A Time to Search and a Time to Give Up

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It struck me as odd as I read chapter 3 of Ecclesiastes that no one really teaches the meaning of the more negative aspects of the “a time to…” section.  I read it and said “Really, God, YOU have appointed times to give up!?” The searching part is more easily found among countless scriptures to seek, search and so on. So what does this mean that there is a time when God appoints one to give up?

I think the temptation is to put a more ‘spiritually positive spin’ on it. Such as; give up sin, bad attitudes, bad habits, control over people places or things and the like. Yet this entire passage does not give merit to such a perspective. 

A time to search, a time to give up… 

It seems to me it indicates giving up a search. Or to cease to seek out. To stop turning over rocks, digging for water, even looking for solutions. I think every moment is appointed for us to give up the more positively spun rhetoric (sin and the like). But here again, this passage seems to be saying – these are specifically appointed times. After all we only die once. We are only born once (well twice if we truly become a follower of Yeshua). We plant once a year, we uproot once a year. All of these are seasonal. In fact some interpretations or versions of the Bible say “For everything there is a season”  – mine does. It also reads…”A right time for every intention under heaven”. Seasons and intentions are progressive and developmental. Our flesh is always, timelessly, being asked to give up sin and so on. While these may have aspects of progression and development they are not seasonal. Or are they? Is there a time/season appointed under heaven to give up searching for righteousness? Searching for doing good – to everyone – friend or foe? 

In so asking of Yeshua to teach me the answer to this question, a series of months went by. You could say three seasons. I was taught not with words but a series of circumstances that never yielded any fruit except when I literally gave up trying harder to seek, search and try harder to be good. It has been the strangest experience in my walk with God so far. 

I will continue my thoughts further. For now, I wonder, what has He taught you about giving up – as it is referred to in Ecclesiastes 3?  I’m not so sure it’s an answer that is sought out in correct context. Therefore the finding of any answer is rather given than found. Which I find is how wisdom is obtained for the most part. It’s something we seek (search for) but only God – whose ways are not ours and thoughts are not like ours – gives wisdom. 

Now more than ever we all need wisdom. It’s given, not earned. He makes Himself found by us as we seek Him. There is nothing in us worthy enough to plot a map out to find Him. We do not endure such a search without Him. We give up too easy. At least that’s been my experience. Even when I thought I didn’t give up, He shows me every time where I do and did, if ever so slightly in measure. Pride is a sneaky thing. 

Yet my greatest comfort in such thoughts is that I know nothing can snatch me from His hands. Nothing can stop Him from teaching me through times/seasons. Not even me. 

✡ Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ✡

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When Innocence Asks – 3

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Mrs. Susan, as the 2nd graders called her, was walking out of the main entrance to the church building. She nearly walked right into young Timothy Sadler, who was sitting on the first step leading down to the parking lot.

“Why, hello there Timothy. What are you doing here sitting out front? Is your Dad inside?” She asked as she sat down next to him.

“Hello, Mrs. Susan. Yes, my Dad is in a meeting with Mr. Jensen about the greeters for next week. I’m waiting for him.” Said Timothy

“It’s a very nice day today, huh? Any plans for this afternoon when you leave?” Asked Susan, setting her purse down beside her.

“I don’t think so. We’ll probably do like we always do. Go home so Dad can watch the game. I usually play outside till supper time.” Said Timothy unenthusiastically. He didn’t seem to notice the “niceness” of the day.

“Huh, well its nice to be able to play anyway. You seem a bit down. Everything okay? How’s your Mom, is she still out of town for work?” Asked Susan

“Yes, she’ll be back tomorrow. I guess playing is okay.” Timothy responded, he looked up at Mrs. Susan and cocked his head to one side, squinting one eye against the glare of the sun.
“Mrs. Susan, how does God speak?”

The question seemed to zoom Susan into the spot she sat on and time stood still. Immediately the vastness and complexity of possible methods of answering such a question overwhelmed her.

“Oh my… why I suppose He speaks in many ways, but in His Word the Bible is sure. What made you ask that Timothy?” Susan responded.

“I was thinking of the lesson today. How God told Jonah to go to that place to talk to those people. The Ni…Nivi…” Timothy attempted to sound out his words.

“Ninevites?” Susan prompted

“Yeah.” Said Timothy. “I’ve never heard God talk to me I don’t think. Is it because I’m bad? … But then that can’t be right cause Jonah did bad by not going to that place and God still talked to him, so I am confused.”

“Well, you’re right God doesn’t just talk to the good people. In fact most the time He talks to anyone they are far from good.” Mrs. Susan qualified. “But God speaks in lots and lots of ways. See that dog over there?” Susan noticed Timothy look at the dog playing in a yard down the street, he had smiled when he watched.

Timothy scrunched up his face.
“Yeah… but what does that dog have to do with God speaking?” Timothy asked, looking back at the dog and his antics.

“Well, does the dog make you want to go over and join it, be with it?” Susan asked

“Yeah…” Timothy waited for more explaination.

“Well that’s one way God talks to us. In things around us that make us smile like His creation, creatures, the sky, the ocean, clouds, flowers. It’s His voice saying ‘Hello there Timothy I see you and hope to make you smile at Me’. Sometimes He talks to us through people, like He did through Jonah to the Ninevites or through me during the lesson today, or Moses to the Israeites. And often He talks directly to us, sort of like we’re talking now but we don’t hear His voice with our outer ears but with the ears on the inside. Does that make sense?” Susan took a deep breath hoping she was getting the point across correctly, but feeling like much was left open for interpretation.

Timothy looked up at the sky and then back to the dog and then turned his face up to Mrs. Susan.
“Kind of…I have always thought He liked to make me smile in fun and good things around me, like the sky and clouds and stuff. Not so much with dogs. I like that though. And I know He talks through people, like you and mommy and dad and stuff. I know He made the Bible so everyone could read what He said to and I guess through all those people. But… I’m not sure I got inner ears Mrs. Susan.” Timothy green eyes began to fill with tears and his freckles began to stand out on his nose as his face pinked up with sorrow.

Susan wrapped her arms around Timothy pulling him close.
“There now, sure you have them dear Timothy. God put them inside every single person. Special just for you and Him so noone could interrupt you both when He talks to you. Why, did you know that He loves you so much that only He can speak to you in such a secret and private way that’s not given for anybody else? Even your mom and dad can’t interfere with those talks!” Said Susan, feeling like somehow God was talking to her as much as He was giving her words to speak into Timothy’s confusion.

“Nuh uhh” Timothy shook his head and mumbled. Then He sat back and looked at Mrs. Susan again. “I don’t think He gave those to me, Mrs. Susan cause I don’t hear Him.” The seriousness that settled on young Timothy’s face vied for the determined spirit that seemed to be searching for answers. He was both convinced God spoke to people like He did Jonah but sure somehow God had passed him over in giving him his inner ears.
My, my Father don’t we all feel like that at some time? Please answer Timothy’s little hearts cry to hear You. Help me show him where You already have and do. Susan’s heart reached up and out at the same time.

“Well… let’s see. Have you ever had your outer ears checked? You know, tested to make sure they hear everything they are supposed to?” Susan asked.

“Oh, yeah. At school they had that lady come and test us. With the head phones and beeps and I had to tap which ever ear heard the beeps. I know these ears work good. But they didn’t test me for inner ears… or maybe they did and I didn’t pass that test cause I don’t have them.” Timothy recalled and again looked down, convinced again his inner ears were missing.

“Timothy, you do have them. They don’t have a test like that for inner ears. You see only God can test those. Let me show you now how He does.” Susan paused and waited for God to show her how to “test” little Timmys ears.

Timothy’s face was at attention waiting for his test to begin. Hope faintly beginning to glimmer in his eyes.

“When you are tempted to lie to someone, anyone about anything, what made you pause before you did? And if you did, what made you know in here,” Susan tapped Timothy’s chest over his heart. “That lying was bad?”

Timothy thought for a minute.
“That’s not fair, I already know lying is bad cause mom and dad and everybody told me and I read it in the Bible. I didn’t need inner ears for that.” The hope that had a minute ago glimmered began to flicker out in his eyes.

“Hmmm, well I see what you are saying Timothy but hang in here with me a minute, k? Did your mom and dad and everybody or even the Bible tell you every kind of lie you can tell?”
Susan smiled, I see where You’re going with this Lord!

Again Timothy screwed his face up in violation of the oddness of the questions. “Ummm, well nooo… I mean not every single lie I could ever tell! That would be alot, like books and books!”

“Exactly, so since you haven’t been given all those lies in advanced, how do you know it’s a lie?” Asked Susan

“Well…ummm, I just know. I don’t know how really. I just know. I get really weird inside, feel bad kind of. Usually when I lie, I just don’t want to get in trouble so I fib. Or I want to be liked so I say something not true to make my friends think I’m smart.” So plainly spoken were Timothy’s words. Unguarded.

“Well there you have it! You have inner ears for sure! You see Timothy God’s voice is the one that tells you something is wrong even though noone else can read your mind and know you are going to lie. It’s that thing that makes you feel weird inside and bad when you want to lie or do. God gave that to you. He spoke through your weird and bad feelings, like a warning that it is wrong. No body can lie without that kind of feeling happening. But we don’t feel it with our bodies but with our hearts. That’s where God puts our inner ears. Now answer this next question cause we want to be sure they work exactly the way they are supposed to, right?” Susan was excited. She saw some light dawning on sweet Timothy’s face, hope again bloomed in his eyes.

Timothy shook his head in the affirmative and waited.

“Have you ever been nice to someone that you didn’t know and nobody, like a teacher or your parents or anyone told you to do it. You just saw them and did something nice?” Mrs. Susan asked

“Yeah.” Answered Timothy

“What told you, then, to be nice to that person right then?” Susan asked

“Well… I’ve been told by lots of people that being nice is good. The Bible says that too. So I guess I don’t see that I need inner ears for that.” Said Timothy

“Have you ever been not so nice when you knew you should have been nice?” Asked Mrs. Susan.

“Yes.” Said Timothy

“How did you know you should have been nice? Did someone tell you every time? Or have you just known you should have been before anyone could tell you?” Mrs. Susan prompted, leading slowly. .. waiting for the moment.

“Yes, I have been mean and just knew I shouldn’t have been before I got in trouble.” Timothy followed Mrs. Susan.

“So in the same way, when you have been nice without being told, you must have been prompted inside to be nice to someone at that exact moment with that exact person. Who do you think makes you think that way?” Susan smiled. “You see the very idea of being nice to anyone for any reason comes from God. Anyone who tells us to be nice gets the very idea of it from God. Being nice is God’s territory, not mankind’s. So if you “hear” inside yourself to be nice to someone when you haven’t been asked to by your parents or anyone, that very thought comes from noone but God, you see? God speaks inside by prompting us to do stuff that’s good without anyone asking us. You know His voice because it had that goodness attached to it. Say when you see your mom or dad sad and you reach out to hug them. That’s God’s voice speaking to you. Every good thing we do is from Him. When we obey, when we are nice, when we help someone, when we forgive, when we comfort someone, when we feel badly because we see someone hurt. These things are His voice speaking to our inner ears or hearts and we just don’t think of it that way because we often think it’s our idea, or that it comes natural to us. But the truth is its not our natural responses to do good, it’s God telling us what’s good and we obey.” Susan could see the light getting brighter and brighter in Timothy’s eyes.

“Sometimes God tells us to do good things or be nice and we don’t obey. Usually because we don’t see what He sees and so just like Jonah we don’t obey. We just go our own way and usually end up worse off than if we’d have just obeyed in the first place. That is why that story is in the Bible, God’s voice in print to show us how to listen to Him. That’s where every good thing that can ever be done by anyone comes from. God’s Word – the Bible. That’s where parents get the good stuff to teach us to do and where teachers like me get lessons to teach and pastors too. God’s voice teaches the good and corrects the bad both through people and things around us and inside our hearts when He really wants us to know His love for us. Do you see now Timothy that your hearts ears work fine?” Asked Susan

“Yes. Thank you Mrs. Susan!” Timothy threw his arms around her.
“I was so afraid that God didn’t want to talk to me! But now I see that He talks to me all the time! And He is talking to me right now with you! I have inner ears Mrs. Susan! I do! He could send me somewhere, tell me to do something big like Jonah and I will hear Him! I sure hope I obey Him if He does.” Timothy’s excitement was intoxicating and infectious!

“Oh well I’ve no doubt you will, but even if you don’t at first, remember Jonah Timothy, God will bring you around. If you really listen to Him, for Him, He’ll make sure you do exactly what He asks.” Susan rejoiced at having been delayed by sitting with Timothy.

Timothy’s dad, Mr. Sadler just then emerged from the building.

“Ready to go Timothy? He asked.  “Hello Mrs. Susan, lovely day today.”

“Yes, Dad! I have inner ears on my heart made just for God and me! You do too! Did you know that?” Timothy rose and went to his Dad.

“Well yes I did son, indeed. I’ve never heard it quite put like that but that’s exactly right. Is that what you learned in class today?” Mr. Sadler took Timothy’s hand and began to walk out to the car. “God bless you Mrs. Susan.” He said as they walked away. All the while Timothy kept telling his Dad about his inner ears and how they work and that God talks to him.

Mrs. Susan’s smile shone through tears in her eyes, listening to God speak to her own inner ears as she watched them walk away.

“Yes, yes Lord, You are so very good!”


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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The Privilege of Our Approach

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Back-round: Hezekiah is the King of Judah. King Ashur has his own ‘counselors’ or prophets and they have been falsely testifying against God, encouraging King Ashur to attack the surrounding regions, laying waste to everything. The threat of Ashur has come to King Hezekiah with the information that false prophets lay behind the grievous acts. Isaiah is the prophet of King Hezekiah’s house at this time and he records the same history in chapters 36 and 37 (Isaiah).

The example laid out within the text. Our the application (well, one of many) of the above scripture:

Go straight to God, don’t ‘pass go’, don’t ‘collect $200’, don’t call a friend, don’t check the Internet for further information, don’t do or say or act in any way shape or form except to with reverence and absolute trust go to God…and approach Him with the issues we have, our hurts and confusions, our fears and frustrations, and joys and celebrations. Lay them out before Him and expect and wait for His counsel.

The first thing Hezekiah did was go before Adonai. He could have went to Isaiah. After all he was the anointed prophet of God there. His counsel could hardly have been in error. He likely would have told Hezekiah to do what he did anyway. It certainly would not have been a ‘sin’. But what King Hezekiah was learning was that God, Himself’s first and greatest desire is that each would seek Him for themselves. .. He sent prophets out of grace for the general weakness of the human tendencies. .. to trust words that came from an ‘audible voice’, attached to a visible body, that looked and lived like ‘everyone else’. It was God bending way down to reach His precious children; not catering to a ‘spoiled child’ but coming down to be with us. Sound familiar? Emmanuel.
But each prophet had the same message “Turn to God, away from your ways.” This is a message of:

“Come unto Me, draw near, let Me hold you. .. show you how very in control I am, how easy it is to live following My instruction. .. how I delight to tend and care for you. My voice is stronger and much more real than anything in all creation. My voice spoke the very substance of all things into being. Fear it not, count on it as you count on nothing else. .. because nothing else can be counted on besides My voice, My lead, My advice, My comfort, My authority, My power. .. these are accessible to you. .. always. ..I long to be the number One source and best friend of your life. ..I made you dearest child, I am capable of keeping you. Seek Me first and I will not fail you. My advice will always be 100% right – 100% of the time. You won’t need to wonder if I mean what I say because I am able to make Myself heard and understood to you.”

You see. .. All throughout history, even during and after Yeshua (Jesus) came, humans have always wrestled with whether or not ‘that other human’ really heard from God or not. In Yeshua’s case people even accused Him of healing by the power of satan! One of the ‘joys set before Him‘ as Yeshua walked His broken body to the hill where He would hang; was the rending of the veil. .. the direct access that you and I would now have to hear God’s voice ourselves without needing anyone else to speak for Him. This is the fulcrum power of the Spirit of God we receive when we ‘enter in’ through Yeshua to the family of God. So now, in many ways, we (those after Christ) are more accountable for not obeying. We do not have the excuse of ‘the human You sent us Lord, we were unsure of them.’ Yeshua being vastly confirmed as The Last Human needed, the One who will take us straight to the Father is enough! Now we, like Hezekiah (and countless others before and after – see scripture references at the end of post) can enter the house of the Lord and seek His counsel about everything. See how God was swift to answer and honored the one who came straight to Him full of confidence in Him to meet the need, however He would choose to do so. How can He make us confident in ourselves when the entire purpose is to make, build and prove the confidence is in Him? Indeed He shall thwart every effort for us to have confidence in anyone other than Him and most especially ourselves! This is His grace! Saving grace!

How we approach the throne of God is pivotal to our walk with Him along the road. Humbly seeking with the heart of Hezekiah, the mentality that says as he did, “You alone are God of all kingdoms on earth. You have made heaven and earth. Turn Your ear, Adonai, and hear! Open Your eyes, Adonai, and see!” (2 Kings 19:15-16) Asking for all we need and then turning from our ways of demand and expectation based on what we think and how we see and bending our wills to trust in His Ways and Thoughts much higher and not like ours to win the day. .. inside us! You see when Hezekiah asked God to hear and see, he knew he was asking God to open his ears and eyes. For they were one and the same due to the fact that Hezekiah’s heart was set to honor God first. God’s eyes opened is our eyes opened if He lives in us! How can it be otherwise? He will be our eyes and ears; because His are not limited to the temporal but all things eternally. How can we not be confident in such Eyes and Ears? Such strength is found in such knowledge that we, though we are limited, have a ‘set of eyes and ears’ that knows the visible and invisible and can cause us to act within a realm we cannot see or hear! What a profoundly transforming God, miraculous indeed – He is! What grace and mercy and honor He bestows us! No other creatures know this kind of Shepherding! What meaning there is in the words of Yeshua when He said “he who has ears, let him hear!” May the heart of Hezekiah’s ‘ears’… be a shining example of Yeshua’s words within each of us more and more each day!

1 Kings 8:28-30
Ezra 9:5
Isaiah 36-37
Psalms 74:10-11
Psalms 91

John 5:19-20; 25; 28 -30
John 8:25-29
John 12:47-50

Matthew 11:15; 13:9; 13:43
Mark 4:9; 23
Luke 8:8; 14:35
Revelation 2:7; 11; 3:6; 13; 22; 13:9

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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Workin’ It Out ~ Part 2

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Recently, I was asked, “Who is your favorite author?”

I answered, “The Holy Spirit.”

“Oh”, they said, dripping with sarcasm, “What did that write?”

“Anything worth reading.” I replied.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Quiet times are not always silent to the receptors of the physical ear. Its where one goes to shut out the noise of the world. It takes the awesome power of God, moving a heart and soul towards Himself. My part is to first believe I can trust Him to do the shutting out of everything that doesn’t consist of Him. Secondly, to expect Him to speak to me. Which is “the harder work” of the two cannot be measured. It takes every inner-muscle, tendon, ligament, and nerve attached to my decision-maker (will) to do.

The reading is easy, the “eating” of the Word is challenging. Even Yeshua’s disciples had a hard time understanding the concept of eating His flesh…drinking His blood. (John 6:52-71). It takes a running the stuff I read through my own understanding…then giving up my own and asking Him for His – pen posed, if you will,  and ready for definitions that come from Him alone.

Its not just the Bible God authors! He has continued to write well past Revelations. Dangerous is this thinking, you say? Perhaps. Stick with me…if it seems offensive its okay. Perhaps the greatest sadness is that people today don’t really believe God can protect them from anti-messianic jargon. We stay “safe” inside a prescribed box and suddenly God can’t move outside that box we have prescribed. This box was meant to be broken, and often the only way is for Him to “offend” the rules of what keeps Him in there in our own minds.

I am so thankful God has sent various people into my life to challenge me in my boxed up thinking! So grateful He somehow got me to seek inside my offended sensibilities. So humbled and renewed by His protection within the boundaries of such endeavors. The God I learned about and came to conclusions about most my life, has been effectively proven to be not the God of the Universe. To be clear, I was raised in a “christian” home. Church-bred, family approved. I “cut my teeth” on basic Christianity. Needless to say…its not surprising I got cavities in those teeth. I stuck to a legalistic view of doctrine, and believed only whom I deemed trustworthy to teach. God, Himself as my teacher was never once taught from any pulpit. This concept was viewed as radical and charismatic. Neither of which had a inviting tone when spoken of to my young little ears. This was a danger zone. God speaks through the Bible…period, end of story. Never mind that in order for that to be true; Yeshua (Jesus) would have had to only have quoted verbatim from the Old Testament! Or He was/is not the Messiah. Indeed there’s an account also in John where someone is quoted having said, “No one ever spoke the way this man speaks!” Referring to Yeshua (John 7:45-52) Then there’s Yeshua, Himself said His Father works “outside the box” by quoting Old Testament scripture in Isaiah 54:13 which says, “They will all be taught by Adonai (the Lord); He goes on to say words you won’t find anywhere from Genesis to Malachi. (John 6:41-51) Only Yeshua spoke as Yeshua spoke because only Yeshua could! He spoke repeatedly about His sheep knowing His voice and following Him…if the Bible was to be our only source of Gods voice, then why didn’t Yeshua say “My sheep know how to read, and will find My words only in the Bible.”? And what about the countless people who never learned to read?? By the way…Matthew to Revelations hadn’t been written yet when Yeshua said the former. I could go on with this point of view, but alas I must move on.

Needless to say once He had duely offended my thinking in this way, He started teaching me how to question what is Him and isn’t. Using the Word of God always as a guide. Just like He intended it from the Beginning. The Bible is the written Word of God; that starts at the Beginning and takes us to the Last Days, covering A-Z if you will. Yet His speaking to His people did not end with Paul and the Disciples! What use would there be for the last 2000 years if that was truth? We are not in limbo! God is every bit as interested in speaking to His children directly today as He was the prophet Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel! (To name a few). Yeshua came to usher in the tearing of the veil that kept just anyone from approaching the presence of God, Himself and hearing and speaking directly from/to Him! The was one of the powerful results of Yeshua’s obedience to the will of the Father all the way to the cross! His work made it possible for the Spirit to write His word straight upon the tablet of a human heart! What a gift!

Here’s cusp of this “work out”. Every time you “turn around” in all the Bible; you got God saying “Fear not!! So what, you say? Its fear that keeps one from moving towards God to hear directly from Him! Why? Because if its true, He speaks directly to us, then we are without excuse not to do EVERYTHING the way He says to do it! As detailed and applicable to our own times, with the detail needed for the specific people we have in our lives right now today. God can literally tell you what to eat, when to eat it, when to lie down, when to get up, what to say, what not to say, how to think, what to believe, what is truth, what is not, what to watch on TV, what to listen to, even when to go to the bathroom and how many pieces of TP to use to wipe your tush! And if, if this is truth, we are without excuse of knowing His way verses ours! He really can “call the shots” and we have nowhere to turn for not heeding His voice! This was Gods biggest complaint towards His people in the Old Testament, “My people do not listen to Me! Or live by My directions!” He wrote them down and sent them through imperfect people, namely prophets and priest. Everything He said through those He sent was true and proven to be true, and still…they did not believe, choose, or obey! Now we live in times that feels offended when someone says “God told me…”. The enemy of God has cloaked himself in fear again and bargained with the same old “chip”. “Did/Does God really say????” We waver and justify, throwing theology and man-made religiosity around to keep the box intact. So we can pick and choose what it is God will or won’t speak to, teach, instruct, guide and communicate about. The problem from the days of Noah, Moses, and Elijah have not changed since the time of Yeshua, Paul and now! We must seek God for everything all the answers to any thing that concerns us. That is…if we want to be His Child. Its simple if you don’t. This dilemma does not exist for those who view God unreachable, and as if He has left us here to “wing it” on our own. His voice is the last thing one attempts to become “familiar” with if our own ways are what we really want. Hence why Yeshua said, “If you love Me, you will keep My commands/obey Me. If you listen to Me, My Father and I will come in and make our home in you. Whoever belongs to God listens to what God says; the reason you don’t listen is that you don’t belong to God. Everyone who listens to the Father and learns from Him comes to Me” (John 8:31; 12:47-50; 14:23-24; 8:47)

To work out our own deliverance/salvation one must first come to this throne…there is a Voice, crying out in the wilderness of our own heart, heed it, seek it, follow it and live; not just eternally but purposefully and fully alive as God created us today, now. Or we have many many forms of and variations to going our own way, some cloaked in “righteousness” some without need to due to the lack of desire for even the appearance of righteousness. The great debate in the “christian world” today is: saved by grace without any need to obey God under the classifications of “works” VS. saved by Grace, unearned and unmerited, but now out of love alone, obedient to the Savior. Bought and sold. The choice is ours, but given by God. What kind of Love gives this kind of freedom to choose or reject?? Its completely out of human capacity to comprehend…without God’s Voice whispering in your “ear”. 🙂


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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Epidemic Symptom Relief

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I am going to post a link to an article below as the “body” of this post. But first I want to qualify a couple of things.

1. The blogger who wrote this is valued to me. I do not use his blog to “slam him“. His post is just a great example of the kind of “rabbit-hole” hyperbole that I myself have followed and if you are honest – you have too. So please don’t start lamb-basteing this blogger with judgement. My hope is that it will instead by the work of the Spirit of God cause us all to ask God to show us our own tendency to focus on the wrong things (typically with “pure” motives) and we forget what a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” looks like – in ourselves. I am not referring to the author of the blog…but the evil one whose work it is to get us to focus on symptom fixing so as to keep us from the very heart of God.

2. We live in a world that has bought…and when I say bought I mean we have invested everything into a lie.
Symptom treating is epidemic now. In our physical bodies…in our Spiritual diseases. Look at the latest pharmaceutical commercials. These are ALL to treat a symptom and not the actual problem. Everyone of them has this sort of dreamy music with spring and summer scenes pouring out as if a new pill encapsulates this “cure” that few and I mean few have possibly experienced. Towards the middle of each one, they start to list the symptoms that this new symptom treater can cause. Example: here’s a cure for smokers, take this and stop smoking BUT though now you may be “smoke free” you may now be: suicidal, have ulcers, bleeding of the stomach or intestinal tract, oh and in rare cases may experience heart failure or stroke!! I just love the word “experience” the way they so calmly say it…to the tone of a Disney “experience”…eyes rolling.
For us in the “christian world” it should be obvious…but alas it has invaded there too.
All the psychology of how, where, when, and why we sin…falls in the same sphere. Notice too, psychology also falls under a “medical licence” as well….hummmm…I began to get a hint here. Ahhh…the wolf has indeed found a sheep suit! People just want to feel well. Make a pill, give them a dose of “reason”…turn them into symptom treaters and they’ll feel like “at least they are doing something! Oh my dear brothers and sisters, I pray the Spirit of God move into this blindness!

So here is the post, and yes I commented but as I said before…my hope is that as God did for me, He will do for us all…
As you read…ask Him (God) to speak to you where you need sight restored. Where we tend to get side tracked by symptoms instead of the problem. For this is my hearts intent here, not to cause useless meanderings down “debate lane”.

John 17:14-19 ~ Yeshua (Jesus) praying to the Father for us all…

“I have given them Your Word, and the world hated them, because they do not belong to the world – just as I Myself do not belong to the world. I don’t ask You to take them out of the world, but to protect them from the Evil One. They do not belong to the world just as I do not belong to the world. Set them apart by holiness by means of the TruthYour word is Truth. Just as You sent Me into the world, I have sent them into the world. On their behalf I am setting Myself apart for holiness, so that they too may be set apart for holiness by means of the Truth.”

Matthew 11:12 ~ Yeshua speaking…

From the time of Yochanan the Immerser (John the Baptizer) until now, the Kingdom of God has been suffering violence; yes, violent ones are trying to snatch it away.

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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