Love Undefinably Understood (To my Husband Sam on our 18th Anniversary)

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If only Love were expressed acutely enough with words.

Yet they find themselves empty with syllables and letters alone.

Completely inept are they to express the well of my heart for you.

A groan, a sigh, a whispered vocal que

What are those compared to the thunder of my love for you?

Eloquently spoken, diligently written

Searched, dug up, educated: words fall helplessly short of its transmission

How can they paint the hearts experience of a soul for a day?
Much less 18 years?

The heated anger that burns in the flames of misunderstanding, selfishness, pride

The sorrow of countless broken hearted moments

Given and taken as if the moment that holds them is all that matters.

The temptations that rise up out of every corner to give up, stay cold, holding fear out as if it’s love’s child to be nurtured and raised.

Minds don’t often obey the hearts truest desires.

The heart, too often, tries to hide.

The world and it’s pressed upon pressures seek at every turn to divide.

The ideals of man-kind for what true love should be. Stretches out its authenticity. Snapping at the crack of simple truth.

Love is a Person, without whom none can do but hate.

Love for its own devotion, is hatred at its sneakiest debate. At least in the human heart disguising itself for another.

Then the bliss, ecstasy, passion, and emotion of its happiest forms of expression.

What or where can word suit to find its modes of confession.

Each tear is a length of its chain. Each touch the weld on its link.
Each look or gaze upon it, and the ground it walks on is shook!

Love is gravity. Its been said before. Pulling, pulling, pulling the heart to its door.

No matter the appearance, its power holds the day. Something of us is always touching the closest surface it calls out to. If we sit, our buttocks, if we lay the whole length of our bodies are its captive. If we walk, our feet; if we crawl our knees and hands are entwined with its laws. So I guess its true, gravity reflects Love’s hue.

Fear is its worst and only enemy.
Yet, how can one love without fear of its loss? Only the Person of Love can show its albatross! The simple Truth that if its Love, it cannot be lost, stolen, shaken or die! Love conquers the need to ask why.

To Trust is better than Love. How many really ponder that equation?
Trust is Loves twin, its greatest persuasion! Without it, the dim and hum of Love is noiseless sounds, on deaf ears, numb hearts, blind eyes and empty minds.

Love is quiet. Holding its course, steady, determined, and heedless of the storms it finds, trust is it’s course correction. Steady on, there’s a goal, and we almost never really know it.

It is the most unromantic sounding thing to say, but nonetheless its truth will prove itself to be its very definition one day: Love is God, and Him between us, and as such NOTHING is. But love without Him, EVERYTHING is solidly a line between us. By which, we in all our effort can not, will not, and never will touch what’s true and real about each other.

We have had the honor of having been given eyes to see this. That words will become less as Love grows. That it has less to do with us and all our efforts to express it, and more to do with Him who gave it for the purpose of it being given away. As soon as our cup is full, it finds its avenue of being poured out again. Love can not keep something to or for itself in His Children. They must do what Love does, or hate what they become and those around them are full of no invitation, no interest except itself…the most fatal disease known to creation.

How do I say I love you? Well, between you and I, we alone know its language. That is what intimacy is…a Love language only Heaven can interpret!

Do you hear its song my love?
Do you feel its pulse?
Do you see its light?
Do you know its mind?
Do you smell its incense?
Yes, yes we do. Today at least.
Tomorrow by His will. But without a doubt 18 years, already stretched out, can teach us!

We fly together in His purpose. Gravity has no lessons to teach there. My hope, my prayer, my trust is that our wings grow ever stronger in the Wind of His delight and reflection; every moment of every hour, of every day…I get to love you, like no other woman has ever loved you, and none ever will.

Not your typical romantic Anniversary recital! Yet, Someone said, write what has been written. If anyone has ears to hear, then they’ll “get” what there is to be “gitten”.
I laughed, and began to write.

I do so trust, and love you; Samuel VanValkenburgh the 2nd! All that has come with and through you has laid the nest of that love. Our children, grand-children, family, friends, losses, gains, heart-aches, pains, joys, delights, desires, talents, strengths, weaknesses, ALL! Beyond words have these shaped and formed that “two become one” life we are in Him.

And NOTHING, not death, nor life, nor depth, nor height, nor angels, nor demons, persecutions, trials, hardships…nothing can ever take that away. Ever.

Happy 18th Birthday to us!
Glory to God, and Him alone for all of it! May we rest, live, breathe, and grow ever more in His favor.

Your Wife, friend, sister and lover always. Honored I am that you choose me, undeserving but trustingly I fall back into its reception!

~  October 27th, 2012  ~

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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