New Story ~ Part 13

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If an authors writing doesn’t come with an invitation to be “chewed on” – “dug at” and delved more deeply into; then it hasn’t come from the right Source. “ – LRV

New Story continued…

As with all dreams they come with an awaking; seemingly startled from other dreams. One releases and another picks up almost half way through its telling.

Sakira became aware of her feet.
Walking – yes – she was walking.
Behind or before was kept from her. Only ahead could be captured and held. She knew this place from the vantage of foggy Grey. Now the world around her took a deep breath and blew the brume away. In it’s wake… color and life began to bleed and drip and invade.

And there stood a tree.
Empty but for a few reluctant leaves on its skeletal frame.
Reaching ever up up up to the Up Everlasting.
As if it could pull it straight through the airy blue.
The tops looking so flimsy; yet unafraid of their purpose.
Wrapped around it seemed a smooth skin.
Until it fell ever closer to its heart.
Then like it’s tears had fallen and hardened;
Like the liquid flesh of the blue orb; it fell closer to its deepest vulnerability.
Rivulets of hardened tears – thicker with the years – till at last on the surface – meeting where all its growth sprang from – they seemed to disappear.
Tawny browns and tans; until the more the gaze drew up to its reaching hands; the deeper the hues began to glow. Copper and burning ember but only against the vast blue of up!
Hinting at colors only the Circle of Fire can know with intimacy.
Oh, what a tree! Had it always seemed so unknown to me?
Indeed every shrub and bush in this form of death gave life a push!
Some unknown calling out from Winters press.
More beautiful naked than fully clothed somehow.
Crimsons, reds, oranges and browns fell deep into the pools of her eyes and became!
The hard surface of the earth seemed to suddenly hold itself down in a dying protection to the heart of all the life that springs from it.
Oh! The song of continual awaking that flowed beneath the surface of all things!
Only the Father-All could begin to know such notes and tones!  He must mean it!
The grass with its greenful attempts at a take-over to be released from its blond death.
Yet patient – so patient to allow the blond sleepiness to let go.
Letting go of its snowy rest – slowly the greensward of breath crept up in an inhostile take over. It seemed to beg for something to crush it – wind, rain, and feet!
All sorts of created feet! As if to say,

You can not bend me too far – or cause a crushing blow! Never too much can one thing weigh me down nor waters overflow! For if I wash away or die where I lay; I will find another place to stay. There’s nothing wasted in the heart of the Father-All and what He means – He means to stay.

All these thoughts began to make themselves an introduction to Sakira’s mind. But more than into the mechanisms of her intellect they bled into her heart. Apart from any conscious intent on her part, she began to be introduced to the Father-All. All that the Darkcloud had seemed to do in attempt to smoother found itself a hopeless failure. For something that was wants to live without Purpose will only hold on until Life finds its way in through death!
Suddenly that dreaded idea of “ending” too began to take on color and death has a hue all is own and beauty itself is but it’s sister.
It was not the morbid flippancy that Sakira had seen in others towards death – with its strange fascinations towards darkness. Instead Light overtook its scarey features and swallowed it up in one colorific swoop.
As all this awareness began to engrave itself on her heart…a butterfly, florescent blue took flight from her feet, from whence her first awareness at the beginning of this dream began. It hovered at her face for a brief moment of greeting before it alighted on an unseen breeze and rose up to its disappearance. Taking with it her last unconscious breath… and she awoke.


A good story will have such an open-ended sense to it; that the readers own imagination can “pick up” where it “leaves off” and keep reading without the help of the first writers assistance. ” – LRV

Part 14 coming soon 🙂

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Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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New Story ~ Part 12

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New Story Continued…

Sakira sat with her kinder-folks, Evander and Sakirina. Their faces reflecting excitement while their minds rolled with questions.

“So…Shimkee is thinkin’ this King lad has come then?” Evander looked up at Sakira. The question seemed to be out of sync with inquisitiveness – holding more a need for solidarity than confirmation.

“The Tinder-tale, should it be true, says so, Popseeies.” Sakira replied.

“I must speak with Shimkee myself then. I seem to recall the tale differently than your retelling from Shimkee’s memory.” Evander stood and reached for Sakirina’s hand. She rose and stood with him. They each took one of Sakira’s hands in their own and the three stood encircled.

“Father-all hide you in the arms of His light. Be a’calmed as you ride the night. The moon and stars be over your head; to keep the shadows withheld from dread. Hold His skeins tinder-child of ours and close your eyes for many hours.” Evander spoke the ancient nighttime blessing over Sakira, kissing her forehead. Sakirina folded her into her arms.

“I have not a’heard you speak the blessing in a long time, Popseeies.” Tears gathered in Sakira’s eyes, half-full.

“Forgive me Sakira, a shadow made me believe you had outgrown it. I see now, none of us have. Off with you now, tomorrow comes. We wait a’calmed, yes?” Evander wiped an escaping tear from her cheek.
“Huh! Why – your eyes don’t agree with each other on which color is more beautiful – I agree, both make their own beauty held in each of yours Shak’y.” He smiled

“Thank you, Popseeies, a’calmed night, know my love Mamanah.” Sakira left to her nest-bed in the corner of the cottage.

Evander and Sakirina went into their room and closed the door.

The Evander-house was small, having only one separate room apart from the living quarters containing the cooking area, a few chairs which surrounded the fire-pit, and a small cold storage nook dug and built off the entry. Sakira’s nest-bed was closest to the small round window in the corner farthest away from the cooking corner. The metal-bellied stove was central to the cottage. Its backside enclosed and disappeared into the stone wall that a’joined her kinder-folk’s room and the living quarters. There was another opening on their side by which the fire could be fed. It was a cozy and warm home – full of rich history and loving care.

Sakira laid down. The warmth of the fire seemed to feed the colors and textures of the cottage around her. Burnt copper coated the walls, popping in color. The woods of various tones of browns hugged the home with strength and structure. The smells of breads and spices pulled music into the love of the hands that tended the home. Sakira had felt she imagined these things before – having hints of clarity brush through her mind at times. Yet the Darkcloud had whisped like a thief the notion before. Now…it clapped in truism – better than she had imagined. She closed her eyes holding the happiness she felt like a blanket. Not many minutes later…she began to dream.


Part 13; God willing next week 🙂

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Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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New Story ~ Part 11

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New Story continued…

Master Shimkee sat in an alcove just outside the rear entry to his abode. Having recalled the Tinder-tale as much as his aged mind could repeat to Evardyne and Sakira. He had sent them on their way for what rest they may find in the awaking world around them. He lingered. It was not the cascading and ever-flowing newness of hues and musical language that kept him here. Though he could have sat feasting both eye and ear for the remainder of the night watches. He, with no understanding to his person felt as though he were waiting…waiting for…something? Mayhap someone? So he sat letting the calypso of eye and ear “food” fall into and over him…waiting.

The moon shimmered and threw down her light with the songs of the stars to accompany her. Not one cloud to be seen in the vast Up-Everlasting. He tried to recall if he had ever seen such an absence of clouds through the halls of his memory. No – this too, was a first. Such an unveiled view of all that was beyond reach struck him anew with awe. He could not even remember if it had occurred to him to wonder at such a sight; so familiar had the obscuring canopy of clouds become to his understanding of all that encompassed everything UP!

A silence descended, each color laying down in stillness all around him. The very air waited, as Shimkee, in a prophesied hush. Shimkee’s countenance entered the invitation and antisipation pulled his watchful gaze to the fringes of the garden entry. He rose, and his feet obeyed an unheard summons, walking towards the garden. Rounding the corner towards the root-garden’s row a butterfly flew up and its wings brushed the air like kisses on his face. He gasped in wonder, and delight fed the winged beauty illiminating its colorful chaos of pattern left by its flight. He followed almost enspelled. The butterfly landed on what seemed a mound of dirt, folding its wings back on itself – appearing to vanish. He could not recall this mound before. Curiosity drove him towards it. As he reached out, thousands of butterflies flew up, up to the moon and her glory.

Shimkee laughed and with his whole being longed to join them. Was it moments or hours he stood watching the winged procession; he knew not, but movement drew his awareness back down to the “mound”. But it was not dirt that formed it…it was a boy-lad!! Sitting there watching Shimkee like a statue. The “statue” moved to his feet…the face smiled…a hand reached out towards him…the voice – child-like – yet hundreds of years bathed…spoke.

“Hello Master Shimkee. Such delight colors your face! Those creatures have a way of painting everything around them with it. Yes?” The boy-lad King said.

Master Shimkee stood, staring mouth open, full of multiple thoughts at once; unable to take their leave.

The boy-lad laughed and night became day all around them.

“How long has it been since you’ve seen a boy-lad such as myself, Master Shimkee? Are there only girl-lads about this place?” The boy-lad asked in a chuckle.

Shimkee smiled without permission from his brain.

“Father-All be held!! Its…its you…is it not?” Shimkee breathed rather than spoke the words.

Of course its me, who else could be me…but me?” The boy-lad said.

Shimkee shook his head indicating both his shock and lack of satisfaction to the tinder-lads answer. He checked his senses and evaluated the vision before him.

…a crown…a robe of light…and a very very ordinary looking boy-lad. But no ordinary boy-lad was this! No – this was the boy-lad King!! Here, in Shimkee’s garden, speaking his name in such familiarity it shook Shimkee to his bones.

“Ahh…you did not expect me.” Said the King-lad. “Why?”

The question dropped like a single drop of water in a vast sea. The ripples resulted in a stream of clarity in Shimkee’s heart.
I suppose I thought it a tale for good dreams too. The honest drip calmed in his mind.

“I’m a’feared there is no new color of reason to be found to answer. My minds a’fumbled!” Shimkee blurted.

They stood staring at the words Shimkee uttered; and then, both boy-lad and elder began to laugh with un-withheld joy.


God willing Part 12, next week 🙂

For those just joining. Click the link below, scroll to the bottom and hit ‘next page’, begin at Part 1… enjoy!

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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New Story ~ Part 10

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An enchanted life has many moments when the heart is overwhelmed with beauty and the imagination is electrified by some haunting quality in a world or by a Spirit or Voice speaking from deep within a thing, a place, or a person.
~ Thomas Moore

New Story continued…

As Shimkee, Evardyne and Sakira walked out of Umgrah’s; the King-lad rose and began walking the Northward Trek of West-Flo. With each step glittering rainbow-like prisms fell up then down in his wake. The earth heaved up as his feet were picked up with each step and fell in abandon of colorful motion as they met. All the while the Father-All placed each step in his mind. A thoughtless trek full of intention – building and building into a great hall of deeds yet unseen but known with a clarity the minds-eye can not focus on with mere intellect alone. Multitudes of lives were being shaped and crafted, pulled into the gravitational flow of the Father-All’s heart. A quiet that shook the very air around him was heard by the inner-ear of substance around him. A communication that needed no movement of voice, mind or body. The nouns and verbs of intention were a language born only unto the ears from whence the Father-All opened them.

First one, then two, then ten, then dozens of butterflies began to flutter and flow all around the boy-lad King. A winged processional; and happy play-like dance began. The King-lad naming each delicate prayer and they, following the lead of a yet unseen, but undoubtable answer. If Imageman’s eyes were to have seen them it may have put them in the vision of the earth-a-whirls that gusty winds often made in freshly plowed fields. Twisting and turning like a column draining out the sweat that was used to toil the land. The butterflies flew and flocked; floating down, up, out and over. The King-lad skipped, ran and walked; and a riotous rainbow of blue’s lit the way towards West-Flo.


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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New Story ~ Part 9

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New Story Continued…

The faces of Master Stark, Shimkee and Evardyne loomed before Sakira’s face in a smokey presence of concern.

“Shak’y?” Evardyne reached for her hand

“What’s gone from ye laddie?” Shimkee inquired.

Sakira shook her head, blinking rapidly. Looking around the hall, colors swarmed and faded in and out in time with the beats of her heart.

“I am…okay. Do…do you see it?” Sakira asked, her gaze shifting from one face to the next.

“See what? The hall aflame in the newness of change? ACH! You don’t mean you’ve just only now put on eyes to see it!!” Master Stark crowed with incredulous tones.

“No! Patience no! They are fading…the brightness…the light seems to be draining away from it all! Don’t you see??!” Sakira began to feel the air thinning around her.

Shimkee cradled his arm around Sakira’s shoulders and pulled her to a nearby bench. Eva’s face scrunched in consternation. Master Stark’s head shifted round abouts looking for the cause of Sakira’s concern. Nothing seemed amiss – well nothing seemed to be more or less in a new way from only hours ago!

“Come, tindling…what’s caused your stir to mix here? Paint Shimkee a picture so I can see through your eyes, eh?” Shimkee’s voice pulled in the color of peace and threaded it through the air. Tender – so tender was his heart towards his niece. Always, she had been a buried treasure to him. Her gift was joy and something was set about to rob it from her. Sitting beside her, he poured as much love out through his eyes as he could muster.

Sakira looked into those undefinably blue eyes and instantly the colors and sounds renewed their glimmering pronouncements. Her countenance shifted towards the heart of her uncle and she found an anchor.

“Oh! My what must these changes be doing to me eyes!!? Mayhap its too much for me mind!? Uncle Shimkee, the colors seemed to fade and sound smother again as I was thinking while you and Master Stark were speaking. ACH, but what a dink I am! I am to offer Eva and I’s service to the mining up of the tinder-tale; that’s why I linger.” Sakira sent a look of indication towards Evardyne.

Master Stark sniffed and angled his bulbous nose to the side; as if some thought was adrift on the air and he might inhale its offer of wisdom. He must have caught some sense of it as he kneeled down in front of Sakira and asked most seriously.

“What – tinderling, were ye thinking just before the fading of your senses?” He took her chin in his hand and focused her face towards his.

Sakira stayed with him.
“Well…I was thinking of helping Uncle and the tinder-tale. The changes…oh yes! I was thinking of them…and the Dark-cloud…trying to recall if I saw where it went…and began to be a’feared of what all this means. Then…I looked up and saw the fading. Master Stark did you see it too?” The words rolled out in sharp and quick staccato until Sakira’s question hung on the last breath between them, in a hopeful plea of confirmation.

Master Stark searched Sakira’s face for an elongated moment. Trying to read more than her words. Shimkee interrupted the interchange of unspoken digging.

“Ahh…a’feared, eh? A’feared is the drain by which all life tends to abandon itself to a grey abyss, me thinks! Mayhap there’s more to dig here but let us move towards the tale, eh?” Shimkee bumped Master Stark with his knee and began to rise.

Master Stark stared at Shimkee and again seemed to catch a thought unspoken. Clearing his throat, he rose pulling Sakira with him.

“Yes, yes! The tale, much to dig upon there. No time to spend desire on the departed Clouds blown away by such a motley of joy raining down in rainbow’s, eh? Yes, Shimkee take these girl-lads and begin with them as you will tonight. Find Adaviah tomorrow and report to me at the top of the Circle Cycle. I must check on Mistress Mable for supplies now.” With a parting look full of exchange and focus to Shimkee, Master Stark moved off towards the kitchen.

“Ahh, well now… my helpful girl-lads, what can I put you to that may begin this search for more than my memory can account?” Shimkee put an arm around each of their shoulders and pulled them towards the door.

Evardyne exclaimed, “Mayhap you could repeat it to us aloud again Sir Shimkee? My memory is hard put to function with all the fluff and music taken up space there! We could write it down too – huh Shak’y?”

“Whatever Uncle finds needful.” Sakira smiled. “Though I admit Uncle I would like to just hear it again; its been many moons since I have re-ran it in my mind. I thought it just a story for tinders to sleep to – for good dreams.”

“Indeed it has seemed to suffer much with the passing of time. Good dreams are a pleasant thing but there’s truth to the tale that has come alive before our very eyes this day! And TRUTH, my dear ones, always needs more than repetition! It must have dreams – yes but follow it we must to its source! This is what its function is – yes? So, we repeat tonight – and dig on the morrow! Come let’s find a place worthy of such a telling!” Shimkee’s eyes began to kick off sparks of radiant blue as he spoke and his heart pulled the girls into it with invitation.

They left the hall with all its dazzling beauty and went out to find a place to listen to all the tinder-tale might teach. The moon had begun to open her arms to the stars and shone down a path for the seekers to find.


Part 10, God willing, next week 🙂

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Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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