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Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah


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Purpose and Provision ~ Part 3

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Matthew 6:9-13

You, therefore, pray like this:
Our Father in heaven! May Your Name be kept holy.
May Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us the food we need today.
Forgive us what we have done wrong, as we too have forgiven those who have wronged us.

And do not lead us into hard testing, but keep us safe from the Evil One.
For Kingship, power, and glory are Yours forever.


Focus for part 3:

> the word and meaning of Name

> the word and meaning of the word Father

~ Name ~

When studying the scriptures it has become a absolute must that I ask the Spirit to lead me to Yeshua (Jesus) – the Teacher for direction and leading to the Father (El Elyon). For it is Adonai Elohim (the Lord God) who has decreed that He be made known. He is known by His Name. Not like I, Lisa, am known by mine. There are soo many Lisa’s, it is my last name that distinguishes my name from all the others and not completely at that. For there are surely more than one of us in combination. The meaning of my name is consecrated or devoted to God. For which, I pray, I honor; yet not everyone named Lisa desires such.

Names are not given as they used to be; **where a name was a representation of whom the individual is/was, based on their character and function. The nature and character of God is found within His Names, which are lost or obscured in our translations and Greek/Western view of scripture. Just as a name can give us a clue about the individual’s character, we can also find some interesting clues about the character of the family lineage. Below is a list of the sons of Adam, the lineage of the promised Messiah, as found in Genesis chapter 5 with the Hebraic meaning for each name:

Adam  – man
Seth – appoint (set in place)
Enosh – mortal (also means man, as man is mortal)
Kenyan – dwelling place (literally a nest)
Mahalalel – light of God (also means praise as it illuminates another)
Jared – comes down
Enoch – dedicate
Methuselah – his death brings
Lamech – despair
Noah – comfort

When the meanings of these names are combined, we discover a very interesting prophesy of the coming Messiah based on the functional descriptions of the names of Adam’s descendants. (Get ready to make that ‘whoooaa’ sound 🙂 )

Man appointed a mortal dwelling, the light of God will come down dedicated, His death brings the despairing comfort.

I.E. Yeshua, Salvation, God with us, Lamb of God, (Jesus) **taken from His Name Is One; An Ancient Hebrew Perspective of the Names of…God. by Jeff A. Brenner**

Kinda makes you look at all those names listed in Matthew and wonder, huh? I recommend you look into it…its just as jaw dropping! Everything God does is FULL of meaning/function/purpose! Not a jot or tittle is “simply placed to “fill in a blank space””.
His Name is above all names! Full of character and function with the purpose of being known!

I highly recommend you getting the book referenced above and below…you will simply just be awed from front to back in the detail of the God we serve! 🙂

~ Father ~

The Hebrew meaning of the word Father is: Strength of the house.

This stands in much conflict in our day due to the fact that somehow the mother has gotten this reputation. The woman of a house is most often the most revered. Not without reason, us women have worked hard to project this persona into the family dynamic. Women do have a “strength” but not like a father. (This is another subject, for another time)
**The following comes from the Jeff Brenner book listed above but abbreviated. The section on God – the Father is pages long and I need not repeat it all.** Looking at the language from a Messianic perspective I have changed the small s in sons to caps in order to get straight to the point. All things such as families, marriage, community and so on are a representation of the Father’s will on earth as it is in heaven.

**The Father builds His family through His Son(s). It is the responsibility of the Father to teach and instruct His Son(s) in family matters so that when the time comes for them to lead the family, they will do so according to the will of their Father.

As sons of God, it is our responsibility to listen and learn from our Father who is in heaven so that we can grow to follow in His will.** (page 83)

So when we say ‘Our Father’ we are identifying that we no longer “look horizontally” for guidance and instruction but “vertically”. We are adopting a heavenly family dynamic, in which God is the strength of our house.

**The Father of the household manifest many of the characteristics of God to His family. He is the el – power, the older experienced ox that is yoked to His children to teach them. As the adon – lord of the family it is His responsibility to bring life to the family through His own work, teaching and decision-making. He is the mela’ak – messenger, whose responsibility is to bring the messages of God to His family. He is the moshia – deliverer of His family by protecting them from evil, both literal and figurative. As the borey – creator He creates new life. He is the qanah – jealous one by guarding over His family. He is to be qadosh – set apart (holy) from the world and devoted to God and His teachings.** (page 115) again I replaced small letters for caps to emphasize the Father in heaven. The only perfect Father at all these things.

The following scripture wraps up this concept of Fatherhood perfectly.

Isaiah 63:15-16

Look down from heaven; and see from Your holy, glorious dwelling.
Where are Your zeal and Your mighty deeds, Your inner concern and compassion?
Don’t hold back, for You are our Father.
Even if Abraham were not to know us, and Israel were not to acknowledge us, You, Adonai, are our Father, our Redeemer of Old is Your Name

As we can clearly see…when we say ‘Our Father…may Your Name be kept holy…we are saying a wealth of things! Yeshua (Jesus) knew all these things when He taught this prayer! To Hebrew disciples who knew this language well and still they did not totally “get it” right away. The vastness of God’s detail and purposes are so that our finite minds must stay still and “chew” on His words for a time just to get a glimpse! It is full of this kind of knowledge and anticipation that Yeshua gave us these words as a “doorway” into prayer. He knew His/our Father, He knew that the depth and width of all the Father longs to teach us! He also knew that the Father, Himself, will take full responsibility for teaching us all we need to know…even if it takes an eternity!!

May His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven…today…now!! Amen!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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Purpose and Provision ~ Part One

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***For Linda, I promised this series awhile ago; knowing Abba was stirring my “pot” about it. As usual my timing was not His, indeed, I wondered if He was going to have me blog about this at all! Yet here it is. To God be the glory!***

Matthew 6:9-13 – Yeshua (Jesus) speaking…

You, therefore, pray like this:

‘Our Father in heaven!
May Your Name be kept holy.
May Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as in heaven.
Give us the food we need today.
Forgive us what we have done wrong, as we too have forgiven those who have wronged us.
And do not lead us into hard testing, but keep us safe from the Evil One.
For Your Kingship, Power, and Glory are Yours forever.  Amen’

Luke 11:2 – Yeshua speaking…

He said to them, “When you pray, say:

May Your Name be kept holy.
May Your Kingdom come.
Give us each day the food we need.
Forgive us our sins, for we too forgive everyone who has wronged us.
And do not lead us to hard testing.‘”

There is not a more controversial subject in all of those who follow Yeshua (Jesus) than the highlighted words above. First one must ask the Father to send His Spirit on a mission to open our ears to the meaning and intention that formed these words at the heart of Christ as He taught them.

We are addressing God, the Father.
Asking for His will, stating with agreement that His will is our desire. The words ‘do not lead us into hard testing’ suggest that perhaps He does. Why ask for Him not to do something He would never do? Unless…unless He does, indeed. Yeshua said many things that seemed contadictive, but only to those who stay focused on what the flesh reads on the surface. All of Gods words need the Spirit to interpret and lead us to the language of God’s heart. Which holds deeper meaning and more clarity than any human being could possibly come up with.

It can NOT be over-stated that any language other than the original stands to lose something in translation. Here’s where I may “rub up” against so many scholars sensibilities. HEBREW is THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGE, first spoken by GOD to man, back in Genesis in the Garden. This is one reason why Yeshua (Jesus) was sent to the Hebrew culture, to learn His first words in Hebrew. Any other language stands the risk of misinterpretation. Greek is no exception, for from it many other languages have flowed including English. Paul, a HEBREW and Hebrew speaker, learned Greek as a second language, and labored hard to translate Hebrew to Greek; often expressing the hardship of doing so. What does this have to do with the above verses?? Because the famously misinterpreted scripture in James and in Matthew, has unpacked the Power of the Father as spoken of by Yeshua in what we call the Lords Prayer.

James 1:13
No one tempted should say, “I am being tempted by God.” For God cannot be tempted by evil, and God Himself tempts no one.

Mind you, the word tempt in James is accurate. So is the word test in Matthew and Luke above. Yet, many a translation has put temptation in where testing is the more accurate word in the Lords Prayer.

Tempting is translated in Hebrew not by one word but a concept conveyed by many words. The best definition would be baiting or inciting.

Testing likewise is not simply translated in Hebrew. God does test, but does not tempt. He does instigate, motivate, train. The very heart of using evil for good. Always saying like in Job to the devil “Do your best.” All the while knowing his (the devil) “best” can’t, won’t and never shall ever subdue HIS (God’s).

One must only read on in James 1 to see the difference.

James 1:14-16
Rather, each person is being tempted whenever he is being dragged off and enticed by the bait of his OWN DESIRE. Then, having conceived, the desire gives birth to sin; and when sin is fully grown, it gives birth to death. Don’t delude yourselves, my dear brothers.

Temptation is far into the stages of conception, where our will is desirous of something not Gods will. Of which, having been given into, leads to a “death”, but not an unprofitable death! For anything that leads to the death of our seeing benefit to our will over Gods, has Kingdom potential to bring Life. Remember God is the expert at bringing Life out of death! Indeed one could say this is His M.O.! (Method of Operation)

Lets look at the complete confirmation of this important truth in Yeshua’s own human walk.

Matthew 4:1
Then the Spirit led Yeshua up into the wilderness to be tempted by the Adversary.

The correct word should read tested not tempted. The Spirit led Yeshua to be tested. Just like Yeshua suggested the Father does in the Lords Prayer. Tested not tempted. Hence why I am so pressed to be clear, that if you want to know God and His meanings, His heart, behind the words, you must find the Hebrew interpretation of the words. The Evil One tempts, God tests. The Evil One tries to use our weakness for evil, the Father knows He will be our strength, whether we give into temptation or “pass the test”. His glory alone, will be the glory. His Will, alone is being done, always. Yeshua is saying we must trust this, agree with it, and give glory where its due, not to us, but our Father, who keeps His Name holy.

Pay attention to how careful James was to distinguish tempt from test in this verse. And see how he, in the Spirit, pulls the entire prayer Yeshua taught into it.

James 1:2-6
Regard it all as joy, my brothers, when you face various kinds of temptations; for you know that the testing of your trust produces perseverance. But let perseverance do its work; so that you may be complete and whole, lacking nothing. Now if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives to all generously and without reproach; and it will be given to him. But let him ask in trust, doubting nothing; for the doubter is like a wave in the sea being tossed and driven by the wind.

Yes, the Father aids and abbeds our coming to “death”, but His testing produces LIFE. His will hardened Pharaoh’s heart, blinded many an eye, deafens many an ear…but ALWAYS His will is being done for the best. God is not some imp sitting around watching evil wills subdue His will. This is utter blasphemy! If God created everything, then who created the Evil One?? You can’t “get around” this point. Too many people simply cannot understand that God, Himself made Satan, and He so made him to be evil perfected, that we may know the pure goodness of God. It makes no sense to us as humans, but it is not important that so many things “make sense” to us, just that we trust the only One capable of making sense of evil. We are never asked to do this, just to trust the One who does.
Trust what He said, that He will make all things right and good; we just need to believe Him.

There is one very long and detailed prayer Yeshua prayed in John, chapter 17. The entire chapter was His prayer for all man-kind just prior to His walk into the ultimate Will of His Father…His death and resurrection. Listen to one part…

John 17:15
I don’t ask You (the Father) to take them (the Chosen) out of the world (full of temptation), but to protect them from the Evil One.

Sound familiar? but keep us safe from the Evil One.
We to often think safety is being kept out of “harms way”. This is a human concept, not God’s. Obviously, because we are most definitely here, in “harms way” in a matter of speaking. Then safety must mean something other than we naturally tend to make sense of it. For from our perspective God should never have put Adam and Eve in a garden with the Evil One; thereby “keeping them out of harms way”. Yet there He put them, there He put the Evil One and there His will was done. The safety being spoken of in John and Matthew is that we are being kept in His Will! And we always are, even when our own will’s yield to temptation. God provides the sacrifice, solution, and protection to His entire creation. He made it, and He IS protecting and perfecting it. The testing is part of His purpose. We are encouraged to ask that we not be put to hard testing, but not no testing. Growth does not happen without resistance.

There is so much to see and learn about God, the Father in this prayer. I am unsure how many “parts” to this series there will be. That they could go on to infinity, there’s no doubt, for the Father is infinity beyond this prayer and the words I am capable of. He is the subject of Life, we will never graduate from. Likely why eternal Life is crucial to any who desire to know Him :-).

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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The Price of Set Apart

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Every single picture like this, at this time of year, tends to soften the heart. A precious Son held by a set apart woman who would hold Him first; the sinner holding the cure! She held Him within her womb, her blood was needed for Him to live! When Gabriel came, she didn’t respond with the self-absorbtion of societies retribution, that did surely fall upon her;

But, how will I tell Joseph? My Folks? Who will believe I’ve not been pure for my marriage bed? How will God make me pregnant? Why me?”

Does it not sound just like a woman? Those questions of explanation, what will it look like, how will others see me? I supposed to engender that is unfair, its a fallen human thing both man and woman share. Yet here’s the thing.

God could have just blew into the dust and placed the World’s Salvation as a baby under a bush somewhere. He could have bypassed the whole method of reproduction, but He didn’t! Why?

Was a woman needed? Yes. And no. Yes, because of His plan, to right a terrible wrong at the beginning by a woman. (Eve) No, because He is God, He promised a baby, a Savior, but He didn’t need to do it that way. As if He is limited by science as we know it to get the job done.

Mary (Miriam) was set apart from far before she was born. She was knit together in her mama’s womb for the very purpose of carrying the Son of God. You could say, she was wired for it, but ugh, its sounds so mechanical and computerized! She did however, have a choice to follow her calling or not. Just like Mary, God formed us in His heart and made it so in the fashioning us in the womb, with exactly what we need to say, “May it be unto me as You have said” at every juncture He planned in advanced that we would be called upon to do so. Believe it or not, Mary sinned. She didn’t always respond as she did that very important night. God called and asked her to accept His Son that night. Just like He promises to call upon every heart and soul He fashions, and all will either accept or reject Him. At the time, Gabriel was sent with Mary’s John 3:16 invitation. She accepted. It had been written already in God’s perspective, just not Mary’s yet.

I have always had the hardest time with Catholicism because they pray to Mary. As if she can answer those prayers. Mary was a blessed Sister by no means, do I negate that! Yet she having held Yeshua (Jesus) in her womb, never became a door to Him! Yeshua said, “I Am the door/gate to the Father, noone can enter except through Me.” This included His mother. I am eternally glad Mary was made by God for the exact purpose of accepting His call and she answered as she did! That by being set apart and accepting this distinction, she kept the faith; no doubt through the markets when tongues wagged about her untimely bump on her belly. Can you hear them?

“What! It’s too soon, they couldn’t be with child yet! Oh, the shame! Her poor mother/father, poor Joseph! Is it his, were they unpure? He should have her stoned!”

You must understand in Hebrew culture, especially back then, they did kill match-made brides for unfaithfulness, both those who ended up pregnant and those who did not. It was not tolerated, (pre-marital sex). Even Joseph considered having her stoned when he first heard. This was serious! Its very likely one or both her parents didn’t believe her! Its totally missed, this Price of Set Apart! Or at least its the smallest of the things we talk about at Christmas. We cruise through it at just over the speed limit. Why? Because human opinion has not become less easy to be tempted to conform to with its new level of “tolerance”.

The level of support it took to marry Mary, and courage and trust in God is mind boggling! Joseph went from doubt to completely absurdly trusting. The likes of which, would be scorned as “co-dependant” now. Believe it! The tongues wagged and painted Joseph as a victim and fool! Did they care? Oh, you bet they did! They cared, hurt, got angry, but those feelings were the “last pennies in their purse” they gave to God. They counted the cost from their scalded hearts within, so Yeshua could live there instead!

What has holding Yeshua in your heart at His call cost you? If you have answered that call with your last “penny” and said, “Your will be done.” you know the cost of Set Apart. Its beyond counting, but He does! He does and the reconciling one day will be beyond counting too! Let us learn, with reality steadfastly in mind, all the many lessons the history of our family has to offer. If you are a Child of God, it begins with Mary and Joseph, Adam and Eve, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, and King David. But!!! Most importantly our lineage begins with Yeshua (Jesus). He holds our adoption papers, and says, “You are mine!” 
He will hold out our inheritance to us. He is the Promise Keeper!

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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Holy One ~ Approachable

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Holy Unapproachable!
What grace You give to me!
That through Your Gate
I now approach
Yeshua who’s for me!

A blessed, sacred honor
Once kept for none but One
Now offered out from within Him
Now can Your Kingdom COME!

Not only does He bid me
Come into My Home
He walks and talks with me at every turn
And makes Himself be known

And if that wasn’t exceedingly more
Than I could ever have asked
Yeshua takes me Home to meet
The Father from Whose will all is cast!

Then topped beyond all imagining
He send His Spirit to guide
My every errant tendency
To run away from His side

Oh Great abounding Love that shakes
My all to often comfort zone
To complete this wretched soul
Moving heaven and earth is NOTHING!
To the One who makes me whole!

The other day I woke to Him
A pen moving on a Book
Curious I crept up to Him
And He let me have a look!

Infused to HIS!
The pages ebbed and flowed
Written upon the Book of Life
From within the Word I glowed!

Oh Jesus, real You are to me!
How can my eyes still fail?
To receive the Grace that sets me free
Unhidden behind the Veil?

His voice was soft in answering
Unhampered by my fright
He took my face into His hands
And said, “Because you are My Life!”
“Now go and pour it out just as, You see that I have done!”
“The story of Me and victory, that I and My Father are One!”

Such Life was poured right into me
My heart near took off in flight
Yes, this flesh remembers the Breath
That blows me newly reborn

O Holy Friend – Approachable
I long to never leave Your heart!
I thank You for the miracle
Of Love that proves
You never will depart!

O Strength of God, Yeshua
That now defines my soul
Speak from my mouth
Reach through my hands
Breathe from my lungs
Walk in my feet
Bend low my back
Yourself that is so real

I will worship at Your feet
And praise You while I sit still
May all that comes from knowing You
Be Love for You increased
Love that sustains Trust in You
The Trust that creates in action
Reflecting You, only You
Love lived from compassion

Glory, Glory to the Son
That sits upon the Throne
That one day shall descend from Heaven
And rescue Your Children home!

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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