Pivotal Questions #3

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PQ #3: Does the ultimate Anti-christ mentioned in the Bible know he or she is?

This thought occurs to me every single time someone tries to tell believers: “heres the anti christ!”

I truly believe that to start out with this person… if it be a person will not ever be aware they are. They will be the ultimate fool!! If they could fool the chosen then they must essentially be able to “fit the mold” of Yeshua (Jesus). To fool the Jews, the Messiah must fulfill the prophesies. To fool those that believe in Yeshua, every word of the Bible spoken of Him will have to look ‘just so’. To be the ultimate Anti-christ, they will have to ‘fit the bill’, so to speak, to those who follow Yeshua… now.

The enemy’s biggest task is to fool those who know Yeshua… for those who don’t… very little effort will be required to fool them as they are already fooled.

One might say; “But we’ll know because the real Yeshua will not come on earth performing miracles, He’ll be riding in the clouds.” I’ve said that. Which sets me and anyone thinking that up for being fooled in a different way. Those who need to be fooled the most will be looking for a righteous, glowing human man on something suspended in the air that looks cloud like. Considering technology today, this is scary to think of as very achievable in an illusionary sense. So even this thought now must be questioned. So how will we know!!??

I can only tell you that the key is knowing as much of the hebraic roots to Yeshua as possible is key. I’ve said it over and over, once again: Yahweh did not bring His Son to earth as a jew on accident or to shame that heritage or any such nonsense as that. The fact that the jewish heritage became from Yahweh simply naming Abraham a jew is a spoken thing. The blood lines at the time had, as far as we can know, nothing to do with it. Since then, God has directed the lineage… not man. This lineage has come from many bloodlines. So in a sense, DNA, as we know it, will have little to do with it. So beware, if that avenue gets brought up. Yeshua won’t be coming with DNA results to prove Himself – He doesn’t have to. Even if He did, we’d be unable to recognize it. Does God have DNA? If so, who has viewed it? At the very least His would be inclusive of every strand in the known universe. Of which, we most certainly have never seen. I say this only because the world today seems to be big on science of this kind for ‘proof’ of things. No accident there.

God has a calendar… do you know how to read it? Do you live by it? He gave it starting in the book of Genesis, Yeshua observed it while He walked here on earth prior to His ascension. If you don’t know what day God would place you on today… how will you know the season to be looking for Him. Yeshua specifically said we’d know the season. Just not the day or hour.

Heres the hebraic definition of the word day.

Day – yom – יום – the time of light between one night and the next one. Usually in the context of daylight hours but may also refer to the entire day or even a season.

I can’t stress the significance of solidifying the fact that the world we live in must be viewed spiritually first, physically second. The former should dictate the latter, not the other way around. Spirituality speaking… what is light? What is night? What is an hour? What is a season? All of scripture will teach you but not quite like the ‘old’ testament. Seeing as this is what Yeshua (The Light) fulfilled, if we don’t understand the Torah like it is Yeshua in the flesh, we will not know Him. These are the scriptures the disciples spoke of, and encouraged people to read and know. The ‘new’ testament is written in reference to the ‘old’. The old isn’t there to ‘fill in the gaps’ of the ‘new’. It’s pointing to Yeshua and Yeshua points back to the beginning. God chose a people, He called them Jews, they didn’t choose Him first. The Jews were spoken and chosen, not by petri-dish science… but by covenant… again spoken and chosen. God explains science, science will never explain Him. It will point to Him, but not explain Him. It will glorify Him, not get the glory.

The enemy will try to dissect everything God has made to point back to him. He’ll use it, but he can’t invent it or redo or remake it. He may be able to come….really really close though. Close enough to fool those truly looking for Yeshua.

Here’s a hint, look for Him in your heart, in your actions, in your thoughts being transformed by His Word. Look for Him being received and followed by those who are lost… joining the Kingdom calling to bring as many into the fold as possible. Don’t look for Him in some earthly manifestation. He’s sitting at the right hand of the Father… doing what He said He’d be doing… preparing a place for you and I. He’s living inside the Temple…our heart… not a building made by human hands. Never again! These are the Words Yeshua spoke… trust them!!

John 8:58

Yeshua said to them, “Yes, indeed! Before. Abraham came into being, I Am!”

John 12:34-36; 46

The crowd answered, “We have learned from Torah that the Messiah remains forever. How is it that You say the Son of Man has to be ‘lifted up’? Who is this Son of Man?” Yeshua said to them, ” The Light will be with you only a little while longer. Walk while you have the Light, or the dark will overtake you; he who walks in the dark doesn’t know where he’s going. While you have the Light, put your trust in the Light, so that you may become people of Light”.

I have come as a Light into the world, so that everyone who trusts in Me might not remain in the dark.

All of John chapter 14, 16

✡ The grace of the Lord Yeshua the Messiah, the love of God and the fellowship of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) be with you all. ✡

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The Price of Set Apart

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Every single picture like this, at this time of year, tends to soften the heart. A precious Son held by a set apart woman who would hold Him first; the sinner holding the cure! She held Him within her womb, her blood was needed for Him to live! When Gabriel came, she didn’t respond with the self-absorbtion of societies retribution, that did surely fall upon her;

But, how will I tell Joseph? My Folks? Who will believe I’ve not been pure for my marriage bed? How will God make me pregnant? Why me?”

Does it not sound just like a woman? Those questions of explanation, what will it look like, how will others see me? I supposed to engender that is unfair, its a fallen human thing both man and woman share. Yet here’s the thing.

God could have just blew into the dust and placed the World’s Salvation as a baby under a bush somewhere. He could have bypassed the whole method of reproduction, but He didn’t! Why?

Was a woman needed? Yes. And no. Yes, because of His plan, to right a terrible wrong at the beginning by a woman. (Eve) No, because He is God, He promised a baby, a Savior, but He didn’t need to do it that way. As if He is limited by science as we know it to get the job done.

Mary (Miriam) was set apart from far before she was born. She was knit together in her mama’s womb for the very purpose of carrying the Son of God. You could say, she was wired for it, but ugh, its sounds so mechanical and computerized! She did however, have a choice to follow her calling or not. Just like Mary, God formed us in His heart and made it so in the fashioning us in the womb, with exactly what we need to say, “May it be unto me as You have said” at every juncture He planned in advanced that we would be called upon to do so. Believe it or not, Mary sinned. She didn’t always respond as she did that very important night. God called and asked her to accept His Son that night. Just like He promises to call upon every heart and soul He fashions, and all will either accept or reject Him. At the time, Gabriel was sent with Mary’s John 3:16 invitation. She accepted. It had been written already in God’s perspective, just not Mary’s yet.

I have always had the hardest time with Catholicism because they pray to Mary. As if she can answer those prayers. Mary was a blessed Sister by no means, do I negate that! Yet she having held Yeshua (Jesus) in her womb, never became a door to Him! Yeshua said, “I Am the door/gate to the Father, noone can enter except through Me.” This included His mother. I am eternally glad Mary was made by God for the exact purpose of accepting His call and she answered as she did! That by being set apart and accepting this distinction, she kept the faith; no doubt through the markets when tongues wagged about her untimely bump on her belly. Can you hear them?

“What! It’s too soon, they couldn’t be with child yet! Oh, the shame! Her poor mother/father, poor Joseph! Is it his, were they unpure? He should have her stoned!”

You must understand in Hebrew culture, especially back then, they did kill match-made brides for unfaithfulness, both those who ended up pregnant and those who did not. It was not tolerated, (pre-marital sex). Even Joseph considered having her stoned when he first heard. This was serious! Its very likely one or both her parents didn’t believe her! Its totally missed, this Price of Set Apart! Or at least its the smallest of the things we talk about at Christmas. We cruise through it at just over the speed limit. Why? Because human opinion has not become less easy to be tempted to conform to with its new level of “tolerance”.

The level of support it took to marry Mary, and courage and trust in God is mind boggling! Joseph went from doubt to completely absurdly trusting. The likes of which, would be scorned as “co-dependant” now. Believe it! The tongues wagged and painted Joseph as a victim and fool! Did they care? Oh, you bet they did! They cared, hurt, got angry, but those feelings were the “last pennies in their purse” they gave to God. They counted the cost from their scalded hearts within, so Yeshua could live there instead!

What has holding Yeshua in your heart at His call cost you? If you have answered that call with your last “penny” and said, “Your will be done.” you know the cost of Set Apart. Its beyond counting, but He does! He does and the reconciling one day will be beyond counting too! Let us learn, with reality steadfastly in mind, all the many lessons the history of our family has to offer. If you are a Child of God, it begins with Mary and Joseph, Adam and Eve, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, and King David. But!!! Most importantly our lineage begins with Yeshua (Jesus). He holds our adoption papers, and says, “You are mine!” 
He will hold out our inheritance to us. He is the Promise Keeper!

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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