Lessons in Set Apart (Holiness) – Part 2

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Tiara stepped out to run to the store. She blew a kiss to her husband through the window of his office and headed towards the truck. As always her glance was drawn upward towards the sky, again it took her breath away. Clouds whipped and twisted like pixie dust and ringlets of gold and pink were like whispers of the Spirits heart at play and delight. The sun was falling faster towards the southern horizon, soon it would withdrawal it’s effects of warmth from the evening air. Venus, The Splendor; as God had taught the magi so long ago was holding a steady and beautiful course to follow the sun just over head. Tiara smiled and thanked Adonai (the Lord), once again for being the King of the Universe and giving her eyes to see it. As she walked up to the truck, her attention was drawn to the lights that had just came on across the street. Both houses seemed to be in sync for timing of the holiday affair of lights. One was distinctly christmas, a big Santa took up the center of attention with traditional icicle lights and candy canes scattered about. The other house was more to Tiaras liking, not traditional, classy and done with artistic aplomb! Still with signs of the traditional holiday but with things you don’t find in every yard this time of year. The mini hot air balloon was particularly pretty. Beauty abounded this evening in the form  of lights.  

As she opened the truck door to get in, Tiara sighed, keys jangling. Reminding her of the sounds she’d imagine of sleigh bells a bit from her many years of holiday recollections. The door closed and she started the truck, looking at her house, still with summer yard lights glowing, but faintly as the sun no longer provided the solar panels with the light, having a northern exposure. For the third year her house would only display the mogan David she had decorated with lights and the Menorah as the candles were lit each night until they melted down losing their illumination. The thought made her smile but with a slight sigh, she loved the lights of christmas.

Lord may this house be lit up for You by our every word and deed.  

It had been harder than she thought to let go of all things christmas. A blessing beyond words but also it came with much misunderstanding and inner turmoil. It would have been easier if she’d never celebrated the holiday in the first place. Many family members especially her children and her young nieces and nephews with their children never complained to her face, God was good; but in the air between them there was question and disappointment. Gift giving was another part of holiday making that had been given up for Tiara and Josh. It was hard, they were giving and loving at heart, it was hard to be the only two people who didn’t enter the family tradition. Tiara wondered what kind of memories her grandchildren would form at the decision they had made. Being set apart often felt alienating and hurt a bit too. 

Father forgive me for my longing to be seen different than You truly see me. Thank You for giving me this way and the eyes to see the Truth to follow. Collect these sighs likes tears in that bottle You have for me. May You bless my children, grandchildren, friends and family in a special way dear Lord in these days. Help me to hear and obey You with a whole heart.  

The truck in gear, Tiara began to pull out of her driveway. She pushed the button to listen to her favorite station. ‘Silver bells’, the famous song greeted her. She “leaned in’ to hear if the Lord would again ask her to refrain from listening. That still small Voice confirmed, and she tried four different stations, all were playing various holiday music. She turned off the radio. Another sigh…

It’s everywhere, dear Father of Lights. Can a little sweet music be so bad? Oh, Lord You know how I love to sing and worship you. That last one was Third Days rendition of ‘O Holy Night’…I admit I’m a bit unsure of the harm. But…not my will but Your will Master of my musical heart. Teach me what You will in this too. 

The impression of how this ‘having nothing, NOTHING, to do with evil’ instruction began to teach in deeper ways pressed in.  

My Child, this refraining should not feel so unfamiliar in many other ways in this world than just this time of year. Indeed “it’s everywhere” this theme is, in so many things in this world, yes? I tell you the truth, dear one, that what you say is true, to never have become part of the world, entered into the ways of small compromise would have made this separating much easier, indeed not hard at all. You don’t feel like you miss going to bars do you? 

No, my Lord, I do not.

Because the desire has no attachment of appeal that came with deceit. I’ve asked my people to avoid and hate evil and the ways of it for this reason. Confusion and heart ache come from the small seemingly innocent compromises. You can’t miss what you never knew. Yet all sin and fall short dear Child, and the contrast of longing and separating is my gift to You. That you may remember and with trust turn away so that My instructions for you may become more and more delightful to you as you obey. Do you see what joy you have to hear My Voice and heed it’s direction?

Oh yes, yes Lord, I would despair without it!

Trust Me now, then My precious Child, and remember, it’s the heeding of My direction that’s the key here. Do not be tempted to judge or condemn the lights, songs, and many elements of this holiday refraining. Just trust Me, come to Me, like this. What delight I have when you come to Me, and we talk and work out My will for you! Sing to Me a new song now My Child…  

Pulling into the parking lot of the store, Tiara began to sing. 

John 15:3-4

Right now, because of the word which I have spoken to you, you are pruned. Stay united with Me, as I will with you… 

~ Stay tuned for Part 3…~

Grace and peace to you in the Messiah, Yeshua ♡

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Lessons in Set Apart (Holiness) – Part 1

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Caleb and his 8 year old daughter, Halayia were sitting at the park feeding the resident geese. The many flocks of spring and summer had flown south, the park was quiet, settling in to the crisper air of winter. The greese breath was visible as they gathered for the crumbs. 

Caleb and Halayia took this path as they walked home from Halayia school. The park workers were finishing up the holiday decor. Halayia watched them, absent-mindedly tossing her crumbs. Caleb could see her little gears spinning and smiled, he knew a question was about to emerge. He sent up a request that the Lord would place the answer in his heart before he heard the question. Those gears were seriously grinding on something big. 

“Papa?” came the sweet voice of his first born daughter. He smiles. 

“Yes, Layia?” He threw another handful of crumbs. 

“Why don’t we celebrate Christmas anymore? We used to, and I don’t understand. I miss the lights and all the stuff we did then. My friends all do, and Gail invited me to a church play, but Mama says no. Everybody does it, but us it seems.” The sadness and dejection in her voice broke Caleb’s heart. 

Oh boy Lord, help me here.  

“When is your birthday Layia?” The words were out before he realized it. 

A confused face looked up at him. “May 6th, Daddy, you know that. I’m talking about Christmas.” Bright green eyes beheld him with question. 

“Yes, I know, now when is Jesus birthday?” Caleb tried not to smile as he could see the Lord had heard his prayer and was answering. He began to see where this was going. 

Halayia’s face scrunched in introspection. 

“It’s not December 25th, but I don’t know….eerrr…I don’t remember His birthday day.” she thought more out loud than in answer. 

“You’re right, His birthday isn’t on Christmas and today you will perhaps remember His real birthday from now on because you have asked these questions. But, before I tell you His actual birthday day, let me ask you…How would you feel if we celebrated your birthday on say… Alice’s birthday?” 

Halayias face again scrunched up, this time in a form of disgust. Alice was a girl at school who was constantly belittling Halayia because she was a Christian. Many a tearful face had greeted Molly and Caleb from Layias sweet face after school from hurtful things Alice did. 

“I would be very mad, Daddy, why would we do that? Halayia tossed another crumb-full down hard on the ground. a piece hit a goose on the nose and made it squack and flutter it’s wings.

“Absolutely, that would be very crazy, huh? You are a bit young dear Layia, but there is a long history to learn about Christmas and how it came to be, and if you’re willing we shall begin to teach you. But right now, let just say that how Christmas started was by people who worshiped the god Isis and this god was just Satan trying to fool these people. But in the real world, God’s world, Jesus’s world, His birthday got mixed up with His enemies party and over the years people tried to make it better and added to it to include Santa Claus and many things. So in truth people don’t even realize they arecelebrating  Satan’s idea of a holiday for him but somehow because some Christians wanted to make it a good holiday, most now think that it’s Jesus’s birthday they celebrate instead. So you see, Layia, it would be like celebrating your birthday on Alice’s, who doesn’t like you because you love Jesus, but worse because Satan is actually Jesus’s enemy, while Alice is foolish and deceived, she is not your enemy. Does that make sense?” Deep inside Caleb took a deep breath, inviting the Spirit to open his daughters mind to understand what was a very complicated thing. 

Halayia was quiet for a few moments, many emotions rolling across her face as her little mind and heart worked to process. Slowly…

“Well, it must hurt Jesus a lot since everybody has changed his birthday and they don’t know… Do they?…I mean, even Christians, our church, our family, who loves Jesus, they all do! How can they not know? Daddy, why doesn’t Jesus tell them?” Halayia was perplexed still, but Caleb could see she was grasping the truth. 

“He does tell them. Just like your mommy and I learned the truth, everyone can learn it too. But just like you, it’s hard to change, to stop celebrating like everyone else, when it seems innocent and harmless. Especially for those who think they can say they are really celebrating Jesus so it doesn’t matter. But, Layia, always remember it’s not what you think of anything in this life but what God thinks that matters most, and He is very serious about the truth of things, it’s His thoughts we must take our actions on. He had a very special reason for sending His Son, Jesus, to be born when He did, the exact day and hour has meaning. HIS birthday is the most important birthday ever, we must be careful to honor God’s timing and ways. As you grow older He will teach you how very special each moment and event in your life has lots of meaning, but Jesus birthday is full of all the meanings of all the lives on earth in one Man. We want to honor that, so we don’t have anything to do with what makes Jesus birthday less. God says have NOTHING to do with evil. Sometimes, like now, that’s hard. The lights are pretty, the plays are well done, the gifts are fun, the songs and shows seem innocent and seem to be good, but to God its like everyone has decided to go to Satan’s party and this makes Him very sad.” Caleb began to gather the bags, now empty of crumbs. The sun had fallen behind the horizon. Darkness was encroaching. Halayia perceived they were leaving and took his hand. 

“Does it make God happy that we don’t celebrate Christmas?” the question was full of more. More than just the one, as all things rich with a heart that longs to please God. Caleb’s heart soared. 

“Yes, my cub, yes it makes Him happy. But more than that, it make us closer to Him, His presence is like you and me, here in this park, talking, feeding the geese and loving to be together. It gives us joy too! He can teach us many things when we are trusting Him and obeying. Especially when it’s hard. I’m sorry it is hard for you dear Layia to not be able to join in with so many things. I’m very sorry that your mommy and I did not realize before what Christmas was and we celebrated and it makes you miss it. Will you forgive me?” Caleb had stopped and knelt down in front of his precious gift God had given him to teach and lead. 

Halayias little gloved hands reached for her Papa’s cheeks and she put her head in his forehead. 

“Of course, Papa, I didn’t know either, will you forgive me? Maybe we can make a party for those who won’t go on going to Satan’s party. It could be like Moses and the Israelites who put the blood over their doors. Well just let it pass right by!” Halayia said with lighthearted fun. 

Caleb teared up, what an amazing little person you have given me dear God! 

He scooped Layia up with a big whoosh! 

“Yes, let’s go home my cub! We shall talk to mommy and Josh and come up with a way to let all this pass over and party in God’s love together!

Amos 5:14-15

Seek good and not evil, so that you will survive. Then Adonai (the Lord) will be with you as you say He is.  Hate evil, love good and uphold justice at the gate… 

Proverbs 1:15

My son, don’t go along with them, don’t set foot on their path.  

Proverbs 4:14-15

Don’t follow the path of the wicked or walk on the way of evil doers. Avoid it, don’t go on it, turn away from it, and pass on.  

2 Timothy 2:19

Nevertheless, God’s firm fountain stands, stamped with these words:

“The Lord knows His own” and, “Let everyone who claims he belongs to the Lord stand apart from evil (wrongdoing).”  

Psalms 37 – all of it. 

2 Corinthians 1:21-22

Moreover, it is God who sets both us and you in firm union with the Messiah; He had anointed us, put His seal on us, and given us His Spirit in our hearts as a guarantee for the future.  

Revelation 2:5-7

Therefore, remember where you were before you fell, turn from this sin, and do what you used to before. Otherwise, I will come to you and remove your menorah from its place – if you don’t turn from your sin! But you have this in your favor: you hate what the Nicolaitans do – I hate it too. Those who have ears, let them hear what the Spirit is saying to the Messianic communities. To him winning the victory I will give the right to eat from the Tree of Life which is in God’s Gan-‘Eden (Garden).'”  

Stay tuned for part 2

Grace and peace in the Messiah, Yeshua. 🙂

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Upright Ownership

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Ever wonder how King David could use the term “my righteousness” in the Psalms? Job did the same as well.

It’s been a common line of thinking in the church that noone can “own their righteousness”; using the Apostle Paul’s term “apart from God there is no righteousness” which I believe he quotes from King Davids Psalms as well. So what could this Psalms be talking about? And what does Job mean when he claims to have a righteousness of his own?

In my own studies I have found the following which has helped a great deal.

First of all there are two types of righteousness we are given by God.

● The righteousness of salvation; which comes from Yeshua alone by His works and His death and resurrection. This is not earned by us; nothing we do contributes to this righteousness. Even the grace we are given to accept and receive Yeshua comes from Adonai alone. This righteousness is what Paul is referring to; the ownership of this is God alone. We can stand firm in it but even to do that we must be given grace and mercy to do so by God. It is this righteousness alone that will place us before God on Judgement day and separate the goats from the sheep. Everyday our first conscious act is to bring ourselves under the protection and grace of the Salvation Yeshua provides. This enables us to move into the day with the righteousness that follows…

● The righteousness of separateness, holy living, following, obeying, submitting to all God’s instruction and teaching; the living acts of being set apart by His truth manifesting itself from within us causing the fruits of the Spirit to grow on our tree. It is, however, still the act of God that we are given the heart to obey, listen, and heed Him. By giving us access to Himself through Yeshua the Messiah with the power given by His Holy Spirit, our Counselor. So here still the origin of this righteousness still comes from Adonai. But we now become the very righteousness of God in the world we effect and live in; and thus the righteousness King David and Job refers to as their own. These acts of righteousness we get to take with us all the way to eternity! They shall never rot, decay, wither away, the treasures we store up! These will also be rewarded by Yahweh, on Judgement day.

The heart of the individual must be seeking only for God to get the glory. This is the Spirit of the Law – or more accurately defined – the Teachings of God that Yeshua’s coming and His walk lived out here on earth revealed and stood in contrast to expose the religious hypocrisy of what mankind had done with God’s law. Whenever something God designed gets directed to glorify anything other than Himself it becomes wickedness.


Another note that opened wide my perspective was how one defines – good and evil.
In Hebrew the Word – good – means functional. Meaning that whatever is being referred to as good operates under the design and purpose for which it was made by God.

The Word – evil – therefore means dysfuctional. Anything that gets put to use for anything other than the way it was designed and purposed by God according to His original intent.

The word good for as far back as hundreds of years before Yeshua was born and lived as a man; was morphed into this religious hypocritical feeling-based definition. Something that makes one feel good rather than actually being the good God designed it to be. For example: the act of obeying the 10 Commandments being called “good” when the heart of the person doing so was to make themselves feel good not simply because they loved the Instructor and wanted Him to be glorified through them. This is why Yeshua asked the “righteous man” why he called Yeshua good. And thereby explained that noone is good except God the Father.

It makes a huge difference to know how God intends the words He created to be used and perceived. Greek (or gentile) thinking has diluted so much of the exactness of how God expressed Himself, with clarity enough for a child. The more “heady” or intellectual one became in pursuit of knowledge of God rather than desire to know God Himself the less accurate this “knowledge” became.

Given all that is above in reflection and study. Now re-read the Psalms at the top. Light should fairly burst into our souls! Notice why David can ask God to judge him with confidence. The focus of all things in the words he is expressing is God. The trust within David is in God’s righteousness and judgement not his own. Yet he is able to see that the act of obeying and serving God in the designs that God gave with the act of living for Him (the Teachings/Law) gave him a firm ground to stand upon in defeating the enemy (God’s enemy, the devil and his servants). In fact the whole story of Job reflects this same “motif” if you will. It is wisdom to see that the enemies King David refers to in 90% of the Psalms he wrote are not human beings. (Though with study one can figure out which and where he does indeed refer to the human element of enemy). As we read the Psalms we must pay close attention to how the enemy is being referred to as David had also been instructed by God to love his enemies but hate the evil doer. Hence when Yeshua tells us to do the same there is no contradiction between the Word of God at the time Yeshua lived (The Old Testament) and His own Words which were the fulfillment of the old renewed in His person Himself. So much of what Yeshua said cannot be truly understood without having applied (as God intended) and studied the Holy Scriptures that were given by God before Yeshua was sent as a babe, thus fulfilling all God’s Word. The entire Old Testament and most of the New must be viewed via the Hebrew mind. Not the greek. God moved the very Hebrew of Hebrew Paul to translate and begin educating the Greek thinkers (gentiles) but Paul started by explaining the error of Greek thinking and gently showing (teaching) the Hebrew. It is a big debate but needlessly so as to the language God spoke to His people and even to His Creation at the beginning saying “Let there be Light!” Yet the fervent study of God’s Word eliminates this at the tower of Babel. Hebrew was the original language and it was at this point that all other languages emerged. Note also that the reverse “Tower of Babel” happened in Acts when everyone who received the Holy Spirit was able to understand everyone speaking in foreign languages. Hence they were all translated back to the original – Hebrew. God’s language. The evidence is overwhelming. Now see how the church is robbed by the enemy by this whole idea that we need not apply the Old Testament or understand the Hebraic roots for which we are all grafted into. Yeshua was not a Hebrew by happenstance, it is a neon sign as to where God intends to lead His people and how.

The ownership of all Righteousness is indeed Adonai. Yet we become His righteousness and are rewarded for the everyday acts of trust and obedience of living according to Gods design and teachings from the beginning. So we can say “God judge me according to Your grace for my righteousness” just as Job and David did, without misplaced arrogance but instead full righteousness granted us through the saving acts of God to communicate to His people the way they should go. I pray this excited you and stirs you to study deeper the God who is above all gods… and may His person be who we encounter at every turn! Driving deeper the sword of love and desire to please Him with every Word!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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The Last Letter

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Dearest Ariel,

It’s Christmas eve and I’m waiting for you as best I can. Though I know I will not be here when you arrive. The IV bag drips like sands in my hour glass. I’ve had a visitor though, and His visit has given me enough clarity of mind and energy to write. Though truth be told it was an order, I’m simply obeying. Yet also I’ve been told I will not be here when you arrive and that it’s to a purpose and I’m not to worry about it. This is my tav!

Thank you so much for being willing to come out here, dropping everything during the holiday festivities to be here. Please read this carefully Ariel for in the end you will see that it is not wasted… nothing is accidental nor wasted ever! That I will see you soon is no understatement and nor a flight of religious fantsy. Oh, so near to the end are all things! Yet the very barest of beginnings for those who trust the Messiah and follow Him without a second thought of turning back. And who, who once truly having come face to face with Him could ever turn back? Haven’t we said that over and over again?

I know dear one how you were brokenhearted that I would not seek my “healing” via the medical and pharmaceutical avenues available today. That you thought I was radical and – well a bit crazy. I have also watched how you’ve changed having been open to the information I gave you to pursue, and thank you again for being open and willing to listen and indeed seek the truth for yourself. That’s a great gift given by God alone, never ever take it for granted. Now you must hear me say this: in all things all – the right direction is the one Adonai leads you to. For He uses all things and the obedient child going through whatever He leads will have His blessing – that is; His presence and strength because of it to get them through whatever He asks. Not many things in this world that man has gotten their hands on and twisted to use to their advantage are safe anymore, but then this is the way things have been for thousands of years and there has been nothing He has not been bigger than and able to turn into His own good will. We suffer more due to them often but oh how we become united with Him in so doing! So fear nothing! Should He lead you through a medical door or a natural one; one day – only do what He tells you and nothing more and nothing less! We too often follow in the footsteps of another loved and trusted human; having thought of them as holy and right with God. Yet each of us are called to follow Him not follow exactly the way others we love follow Him. This is complicated but I’ve been assured He will make it simple for you as you need. Be patient, don’t covet more than you know and are given every day. Let the knowledge and wisdom of Yahweh come as He sees fit, take heart! For He has given us eternal life because He intends to give us all He has to offer, and it will take that long! Our biggest mistakes are in rushing knowledge and wanting more of it than He gives – goes right back to the beginning in the Garden. We do not trust Him. But Yeshua has enough trust to lend us in our short supply!

Remember what we’ve discussed and how we have been living out the knowledge and wisdom God has been giving us! Remember our laughter and tears at the process of being set apart and diving deeper into the covenant God has given from the beginning and sent His Son to part the ‘red sea’ of sin to cross us over into – the very presence of Himself as it has always been meant to be. Remember too, that picture of the wolf in sheeps clothing on one side and the sheep in wolves clothing on the other – one said – caution; the other said – sent. Wise as serpents, gentle as doves! The enemy has no faces in human form, he is and always will be the defeated one masquerading as light, shoveling darkness down upon the object of his hatred – mankind. So weak yet so beloved of the Creator, how he hates that! Remember how we spoke of this to encourage each other to obey and follow Yeshua’s very words; turning cheeks, offering more when accused of not giving enough, giving no matter what without looking at our reserves first. Forgiving…covering every sin we see, hear and know with His love – remember! These are our treasures, our wealth!


Now one thing more He has given to me, and I share with you before I must follow Him into the next thing, tomorrow is going to be a heck of a day! Remember – I’M NOT DEAD! If you trust He lives, and I know you do – SEE we are one and His promise is true! Celebrate, don’t have a funeral! Nasty, drab and not in keeping with the Kingdom mind we’ve been given – funerals. Yes there is a time to grieve but not now, when you miss me give Him your tears but I’m finally in total freedom – this is a time of happiness and joy – trust in that and celebrate! In so doing you celebrate your own liberation to come! There I’ve went on about this and my point in conclusion is not yet touched.

Concerning Christmas, cease to celebrate this dear one! I’ve included, as you see, again some resources for you to peruse. Nothing anyone with a heart for truth cannot find themselves these days if only they would use the vast resources we have today to do so. It’s in the same heart of being set apart and offering all things as He has told us to do, up to Him; and letting go of anything – anything that has something other than Him in it. Hear His voice; “Come out from among them!” Seek the truth and follow it no matter the cost Ariel!

The last couple of years of going back to the Word of God as the disciples and Yeshua spoke of have been the most miraculous and fruit bearing years of my life with Him! As you know well. Teach everyone you know! The new testament is precious and true but the encouragement found there to live the Word is speaking of the old testament. How the enemy has robbed the church! How many times have we spoke of it, prayed and fasted against it! The holy commands of Yahweh, how Yeshua fulfilled them! How all would know if only they would live it! Do you remember how awed we were when we began to understand the Law as His instructions for the best earthly experience possible! Remember how we’d look at each other and say “it’s true!” Finally experiencing the Life of the Messiah in us like for the first time! Be driven to see that same excitement in every face you see as long as He has you here! Oh, how we danced as we learned that obedience and submission to His ways and leading is freedom!

The light grows dim. ..I must have said all He wants me to say. Heed His voice as the continuance of this letter Ariel. Let Him show you the way through these next moment’s, I promise they will lead you to joy! Mayhap, my visitor will stay and visit with you a while before you go home. Do exactly as He says, and Home will become a new thing right here and now!

I love you dearly and can’t wait to see you soon! But oh how He loves you more! Let Him love you to Life!

Glory to God! I’m free!
Baruch atem b’shem Yeshua!


For those who desire to follow the truth warned about in this letter…

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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Grown Up or Grafted In?

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Do we ever out-grow “little” lessons?

Example: When we are young we are encouraged not to give into peer-pressure. Most of us can remember something that invited some person or some influence to encourage us not to give into this spirit that seeks to please ourselves by giving into people around us or to go against the pressure to do things like “everybody else” because we don’t want to be so different or ridiculed.


The lessons of youth has many faces. But what does it look like in the “adult world”? No much different really if we think about it. The voices of those who pressure us have the exact same ring at thirty and older as thirty and younger.

“Come ooonnnn! You gotta come out and hang with us/me at least here or there! You don’t have to do such and such just come be part of me doing it”

Or inner responses don’t change their tune much either.

“Well… maybe I’ll just go and x (fill in the blank). It won’t hurt if I don’t do what they do and just hang out with them. I can control myself and maybe I’ll even be setting a good example to them too.”

Yep. .. exactly the same from five years old to ninety five. There’s the choice to do what God says, exactly the way He says to do it or to revamp and revise what He says with our own way of rationalizing. In fact, the older we get the more in danger we become to this conundrum. Why? Because the older we are the more we think we know and apply what we know to what to us can sound an awful lot like sound wisdom. At least when we’re young we can claim ignorance or naivety. Young or old though set-apart is set-apart. Going against the flow, standing out while convincing ourselves and trying to appear to others like we’re standing up. When we’re older we can feel more confident in ourselves because of areas we’ve gained ground over temptations. Whereas, when we’re young almost every temptation is fresh and new and a lesson to be learned.


God’s instruction to separate ourselves from even the appearance of evil is not meant to protect us like some back-boneless imp. It’s meant to protect everyone involved. Go back up and read the peer-presured lament. Particularly the last line.

“Just come be apart of me doing it.”

What our human ears hear (young or old) is: “hey, I like you. I want to be with you. It’s about relationship really.” Its a lie. Relationship is about honor, encouraging others to do the right and pure and good things, based on truth not fudging. What they are really saying is: “hey, I like you but you need to be more like me so when I’m with you I won’t feel the weight of the fact that I know I could be better than I am.” The motive comes from the pit of hell – quite unbeknownst to the pressurer. “God is no fun. Give in a little, then you’ll be liked more and accepted. Show how strong you are! You don’t need God to keep you set-apart! You can be set-apart using what God says but changing it up a bit. .. no need to be so religious and goody-two-shoe’d! God said ‘be in the world just not of it.’ So be in it, just do it your way. That’s just as separate as His way! Look at all the experience you have, all God has brought you through! Your love for Him will protect you. Your over-coming in this area and that area will give you strength this time.”


We do not know that the second we compromise this cancer called leprosy of the soul begins to make your heart a petri dish. We will buy a lie in exchange for God’s exact truth everytime we make revisions to it. We become numb to its subtle slip into a picture that corrodes both the peer and everyone we say we love; first and foremost God. The second we step into the pressure and give in we will not even feel where the slip begins. Because it begins under the auspices of “relationship” between us and another. The damage that will ensue will decay our real relationship with God and all those we claim to have one with. We can not go with someone to be a friend when the very going with them will encourage them to do what is harmful to them. That which is not right but wrong. No matter how restrained we may be we have just entered into relationship that is not relationship but a show encouragement to their destruction and potentially our own. We begin to doubt God and His reign begins to feel like rules and we will begin to question Him. Or perhaps there are those who encourage us in the Lord and we will begin to place them in a light makes them feel to us, like they put pressure on us and we will slowly pull away. Slowly, but surely peer-pressure given into (at any age) kills our ability to have true relationship and love with anyone. Because the first compromise of relationship happens with God. There is no relationship, true relationship; fulfilling, life-giving, love sustaining relationship with out Him who made the very substance of it. He does not and did not compromise with or for us; and never will. Not because He is rigid and a rule monger. But because He is right and true and the way He made all things to be the best they can be; is truly the way all things work to be the best they can be.


The one who designed a doorknob, designed the keyhole to have a specific key to be put into it in order for it to open. It can only be opened without that specific key by breaking it. Truth is about function not performance. With peer-pressure the temptation is always to challenge the heart of God’s love, not ours. Ours means nothing if we do not get it from Him.

Let’s look at where Yeshua (Jesus) experienced peer-pressure. Remember how often he was goaded to show people a sign? Go count them! Many many times. Do we think He didn’t feel like it? Do we doubt that He was tempted to just to prove He was who He said He was? Do we think that only the “bad guys” pressured Him and not those He loved? Did He at any time give in? No. Why? Because then He would not have so loved the world and every person before and after that moment would have been utterly lost. Because to do so would have been to not love His Father first and thereby be unloving to every single person He ever knew or would know. He loved those “bad guys” and He loved those followers who thought they knew what He should do to take over the Kingdom and rule and reign, those closest to Him who were as blinded by man’s limited view as the “bad guys”. Loving God’s ways instead of ourself, our feelings, and even more than others will always be the maximum potential of Love. We follow Yeshua’s example because it will be the ultimate good for ourselves and everyone we know every time. Always.

The next time you are goaded. Young or old. Remember! True relationship, friendship and love applies God’s ways to our own thoughts and actions first like a wall around our hearts for Him. And in so doing this; He makes sure that all those around us; whether they think well or ill of us (or we be tempted to think well or ill of ourselves because of them and their influence on us) never has the power to come between us and Him.

No. Peer-pressure is never out- grown because we must always come and become as little children. Never grown up so as to graduate from any evil that can corrupt our hearts before our Lord. Children and young ones have far less to fear with their limited experience in life. We adults will battle pride harder and harder as the years go by. Because we think “we’ve got this. Know that. Understand.” The second we think we have outgrown any lesson we become ingrown and will find ourselves without excuses that come with the advantage of youth. Be grafted in, not grown up! To the glory of God!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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