The Narrow and The Few

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Today, those who follow Yeshua, are often accused of being narrow-minded. Unwilling to bend to social acceptability is labeled close-minded. Not long ago, yet by human years many years ago a people said the same thing.


Yeshua, prepared us as His sheep for such mantra. Yet Christians today shrink at being called exactly what He called us to. It’s no shameful thing to be narrow-minded in the light of Matthew 7. Close-minded in the light of…




Yes, there are ways we are to become impenetrable. Narrow and close minded, unbending, unyielding, straight, severe unto His will for the purity He directs us towards. The key is recognizing that that His direction for us, is not meant to to turned into finger pointing towards others. As followers of Yeshua, He tells us like He did Peter in John chapter 22 verses 20-23. Each of us have a call to a certain severity and adherence, that does not carry over to all. So we recognize that there’s a place where we follow Him, yet keep our minds open. Open enough to let prescriptions fly out and up into the Father’s hand when it comes to others.

But there’s a reality to following Him that makes no apologies or exceptions for how one becomes a follower of Yeshua. Only through Him, only by obeying Him, only by making all thing about and for Him. Sounds rigid and absolute. It is. He set the example, and now leads us down the direct path of its execution for each of our lives. Those lives are to look different, but all of them point to Him. He is the needle on the compass, He points in all directions but the driving force of its pull is the Father’s will for every one. Narrow, yes, hard, painfully, yes. Rewarding, emphatically, yes yes yes! Easy, not hardly (forgive the pun). Full of peace and contentment, nothing else on earth can fill us so.




Don’t shrink from being of the Narrow and Few, for the Author of these shrinks not from claiming you!

♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Truth for Living – Part 1

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I’d like to take this opportunity to re-emphasize what the file WSGD Newes stands for. It’s been a while since I first made this category for posts which explained the acronym title.

W-wise (as)
G-gentle (as)
N-ewes – news for the flock.

The subject matter in this category here is what I believe to be vital truth for all Followers of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. Content about everyday things that effect our minds, bodies, souls, and spirits – of which we are to love the Lord our God with every ounce of our being and Him alone. So knowing the truth about all the things we do and encounter everyday is vital to this command. As I find it, I share it, what gets “done” with it is God’s business, not mine. We are salt and light, but He alone seasons and directs light into darkness.

The following post I pray will get shared with anyone you know. Not to bring glory to my blog or my writing. Ugh, please no! But because the truth contained in this post will change everything for those who seek it and desire to honor it. It all points to Him, not me or even you, or the people on these videos. God directs the Light of Wisdom and knowledge down to people for the purpose of people knowing and glorifying Him. There is no truth apart from His hand that serves it. No human being on earth “digs it up”, they are lead to it by the Truth Himself for the purpose of freedom. Releasing bonds and chains (lies) that bind, and serving the cure for the captivity (truth). We must consume it and let it transform us. This is always the toughest part of learning. The accumulation of God’s knowledge means nothing without it changing us. Heads stuffed with information but no acclimation to its purpose makes a fool.

Without much more…here are two links, videos that will drop your jaw and open eyes. Some of you may know this already. Many do not. I do not post content on this blog without much research and prayer. I am convinced this message must get out. As always I encourage those of you to do your own research for validation and prayer. Prayer first, for God can validate without the need for more research! Our spirits know His voice, and they follow. Often we need not stay where we are in questioning…we are just asked to trust Him. But He is patient for us to question as well. Follow His lead, and you shall be free. This is absolute. 🙂 The videos are each about an hour long. They concern medical practice and the health of and design of God’s Master Work – the human body. A follow up blog will be coming about my own personal experience within the context of these links.



Isaiah 29:15-16; 18

Woe to those who burrow down deep to hide their plans from Adonai! They work in the dark and say to themselves, ‘Nobody sees us, nobody knows us.’ How you turn things upside down! – Is the potter not better than the clay, does something made say of its Maker, “He didn’t make me”? Does the product say of its producer, “He has no discernment”?

On that day the deaf will hear the words of the Book, and out of gloom and darkness the eyes of the blind will see.

♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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