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♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Upright Ownership

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Ever wonder how King David could use the term “my righteousness” in the Psalms? Job did the same as well.

It’s been a common line of thinking in the church that noone can “own their righteousness”; using the Apostle Paul’s term “apart from God there is no righteousness” which I believe he quotes from King Davids Psalms as well. So what could this Psalms be talking about? And what does Job mean when he claims to have a righteousness of his own?

In my own studies I have found the following which has helped a great deal.

First of all there are two types of righteousness we are given by God.

● The righteousness of salvation; which comes from Yeshua alone by His works and His death and resurrection. This is not earned by us; nothing we do contributes to this righteousness. Even the grace we are given to accept and receive Yeshua comes from Adonai alone. This righteousness is what Paul is referring to; the ownership of this is God alone. We can stand firm in it but even to do that we must be given grace and mercy to do so by God. It is this righteousness alone that will place us before God on Judgement day and separate the goats from the sheep. Everyday our first conscious act is to bring ourselves under the protection and grace of the Salvation Yeshua provides. This enables us to move into the day with the righteousness that follows…

● The righteousness of separateness, holy living, following, obeying, submitting to all God’s instruction and teaching; the living acts of being set apart by His truth manifesting itself from within us causing the fruits of the Spirit to grow on our tree. It is, however, still the act of God that we are given the heart to obey, listen, and heed Him. By giving us access to Himself through Yeshua the Messiah with the power given by His Holy Spirit, our Counselor. So here still the origin of this righteousness still comes from Adonai. But we now become the very righteousness of God in the world we effect and live in; and thus the righteousness King David and Job refers to as their own. These acts of righteousness we get to take with us all the way to eternity! They shall never rot, decay, wither away, the treasures we store up! These will also be rewarded by Yahweh, on Judgement day.

The heart of the individual must be seeking only for God to get the glory. This is the Spirit of the Law – or more accurately defined – the Teachings of God that Yeshua’s coming and His walk lived out here on earth revealed and stood in contrast to expose the religious hypocrisy of what mankind had done with God’s law. Whenever something God designed gets directed to glorify anything other than Himself it becomes wickedness.


Another note that opened wide my perspective was how one defines – good and evil.
In Hebrew the Word – good – means functional. Meaning that whatever is being referred to as good operates under the design and purpose for which it was made by God.

The Word – evil – therefore means dysfuctional. Anything that gets put to use for anything other than the way it was designed and purposed by God according to His original intent.

The word good for as far back as hundreds of years before Yeshua was born and lived as a man; was morphed into this religious hypocritical feeling-based definition. Something that makes one feel good rather than actually being the good God designed it to be. For example: the act of obeying the 10 Commandments being called “good” when the heart of the person doing so was to make themselves feel good not simply because they loved the Instructor and wanted Him to be glorified through them. This is why Yeshua asked the “righteous man” why he called Yeshua good. And thereby explained that noone is good except God the Father.

It makes a huge difference to know how God intends the words He created to be used and perceived. Greek (or gentile) thinking has diluted so much of the exactness of how God expressed Himself, with clarity enough for a child. The more “heady” or intellectual one became in pursuit of knowledge of God rather than desire to know God Himself the less accurate this “knowledge” became.

Given all that is above in reflection and study. Now re-read the Psalms at the top. Light should fairly burst into our souls! Notice why David can ask God to judge him with confidence. The focus of all things in the words he is expressing is God. The trust within David is in God’s righteousness and judgement not his own. Yet he is able to see that the act of obeying and serving God in the designs that God gave with the act of living for Him (the Teachings/Law) gave him a firm ground to stand upon in defeating the enemy (God’s enemy, the devil and his servants). In fact the whole story of Job reflects this same “motif” if you will. It is wisdom to see that the enemies King David refers to in 90% of the Psalms he wrote are not human beings. (Though with study one can figure out which and where he does indeed refer to the human element of enemy). As we read the Psalms we must pay close attention to how the enemy is being referred to as David had also been instructed by God to love his enemies but hate the evil doer. Hence when Yeshua tells us to do the same there is no contradiction between the Word of God at the time Yeshua lived (The Old Testament) and His own Words which were the fulfillment of the old renewed in His person Himself. So much of what Yeshua said cannot be truly understood without having applied (as God intended) and studied the Holy Scriptures that were given by God before Yeshua was sent as a babe, thus fulfilling all God’s Word. The entire Old Testament and most of the New must be viewed via the Hebrew mind. Not the greek. God moved the very Hebrew of Hebrew Paul to translate and begin educating the Greek thinkers (gentiles) but Paul started by explaining the error of Greek thinking and gently showing (teaching) the Hebrew. It is a big debate but needlessly so as to the language God spoke to His people and even to His Creation at the beginning saying “Let there be Light!” Yet the fervent study of God’s Word eliminates this at the tower of Babel. Hebrew was the original language and it was at this point that all other languages emerged. Note also that the reverse “Tower of Babel” happened in Acts when everyone who received the Holy Spirit was able to understand everyone speaking in foreign languages. Hence they were all translated back to the original – Hebrew. God’s language. The evidence is overwhelming. Now see how the church is robbed by the enemy by this whole idea that we need not apply the Old Testament or understand the Hebraic roots for which we are all grafted into. Yeshua was not a Hebrew by happenstance, it is a neon sign as to where God intends to lead His people and how.

The ownership of all Righteousness is indeed Adonai. Yet we become His righteousness and are rewarded for the everyday acts of trust and obedience of living according to Gods design and teachings from the beginning. So we can say “God judge me according to Your grace for my righteousness” just as Job and David did, without misplaced arrogance but instead full righteousness granted us through the saving acts of God to communicate to His people the way they should go. I pray this excited you and stirs you to study deeper the God who is above all gods… and may His person be who we encounter at every turn! Driving deeper the sword of love and desire to please Him with every Word!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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The Kingdom Freedom

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In a crowd of weary of waiting people, one turned to the other next to them and said.

“So how long have you been here. I’m going on two hours almost! There were 6 people helping when I arrived. Three have since left! Just disappeared, gone to break or lunch with all these people stacking up like sardines! The last lady I sat next to waited for three hours and 22 minutes only to get up there and be missing a paper and told to come back! Hmphfft! If I wasn’t a “Christian” I’d give my mind to them! Anywhere else they can track your identity down to the pennies in our accounts but here one piece of paper and they say they can’t! Its ridiculous!”

The other listened and smiled and replied.
“I’ve been here a little over an hour. It’s certainly an opportunity to forgive when our patience wears thin and judgement kicks in, huh?”

The one looked at the other and rolled their eyes.
“Like I said, it’s a good thing I’m a Christian.” The one said with a chuckle.

“Yes, it is definitely the advantage to be under the control of Christ in situations like this. It’s an opportunity to put ones eternal muscles in action! Then I can give thanks for the time it takes for my number to be called! I find I need more time to give Him my sacrifice of offense and judgement almost every time!”

The one looked at the other and spoke with their countenance a great deal of confusion. The appearance on the outside was one of surprise.

“Sacrifice of offense and judgement?”, asked the one, “what does that have to do with this! There is righteous anger. And I’m not judging. .. like I said I’m keeping my thoughts to myself!”

The other was quiet. Leaning into the ones searching for answers and praying.

The one spoke again.
“Well. ..I told you but I forgive the workers by not complaining to their faces. I mean look at the people flowing in, I couldn’t just go off to break with so many people needing help! ”

Again the other listened and prayed and waited.

“I mean everyone has to do this or we can’t be “legal”… Yet they act as if we should just be okay missing work! I have bills to pay!” Continued the one.

The other smiled and looked directly at the one and said.
“Like I said we need the time for Him to show us how to live forgiveness. What we think we have a right to is always less than nothing.”

The one huffed and said.
“So you’re saying I don’t have a right to feel what I do?”

“No.” Whispered the other.

“No, you’re not saying that or no I don’t have a right?” The impatient one inquired.

“Yes.” Came the answer from the other.

There was a time of silence then. The one mawing and chewing,  squirming and stewing. The other waiting. A while went by and the one burst forth.

“So what do you mean about sacrificing offense and judgement? I assume you are a Christian to by your words but the way you put them is confusing.”

“Well. Jesus said we are to forgive. So I suppose it depends on how you think He means it. If He died for all offense and judgement, which is the by-product of unforgiveness, then by “right” He is the only One with the “right” to be offended or to judge. So I find that the application of the “old or former ways” in the Bible that are not thrown out but made complete by Him is that in my mind, my thoughts, is where His greatest work is done. I put my rights to offense and my tendency to judge as a result on the alter and offer them up to Him. It’s like the equivalent of 10 bulls, 20 spotless lambs, and 100 bowls of grain and incense. I literally give up my right to feel offense and think judgemental thoughts and then work my thoughts into all that which is of Heaven. Forgiving starts inside by acknowledging the truth. .. I really have no right to feel offense because if I’m a Christ follower, that “right” I have given to Him because I recognize that He purchased the “rights” by not taking up the right against me.” Responded the other.

“But. .. that would mean that unforgiveness the way you just put it is the end all be all of sin!” The one said incredulously.

“Name a sin that at its heart that isn’t the root of unforgiveness.” Replied the other.

“Oh, that’s easy. .. stealing. .. lying. .. cheating. .. adultery. .. Gosh I can’t see the connection in almost any sin and unforgiveness being the root as you put it! ” replied the one.

The other sat a moment and waited. Pregnant pauses often give birth to truth. Though admitably they feel awkward.

“If one steals. .. They likely feel offended that they don’t have and think they should – offense and judgement. If one lies they likely judge that they should because of an offense they perceive would be taken or given. If one cheats, is it not because they are offended by the work of not cheating and there-by judge that it’s excusable to cheat? And adultery! How often do you see an adulterer who isn’t at their root unforgiving and there-by fornicating as a result of offensive judgement?” The other spoke. 

“Oh.” Said the one.

At that moment the ones number was called and they went up to tend their business. The words of the other ringing in their ears so loudly that they forgot their offense of their original gripe and didn’t even notice that another hour had passed before their number was called.

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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Carma or Judgement

June 19, 2013 at 2:59 am (WSGD Newes) (, , , , , , , , , , )


Psalms 8:16

His mischief will return onto his own head, his violence will recoil onto his own skull.

Psalms 9:15-16

The nations have drowned in the pit they dug, caught their own feet in the net they hid.
Adonai made Himself known and executed judgement; the wicked are ensnared in the work of their own hands.

Psalms 5:10

God, declare them guilty!
Let them fall through their own intrigues, for their many crimes, throw them down; since they have rebelled against You.

Psalms 37:15

But their swords will pierce their own hearts, and their bows will be broken.

Throughout history one thing repeats itself over and over without fail. Humans learn the truth from GOD first, and either turn and run towards Him or turn and run away. And as they run away they “reinvent” the truths they learned from God. Carma instead of judgement. Humans rights instead of humble giving without expectations or need for acknowledgement. Tit for tat instead of ‘here’s my shirt and coat and my right cheek and my left. “Reasoning and educating” into self awareness as a means for improvement instead of confessing the simplicity of sin and repentance as the ONLY grace that saves. Circumstantial excuse making instead of trusting the fully trustworthy ways of a God who makes no exceptions out of the very definition of faithfulness. Reinventing science as if humans have the ability to reason apart from the very Creator that can do as He pleases with anything – turn gravity into levity; water into anything; dust into a human; stars into planets; light to darkness; sin into beauty; physics into chemistry; chemistry into music; music into chaos. He wrote the rules, has all the power to rewrite them…only He! So above we see…long ago…David prayed in the tone of what the world now calls “carma”; but look those scriptures up…read the surrounding words. God calls it judgement and justice, God is the One who causes and effects…not mankind. There is no such thing as carma, only the ways of a God who either gives as we don’t deserve because we choose Him or gives exactly what we choose without Him.

Tough words, there’s no sugar for the bitter pill of correction. We swallow and our pride melts if we do. If we spit it out, the “sweetness” that may appear in the rejection of His love, will in the end be a bitter pill that shall lodge in the throat and fight pride in an eternal agony.
We cannot take what God says or does and conform it to an image of our choosing or “making”. We either become His Image reflecting Him or a mirage of vastly empty space. There’s the Truth and a whole bunch of lies. It doesn’t “pay” to have options all the time. I am a Child of Adonai Elohim, what ‘goes around’ in His Kingdom will never be ‘you get what you give’. We can give only what He gives and we receive, there’s no “take out” parking. We don’t “save up” for a rainy day…we give as soon as He gives. Our dependence upon Him is solidified this way alone. And they that depend wholly upon God are; never betrayed to the enemy; always satisfied, joyful, full of thanks; surrounded and hidden in a Fortress that defies reason; given the ability to see beyond the physical; given the ability to hear and follow a Voice that leads them in the blackest of environments; given a love that becomes leprous to carnal abuses and inattention; and a Hope that does not, ever disappoint.

I will take judgement over carma. Both to stand in myself, for I trust the Judge for true justice; and for my outlook on others; for His Judgement lays in the Realm of Righteousness that He alone has earned! Glory to the God of Judgement, for His mercies that never fail and graces that acquit the most vile of sinners at the mere turning from within from the way that leads to destruction. This ability to judge comes only in a God who truly is the Creator of all things. As of this day…He made only One Human who can share this sight…Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah – and He chose to die that all may live. Errrr…well…at least be given the choice to. But in so choosing, we then die in order that He may live in us. 🙂

That ain’t carma, that’s a gracious miracle!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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Oh the wounds of presumption

That come from within me

Of the good and the bad

That Your eyes can only see

They shift on ceaseless sands

Waves of doubts and fears

That hidden in Your hands

Can remove locusts from years

The haughty judge within

That kicks You off Your throne

Make light of larger things

And shrinks what gets me home

Oh winds and throws of contention

Seek to bend in the Higher Will

Only that His lips would mention

Call the self to be silent and still

All the hope of Love’s prevention

Lays upon a charred alter with fire

The largest finger pointing inward

At the log of selfish desire

Soot and dust again call

For Your Breath to remake all

Into other cheek turning offers

That form joy out of the swiftest misunderstanding

Service from the hands most taken from

Removal of clothes that cloak in “rightness” what reeks of wrong

O my Holy heart Maker

Blow down the walls of “prevention”

Of all that seem to keep

The hate from seeping into my keeping

Instead may it fall like Jericho…full of praise full of praise!

Set me upon Thee in such fires

Remove the dross from my ken

Awaken precious metal and stones

That hide themselves in their own beauty

For You alone make stones and breath

You alone can know my best

You alone know when weakness builds strength

You alone can reveal their length

Between knowing You or about You

There lies the seed on soil

Bring Your water and Your blood

And crack the shell in Your oil

Cause its roots to reach deep for You

Not reaching for a show

But reaching reaching, stretching, yearning

Only You to know

O wounds that bare contrition

Sing out instead of cry

The Wounded Healer always hastens

When in our joy, our tears do dry

For You alone can cause such gravity

To reverse yet hold us down

Into Your will and not to be stopped

Our weakness to shine Your crown

Presumption, contention, misunderstood

What are these wafers that darken our hood?

Nothing nothing compared to Your wounds

That I myself placed on Your head

What is owing unto me?

When You paid all my soul can see

And further beyond where yet it is blind

A Love so full and rich and kind

To give to me a newly blown breath

That rises from ashes paid by my debt

Nothing accounts for all the accounting

Except that which ends in zero

Grace is Your ledger

Oh Forgiver…make me some ink from which You write in it

Shock me daily out of presumptuous stupor

Let Your Life define my actions and reactions

Get the glory my God and King!!

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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