Even “Time” bows to Elohim!

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2 Kings 20:8-11

Hizkiyahu (Hezekiah) said to Yesha’yahu (Isaiah), “What sign will there be that Adonai (the Lord) will heal me and that I will be able to go up to the house of Adonai on the third day?” Yesha’yahu said, “Here is the sign for you from Adonai that Adonai will do what He said: do you want the shadow ( of the sundial) to go forward ten intervals or backward ten intervals?” Hizkiyahu answered, “Its easy for the shadow to go down ten intervals. No. Let the shadow return backward ten intervals.” Yesha’yahu called out to Adonai, and He brought the shadow on the sundial of Achaz ten intervals backward after it had gone down that far.

Every single day, I get up and automatically engage into consciousness as if “time” surrenders itself to my will. I have done it so long…I am hardly aware that I do it. I have a schedule, I have appointments, I am responsible for what I get “done”, squeeze into, and make valuable about the ticker on the clock that runs with the Sun through the sky.

Hezekiah in the verses prior to the ones above has been told he will die…by God through Isaiah. Then Hezekiah pleads with God for “more time”. God grants it. To the tune of 15 years! Then!! Then to prove that time answers to no one but God alone, He gives a sign by turning back time to the child He is giving more time to!

Nowhere in any history book is there an account of 10 hours reversing itself! In other words…human kind either didn’t notice the ten hour difference (unlikely) OR they were too proud to make note of it. But God did. We can “study” physics, astrology, quantum theory until a “masters” hangs on a wall to shout expertise; but unless we recognize that a God spoke “Let there be Light” and it was; and sent out a command “Go back” and the light and shadows of all creation went until He said “Stop”…we are clueless!!

This passage of scripture either totally changes the heart of the reader or it falls like a shadow into the abyss of blindness!

I want God to “keep my time”. I believe the “dial” is in His hands and can move only according to His will! Backwards, forwards, to gain or lose, gaining in the losing, losing in the gaining…its nothing but the heart of a Living, Loving Father that “pencils in” my “ticks and tocks”.

Today O Elohim, let me wake upon Your intention and follow Your timeframe alone! Holy, holy, holy are You alone, my King!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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Jeremiah 6:10
To whom should I speak? Whom should I warn? Who will listen to Me? Their ears are dull, they can’t pay attention. For them the Word of Adonai (the Lord) has become unattractive, an object of scorn.

~ We are often unable to tell people what they need to know, because they want to know something else.

The darkness knows neither the light nor itself; only the light knows itself and the darkness also. None but God hates evil and understands it.

Until a man has love, it is well he should have fear. So long as there are wild beast about, it is better to be afraid than secure.

It is because we are not near enough to Thee to partake of Thy liberty that we want a liberty of our own different from Thine.

It is when we are most aware of the factitude of things that we are most aware of our need of God, and most able to trust Him…The recognition of inexorable reality in any shape, or kind, or way, tends to rouse the soul to the yet more real, to its relations with The Higher and Deeper Existence. It is not the hysterical alone for whom the dash of cold water is good. All who dream life instead of living it, require some similar shock.

All the time it was God near her that was making her unhappy. For the Son of Man came not to send peace on earth but a sword, so the first visit of God to the human soul is generally in a cloud of fear and doubt, rising from the soul itself at His approach. The sun is the cloud dispeller, yet often He must look through a fog if He would visit the earth at all.

Complaint against God is far nearer to God than indifference about Him. ~
Quotes from George MacDonald, 1824-1905

It is those, whose voices cause you to think, see, and hear things differently than would occur in your own mind, that often carry you right up to that thin and elusive spot between where the Light begins to invade dark that can, at first feel the most offensive; but if one stays even for a moment they recognize His signature on the intent of His invasion! Its not to destroy Life, but death; not to give Life into our keeping, but to bring us into His! Where all of Life and Light find no shadow, but shining ever on! Blinding only whats dark, never to take away sight, but to give it! We take the offense, in order to be Free of the darkness!  ~ LRV (Hisimagenme)

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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Will You Be A Valiant Soldier?

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In a word – God, angels, and the saints already with the Lord are spectators, watching how you conduct yourself as a child of the Most High. This crowd of witnesses (Heb. 12:1) shouts joyfully from the celestial sidelines every time you defeat a temptation, scale a difficulty, or regain lost ground from your enemies. And if the fight should be too much for you, your dear Savior stands by with reserves for your relief at a moments notice. His very heart leaps within Him to see the proof of your love and zeal for Him in all your combats. He will not forget your faithfulness. And when you come off the field, He will receive you as joyously as the Father received Him upon His return to heaven.

~  William Gurnall

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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