New Story ~ Part 13

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If an authors writing doesn’t come with an invitation to be “chewed on” – “dug at” and delved more deeply into; then it hasn’t come from the right Source. “ – LRV

New Story continued…

As with all dreams they come with an awaking; seemingly startled from other dreams. One releases and another picks up almost half way through its telling.

Sakira became aware of her feet.
Walking – yes – she was walking.
Behind or before was kept from her. Only ahead could be captured and held. She knew this place from the vantage of foggy Grey. Now the world around her took a deep breath and blew the brume away. In it’s wake… color and life began to bleed and drip and invade.

And there stood a tree.
Empty but for a few reluctant leaves on its skeletal frame.
Reaching ever up up up to the Up Everlasting.
As if it could pull it straight through the airy blue.
The tops looking so flimsy; yet unafraid of their purpose.
Wrapped around it seemed a smooth skin.
Until it fell ever closer to its heart.
Then like it’s tears had fallen and hardened;
Like the liquid flesh of the blue orb; it fell closer to its deepest vulnerability.
Rivulets of hardened tears – thicker with the years – till at last on the surface – meeting where all its growth sprang from – they seemed to disappear.
Tawny browns and tans; until the more the gaze drew up to its reaching hands; the deeper the hues began to glow. Copper and burning ember but only against the vast blue of up!
Hinting at colors only the Circle of Fire can know with intimacy.
Oh, what a tree! Had it always seemed so unknown to me?
Indeed every shrub and bush in this form of death gave life a push!
Some unknown calling out from Winters press.
More beautiful naked than fully clothed somehow.
Crimsons, reds, oranges and browns fell deep into the pools of her eyes and became!
The hard surface of the earth seemed to suddenly hold itself down in a dying protection to the heart of all the life that springs from it.
Oh! The song of continual awaking that flowed beneath the surface of all things!
Only the Father-All could begin to know such notes and tones!  He must mean it!
The grass with its greenful attempts at a take-over to be released from its blond death.
Yet patient – so patient to allow the blond sleepiness to let go.
Letting go of its snowy rest – slowly the greensward of breath crept up in an inhostile take over. It seemed to beg for something to crush it – wind, rain, and feet!
All sorts of created feet! As if to say,

You can not bend me too far – or cause a crushing blow! Never too much can one thing weigh me down nor waters overflow! For if I wash away or die where I lay; I will find another place to stay. There’s nothing wasted in the heart of the Father-All and what He means – He means to stay.

All these thoughts began to make themselves an introduction to Sakira’s mind. But more than into the mechanisms of her intellect they bled into her heart. Apart from any conscious intent on her part, she began to be introduced to the Father-All. All that the Darkcloud had seemed to do in attempt to smoother found itself a hopeless failure. For something that was wants to live without Purpose will only hold on until Life finds its way in through death!
Suddenly that dreaded idea of “ending” too began to take on color and death has a hue all is own and beauty itself is but it’s sister.
It was not the morbid flippancy that Sakira had seen in others towards death – with its strange fascinations towards darkness. Instead Light overtook its scarey features and swallowed it up in one colorific swoop.
As all this awareness began to engrave itself on her heart…a butterfly, florescent blue took flight from her feet, from whence her first awareness at the beginning of this dream began. It hovered at her face for a brief moment of greeting before it alighted on an unseen breeze and rose up to its disappearance. Taking with it her last unconscious breath… and she awoke.


A good story will have such an open-ended sense to it; that the readers own imagination can “pick up” where it “leaves off” and keep reading without the help of the first writers assistance. ” – LRV

Part 14 coming soon 🙂

For those just joining this adventure; click the link below, scroll to the bottom of the pages until you get to part 1 and enjoy!

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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New Story

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A while ago this fairytale-like story came flying out of my pen. I adore fantasy fiction like that of Jeffery Overstreet and Ted Dekker. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis who were inspired by George MacDonald who has been called the King of Fantasy. I know not, but that these writers have done much to “stoke” my mythic and poetic nature.

The story comes out and is written as it does. I so far can not look any farther than the next sentence, sometimes next word. My gift has never flourished in the futuristic planning that seems to be gifted to so many others. The plot thickens and characters develop in accordance with the moment I write. It has long been a frustration to me I admit. God dips my pen in the ink and points it out as it goes, rather than giving me a “rough-sketch” and allowing me to see a bit of the whole picture; with which I begin to color-in. I must trust His timing and ways…and put the gift He gives in proper lead.

So I will begin in simple little installments and see where it goes. As I love pictures to “add their own words” I will attempt to find those that do the picture in my head justice, no promises though! 🙂
I have no title or at least none has been given to enchant my fancy. So without further a-do. Here goes.


Once upon a time in the heart of Irlivadad. Once upon a sight unseen. Deciduous colors sparkled and tingled upon the quiet boy-lad King. His thoughts drew forth in the wind of contrition; hearkening back black-froth clouds bent to rain down sedition. Up, up they whirled and the black-cloud unfurled.
The blackness was assimilated, now a thunder-clap of rainbows; and the rain, as it fell, bled into the earth now to dwell.
Emerald and garnet grew up leaf and vine. Collaborating with violet and saffire melding rock and stone for the boy-king a throne. The vaguest of a whisper from His lips drew a snow flaked in crystal. Blizzard and bluster, a chaos of color settled down on Him a crown and robe in illuminous reflecting light. He sat upon the throne and raised His face towards the up-everlasting sky, and sighed.

The air wavered and crackled, static electric. His gaze wondered to the far horizon catching the eve of the symphony of Frakenlands colorful birth. The crystalline rainbows were chasing away the last of the black-cloud over the Mesapeak Mountains. The Circle of Fire was on the descent; casting more flavors of color and hue on the babe-land taking its first breath of colorful life. The King-lad opened His mouth, smiled and sang. The air vibrated and hummed, giving birth to each color in song. Emerald whistled and sighed around stalks, leaves, blades and stems. Crystalline twangs flowed through the liquid essence that quenched every thirst in Frakenland and beyond. An academy of sound riding the waves of birth-pangs in riotous color. Animals found a new release in expression that drew forth like a burst of innocent delight. Men, women and children joined in Frakenlands first song, harmonious and captivating. The air filled up with intoxicating hallowing worship. Frakenland had found its voice.
The King-lad leaned back in the throne, wilting like flower on stem after a deluge. Breath labored with each intake and exhale; the charged particles of sound and pigment seemed to inflate and deflate as if dependant on His lungs to survive.
“Done.”, said the King-lad, “At least for today, I am well contented. It is well done.”


Next installment next week :-).

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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