birthed the world
Still found the beat of His Father’s will
Instantly making countless crowns
Alas He breathed again the same
Creator air, so full
The Favor of the Undeserved
No sin or wound can null

Dear child of aching bend and break
Hold tight His Gracious thread
It will keep you quite eternally
You’ll never know you’re “dead”
For Life will fully breathe in you
Often when you know it least
Stop striving so wearily
To tame your wounded beast
I’ve got the final count all paid
I’ve got the final call
And united in My Character (Name)
The vanqishing of all
Grasp with every ounce of strength
That comes from hearing My Voice
Dear Child much undeserving
You are My precious choice
The miracle is not that you’ve been saved
For that requires doubt in Me
Its that you ever fell indeed
Every single event in time
Has been sent that first I knew
Yes, you are My sweet miracle before My thoughts were through
This is why grace is amazing
This is what sets one free
I Am the beginning
I Am the bended knee

Let only Love for Me child
Motivate your all
And trust that I Am the One whose covered
Your every graceless fall
Now give this grace to every single soul
You ever meet and think is reek
With undeserving birthed and birthing
Its Favor that conquers incomprehensible stuff
That renders broken people whole

Remember previous child
That every single thing
That comes your way
Is meant to teach
An undeserved thing
This is now your classroom
This is now Our theme
The Favor of the Undeserved
Is found within My Wings
It’s I, who does the flapping
And gliding in your soul
All you do is trust to be held
And give and let it go


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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Inside Intimacies

March 10, 2014 at 12:18 am (Devotionals, Poems, Prayers, Psalms, Thoughts to Ponder) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , )


Oh Sweet Yeshua
Guardian of my being
I invited You in
And saw my sin
And that’s where You began

Hovering ever faithful
Over my soul now clean
Guarding, leading, guiding
And everything inbetween

Each foot stands upon a veil now torn
Bridging a gap so wide
Your blood leading to a Father
With You guaranteed by my side

Each hand holding back the waters
Of sin and death like the Sea
Calling my name, erasing my shame
As I walk on dry ground now free


Oh how, my Great Messiah
Can I express my gratitude from this grave
Dying to so much of me each day
Yet knowing I am saved

Oh Rescuer of condemned and dismayed
You dive into the depths
You breathe it’s waters and exhale new life
And cancel all the debts

Redeemer, Restorer, Relinguisher
Refiner of dust and clay
Resecitating the decayed
Reshaping what You made
Renaming, Reclaiming and Declaring…
Freedom for failure!!
Shocking every fiber of my being


Reweaving the threads from dust to diamonds
Born from every tear
From Your eyes and mine and infinite eyes reflecting Your image
Time before, time gone
A legacy of wretched redemption!
Agony remade
Delusions dispatched to holy repentance


Heaven’s language is the only foreign thing on earth
Yet it’s dust remembers and won’t forget
And so we must learn or die trying not to.
What irony and beauty becomes You!

Oh Sweet and Terrible Truth
Unwavering and Relentless You are!
I am just a little reflection
A flashing twinkle in Your Star
But Yours dear God
Forever Yours
I count on You alone to make that true
Yours right now and Yours when You’re through

Sweet Yeshua
Holy God
Unfathomable Spirit of Life and Truth pointing The Way
Father, Abba
I am Your Child
Here a lump of clay
In Your Hands – a Beloved
Your commitment to us astounds me!
Surrounding me like arresting forces
I surrender and know I am free


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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