Lessons in Set Apart (Holiness) – Part 2

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Tiara stepped out to run to the store. She blew a kiss to her husband through the window of his office and headed towards the truck. As always her glance was drawn upward towards the sky, again it took her breath away. Clouds whipped and twisted like pixie dust and ringlets of gold and pink were like whispers of the Spirits heart at play and delight. The sun was falling faster towards the southern horizon, soon it would withdrawal it’s effects of warmth from the evening air. Venus, The Splendor; as God had taught the magi so long ago was holding a steady and beautiful course to follow the sun just over head. Tiara smiled and thanked Adonai (the Lord), once again for being the King of the Universe and giving her eyes to see it. As she walked up to the truck, her attention was drawn to the lights that had just came on across the street. Both houses seemed to be in sync for timing of the holiday affair of lights. One was distinctly christmas, a big Santa took up the center of attention with traditional icicle lights and candy canes scattered about. The other house was more to Tiaras liking, not traditional, classy and done with artistic aplomb! Still with signs of the traditional holiday but with things you don’t find in every yard this time of year. The mini hot air balloon was particularly pretty. Beauty abounded this evening in the form  of lights.  

As she opened the truck door to get in, Tiara sighed, keys jangling. Reminding her of the sounds she’d imagine of sleigh bells a bit from her many years of holiday recollections. The door closed and she started the truck, looking at her house, still with summer yard lights glowing, but faintly as the sun no longer provided the solar panels with the light, having a northern exposure. For the third year her house would only display the mogan David she had decorated with lights and the Menorah as the candles were lit each night until they melted down losing their illumination. The thought made her smile but with a slight sigh, she loved the lights of christmas.

Lord may this house be lit up for You by our every word and deed.  

It had been harder than she thought to let go of all things christmas. A blessing beyond words but also it came with much misunderstanding and inner turmoil. It would have been easier if she’d never celebrated the holiday in the first place. Many family members especially her children and her young nieces and nephews with their children never complained to her face, God was good; but in the air between them there was question and disappointment. Gift giving was another part of holiday making that had been given up for Tiara and Josh. It was hard, they were giving and loving at heart, it was hard to be the only two people who didn’t enter the family tradition. Tiara wondered what kind of memories her grandchildren would form at the decision they had made. Being set apart often felt alienating and hurt a bit too. 

Father forgive me for my longing to be seen different than You truly see me. Thank You for giving me this way and the eyes to see the Truth to follow. Collect these sighs likes tears in that bottle You have for me. May You bless my children, grandchildren, friends and family in a special way dear Lord in these days. Help me to hear and obey You with a whole heart.  

The truck in gear, Tiara began to pull out of her driveway. She pushed the button to listen to her favorite station. ‘Silver bells’, the famous song greeted her. She “leaned in’ to hear if the Lord would again ask her to refrain from listening. That still small Voice confirmed, and she tried four different stations, all were playing various holiday music. She turned off the radio. Another sigh…

It’s everywhere, dear Father of Lights. Can a little sweet music be so bad? Oh, Lord You know how I love to sing and worship you. That last one was Third Days rendition of ‘O Holy Night’…I admit I’m a bit unsure of the harm. But…not my will but Your will Master of my musical heart. Teach me what You will in this too. 

The impression of how this ‘having nothing, NOTHING, to do with evil’ instruction began to teach in deeper ways pressed in.  

My Child, this refraining should not feel so unfamiliar in many other ways in this world than just this time of year. Indeed “it’s everywhere” this theme is, in so many things in this world, yes? I tell you the truth, dear one, that what you say is true, to never have become part of the world, entered into the ways of small compromise would have made this separating much easier, indeed not hard at all. You don’t feel like you miss going to bars do you? 

No, my Lord, I do not.

Because the desire has no attachment of appeal that came with deceit. I’ve asked my people to avoid and hate evil and the ways of it for this reason. Confusion and heart ache come from the small seemingly innocent compromises. You can’t miss what you never knew. Yet all sin and fall short dear Child, and the contrast of longing and separating is my gift to You. That you may remember and with trust turn away so that My instructions for you may become more and more delightful to you as you obey. Do you see what joy you have to hear My Voice and heed it’s direction?

Oh yes, yes Lord, I would despair without it!

Trust Me now, then My precious Child, and remember, it’s the heeding of My direction that’s the key here. Do not be tempted to judge or condemn the lights, songs, and many elements of this holiday refraining. Just trust Me, come to Me, like this. What delight I have when you come to Me, and we talk and work out My will for you! Sing to Me a new song now My Child…  

Pulling into the parking lot of the store, Tiara began to sing. 

John 15:3-4

Right now, because of the word which I have spoken to you, you are pruned. Stay united with Me, as I will with you… 

~ Stay tuned for Part 3…~

Grace and peace to you in the Messiah, Yeshua ♡

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The Gathering

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Psalms 27:13-14

I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and let your heart take courage, yes, wait for the Lord.

I was walking out of church service this Sunday, following directly behind my Dad, who led my mom through the crowd, but kept looking back to see if I was there. It made me smile, such joy these simple things bring me now. A teenager is annoyed by dad looking back to see if they’re there. It feels like being hovered over, corralled. I’m a full grown adult now, I see it different.

As I started to praise God in that moment, He prompted me to look through the moment of nostalgia and listen in to a different perspective. The verses of instruction from Yeshua (Jesus), to “come follow Me.” were the first thing that registered. Then I was shown how my dad was leading his family at that moment. One in front, one in back. One being guided by the touch of hand and pressure here and there. One having to follow exactly where the leader went from behind. The next image in my mind was of a mine field. He spoke to me of how most of life is like that in the following of Him. He goes before, knows the dangers, and we must keep our feet in time exactly with His to make it through without loss of limb or life. Where His foot goes, our foot must go.

The next thing I saw was the picture of a child, blind folded, with a parent, leading the child by the shoulders through a maze, head close to the child’s ear, whispering instruction, guidance and encouragement. In both cases, there is following. It never occurred to me to see following from both angles before. I always took the rear view, I’m behind and follow from there only. Being led always meant someone in front to lead, the follower in the rear. I smiled, knowing that these perspectives were not done stirring from within, they were only beginning.

We are now under contract with a different house and set to close mid March. The one we’d been waiting on fell through. Long story, not worth repeating as it only pours dirt on the other parties involved, for which I feel no need to do. It is over, done. The process taught alot, created character craters inside. Still being honed. I’m grateful to be moving on. Here’s the rub though, you’re going to laugh or at least giggle, those of you who have read the other parts to this process: the action now is in high speed. Now I’m groaning about the lack of time to get everything done before we move/close – again! Full circle, started out that way, then four months of complete halt, now the dotted lines on the road are going by so fast, they are becoming a solid line. What is different this time? I’m not in the hurry. By some miracle I’m able to step back and let time slip in and out according to God’s will. Oh, I get frustrated at certain moments within, like when other people don’t do their job so I can’t do mine. But as far as the rush to move, get going? Not anything like it was at the beginning. Weariness on both Sam and I’s part, desires for this to be done and over, but the excitement has long wore off. Torn between being too tired to move and too tired not to. Ahhh, where we are weak, He is strong.

So now I’m looking back at the last 5 months and starting to see, (thanks to my eyes being opened), where I followed from up front, and from behind. In times of intense battle, oddly enough I followed from behind. First, He’d face me towards Him, firmly speaking to me to place each foot exactly where He placed His, urging me to listen to His voice, not to be distracted, stay with Him. Obedience is key to following Him. One can not be in motion, living, and walking with the Lord God without obedience. At all times our lives are being poured out for His glory. Without obedience His glory diminishes in its reflection in us. Not His glory itself, just it’s reflection in us. Battle times and they were constant, rear-end focuses. Learning to listen from up ahead, but focus on the ground where the feet gave way to freedom.

Not oddly though, the weary, sick, and broken times He required me on my feet, moving forward, being guided by His touch and pressure to keep going. The focus of listening from behind, if you will, reminders of promises, urges of courage, whispers of love so strong they were winds that often propelled me forward all on their own. His strong presence ever before and behind me. Hemmed in as the Psalm says. Yes.

The guest speaker at church was on fire. Spoke of choosing courage in a society fast asleep with comfort and apathy. The Spirit swept in during worship, strong and gentle. The Word of God spoke, firm and caused much shifting in seats. The alter call was for those who know they need courage. The whole church should have rose as one. The few who rose, got what they asked for. Boldness for the Kingdom of God with the strong balance of love. Ahhh, how the Lord works within such tiny small gears in time, no one walked out of that building without the work began being moved to completion.

Why is this blog titled The Gathering? Do you not know? Have you not heard? This is what God is doing. He’s leading always but gathering us all, like Yeshua wept in Jerusalem, gather us like chickens under His wings. Yes, chickens, that is what we are at our core. Small, vulnerable, afraid of every little thing, chickens. But the God of the Universe made us, these chics! He loves us so. He is and ever shall be the fierce warrior for our home coming. We can go home to Him every day, but He sends us out, to gather. His promise – He will never leave us, always with us, Emmanuel, God with us! His Name engraved on the tombstones of our deaths along the way. Those Graves emptied every day, we arise in Christ, new creatures.

Follow in front, follow in the rear, follow Him! Follow Him, He’s gathering, gathering the broken pieces of our hearts to be made whole, gathering dispersed family grafted in and lost, gathering the product of His labors, the fruit of His planting, gathering seeds to plant more, gathering…

He comes soon! Everything about our daily living has meaning beyond our ability to comprehend without Him. Lean in and listen to your Shepherds voice, so you will know the imposters. Train your ears to hear Him from every direction. Train your eyes to see Him everywhere. He is.


♡ Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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When Innocence Asks – 3

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Mrs. Susan, as the 2nd graders called her, was walking out of the main entrance to the church building. She nearly walked right into young Timothy Sadler, who was sitting on the first step leading down to the parking lot.

“Why, hello there Timothy. What are you doing here sitting out front? Is your Dad inside?” She asked as she sat down next to him.

“Hello, Mrs. Susan. Yes, my Dad is in a meeting with Mr. Jensen about the greeters for next week. I’m waiting for him.” Said Timothy

“It’s a very nice day today, huh? Any plans for this afternoon when you leave?” Asked Susan, setting her purse down beside her.

“I don’t think so. We’ll probably do like we always do. Go home so Dad can watch the game. I usually play outside till supper time.” Said Timothy unenthusiastically. He didn’t seem to notice the “niceness” of the day.

“Huh, well its nice to be able to play anyway. You seem a bit down. Everything okay? How’s your Mom, is she still out of town for work?” Asked Susan

“Yes, she’ll be back tomorrow. I guess playing is okay.” Timothy responded, he looked up at Mrs. Susan and cocked his head to one side, squinting one eye against the glare of the sun.
“Mrs. Susan, how does God speak?”

The question seemed to zoom Susan into the spot she sat on and time stood still. Immediately the vastness and complexity of possible methods of answering such a question overwhelmed her.

“Oh my… why I suppose He speaks in many ways, but in His Word the Bible is sure. What made you ask that Timothy?” Susan responded.

“I was thinking of the lesson today. How God told Jonah to go to that place to talk to those people. The Ni…Nivi…” Timothy attempted to sound out his words.

“Ninevites?” Susan prompted

“Yeah.” Said Timothy. “I’ve never heard God talk to me I don’t think. Is it because I’m bad? … But then that can’t be right cause Jonah did bad by not going to that place and God still talked to him, so I am confused.”

“Well, you’re right God doesn’t just talk to the good people. In fact most the time He talks to anyone they are far from good.” Mrs. Susan qualified. “But God speaks in lots and lots of ways. See that dog over there?” Susan noticed Timothy look at the dog playing in a yard down the street, he had smiled when he watched.

Timothy scrunched up his face.
“Yeah… but what does that dog have to do with God speaking?” Timothy asked, looking back at the dog and his antics.

“Well, does the dog make you want to go over and join it, be with it?” Susan asked

“Yeah…” Timothy waited for more explaination.

“Well that’s one way God talks to us. In things around us that make us smile like His creation, creatures, the sky, the ocean, clouds, flowers. It’s His voice saying ‘Hello there Timothy I see you and hope to make you smile at Me’. Sometimes He talks to us through people, like He did through Jonah to the Ninevites or through me during the lesson today, or Moses to the Israeites. And often He talks directly to us, sort of like we’re talking now but we don’t hear His voice with our outer ears but with the ears on the inside. Does that make sense?” Susan took a deep breath hoping she was getting the point across correctly, but feeling like much was left open for interpretation.

Timothy looked up at the sky and then back to the dog and then turned his face up to Mrs. Susan.
“Kind of…I have always thought He liked to make me smile in fun and good things around me, like the sky and clouds and stuff. Not so much with dogs. I like that though. And I know He talks through people, like you and mommy and dad and stuff. I know He made the Bible so everyone could read what He said to and I guess through all those people. But… I’m not sure I got inner ears Mrs. Susan.” Timothy green eyes began to fill with tears and his freckles began to stand out on his nose as his face pinked up with sorrow.

Susan wrapped her arms around Timothy pulling him close.
“There now, sure you have them dear Timothy. God put them inside every single person. Special just for you and Him so noone could interrupt you both when He talks to you. Why, did you know that He loves you so much that only He can speak to you in such a secret and private way that’s not given for anybody else? Even your mom and dad can’t interfere with those talks!” Said Susan, feeling like somehow God was talking to her as much as He was giving her words to speak into Timothy’s confusion.

“Nuh uhh” Timothy shook his head and mumbled. Then He sat back and looked at Mrs. Susan again. “I don’t think He gave those to me, Mrs. Susan cause I don’t hear Him.” The seriousness that settled on young Timothy’s face vied for the determined spirit that seemed to be searching for answers. He was both convinced God spoke to people like He did Jonah but sure somehow God had passed him over in giving him his inner ears.
My, my Father don’t we all feel like that at some time? Please answer Timothy’s little hearts cry to hear You. Help me show him where You already have and do. Susan’s heart reached up and out at the same time.

“Well… let’s see. Have you ever had your outer ears checked? You know, tested to make sure they hear everything they are supposed to?” Susan asked.

“Oh, yeah. At school they had that lady come and test us. With the head phones and beeps and I had to tap which ever ear heard the beeps. I know these ears work good. But they didn’t test me for inner ears… or maybe they did and I didn’t pass that test cause I don’t have them.” Timothy recalled and again looked down, convinced again his inner ears were missing.

“Timothy, you do have them. They don’t have a test like that for inner ears. You see only God can test those. Let me show you now how He does.” Susan paused and waited for God to show her how to “test” little Timmys ears.

Timothy’s face was at attention waiting for his test to begin. Hope faintly beginning to glimmer in his eyes.

“When you are tempted to lie to someone, anyone about anything, what made you pause before you did? And if you did, what made you know in here,” Susan tapped Timothy’s chest over his heart. “That lying was bad?”

Timothy thought for a minute.
“That’s not fair, I already know lying is bad cause mom and dad and everybody told me and I read it in the Bible. I didn’t need inner ears for that.” The hope that had a minute ago glimmered began to flicker out in his eyes.

“Hmmm, well I see what you are saying Timothy but hang in here with me a minute, k? Did your mom and dad and everybody or even the Bible tell you every kind of lie you can tell?”
Susan smiled, I see where You’re going with this Lord!

Again Timothy screwed his face up in violation of the oddness of the questions. “Ummm, well nooo… I mean not every single lie I could ever tell! That would be alot, like books and books!”

“Exactly, so since you haven’t been given all those lies in advanced, how do you know it’s a lie?” Asked Susan

“Well…ummm, I just know. I don’t know how really. I just know. I get really weird inside, feel bad kind of. Usually when I lie, I just don’t want to get in trouble so I fib. Or I want to be liked so I say something not true to make my friends think I’m smart.” So plainly spoken were Timothy’s words. Unguarded.

“Well there you have it! You have inner ears for sure! You see Timothy God’s voice is the one that tells you something is wrong even though noone else can read your mind and know you are going to lie. It’s that thing that makes you feel weird inside and bad when you want to lie or do. God gave that to you. He spoke through your weird and bad feelings, like a warning that it is wrong. No body can lie without that kind of feeling happening. But we don’t feel it with our bodies but with our hearts. That’s where God puts our inner ears. Now answer this next question cause we want to be sure they work exactly the way they are supposed to, right?” Susan was excited. She saw some light dawning on sweet Timothy’s face, hope again bloomed in his eyes.

Timothy shook his head in the affirmative and waited.

“Have you ever been nice to someone that you didn’t know and nobody, like a teacher or your parents or anyone told you to do it. You just saw them and did something nice?” Mrs. Susan asked

“Yeah.” Answered Timothy

“What told you, then, to be nice to that person right then?” Susan asked

“Well… I’ve been told by lots of people that being nice is good. The Bible says that too. So I guess I don’t see that I need inner ears for that.” Said Timothy

“Have you ever been not so nice when you knew you should have been nice?” Asked Mrs. Susan.

“Yes.” Said Timothy

“How did you know you should have been nice? Did someone tell you every time? Or have you just known you should have been before anyone could tell you?” Mrs. Susan prompted, leading slowly. .. waiting for the moment.

“Yes, I have been mean and just knew I shouldn’t have been before I got in trouble.” Timothy followed Mrs. Susan.

“So in the same way, when you have been nice without being told, you must have been prompted inside to be nice to someone at that exact moment with that exact person. Who do you think makes you think that way?” Susan smiled. “You see the very idea of being nice to anyone for any reason comes from God. Anyone who tells us to be nice gets the very idea of it from God. Being nice is God’s territory, not mankind’s. So if you “hear” inside yourself to be nice to someone when you haven’t been asked to by your parents or anyone, that very thought comes from noone but God, you see? God speaks inside by prompting us to do stuff that’s good without anyone asking us. You know His voice because it had that goodness attached to it. Say when you see your mom or dad sad and you reach out to hug them. That’s God’s voice speaking to you. Every good thing we do is from Him. When we obey, when we are nice, when we help someone, when we forgive, when we comfort someone, when we feel badly because we see someone hurt. These things are His voice speaking to our inner ears or hearts and we just don’t think of it that way because we often think it’s our idea, or that it comes natural to us. But the truth is its not our natural responses to do good, it’s God telling us what’s good and we obey.” Susan could see the light getting brighter and brighter in Timothy’s eyes.

“Sometimes God tells us to do good things or be nice and we don’t obey. Usually because we don’t see what He sees and so just like Jonah we don’t obey. We just go our own way and usually end up worse off than if we’d have just obeyed in the first place. That is why that story is in the Bible, God’s voice in print to show us how to listen to Him. That’s where every good thing that can ever be done by anyone comes from. God’s Word – the Bible. That’s where parents get the good stuff to teach us to do and where teachers like me get lessons to teach and pastors too. God’s voice teaches the good and corrects the bad both through people and things around us and inside our hearts when He really wants us to know His love for us. Do you see now Timothy that your hearts ears work fine?” Asked Susan

“Yes. Thank you Mrs. Susan!” Timothy threw his arms around her.
“I was so afraid that God didn’t want to talk to me! But now I see that He talks to me all the time! And He is talking to me right now with you! I have inner ears Mrs. Susan! I do! He could send me somewhere, tell me to do something big like Jonah and I will hear Him! I sure hope I obey Him if He does.” Timothy’s excitement was intoxicating and infectious!

“Oh well I’ve no doubt you will, but even if you don’t at first, remember Jonah Timothy, God will bring you around. If you really listen to Him, for Him, He’ll make sure you do exactly what He asks.” Susan rejoiced at having been delayed by sitting with Timothy.

Timothy’s dad, Mr. Sadler just then emerged from the building.

“Ready to go Timothy? He asked.  “Hello Mrs. Susan, lovely day today.”

“Yes, Dad! I have inner ears on my heart made just for God and me! You do too! Did you know that?” Timothy rose and went to his Dad.

“Well yes I did son, indeed. I’ve never heard it quite put like that but that’s exactly right. Is that what you learned in class today?” Mr. Sadler took Timothy’s hand and began to walk out to the car. “God bless you Mrs. Susan.” He said as they walked away. All the while Timothy kept telling his Dad about his inner ears and how they work and that God talks to him.

Mrs. Susan’s smile shone through tears in her eyes, listening to God speak to her own inner ears as she watched them walk away.

“Yes, yes Lord, You are so very good!”


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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The Privilege of Our Approach

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Back-round: Hezekiah is the King of Judah. King Ashur has his own ‘counselors’ or prophets and they have been falsely testifying against God, encouraging King Ashur to attack the surrounding regions, laying waste to everything. The threat of Ashur has come to King Hezekiah with the information that false prophets lay behind the grievous acts. Isaiah is the prophet of King Hezekiah’s house at this time and he records the same history in chapters 36 and 37 (Isaiah).

The example laid out within the text. Our the application (well, one of many) of the above scripture:

Go straight to God, don’t ‘pass go’, don’t ‘collect $200’, don’t call a friend, don’t check the Internet for further information, don’t do or say or act in any way shape or form except to with reverence and absolute trust go to God…and approach Him with the issues we have, our hurts and confusions, our fears and frustrations, and joys and celebrations. Lay them out before Him and expect and wait for His counsel.

The first thing Hezekiah did was go before Adonai. He could have went to Isaiah. After all he was the anointed prophet of God there. His counsel could hardly have been in error. He likely would have told Hezekiah to do what he did anyway. It certainly would not have been a ‘sin’. But what King Hezekiah was learning was that God, Himself’s first and greatest desire is that each would seek Him for themselves. .. He sent prophets out of grace for the general weakness of the human tendencies. .. to trust words that came from an ‘audible voice’, attached to a visible body, that looked and lived like ‘everyone else’. It was God bending way down to reach His precious children; not catering to a ‘spoiled child’ but coming down to be with us. Sound familiar? Emmanuel.
But each prophet had the same message “Turn to God, away from your ways.” This is a message of:

“Come unto Me, draw near, let Me hold you. .. show you how very in control I am, how easy it is to live following My instruction. .. how I delight to tend and care for you. My voice is stronger and much more real than anything in all creation. My voice spoke the very substance of all things into being. Fear it not, count on it as you count on nothing else. .. because nothing else can be counted on besides My voice, My lead, My advice, My comfort, My authority, My power. .. these are accessible to you. .. always. ..I long to be the number One source and best friend of your life. ..I made you dearest child, I am capable of keeping you. Seek Me first and I will not fail you. My advice will always be 100% right – 100% of the time. You won’t need to wonder if I mean what I say because I am able to make Myself heard and understood to you.”

You see. .. All throughout history, even during and after Yeshua (Jesus) came, humans have always wrestled with whether or not ‘that other human’ really heard from God or not. In Yeshua’s case people even accused Him of healing by the power of satan! One of the ‘joys set before Him‘ as Yeshua walked His broken body to the hill where He would hang; was the rending of the veil. .. the direct access that you and I would now have to hear God’s voice ourselves without needing anyone else to speak for Him. This is the fulcrum power of the Spirit of God we receive when we ‘enter in’ through Yeshua to the family of God. So now, in many ways, we (those after Christ) are more accountable for not obeying. We do not have the excuse of ‘the human You sent us Lord, we were unsure of them.’ Yeshua being vastly confirmed as The Last Human needed, the One who will take us straight to the Father is enough! Now we, like Hezekiah (and countless others before and after – see scripture references at the end of post) can enter the house of the Lord and seek His counsel about everything. See how God was swift to answer and honored the one who came straight to Him full of confidence in Him to meet the need, however He would choose to do so. How can He make us confident in ourselves when the entire purpose is to make, build and prove the confidence is in Him? Indeed He shall thwart every effort for us to have confidence in anyone other than Him and most especially ourselves! This is His grace! Saving grace!

How we approach the throne of God is pivotal to our walk with Him along the road. Humbly seeking with the heart of Hezekiah, the mentality that says as he did, “You alone are God of all kingdoms on earth. You have made heaven and earth. Turn Your ear, Adonai, and hear! Open Your eyes, Adonai, and see!” (2 Kings 19:15-16) Asking for all we need and then turning from our ways of demand and expectation based on what we think and how we see and bending our wills to trust in His Ways and Thoughts much higher and not like ours to win the day. .. inside us! You see when Hezekiah asked God to hear and see, he knew he was asking God to open his ears and eyes. For they were one and the same due to the fact that Hezekiah’s heart was set to honor God first. God’s eyes opened is our eyes opened if He lives in us! How can it be otherwise? He will be our eyes and ears; because His are not limited to the temporal but all things eternally. How can we not be confident in such Eyes and Ears? Such strength is found in such knowledge that we, though we are limited, have a ‘set of eyes and ears’ that knows the visible and invisible and can cause us to act within a realm we cannot see or hear! What a profoundly transforming God, miraculous indeed – He is! What grace and mercy and honor He bestows us! No other creatures know this kind of Shepherding! What meaning there is in the words of Yeshua when He said “he who has ears, let him hear!” May the heart of Hezekiah’s ‘ears’… be a shining example of Yeshua’s words within each of us more and more each day!

1 Kings 8:28-30
Ezra 9:5
Isaiah 36-37
Psalms 74:10-11
Psalms 91

John 5:19-20; 25; 28 -30
John 8:25-29
John 12:47-50

Matthew 11:15; 13:9; 13:43
Mark 4:9; 23
Luke 8:8; 14:35
Revelation 2:7; 11; 3:6; 13; 22; 13:9

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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As My Magnet

July 12, 2013 at 11:35 am (Devotionals) (, , )


The following is taken from Progress of Another Pilgrim by Frances J. Roberts.

(Speaking in the Lord’s voice to the reader)

Many there are whom I am drawing, and what will you if I have chosen to use you as My magnet? A magnet’s effectiveness is constituted by virtue of what it IS. It cannot of itself either move or speak. It simply IS, and on the strength of what it is, it exerts its influence. One thing only is necessary for its operation – that is, to be brought into proximity and working distance to the other object. Even so, let Me move you by My hand into the places of vital influence.
All the rest of the work I will accomplish through the power of My Spirit within you.

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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“Truly I understand that God shows no partiality." Acts 10:34

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"When you awake in the morning, learn something to inspire you and mediate upon it, then plunge forward full of light with which to illuminate the darkness." -Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

Biblical Word Studies: Inspirational Commentary Translation and Exegesis

Bible Study, News and Research from a Heavenly Perspective


It is a great mystery that though the human heart longs for Truth, in which alone it finds liberation and delight, the first reaction of human beings to Truth is one of hostility and fear! -Anthony de Mello

Men of One Accord

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Wise Devotions For Inspiration

Devotions are able to guide when scripture is posted, and to show someone our lives with God in it, to help others prosper like God intended.

Mustard Seed Budget

God's blessings in your life and ministry

Mind Traffic

Thought's to Inspire


Filled with words of inspiration.

From the Inside Out

Impressions Becoming Expressions

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