Purpose and Provision ~ Part 5 ~ B

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Part 5; continued from A. Click link below to read Part 5 ~ A

As to forgiveness; it must be stated as bluntly and clearly as Adonai (the Lord) has said Himself:  NOONE can forgive another’s wrongs done towards them without having received Yeshua (Jesus)’s forgiveness and thereby the Spirit sent to enable one to forgive.

All the world speaks well of being forgiving. (Well…there may be exceptions but the gist of it would be in “favor”). That is…the human concept of forgiveness laid out in Part A. Yet, if forgiveness, is its very invention, source, and originator is God; that is the God of Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, David, and Yeshua Himself, then no human can “revamp” the Way He designed it to function. There is no human capacity to forgive apart from Him. It is for His own Name’s sake that He forgives and thereby for His Namesake anyone else does. The Word of God can not be more clear about this. We don’t forgive wrongs to “get” anything for ourselves. We are given the very power of God to forgive with Him. The Kingdom of Heaven…here on Earth. Its true, that forgiveness born from above gives to its people freedom. Yes, we often seek forgiveness for this very reason…we want to be free of our own ugliness. But there is no condescending to admit our ugliness to get or give forgiveness to another human being. Yes, our lack of forgiveness is a bondage to a our status as sinful creatures. So to forgive we are set free, but for the function/purpose of being made one with Yeshua (Jesus). That’s it. So if a motive to ask God for forgiveness is anything other than the stated above, the power granted to us by Yeshua/God/the Spirit is not given.

Many many people think that forgiveness is a New Testament concept only. No!! A thousand times no! Forgiveness from human to human; such as God forgives; comes through Yeshua. But – God has been forgiving humans since the “dawn of Time”. He made it, He directs it, charges it and completes it. Always has…always will.

The Kingdom of Heaven was to be announced at the Word of Yeshua. Notice the first part of His directives in Matthew 3:2; 4:17; 10:7.

“Turn from your sin to God, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near“.

There is no accident or small connection between the two. The forgiveness of sin is the Will of the Father in Heaven to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. This can not be understated. In fact it is not only from Old Testament but to the New.

Isaiah 38:16-17

Adonai (Lord), by these things people live; in all these is the Life of my spirit. You’re restoring my health and giving me life – though instead of peace, I felt very bitter.
You desired my life and preserved it from the nothingness pit; for You threw all my sins behind Your back.

Isaiah 44:22

Like a thick cloud, I wipe away your offenses; like a cloud, your sins. Come back to Me, for I have redeemed you.

Isaiah 48:11

For My Sake I Will do it, for My own sake. I will not let My reputation be tarnished; I will not yield My Glory to anyone else.

Isaiah 55:7

Let the wicked person abandon his way and the evil person his thoughts; let him return to Adonai, and He will have mercy on him; let him return to our God, for He will freely forgive.

Micah 7:18-19

Who is God like You, pardoning the sin and overlooking the crimes of the remnant of His heritage? He does not retain His anger forever, because He delights in Grace. He will again have compassion on us, He will subdue our iniquities.
You will throw all their sins into the depths of the sea.

Psalms 103:8-12

Adonai is merciful and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in Grace. He will not always accuse, He will not keep His anger forever. He has not treated us as our sins deserve or paid us back for our offenses, because His mercy towards those who fear Him is as far above earth as heaven. He has removed our sins from us as far as the east is from the west.

Daniel 9:9

It is for Adonai our God to show compassion and forgiveness, because we rebelled against Him.

2 Chronicles 6:21

Yes, listen to the pleas of Your servant, and also those of Your people Israel when they pray towards this place. Hear from where You live, from Heaven; and when You hear, forgive!

Mark 11:25 ~ Yeshua speaking…

And when you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him; so that your Father in Heaven may also forgive your offenses.

Acts 3:19 (see also Matt. 3:2; 4:17; 10:7)

Therefore, repent and turn to God, so that your sins may be erased; so that times of refreshing may come from the Lord’s presence; and He may send the Messiah appointed in advanced for you, that is, Yeshua.

Ephesians 1:7-10

In union with Him, through the shedding of His blood, we are set free – our sins are forgiven; this accords with the wealth of Grace He has lavished on us. In all His Wisdom and Insight He has made known to us His secret plan, which by His own will He designed beforehand in connection with the Messiah and will put into effect when the time is ripe – His plan to place everything in Heaven and on Earth under the Messiah’s headship.

Colossians 1:13-17

He has rescued us from the domain of darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom of His Son. It is through His Son that we have redemption – that is, our sins have been forgiven. He is the visible image of the invisible God. He is supreme over all creation, because in connection with Him were all things created – in Heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones, lordship, rulers, or authorities – they have all been created through and for Him. He existed before all things, and He holds everything together.

I pray you see the mighty power of forgiveness as it is encouraged for us to pray in the Lord’s prayer. Also that in connection to this forgiveness we take part, through Yeshua, in bringing the Will of the Father to earth as it is in Heaven. That those scriptures in Matt.16:18-18; 18:18; John 20:21-23 – see part A
become clearer to you in the beauty of what Yeshua meant when He spoke of “what you permit/forbid on earth…will be as one in Heaven”. Held or forgiven…what a mysteriously amazing thing! That now, the idea of forgiving our enemies holds a brighter Light in revelation. We will never know until we see Him face to face just how powerful forgiveness really is. Only in the pure and direct pursuit of knowing Him can we forgive or be forgiven. Continually being made righteous by His work on that Hill in Jerusalem so long ago. Timeless was His obedience, endless is its power, bottomless is its Resources!! May He continue every day to unveil more of His Kingdom! As we receive His forgiveness and model after it forgiveness to our Brothers, Sisters, Neighbors. His Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven!!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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Even if No One Believes with Me

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There are those, it is said, that live in a fairytale land

I suppose the same could be said of me

For the reality I see is a place where Adonai ~ Elohim ~ YWHW ~ Abba God lives and dwells

Is in all, through all, IS all and it makes me glad!

Everything, from every perspective of that which can be seen as “bad”; is but the grand illusion of His enemy

I will give THANKS for these eyes He has given me and shout all He shares to show from them!


The goodness of God transforms every speck of dust to gold

Every broken heart to an enchanted forests

Every illness into a window to see the very heart of heaven

Every black and darkened view into a sky full of stars about to be blue!

God IS!

Nothing else can be if He is not

Where He is not, this is the very definition of nothing

And nothing is impossible with Him!

Reality? Who’s to say, except Him who is all things real.

I will choose these eyes to see, even if no one believes with me.

~ LV ~ 2012

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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Let me be clear…I am not a huge proponent of centering on “signs” as they can be interpreted by what our eyes and finite minds can see. But when it comes to Yeshua’s (Jesus) own words at times it becomes clearer. Only He could have known how in our “times” we would have such an amazing ability to see the sun, stars, moon and such a fascination with looking up at the sky as we do now. The video link I am placing below is a good example of this.

Luke 21:11 (Yeshua speaking)
and there will be fearful sights and great signs from Heaven.

Luke 21:25-26 (Yeshua speaking)
There will appear signs in the sun, moon and stars; and on earth, nations will be in anxiety and bewilderment at the sound and surge of the sea, as people faint with fear at the prospect of what is overtaking the world; for the powers in heaven will be shaken.

Nothing to fear here, more like rejoice over! His coming is near! His Word is proven for the “billionth” time true, (more than that but we can’t count that high 🙂 ).
If nothing else, its an amazing thing to look at God’s handiwork! Enjoy!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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Holy Relocations

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Spending time with God: that place and space where His breath fogs the window we are looking out of and more than I can imagine gets left on the pane to remind me “This is what’s real!”

Wrapping, stacking, tracking.
Reminds me where I am lacking and have stuffed that spot with excesses in nothing but things that take up space and add weight to the journey.

I am in the middle of my (hang on a sec I gotta count with my mental and physical fingers)…30th move! Holey magoly, that number astounds me! I am only 41 years old! Needless to say my folks moved around the Northern Denver suburbs, then I moved out and carried on the  “family tradition” it would seem. Though when we bought our house in Kalispell, Mt I unpacked and planned to be buried little by little on that 1/2 an acre of earth over the next…30 years or so…or until I drew my last breath whichever came first.
I hate cliche sayings, but I must digress “Man plans and God chuckles” (I don’t “hear” a Halloween like mmmmmaaaaaahhhh from Him, more like a tsk tsk giggle type thing) Though He clearly led us to the house and practically bought the house for us…well His timing was His best kept secret. So much like the God I am getting to know…when He moves I follow…and He is constantly “on the move”.

Consequently my heart is therefore, always longing for my feet to land long enough to grow mildew or have the earth grow up around them to prove their “staying” ability.
I am this time so grateful we sold over half of all we owned before our shuffle back to Colorado! I have since honestly only accumulated a few DVD’s and about 2 dozen more books since then. The rest has actually moved out; broken dishes, shoes and clothing that have worn out so badly not even the Goodwill can’t use them. I’ve given quite a few books away so even my used but newly acquired delightfully bound friends won’t be adding more weight than I moved in with. Yet as I started stacking them in boxes today, this question/thought grabbed at the based of my heart and wrapped itself there like an echoing dream in a movie all day.

What if these never came out of this box and became “accessible” to you ever again?

Hello my Lord 🙂 I see You are moving more than my address again! I often tend to simply block out that You are a Gardener and Your expertise is pruning, among all the other things like seeding, watering, planting, weeding.

Among the many things about moving I hate…I really wish an OCD certified ability to organize was among my resume. Its not. I do okay, due to the grace of God alone, mind you. Its work for me though. I can organize a billion thoughts, words like a pro, but ask me to organize a room…and I fall on my sword! Next thought/question…

Where do you get your sense of order? Where does it come from?

Chew chew…pack pack…chew…stack…hmmmm. At this point I am able to know that both these thought/questions likely are strangely connected and have very little to do with the physical world He’s using to connect my “dots”. So like Yeshua (Jesus), using what we see, know, and the world we interact in everyday to draw us into His classroom for the real world. I’ve also learned that waiting is an art form that adds clarity to what He’s teaching! My imaginary hand went up like an eager student in a classroom with a thousand perfectly sensible and reasonable responses to those two whispers in my ears.

For the last 4 or 5 years or so God has really challenged Sam and I to take His measure on those “things” we think are needs verses the “things” we think are wants. In so doing our “habits” have changed dramatically. Shopping for just what you need daily (or every couple days) verses shopping in bulk type thinking is one example. You would not believe the feelings of irresponsibility that attempted to “break in and steal” what God was doing with that one! Akin to not having life, health insurance as considered irresponsible in this world too! Based on Yeshua’s words there’s no such thing except in the Kingdom of Heaven. And asking only for what you need for today is the only way He lived and taught about. Takes a whole lot more trust in God to live that way! So…over the course of those years much has been “let go of” mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Moving can take on so many forms! Truth is as long as I am His Child I am constantly moving towards my permanent home with Him. Packing, letting go, selling off, hauling and relocating this home He now owns inside me. I signed the deed over to Him.

Another little peak into my heart for these stacks if stones He asks me to pile up along the way. Introspection is my primary language…(snicker). I am fearless to do that. Though He is faithful to show me, I am far less comfortable with it than I think. Hmmm…yes, moving is uncomfortable. I grew up in a culture that has made comfort a responsibility!  An obsession. The Kingdom of God is offensive to that above all else. My Master is invasive or at least my self-absorbed/self-protected perceptions feel that way…alot! I am learning to allow Him to re-route my hard drive this way though. Talk about freedom, puhh, rights as we perceive them have nothing to teach about freedom. Mayhap that’s why people in countries without them don’t look for comfort, so much as purpose in discomfort.

So as I pack, wrap, stack and relocate this Thanksgiving I am asking for clarity in the function and purpose He has to show me in all things uncomfortable. I ask you to pray likewise for and with me. Also for the “be still and know” grace that I need while He pulls those thought/questions together for me. Seeking true satisfaction verses feeling content or happy is an act of obedience to Adonai. I want the “well done”, much more than the “well said”. 🙂


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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Treasures of Trust

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God, who will not reveal to us what’s coming next, but SAVES – because the enemy is here and looks always to the next minute that hasn’t yet ticked its way around the clock. For two reasons:

1) He is dead set on robbing anyone of the joy Adonai gives, moment by moment.

2) He lives in fear that the next moment may be his last.

We are not so, we need not live to reflect the enemy’s heart. But the One who holds more than minutes out to us every minute. God keeps the future in Heaven, away from the enemy. In so doing, He keeps US hidden in the safety of the moment. Every minute we are in contains the power of God to save – never doubt it! This is our choice in every minute – to doubt or trust. It WILL NOT be taken from us. God will encase that in His bosom – no pearls to swine.

Our ability to choose trust is the greatest gift He gave to us. This is among the many treasures in Heaven – which He stores up ONLY in Heaven, not here on earth. One moments trust floats up to Heaven and that moment is gone here on earth. But in Heaven it never passes away. Doubt, we may keep here on earth, it can not reach the highest Heaven. It can not live there. Trust was made for a place where earthen feet will never tread – only our spirits, souls, hearts – made in the Image of Him who trusted as we, of ourselves outside of His presence, never can, do, or will.

I choose to trust Yeshua ( Jesus ) then I am one with Him in every minute, yes eternity! The hallmarks of trust are:

these are the images we reflect in the Light of Him, always.

My feet touch this orb of earth now, but I trust am always in my heart, with my Father, my Savior and His Spirit – more here, now – than on earth. So when I take my last breath here in this earthen vessel – I will not be moved – I will always be home thanks be to Jesus, by the grace and will of the Father, and the direction moment by moment in the Spirit. What treasures of trust! I am free!

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah to you…

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