A True Inheritance

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A True Inheritance – in which the true business of life is not to get what you can, but rather to give what you can, and to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly before your God.

All things are shadows of Thee, Lord:
The sun himself is but a shade
My soul is but the shadow of Thy Word,
A candle sun-bedayed!

Diamonds are shadows of the sun;
They drink his rays and show a spark:
My soul some gleams of Thy great shine hath won,
And round me slays the dark.

All knowledge is but broken shades –
In gulfs of dark a wandering horde:
Together rush the parted glory-grades –
And lo, Thy garment, Lord!

My soul, the shadow, still is light,
Because the shadow falls from Thee;
I turn, dull candle, to the center bright,
And home flit shadowy.

Shine, shine; make me Thy shadow still –
The brighter still the more Thy shade;
My motion by Thy lovely moveless will!
My darkness, light delayed!.

For a Child of God is not bound to walk in the dark, but only to wait until the light comes. Neither must they act, merely for the sake of doing something, and thus run the risk of doing wrong. They that believeth shall not make haste. They have nothing of the common mammonistic feeling of the enormous importance of money, and do not feel that it lay upon them a heavier weight of duty than any other of the gifts of God. If a poet is not bound to rush into the world with his poem, surely a rich man/woman is not bound to rush into the world with their money. Rather set a herd of wild horses loose in a city! A Child of God must first know how to use their money before they begin to spend it. And the way to use money is not so easily discovered as some would think, for it is not one of God’s ready means of doing good. The rich, as such has no reason to look upon themselves as specially favored. They do have reason to think themselves especially tried. In loving a certain youth, Jesus did him the greatest kindness He had in His power by telling him to give his wealth to the poor, and then to follow Him in poverty.

The first question is not how to do good with money, but how to keep from doing harm with it. Whether rich or poor, a Child of God must first of all do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with their God. Then, if they be rich, God will let them know how to spend. It is not because of God’s poverty that the world is so slowly redeemed. Not the “righteous expenditure” of money will save it, but that of life and soul and spirit – and that of nerve and muscle, blood and brain. All these our Lord spent – but no money. Therefore of all means for saving the world, or doing good, as it is called, money comes last in order, and far behind.

~ Taken from The Laird’s Inheritance by George MacDonald ~
(I substituted “Child of God”, they, themselves, where the single gender of “man”, he, himself, his was George’s use. I felt it important as the times we live in differ now and so many “sensitivities” today can distract from the message when “man” is referred to in a general human-kind sense; as was the way it was used then without such distractions.  I am sure George would not feel put off in the least.) 🙂

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤


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So Busy Growing

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The special discipline for some would seem to be that they shall never settle down, or feel as if they are home, until they are at home in the very fact in the quiet of their heart, no matter what their outward condition.
To be lord of space, a man must be free of all bonds to place. To be heir of all things, his heart must have no things in it. He must be like Him who makes things, not like one who would puts everything in his pocket. He must stand on the upper, not the lower side of them, where he controls rather than is controlled. He must be as the man who makes poems, not the man who gathers books of verse. He must be as the man who absorbs the truths of a book and brings its principles into his daily life, not the man who collects books for their bindings. Only so do the things, the poems, the books become truly his eternal possession.
God, having made a sunset, lets it pass, and makes such a sunset never again. God has no picture-gallery, no library, no collections, no monuments to the past. What if in heaven men shall be so busy growing that they shall not have time to write or read!

The miser he lay on his lonely bed,
Life’s candle was burning dim,
His heart in his iron chest was hid
Under heaps of gold and a well-locked lid.
And whether it were alive or dead,
It never troubled him.

Slowly out of his body he crept.
Said he, “I am all the same!
Only I want my heart in my breast;
I will go and fetch it out of the chest.”
Swift to the place of his gold he stepped –
But he was dead and had no shame.

He opened the lid – oh, hell and night!
For a ghost can see no gold;
Empty and swept – not a coin was there!
His heart lay alone in the chest so bare!
He felt with his hands, but they had no might
To finger or clasp or hold!

At his heart in the bottom he made a clutch –
A heart or puff-ball of sin?
Eaten with moths and fretted with rust,
He grasped but a handful of dry-rotted dust:
It was a horrible thing to touch,
But he hid it his breast within.

And now there are some that see him sit
In the tomb-like house alone,
Counting what seems to him shining gold,
Heap upon heap, a sum never told:
Alas, the dead how they lack of wit!
What he counts are not even bits of bone!

Another miser has got his chest,
And his painfully hoarded store;
Like ferrets his hands go in and out,
Burrowing, tossing the gold about;
And his heart too is out of his breast,
Hid in the yellow ore.

Which is the better – the ghost that sits
Counting shadowy coin all day,
Or the man that puts his hope and trust
In the thing whose value is only his lust?
Nothing he has when out he fits
But a heart all eaten away.

* He that would always know before he trust, who would have from his God a promise before he will place his confidence in Him, is the slayer of his own eternity.*

~ Taken from the book The Lairds Inheritance by George MacDonald

What we reap in growth, we sow in dying; that in the passing of all from our sight and our investing, we may open with the perfection of sight to see our treasure…The Son of the Living God as our measure! ~ LRV

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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