Internals and Externals

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It’s amazing how we gravitate towards externals. Isn’t it so much easier to paint the fingernails that show signs of malnutrition but we just “see” how marred (different/not perfect) they are. So we cover it up. We invent miraculous ways to sharpen the outter image. God made the human body so able to withstand such poison and punishment, truly its a wonder that the last three generations have reproduced at all much less lived past the age of 25. I’ve been to a number conferences, they were not at all medical in nature. Most were spiritual, for some ministry or topic related as a retreat. At one in particular, a medical doctor took the podium and began to speak about the incredible work God did in every cell, every system in our bodies. The room pulsated with awe, hushed, most of us barely dared breathe, yet all the sudden we couldn’t help but pay close attention to the sound of our breath, the rhythm of our hearts, the blinking of our eyes and the wonder that we were able to zero in on at least a dozen functions of our bodies at once without any problem at all. The best computer in the world still has light years to come close to what God made our bodies and minds capable of. (I do not believe He will ever allow computers,or anything man makes, to come close, either)

The number of the things capable of killing the human body instantly – is small. The number of things that will slowly but surely kill it over time…well its never been calculated. Let’s just say, it’s beyond the number of people alive on the earth today. It’s likely you who are reading this right now have put more poison in your body than pure and simple nutrients. There’s no blame involved here, 90% of people don’t really know it. Of those that do, about 2% of those really discipline themselves to the degree nesassary to begin the process of letting the mechanisms God created to literally cure and heal itself, just like our skin does with a minor cut. Yet everybody must be blind not to see the internal effects of the external shell we live in. Bones with no nerves ache, cartlage and ligaments waste away, memories completely shut down. The number of children alone in the last decade that read 3 as an E, is mind boggling. These things are NOT “normal” as God designed them. Normal to our culture, yes, but only due to the dullness that comes from ignoring the signs of internal malfunction by cutting off the warning signal (pain) with poisonous over the counter pain killers or worse chemical “circuit-cutters” called pharmaceuticals. There’s a pill for every ill. The “easy” generation is here.

The point here is this: we cannot put external “fixes” on and expect the internal to go along. God will not change the rules of function. The sun must come up from the east and set in the west, no matter how convenient we may think it would be to reverse it; or if you will, how inconvenient the eastern rise may be to us on any given day. God cannot change who He is, and what He has made IS who He is. If we want the skin He created us to have we must feed the body that which it requires, but most importantly, we must stop putting the skin damaging stuff INSIDE the body first. The skin is the bodies last filtration system. If you see a breakdown in it somewhere, the problem within has likely been going on for years and by now has corrupted every system. The same goes with our spiritual skin. If sin is unable to be overcome, it’s likely the internal system has been grossly overlooked (I’m not talking strickly psychology, but physiology and most importantly – mentality). We are TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING of our minds. Is your mind made up? How changeable is it? And how willing are you to simply act on its Creators blueprint for its health? (In other words, act on trust alone and do what He says without hesitation) Do the statistics above begin to make sense?  Does His Word? FEW are they who travel down the road of internal correction and realignment to its Creators design. There’s no easy button this way. Sleep will be lost. The very concept of comfort and convenience will fade away from the motivation center of our being. The concept of free, meaning you pay nothing and get something, will find itself an endangered species of the mind. The very thought that one can pick and choose what things they believe in God about, will begin to cause actual physical pain, due to the nature of it dysfunctional motion to our souls. The correct order of believing is… Who is God?, what does He say?, what does He believe? – “now, self, go along with Him whether you feel like it or not“, the basic muscle group is now – trust. It’s the brains of our faith – trust. The heartbeat is action. Everybody knows without brain activity and a heartbeat no body is alive. The mind must be in constant transformation (internal) or the heartbeat will be irregular. Hense, the body will be in dysfunction (external). Getting your stomach reduced to stop eating, will in effect only make you eat more with less of what God gave you to process the food. Saying “I believe in Jesus” while your actions say you do not is a lie. Like saying, “I ate yesterday” when in fact you consumed no food. No one may know that you lied, but God did. Gods ears reach to the furthest reaches of silence and sound. He made us, we cannot lie to Him, only to ourselves and others.

My granddaughter is reading an interesting book. It’s called Dumb Bunny. I’ve no interest in who the author is, save I know where they got their theme. (Satan). She asked to read it to me today. Delighted, ipulled up a chair. It starts out in diary form of a child. They called a classmate, dumb bunny, and their teacher said to stop. So, the child concludes, that they will just say it in the mind, because the mind is silent. My six year old granddaughter is being indoctrinated by illusions! So, I say to her, as she reads (she is giggling at the sneaky nature of the text) “Ahhh, but God hears the mind, huh Izzy?” My eyes fill with tears even now, as my precious granddaughter, already six years old, looked at me with defiance and said, “Sooo?” Shrugging her shoulders as if there was not one merit in thinking of God. But let me show you where there is hope. She then felt so uncomfortable reading this book after that, that she quickly lost interest. I could SEE the conscience God gave her making her squirm. I praised God for it! She’s not broken, just illiterate. Uneducated to the God who created her, but she is only six and God in that moment woke her up just a little. I pray He will invade her world! Passion for the truth to invade her external need to externally “treat” what can only be internally healed. God beamed His Light into her mind with my words, and she was uncomfortable with herself! Glory to God!

There is no silent mind to God, the sounds of our internal world are sonically booming in heaven. Our internal is the key. Actions only speak louder than words because the shouting from the mind will vibrate the whole body. The word – heart – in Hebrew means the mind, thoughts, that which makes up the substance of our actions.


Create in me, a clean heart, O God, and RENEW a right spirit within me.

This Psalms speaks a thousand words, it focuses correctly; on the e-ternal and in-ternal, for the key to the ex-ternal and temporal. Physically we will represent what spiritually is the center of all things. We can start taking vitamins, but if we don’t eliminate the poison from our diet, the vitamins will do us very little good.

In this day and age, how can this message not be relevant? How can we possibly not begin to stop treating this topic like a Sunday school lesson and start treating it like the very substance of our living? Join me, dear fellowsheep, in dropping to our internal knees and repeatedly asking for God to teach us the vital importance of the internal. For the courage to be an internal Light in an external world, yes, to its discomfort!


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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In the Service of Suffering

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Then you have decided to die of smallpox?

Only if it be God’s will,” replied Hester. “To that, and that alone have I made up my mind. If I die of the smallpox, it will not be because it could not be helped, or because I caught it by chance; it will be because God has willed it as best for me and for us all. It will not be punishment for breaking His laws. He loves none better, I believe, than those who break the laws of nature to fulfill the laws of the Spirit.”
~ ~George MacDonald – The Gentlewoman’s Choice

“The story of Job was written to demonstrate before Satan and his angels that a person can love and trust God for who He is, in Himself and not merely for what he/she gets out of Him. God doesn’t want people to become His children just as an insurance policy against trouble and suffering.”
~ ~ Alister Begg – Why Suffering?

At the core of my knowing, I know God can do or undo anything. The impossible is NORMAL to Him. Its not surprising that I ask “Why?” to suffering. Suffering is the thing we least understand; even after all the years, all the sages, philosophers, think-tanks, preachers, teachers and “experts of this field”; we all end up on our knees – dumb, deaf and blind. To truly know suffering one must look no further than Yeshua (Jesus) – not just on the cross – but every word written about Him; every word He speaks to this day. As we look at Isaiah 53, sermons echo, books published, conferences attended, expositions made, songs, hymns, poems written, pictures painted…still they pale. For LOOK – really look at the words.

(I have typed it out and its on the link below, to keep the length of this post as “short” as
possible – for which I confess this will be one of the longest post to date here on Hisimagenme. I pray you will click and read before moving on as the “momentum” gets lost without it)

Instead of picturing the Yeshua (Jesus) that has always at best been mildly handsome; picture instead something like Down-syndrome individual. The words of Isaiah then get rendered justly. Instead of imagining the Yeshua who was sturdy and at the least physically unafflicted; imagine Him with a weak immune system, prone to illness. Then the Word finds its strength in truth. Instead of imagining Yeshua as having a “people magnetism”, imagine Him ridiculed and avoided because they believed that ill people were cursed by God! Then you begin to understand how little we render the prophesy real. Imagine now, not a crowd of grieving on-lookers but instead only mockers and inciters following Him to the affixing of the cross in place. Those who had followed Him, turned away at best, in confusion; at worst…shame.Now add to this reality that He heard His Father tell Him to do all this and obeyed because it pleased the Father; then we begin to understand why we grapple with suffering!

Rejection? Who can educate on this subject better? Who is more rejected than God? Who knows better the pain of something or someone cherished taken from them; by death, by disease, by lies, by hatred, by love of themselves, by betrayal? Who can tell Him about unspeakable physical pain? When we have “seen” Him on the cross; we’ve seen flailed, beaten, flogged, bruised, thorned and bleeding man – but LOOK inside! EVERY single disease, cancer, diabetes, syndrome, flesh killing, heart rending, physical, emotional, and mental affliction from Adam and Eve to the unnamed last – all fell upon Him. Who can comprehend suffering like Him?

The Passion by Mel Gibson did much to give a realistic persecutional perspective of Yeshua’s suffering and highlighted a bit of the spiritual. Yet it left out the illnesses! Ben Hur with Charleston Heston gave a glimpse – as Judah’s mother and sister walked away from the site of our Savior situated on the will of His Father.
The thunder cracked and winds blew
While their skin began to renew
Upon the Servant of Sufferings hands
Their leprous leisions obey His commands
All sin, all sickness, all disease, all forms of sins appearing
While their skin was clearing
His was rending, inside and out. Cancers grew, bowels rejected, kidney’s failed, liver bloated, tumors formed. Not one persons pain, not one from all eternity did He get spared. He opened His whole being and embraced it all, absorbed it; held it until His Father was done with it in and upon Him. Like an “eighth day” of creation, all sin and suffering hid His frame from the Father – death swallowed in victory, but the Father again pronounced “It is good.” “It is Finished.”

I stub my toe and feel like some injustice has jumped up and bit me! I get sick and throw my countenance out into a long suffering future that CAN NEVER HAPPEN! I feel weaker as the years “pull my youth” from my bones and grasp and stretch to pull it back.

Suffering is the number one thing we avoid. Believers and non-believers alike. Time has not changed this. Our “understanding” is still deaf and dumb. We can only trust – accept that it is good. Acceptance isn’t longing for it; but embracing it as a lover finally home after a long separation. Holding on to it and all it offers until God has made me good inside it. Its the fire that burns away all impurities; if we ask it to stay until that Voice calls it to quit because the beauty is now unsurpassed.

I am most uneducated in suffering because I think I know what it looks like. The enemy is always happy to teach me “what I don’t know”. But none compare to Yeshua! Only He can shrink a boil without any substance but His Love. Only He can cause a mad-mind to calm like the Sea of Galilee with words. He alone has traversed the universe of pain, loss, madness, disease, cruelty, hatred, rejection, abandonment, betrayal – this “science” is known only to Him. The Healer, Restorer, Completer, Resurrection, Author and Finisher of Life. And He suffered, oh how He suffered! But Life was born within it – not death!!


How strange this fear of death is, we are never frightened of a sunset. ~ George MacDonald

Doubts are the messengers of the Living One to the honest. They are the first knock at the door of things that are not yet, but have to be, understood. Doubt must precede every deeper assurance. ~ George MacDonald

I should like to think that on the affliction I feel both inward and in my physical body; that God is squeezing something in and at the same time something out. Pain sends signals from nerve to brain and tends to forget to consult the heart. Perhaps the thinking has nothing to do with it. For the heart breaks when nothing physical has been burdened; and keeps beating – skipping all the while my soul is racked with pain. Pain and suffering answer and obey One Voice – God is the Pain-Whisperer. He is the wildfire that puts right the suffering soul. ~ L.R.V.

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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