Created to Rest

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I’m currently in Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps. I believe New York “coined the term”, I’ve no idea, I’ve never been there. We are here for a business trip planned months ago. It feels like a yank on my chain when I “should be home packing to move”, but alas God said go, and I obeyed. At the time I had no idea why, I assumed it was to provide a slight time of rest in a schedule that makes the most hearty tired. I wasn’t completely wrong, but I’m starting to understand a bit more now. This city really never does sleep! The hotel mall shops don’t close till after midnight, some till after 2am. At all times the casino has desperate gamblers, hoping – praying that one more round will be the big payoff. Dreams hinge on the pull of a handle, turn of a card, or slow dropping off a little white ball into a black or red spot on a wheel. You can sense the tension that the illusion of money gives, it pours out of their sweat. Then there’s the never ending flow of booze. So they can be happy to give their money and time away. Rings under blind eyes, that plead for rest. Inner rest, physical rest, spiritual home coming.

I must confess, I’ve always hated sleep. I felt life would get much more accomplished if it wasn’t required. I was born a night owl. I have often said God put me on the wrong side of the planet as I am best between the hours of 8pm-4am. I used to feel awful shame, like something was incredibly wrong with me because I couldn’t train myself to be a day bird instead of a night owl. God worked tirelessly to heal such thinking in me (no pun intended). I was born in a big city, used to things that had “open 24 hours” signs. Then we moved to Kalispell, MT. Oh how I resented the total shut down at 6pm. These people take their rest seriously! Just like Vegas takes its constant alertness seriously. Money can’t be made if people sleep. Rest provides sanity. It is a command to take one whole day to rest. God set the example at the beginning, and every time the order of rest is defied, bad things happen. Good things are missed, forgotten and eventually considered irrelevant.

So I sit out at the entry to this magnificent hotel at 11pm, reading Wayne Stiles book Waiting on God. A strange Vegas combination, I’ll say. I’m learning why He brought me here, besides the reasons we signed up to come. To watch with new eyes what I’m like at all times inside. Wanting (even pure and good things) so badly for things to line up perfect so I can “rest”. My idea of perfect and God’s has always been a contrast between light and dark. One must wait on the line of definition to see the difference. That is the line we avoid, we don’t wait well. And if forced to, our spirits of restlessness and complaint, often blind the thin line of light dawning in the darkness.

The sad illusion of this opulent place is that no rest – lack of sleep, prospers. Everywhere you look you see extravagant money. City of lights, for which its also called, drowns out the dawning of the sun. There are black out shades here such like you find in Alaska due to the lack of actual night in the sky. It’s a night owls dream. But I’m finding this night owl understanding the difference between function and frantic fretting. I don’t like it here. I want the rest God provides in quiet, solitude, everything shut down. Here, everywhere one goes there loud music, clanging and ringing machines, cell phones going off, cars coming and going with people happy to come and sad to go. Hung over on another sleepless search for – anything. Horns honking for attention or out of irritation. Bell hops whistling to serve the patron who likely just spent their mortgage payment so they could get paid to work. Restaurants serve delicious meals for outrageous prices. The illusion of getting full on food that keeps you hungry. All with a free drink, not soda, tea or water, but coffee or alcohol, they gladly pay to keep you restless and dumbed down in desperation. Everywhere you look one sees “the life that could be” if only, if only money rolled down like a red carpet to grace the fancy shoe that doesn’t fit.

At first, the sadness of it all overwhelmed me. (A good thing – part of the process) Then, the gratitude for the ability to see how unsatisfying all this is compared to the sweet, soft, quiet presence of the God of the universe truly is. Now, as I wait on Him, to show me all this trip is meant to produce within my character, I’m leaning, leaning into His instruction, and even His silence (which often instructs more loudly).

The rest He so insistently encourages us to take is the definition of true prosperity. Wealth beyond opulence and decor. Hope beyond a dollar bill. Draining dreams that can’t give rest of all that appeals – entices. Sobering, hungry and full of strength to wait on Him. Him who owns everything, makes everything, chooses everything and gives more than we know to ask for. Haunting the heart for the realness – true reality of Life, Yeshua – Jesus. I say haunt because we are so very unsure exactly what it is we desire most the time. But it’s always Him, no matter what we think it is, it’s always Him. Our hearts, mind, souls were created to desperately want Him! What a gift! And how cursed we can live trying to grasp anything else.

Rest, inner and physical, is priceless. No one has ever painted an accurate picture of rest. Only God. He paints in active motion, real life, within moments that will never come that way again. Example? That place where you see a sunset or sunrise that takes your breath away. Or that moment of complete calm reflecting off of a lake, the surrounding creation reflecting the heart of its Maker, always at peace, sure, true – no trace of uncertainty. We blink and these moments are seemingly gone. At least to our physical eyes. But to our souls, when they line up with Him, they last a lifetime. Carry us into and out of chaos. They remind us why the Word speaks of all these times. cry, laugh, die, live, love, hate, wake, sleep, war, peace, lie down, get up. remember the one. All things are found in Him and Him in all things, without Him they are events to dread or wish never ended – always stuck in a state of slavehood. Chained to the moments themselves instead of the Timeless One.

The hour of my rest now calls, but the One of Rest has and will continue to be with me here. I require a compete shut down (where His work continues profoundly), but He will never sleep, His is the city that never sleeps. This city is dead asleep even though they seem to be awake around the clock. I’m counting on that contrast to build something of His architecture within the halls of my heart tonight. Even as. ..I sleep. Tonight I’m grateful to go to sleep, rest in His arms, let Him move in ways that my wakefulness resist. I’m reminded, I depend on Him, awake or sleeping for all things – and He will not fall asleep on the job.

Thank You Father, for rest. Rest of soul, heart and mind. Your rest. What a jackpot I’ve found this night. May it prosper me all the days and nights of my life!

♡ Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Leaning in Close

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Too often our spirits lean back, away from a scripture, for us to gain an accurate understanding. Mostly, when our pride is involved. Man’s pride can not be tested much higher than when we is in conflict. The scripture above has been notoriously misinterpreted and therefore taught wrong.

Lean in and note the key phrase that has often been reversed.

You remember there your brother has something against you.

Most of us read it…

You remember there you have something against your brother.

There is a huge difference between these statements!

Since the Temple is now within each of our hearts, and our gifts are often things such as our pride, anger, resentment, jealousy, rage, hurt, self-pity, self-absorbtion and so on. This reinforces what Yeshua (Jesus) said about the difference between cleaning the inside of a cup instead of worrying about the outside. (Matt. 23:26)

So…when we are in prayer, offering the Lord, all the things that don’t bring Him glory, and there remember that our brother or sister is angry with us, we are to leave off our offering and keep it at His feet, while we go seek out the person we know is angry with us and offer the olive branch of peace.

Why, I have often wondered, does this scripture so often get turned around? Well, for one it is far easier to retain some pride by going to someone we are angry with and confront them. But…it smacks pride right in the face to seek out someone we know is angry with us! Can your hear the refrain so often used by human wisdom?

I shouldn’t have to approach someone if they are angry with me, they should come to me. After all, they are the ones with the problem. Why should I go and say, “hey, I know your mad at me, let’s make peace.” I mean isn’t it their responsibility to come to me?

I know I’ve said something along those lines. This scripture seems to be backwards, counterintuitive, nonsense. Kinda like, offer the other side of your face if someone smacks you. Truth: Almost everything Yeshua taught goes against our thinking. Just read the gospels again and lean in, you’ll see it everywhere! To us this scripture must have been interpreted wrong, so we reword it to suite our wisdom. Otherwise it seems that we should expect a dentist to come find us when our tooth is infected!
Trust me, the Great Physician does indeed seek each one out, often before they even know they are sick, to offer a cure. Did not God send His Son before anyone knew they needed Him? Did He not, knowing we had issues with Him, seek us out to rectify the problem. We certainly did not seek Him first, with our offense. Left up to us, God would still be waiting for us to come to Him, and say, “Hey, I’ve got issues with You!” In other words, God never asks us to do what He, Himself, does not, has not, and will not do Himself – and first – so as to teach us how to do it!


Perspective in the Kingdom of Heaven means, we are righted to conform to God’s way of thinking. Not that we all the sudden understand scripture in the light of our own rationalization. Isaiah says, “My ways are not your ways, nor My thoughts your thoughts.”. (Isaiah 55:8) A good rule of thumb for studying to show yourself approved, knowing you are beginning to “get it” is that we are ever being put out by the difference between the way we think and how God is teaching us He thinks. Our first instinct to truth will always be resistance, in our flesh. If, Gods Word is not brushing up against our sensibilities, we are gaining nothing. I love the truth, but I wrestle with it before I appreciate it. I’ve yet to meet anyone any different. Even when the truth doesn’t butt up against our pride in correction. For example: God says He loves us. This truth may not correct like the one above, but if we are honest, we can’t reconcile why God would love us the way He does. There is a resistance to this truth, albeit, with a different hue than our resistance to go seek out an offended party against us.

Leaning in close…what does this mean? A well respected pastor usually starts out his sermons with this phrase.

Holy Spirit, make the Book live to me, show me myself, and show me my Savior, and make the Book live to me.

In other words, we lean in close by asking for His perspective not asking for Him to make our perspective make sense with His Word.

Leaning shows us our bent. I remember the first time I rode with my husband on his motorcycle. When he would turn or go around a bend, I instinctively wanted to lean away from the ground or direction of the turn. He had to teach me, that I endangered us both by doing that. On a motorcycle, you lean into the turn or bend which meant that often you lean towards the ground! That was scarey. Also, too much, and we would crash! So he said, “Just stay with me, let your body become one with mine, no more, no less. What a beautiful picture to the unity we are to have with Yeshua the Messiah as Paul so often spoke of, and Yeshua, Himself in John chapter 17. Leaning in close can feel humanly scarey and wrong. But our feelings lie! In Matthew 5:23-24, we must lean in close to the One promised by our Savior to reveal all truth to us.


Leave your gift, go seek out the one you know is angry with you, make peace and come back where I hold your gift in trust to be offered from a pure heart.

A pure heart is attained by obedience, conforming our actions and lives, to what God says is right. It proves that the gift we would offer with just words, will indeed be true with our actions. Words are easy.

God forgive me for being unforgiving.

Leaning in close, the Spirit reveals where indeed we have been, and where we justify it because the person is angry at us, and we have no idea why. Do you not know? Only the Spirit of God can remind you of any such thing that would bring about peace? Inwardly or outwardly, this does not come from us. So in this scripture we see that when we come to Him with our gifts, if there is anything that makes that gift unable to truly be given, He reminds us or reveals to us anything that taints our offering. And not only that, but shows us how to make the gift worthy.


Those two scriptures say a whole lot more than what the mere English words printed on paper say. They are alive and active, cutting marrow from bone, breathing life into our own dead bones, making a new life thrive inside!

Lean in Close! You’ll be transformed, you’ll experience the whole ‘new creation’ we are made into when we lean in as one with Yeshua. Lean in Close!


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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To be Free or not to be Free?

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This is a radical diversion from both the theme of this blog and the message it seeks to highlight. Though the title is definitely in keeping with it. 🙂

Recently some changes have been made in cyber-land and as a result it seems the content of my blog has been “gifted” with free adds. Please know I have not added these adds. To remove them will cost me money. For which I am willing to pay but the system by which to try and eliminate them seems to “roll back on itself” and as yet won’t allow me the honor of sparing you. To say I am frustrated is mute. Though the aggravation is minor. So I apologize to you all for the inconvenience as I work this out; and ask for your patience, as I am not tech-savvy.

We have for many years enjoyed the free-ness of the internet and all it provides! It was the intention of its designer, but alas those who worship the currency of the world have decided “nothing in life is free”. To that I agree to an extent. Nothing in this world is free. Not even air!! You must give a breath away to receive a new one. And, lo, we only have an allotted number! So it’s seems good to me that God is faithful in keeping His word! Only the gift(s) of God is FREE!

I suppose even this could be rationalized to the point that it may “lose” some sense of freedom. For in exchange for His gift(s) we often find ourselves “giving up” something of the self we were before. Though I don’t count this as loss, and the replacements He gives far exceed any initial investment. The Kingdom of Heaven beats any market known to man in dividends!! The interest yielded is unaccountable to the finite mind! So I say,

Glory to God!! May His Wisdom continue to be proven ABSOLUTE!”

To say there is absolutely NOTHING we could need that He has not already provided exactly as needed is the essence of Yeshua’s (Jesus’) teaching in not worrying about a thing in this world! If I have a material need and He does not provide the resources to secure it; I thank Him and seek to enter into His lesson of how to do without or perhaps follow His lead in a method of acquirement I, myself, would not have thought of on my own. My life “of worries” has profoundly been replaced with thanksgiving and trust in the God of all things! Living without is almost always (at first) offensive…even absurd to my “Americanized intellect”. Yet pushing through the offense has renewed that “americanized mind” into true freedom!

To be free or not to be free?

That is the question. Who one seeks out for the answer…makes all the difference!!

John 8:31-32 ~ Yeshua (Jesus) speaking…

So Yeshua said to the Judeans who had trusted Him, “If you obey what I say, then you are really my talmidim (disciples/followers), you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

John 8:36 ~ Yeshua speaking…

So if the Son frees you, you will really be free!

Galatians 5:1

What the Messiah has freed us for is freedom! Therefore, stand firm, and don’t let yourselves be tied up again to a yoke of slavery.

We could all gripe and complain about the new limit to that which had none in internet accessibility without charge. Or the ability to use it without charging others for the privilege. Yet, I am glad to report that all things are happening in order to make the truth of God’s word stand out for those with eyes to see it! For this, I am happy and joyful! The “times” we live in now, seem to be shouting like thunder the revelation of the Wisdom we are led to by the Spirit; by which we enter through the Son, our Messiah; by which we are seated at the feet of the Father, and kept in perfect peace! Freedom!!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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A True Inheritance

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A True Inheritance – in which the true business of life is not to get what you can, but rather to give what you can, and to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly before your God.

All things are shadows of Thee, Lord:
The sun himself is but a shade
My soul is but the shadow of Thy Word,
A candle sun-bedayed!

Diamonds are shadows of the sun;
They drink his rays and show a spark:
My soul some gleams of Thy great shine hath won,
And round me slays the dark.

All knowledge is but broken shades –
In gulfs of dark a wandering horde:
Together rush the parted glory-grades –
And lo, Thy garment, Lord!

My soul, the shadow, still is light,
Because the shadow falls from Thee;
I turn, dull candle, to the center bright,
And home flit shadowy.

Shine, shine; make me Thy shadow still –
The brighter still the more Thy shade;
My motion by Thy lovely moveless will!
My darkness, light delayed!.

For a Child of God is not bound to walk in the dark, but only to wait until the light comes. Neither must they act, merely for the sake of doing something, and thus run the risk of doing wrong. They that believeth shall not make haste. They have nothing of the common mammonistic feeling of the enormous importance of money, and do not feel that it lay upon them a heavier weight of duty than any other of the gifts of God. If a poet is not bound to rush into the world with his poem, surely a rich man/woman is not bound to rush into the world with their money. Rather set a herd of wild horses loose in a city! A Child of God must first know how to use their money before they begin to spend it. And the way to use money is not so easily discovered as some would think, for it is not one of God’s ready means of doing good. The rich, as such has no reason to look upon themselves as specially favored. They do have reason to think themselves especially tried. In loving a certain youth, Jesus did him the greatest kindness He had in His power by telling him to give his wealth to the poor, and then to follow Him in poverty.

The first question is not how to do good with money, but how to keep from doing harm with it. Whether rich or poor, a Child of God must first of all do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with their God. Then, if they be rich, God will let them know how to spend. It is not because of God’s poverty that the world is so slowly redeemed. Not the “righteous expenditure” of money will save it, but that of life and soul and spirit – and that of nerve and muscle, blood and brain. All these our Lord spent – but no money. Therefore of all means for saving the world, or doing good, as it is called, money comes last in order, and far behind.

~ Taken from The Laird’s Inheritance by George MacDonald ~
(I substituted “Child of God”, they, themselves, where the single gender of “man”, he, himself, his was George’s use. I felt it important as the times we live in differ now and so many “sensitivities” today can distract from the message when “man” is referred to in a general human-kind sense; as was the way it was used then without such distractions.  I am sure George would not feel put off in the least.) 🙂

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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Freely Given

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Psalms 95:7
For He is our God, and we are the sheep in His pasture, the sheep in His care. If only today you would listen to His voice:

Matthew 10:7-10 ~ Yeshua (Jesus) speaking
As you go, proclaim, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is near, heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those afflicted with tzara’at (leprosy), expel demons. You have received without paying, so give without asking payment. Don’t take money in your belts, no gold, no silver, no copper, and for the trip don’t take a pack, an extra shirt or a walking stick – a worker should be given what he needs.

Mark 9:7
Then a cloud enveloped them; and a voice came out of the cloud, “This is My Son, whom I love, Listen to Him!

John 10:27 ~ Yeshua speaking
My sheep listen to My voice, I recognize them, they follow Me.   

John 12:26
If someone is serving Me, let him follow Me; wherever I am, My servant will be there too. My Father will honor anyone who serves Me.

If I could put to simple words, what I believe my “call” is and thereby what this Blogs “theme” would be it would be:

“The key to walking with God is believing He exist, and that we exist to know Him. We know Him by His voice, what He says directly to us. He speaks through His Word, about who He is, what He’s like, about His, desires, loves, and what He has made. In the “Old” Testament He spoke both directly to people and through prophets and priests chosen specifically to teach the masses. In the “New” Testament He sent His Son, thereby fulfilling scripture (what He said) “They will all be taught by Adonai (the Lord). He, Himself. ( John 6:45; Is. 54:13; Heb. 8:11; Jer. 31:31-34) Changing our perspective on sin. Not sin, itself, for sin was/is always that we did/do not listen and obey HIM! So Yeshua (Jesus), Salvation – died for all the deeds of sin, offering up Himself and becoming the NEW Way to the Father. Not that its “new” in that there are those from before Yeshua’s birth that are with the Father. But, because of Yeshua’s work as a human, we have a God who came down personally and spoke in a way we understand in a “new” way so as to hear and upon trusting in His visible work, we can now hear the Father directly in our hearts each and everyday, in all things, so as to relate to Him. Out of this listening, relating, communing, and obeying we know Him! Hence we serve Him out of passion and love built up in our communication with Him because we trust in Yeshua, fall back with all we are in His work, and obey as He sends us out everyday.”

My passion is “bent” towards the emphasis on His Voice! Sharing what it sounds like in me, what He taught in His previous “speakings” (the Word), and how accessible His voice is now because of our wonderful Savior Yeshua! To ANY who will listen, both the lost and the saved, since He is the only One who really knows the difference! The burden He has placed in my heart is how those He loves have been so deceived as to believe that God, Himself, does not speak to His children directly anymore! That His “story” and interaction with real spoken words has ended in Revelation. This simply is not true, and would contradict everything from Genesis to Revelations God has said!

The scripture in Revelations that gets tortured into oblivion is found in chapter 22, verse 18-19.

I (Yeshua) warn everyone hearing the words of the prophecy in this book that if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues written in this book. And if anyone takes anything away from the words in this book of this prophecy, God will take away his share in the Tree of Life and the holy city, as described in this book.

Herein, lies the rub. The “book” being referred to; which one? Most say the Bible as a whole. But how can this be?? Read again the very specific words He used: “words of the prophecy” and “words in the book of this prophecy“. The key word here is prophecy!
Was creation itself prophesied? Adam, Eve? No. The Bible consist of teachings, stories of people who followed God, stories of people who did not, some prophesied about, some not! Not every word in the Bible is prophesy! I suggest to you that the book He is referring to is Revelations. Look! Look how it has been added to and taken away from so far!! People have taken away the word prophecy and added every book of the Bible with those two scriptures alone!! Further proof is found in the language surrounding these words; plagues written in this book and Tree of Life and holy city as described in this book.
The next argument is that the plagues, Tree of Life, and holy city are prophesied about in several other books in the Bible. Yes, they are. But there again, its key word is prophetic, prophecy. Seems Yeshua was very concerned with how we read prophesies and interpret them. Because He knew who many would come along and do the adding and subtracting! In other words, don’t mess around in this department! If you don’t understand it, don’t try to add to your own understanding! Wait until He, Himself teaches you from His! Revelations is the most controversial book in the Bible, by both “believers” and “non-believers”! Yet, since the Bible as a whole is not just prophecy we know that this interpretation can not be true! God, Himself has been adding and adding and adding to Genesis has He not? Has He not done this through His people? And if His plan stretches to eternity, how can we possibly think He has ceased from 70 AD to add by speaking to His chosen? This simply would not make sense! Paul, Peter, Titus, Timothy their books would then be rendered as cursed and pointless since some of their writings were written AFTER Revelations! The Bible is not written chronologically! How do we know this? Because the “End” is written about but no one has seen it yet but God!!! Is He now, silent? Don’t believe it for a second!!!

I will leave off there with that thought and get to my main point. (Sorry, my passion here is popping out 🙂 ).

Serving with our gifts is speaking, writing, teaching and sharing all we are learning about God, and experiencing as a result of that with ANYONE who will listen! Without asking for anything in return, except God’s approval. There are hundred’s of thousand’s of blogs, musicians, artist, and so on doing these very things on the internet! Brother’s and Sister’s SUPPORT them! Share their post! Like, rate, email and reblog them! Its FREE! No charge! Comment and share with them your own thoughts and encouragements! Never in the history of the world has Jesus, Yeshua, God the Father been so PUBLISHED! First by the Bible, the BEST SELLING BOOK ever and still going strong, and now through His children here, like me, blogging!
Sure there are those who are misleading, untaught, and flat out twisting God, Yeshua and His Word, but these are easy to know when you are…here’s the word again…listening to Him!


One of the “signs” of His “ownership” is that we pour out what He has given and have no thought to how it gets “recognized”. The Lord is our Provider, and He will use all to bring glory to His name! Even our mistakes! Do we trust that? For myself, resoundingly YES! I don’t need to “make sure” everyone who speaks His name is His! He does that! If I have found anything lovely, pure, of good repute, building up in Him, I share it! Knowing that I, myself, have so much to learn, still see only small glimpses of truth, and can not be perfect, but my heart….oh how my heart does know and love Elohim, God, Yeshua, Jesus, the Spirit my Counselor! My blog may have errors, in grammar, in total perspective, in tone, in many things, but the error IS NOT found in my heart towards my God! Neither will everyone else “get it all right”; but our spirits can be listening to another’s and see that they are marked by His Spirit! This is what the body of Yeshua the Messiah is all about.
We heal the sick, not only of body, but the most important part, the heart/soul, when we share about our Hope – Yeshua! “Un-crippling” the lame by encouraging someone else’s walk with Him! He is the cure for the most devastating leprosy ever…deadening of the heart! The payment has been made for this!! Yeshua! Jesus! We have no need for recognition beyond Him! The best gift we ever give is sharing how He has been received by us as our gift! Let us continue to share! Continue to Walk! Continue to give FREE of charge in the Spirit and Character of the One from Whom we have received – Yeshua the Messiah! May He get the glory now and forevermore!

Revelations 21:6-7
And He said to me, “It is done! I am the ‘A’ and the ‘Z’, the Beginning and the End. To anyone who is thirsty I Myself will give free of charge from the Fountain of Life. He who wins the victory will receive these things, and I will be their God, and He will be My son.

Revelations 22:17
The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come!’ Let anyone who hears say, ‘Come!’ And let anyone who is thirsty come – let anyone who wishes, take the water of life free of charge.”

Isaiah 55:1-3
“All you who are thirsty, come to the water! You without money, come, buy, and eat! Yes, come! Buy wine and milk without money – it’s free!
Why spend money for what isn’t food, your wages for what doesn’t satisfy? Listen carefully to Me, and you will eat well, you will enjoy the fat off the land.
Open your ears and come to Me; listen well, and you will live – I will make an everlasting covenant with you, the grace I assured David.

1 Corinthians 4:7
After all, what makes you so special? What do you have that you didn’t receive as a gift? And in fact it was a gift, why do you boast as if it weren’t?

Hebrews 3:7
“Today, if you hear God’s voice, don’t harden your hearts, as you did in the Bitter Quarrel,” (where we quarreled bitterly in the wilderness with Moses)

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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