A Time to Search and a Time to Give Up

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It struck me as odd as I read chapter 3 of Ecclesiastes that no one really teaches the meaning of the more negative aspects of the “a time to…” section.  I read it and said “Really, God, YOU have appointed times to give up!?” The searching part is more easily found among countless scriptures to seek, search and so on. So what does this mean that there is a time when God appoints one to give up?

I think the temptation is to put a more ‘spiritually positive spin’ on it. Such as; give up sin, bad attitudes, bad habits, control over people places or things and the like. Yet this entire passage does not give merit to such a perspective. 

A time to search, a time to give up… 

It seems to me it indicates giving up a search. Or to cease to seek out. To stop turning over rocks, digging for water, even looking for solutions. I think every moment is appointed for us to give up the more positively spun rhetoric (sin and the like). But here again, this passage seems to be saying – these are specifically appointed times. After all we only die once. We are only born once (well twice if we truly become a follower of Yeshua). We plant once a year, we uproot once a year. All of these are seasonal. In fact some interpretations or versions of the Bible say “For everything there is a season”  – mine does. It also reads…”A right time for every intention under heaven”. Seasons and intentions are progressive and developmental. Our flesh is always, timelessly, being asked to give up sin and so on. While these may have aspects of progression and development they are not seasonal. Or are they? Is there a time/season appointed under heaven to give up searching for righteousness? Searching for doing good – to everyone – friend or foe? 

In so asking of Yeshua to teach me the answer to this question, a series of months went by. You could say three seasons. I was taught not with words but a series of circumstances that never yielded any fruit except when I literally gave up trying harder to seek, search and try harder to be good. It has been the strangest experience in my walk with God so far. 

I will continue my thoughts further. For now, I wonder, what has He taught you about giving up – as it is referred to in Ecclesiastes 3?  I’m not so sure it’s an answer that is sought out in correct context. Therefore the finding of any answer is rather given than found. Which I find is how wisdom is obtained for the most part. It’s something we seek (search for) but only God – whose ways are not ours and thoughts are not like ours – gives wisdom. 

Now more than ever we all need wisdom. It’s given, not earned. He makes Himself found by us as we seek Him. There is nothing in us worthy enough to plot a map out to find Him. We do not endure such a search without Him. We give up too easy. At least that’s been my experience. Even when I thought I didn’t give up, He shows me every time where I do and did, if ever so slightly in measure. Pride is a sneaky thing. 

Yet my greatest comfort in such thoughts is that I know nothing can snatch me from His hands. Nothing can stop Him from teaching me through times/seasons. Not even me. 

✡ Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ✡

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Momentary Reasons for Lapsing

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To put off obeying Him till we find a credible theory concerning Him is to set aside the potion we know it is our duty to drink, for the study of various schools of therapy.
~ George MacDonald (1824-1905)

I have a confession…the above is/was me. I could “lay blame” by saying that this is how I was taught – but honestly its only who I listened to. The fact is, God is the great initiator and “causer” of all things. “The wrong road” often is exactly His purpose for most of us.
Sounds like blasphemy, huh? Then I leave you to deliberate with Him by asking the questions:

Who put the “snake” in the garden? Who stood back and watched “it” fall? And what human being has ever been born without a flesh that’s set against the the things of God?”

My Good Shepherd has had me on “assignment” for a while. While in “appearance” it may seem trivial; I assure you nothing He ever asks me to do is ever “trivial”. Simply put He said,

What you missed today don’t go back and try to “recoup” tomorrow.”

I was like:

Huh??” Isn’t that a bit like ‘giving up’? I thought You were all about ‘trying again’, Lord?”

I am pretty sure He smiled, but the words ended there for a time. I didn’t “get it”. A Brother in a book wrote that too often we ask general and blanket questions, God answers, and we stop there forgetting to ask for each detail or step of the general direction. That was me. OK, so I began attempting to stop “recouping” what I was missing yesterday. Needless to say His instructions were to go to “Niveveh”, I ended up “out to sea” narrowly missing the “mouth of a whale”. So I am “floating upon waves, choking on salt water and crying “Abba!”” and He says;

“Silly goose, you didn’t ask Me what I meant! You presumed, spoke your presumption, and began to apply the “perscription to the wrong wound” if you will.”

O.” Says I. “Forgive me Father, how then would You like me to proceed?”

He said to ask Him in the morning (this conversation was in my bed just before my lids hit my “off button”).

The next morning I obeyed, asked and kept on asking until I was clear on what He meant by what I “miss” and not to attempt to “recoup”. This meant asking “this?” all day long. It was tedious and I felt more than a little insane by the end of the day. Of course the obvious was lost on me. In my zeal to obey, I asked during the day what I “missed” and…achem…it wasn’t over yet! 🙂

Turns out the next day was much less insane. He was faithful to show me all I “missed” the day before. My heart being reoriented back into moment by moment seeking His guidance allowed for the application to be spot on.  An example:

We live in a world where if you “miss” an email, text, or call…even a TV show; you can view it “later” and “make up for lost time” – so to speak. Imagine my big round “O” shaped mouth when He said:

“Yep, that’s one of them.” Always smiling…if you want to know how I know when He’s smiling; there’s no words that can convince in human logic, I just know. 🙂

So, then the next question came (remember its from one step to the next). I am looking at my “misses” and I say:

Okay, so since I “missed” these when they came; what now?”

“Erase/delete them.” He said. Short, simple, sweet.

I was flummoxed! I stared at my “misses” did my “but, but, but…what if…what if what if’s” and…obeyed. Ugh! Talk about weird! This went on for many days, even months, in the process I was amazed at how I began to “cheat”. I would get an email, not really having “time” to read it I would open it and read it and feel justified in not having to erase it because “I didn’t miss it, right?” Yet, I could not reply to it at the time I read it. Needless to say, I missed quite a bit and kept asking and obeying until the meaning or function behind His request began to trickle in.

Most the people I talk to always feel completely drained. Mysef included. Trying to cover bases that cover bases that never were absolutely necessary in the first place! Remember when you weren’t home to get the phone when someone called?? Did the world end? Remember when if you weren’t home to “catch” a show, ya just had to wait for reruns or better yet, ya just missed the show? If you don’t remember times like that, you are missing out! Things happened that we could not “attend” to and it was all good anyhow. The modern conveniences we now “enjoy” have the capacity to enslave. Adding burdens that God never meant for us to carry. You can’t imagine the “flack” I got for “being unavailable” on my cell from those who have been trained to think “a cell phone leaves someone without excuse to not be available whenever it “rings”! Once the Sun has set folks, the day is over. There’s no “going back”. This exercise was beautifully orchestrated by God to:

A) Teach me to let go.

B) Show me how to ask Him what is and is not a priority for Him with me….all day.

C) How He can and will lighten my load, if I will listen and not reason but just trust Him and obey.

D) There is no area too small that He is not interested in leading me in.

This folder is called Mile Stones. It has entries of my very personal walk with God. It is humbling! But oh so rewarding! My cell phone is my “computer”. As I type, its upon its touch screen my fingers traverse. Its how I view my every communication via at a “distance”. It at one point was “the center of my universe” in ways I am ashamed to admit. Yet, now, having listened and obeyed the Spirit of the Living God – its just a cell phone. Life goes on without it, in fact often it takes place especially outside of it. Cyber land is intoxicating…and invasive…if used by anyone other than the Lord. He uses it!! Oh, yes, He does! Sometimes its in teaching us how not to use it He uses it best :-).


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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