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♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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The Kingdom’s Principles

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In all that must be done, the doer ranks in God’s sight, and ought to rank among his fellowmen, according to how he does it. The higher the calling, the more contemptible the man who pursues his own ends in it. And the humblest calling, followed on the principles of God, is a true and divine calling, be it handicraft, shopkeeping, shoemaking, or bookbinding. Oh, for the day when God and not king shall be regarded as the fountain of honor!   ~ George MacDonald

I and many other dear kindred spirits have spent much time asking God what if anything He would have us do or say to speak out against the lies and deception of our current government system.
Its a tangled web of issues and overwhelms my heart. What is the heart of God in “fighting for what’s ‘right'”?? Wisdom beyond the dictates of my experience and years of “learning” are essential to this issue, and my heart didn’t/doesn’t mind the wait for His instead of my own. For the issues that have risen to the “surface” for all to see, but covers the more deadly layers of each individual soul that stretches far beyond the years of my formal existence accounts for. A million desires for comfort have led to more deadly compromise than any “moral” outward appearing failure. For the second comfort and its illusionary attainability becomes the goal of any one individual, their very selves have contributed to the abominable mess every evil seeks to corrode. No one escapes this temptation. As all have sinned and fallen short, so to, every soul on earth seeks to be comfortable more than content. The “people rise up in fury” towards a government of their own making; either by avoidance, ignorance, or outright refusal to the One who says how best a soul can live.

I have found, that in my asking Him for the wisdom and courage to stand, He starts here; by showing me where I lost opportunities to do so in the ever so small things and graduated to the larger by rote. I see so many who are screaming their outrage at the evils of their government but failing to look within to that which is “governing” their own inner world. Its hypocrisy.
Its a sad state of soul for one to look down on a government with disdain – however “justified” because of its evil practices – while taking refuge in what it provides because of an unrighteous sense of “justice” being made by the taking of it.

(An example: cheating on tax returns because the gov’t over taxes in the first place)

To cheat the government is to cheat one’s self before the Author of Life and Goodness, Peace and Contentment. And cheats the God upon whom that government rest on His shoulders. One adds to the weight of the burden all the while thinking its “their right” to do so.

For myself to “do the right and true thing” before God, irregardless of whether it seems to make a difference, or esteems anyone else around me, or effects what I see as the larger picture, this is what MacDonald’s last sentence implies! To insult and go on and on with pointed barbs at government figures screams our own lack of trust in the God who is actually at the head of all events, governments, and actions. We have hardest to accept when God gives and takes away. The giving allures a comfort, the taking away gives birth to the offspring of contentment…in His will being done.

God cares little for what mankind see’s as their “rights” unless it gives over their selves to another. (Which essentially gives up a “right”)  Becoming non-essential to the accounting of it.

The balance is found only in Him, and we are either for Him or against Him. The blessed hope, grace, mercy that can not be taken away is that we all have the ability to speak with, and listen; learn from and submit to Him who does all things well…everyday. It will require all our energy, moving towards Him alone to know what and how any given moment is asking of us in “doing the right and true thing”. The Kingdom principles always apply to us, within and without first.
And if this is truth, then what would governments, households, and communities the world over look like?

We shall see one day, its a promise that grows contentment over comfort a hundred thousand fold in the soil of those who feed in the pastures of His Kingdom.

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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