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♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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I Will not Keep Silent

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***The following is taken from Frances J. Roberts devotional called Dialogues with God. Each one either begins with God speaking to her or her to God, recording the beautiful interaction of communion with Adonai.
I Will not Keep Silent (Our heart to Him)

My lips shall speak forth Thy praise.
Yea, my tongue is the pen of a ready writer. (Psalms 45:1)
My mouth shall be filled with the Wonders of Thy Greatness, and I shall magnify Thy Name.
In the midst of the people shall I lift up my voice and worship Thee.
I will not keep silent.
For if I keep silent, my soul is consumed within me.
O Lord God, what unbearable desolation would be ours if Thou didst not speak to us!
How our hearts cry out for an answer from Thee:
Surely Thy heart likewise longeth for a response from us!
I will not keep back that gift which only I can give:
My praise, my worship, my adoration.
I love Thee, I will extol Thee unashamedly before the multitude. I will not withhold this from Thee, though surrounded by the callous and the unconcerned.
This belongeth unto Thee. This will I give to Thee.
As it is written:
Render to man the things of man, but give to God that which is His rightful due. (Matt. 22:21)

By Silence Ye Rob Me of My Glory (Adonai’s Words to us)

Yea, My child, I have been betrayed more times by silence than by words.
By words a man may sin against Me, but by silence do ye rob Me of My Glory.
Said I not, of those who praised keep silent, I would cause the stones to testify?
Yea, but I take no pleasure in the stones and have made them truly to witness of Me;
But My children have I born; yea, they are flesh of My flesh – bone of My bone.
How much we have to share!
It is as we work together that My will is accomplished.
I am continually placed on trial in the eyes of men by the enemy.
Ye are My defense.
For as I plead thy case before the throne against the devil’s accusations, so I depend upon you to defend Me before those who cast doubts and aspersions upon Me before men.
Truly these words are prompted of the devil the same as the words he brings to Me against you.
Never miss an opportunity to uphold Me;
And know this:
As ye testify of Me and plead My cause before men,
I will surely plead thy case and witness for thee before the Father.
But as it is written;
If you are ashamed of Me before men, I will be ashamed of you when I stand before the Father in your behalf. (Mark 8:38)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I have often brought up how Yeshua’s (Jesus’) words are full of the proof of reciprocitaious nature of the Kingdom of Heaven. We receive from God ALL things needful and they are then given away. In the same nature as He gives. Never dependent on the recipients choice to believe, or choice to lay hold of any of what’s being offered as Truth. He gives.
God does what He does, is who He is, and gives all things to the whole of all He made. Thus He goes first in Example to that which He asks us to be. Hence we can follow a God who knows where and how to get where we must go. He speaks Truth first, it will never have an ounce of origination in us. If we know a Truth, it is because He has made it known – revealed it, opened our ears or eyes or minds to see it. If we do not, it is because He has not yet deemed it time for us to know. Thus we let go of the human propensity to think we should know more then we do. If I know His Name, and praise who He is and has thus far revealed Himself to me to praise…I know enough and His promise to reveal Himself ever more can be Trusted…so we learn to wait on that as King David wrote over and over.

Each of us can recall moments when pointing to Him with our words to another was what we should have done. Our reasons most likely lay in the realm of what we reasoned not to be cool or opportune. Yet the source usually points to either our shame in Him or our lack of trust. What comfort that it never depends on our trust in Him that He Is Who He Is!! What Grace that we are forgiven as soon as we accept our error, and ask Him to fill us instead with His Way. I know for myself, He has been ashamed of me before the Father, but I also know that even then He reminds the Father that His blood covers my shame! He has provided ALL that is needful in all circumstance. And gives, gives, gives us chances and chances and chances! Infused with His Grace and Mercy and Love!! Yeshua the Messiah is and always will be a “win, win Way”!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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How to Pray During Disaster

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May 20th, 2013

Another deadly and dreadful tornado rips through Moore Oklahoma at 3:15pm. It stays on the ground building in strength for an hour; until in a matter of seconds it fades and disappears from the sky. One minute it is unmistakeably serious, deadly, huge and seen for tens of miles; the next it looks like a thunderstorm. One minute the sky and the earth connect the next it is again separate.
People below that sky are still standing agape and stunned. Still hunkered down and waiting for the “all clear” sign. Some…are no longer there looking up from below, but looking down…and they…they no longer have questions about anything…the least of which is “What on earth!! Why us? Where’s God?” No, those who were called home way before the sun came up that morning have all their answers.
For those left behind…if questions are still stunted by shock and grief; they will come. If they have “seen it before” and therefore have no questions…they have either learned or they feel there is no sense in asking questions.
For those of us who inevitably watched their lives turn upsidedown, there is a resounding thought. Everyone says it.

“We must pray for these poor people

How? How does one pray in such a humanly incomprehensible situation? How do you form words that encompass losses such as every news station and internet access site has laid out for the world to see? Groans are surely the only “words” possible for those in Moore Oklahoma and the many many others in various cities that have also been “touched” by the sky recently. Groans were my spirits first response. I am so thankful groans are mentioned in the Word of God. They mean something! Perhaps more than words!

When I settled down this night, sitting and still…waiting for God to speak into the images that left traces outlined in my mind of Moore Oklahoma; this is what He said.

“My will was done…pray that it continues.”

Sounds harsh, huh? Sounds like a judgemental, hard God…and it would hardly be accepted as “comfort” by most…few but most shrink at such words. Its…inhuman! Yes, yes it is. But then…His ways are not our ways, nor His thoughts. And two things are always undoubtably true. His ways are carried out, swift and sure. His thoughts are the only clarity that can make sense in chaos. Job wrote about it for this purpose. His children were all taken by a storm. After God had taken all he had including his health. After the evil one had asked permission to afflict Job, after God said, “Do your worst, but do not take his life from his body.” No doubt had Job been a fly on the wall of that conversation he may well have stood agape at the Lord his God’s response. God’s will at this point would seem harsh…maybe even unfair. Hardly what humans call “loving or comforting”. To be clear – it is Gods job to Comfort. Not ours. At this moment and at 3:15-4:15pm He was on “the job. He did not stand aside and wait to love and comfort His children while a tornado wiped out city blocks. He may or may not have been implementing His justice. Its not for us to “know”. Whether He acts in such a way as we see justice or mercy; never changes that these are His hallmarks with all situations, everyday, no matter what humans believe or think. He is sure of His will, His Love, His methods, His acts and the results that follow. We can be, but its not necessary. God sent His Son exactly when and how and in the form He planned, totally independent of whether His creatures “approved” (and most did not – and still don’t). What we “get” is entirely up to us, depending on where we go to seek the enlightenment.

So…what should we pray??

Well for those with the provision and nearby…be a prayer! Help the needy and afflicted! Use all you got to “pray” with action. For the rest of us? I can not say what to “say” for anyone. But I will pray as instructed. Trusting the One I know is trustworthy, in control, sends chaos and disaster, wealth and prosperity. Truly I want none other than His Will to be done for all those who have been directly or indirectly affected by this. I know His Will holds more Love and Comfort than all the human words could hope to communicate. I also know…that I have no clue what exactly those people need from an eternal point of view. Carnally I can deduce (this takes no wisdom) that they need shelter, food, assistance, and community to support them. These request have and will continue to go from my heart to His ears. Yet in the light of all things…oh how I truly want everyone to know Yeshua (Jesus), the Father, and the Comforter like He is and better and more each day. This is my deepest desire. Yet, right now to say to someone who is grieving losses; “God’s will was done, be comforted.” Would be ill-advised (lacking wisdom). The best thing Job’s friends did was just sit and listen for the first few stanza’s of their “comfort”. All their words about God and His obvious ways towards evil were foolishness. They in the end were told by God to apologize and help Job by being a prayer.
Words will come later…right now we weep for those who weep…and put elbow juice into comfort. Silence reigns after disaster…because God Himself wants to be heard. He alone can heal with words.

His Word alone, points to how to pray.

Job 24:12

Men are groaning in the city, the mortally wounded are crying for help, yet God finds nothing amiss!

Job 28:20-28

“So where does wisdom come from? Where is the source of understanding, inasmuch as it is hidden from the eyes of all living and kept secret from the birds flying around in the sky? Death and destruction say, “We have heard a rumor about it with our ears.”
God understands its way, and He knows its place. For He sees to the ends of the earth and views everything under heaven. When He determined the force of the wind and parceled out water by measure, when He made a law for the rain and cleared a path for the thunderbolts; then He saw wisdom and declared it, yes, He set it up and searched it out. And to human beings He said, ‘Look, fear of Adonai (the Lord) is wisdom! Shunning evil is understanding!'”

Job 37: 5-13

“God thunders wonderfully with His Voice, He does great things beyond our understanding. He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth!’ – likewise to the light rain, also to the downpour. He brings all human activity to a stop, so that everyone He has made can know it. Then the animals go into their lairs and hibernate in their dens.
“Out of its chamber comes the storm, with cold out of the north. By the breath of God, ice is given, and the wide waters freeze over. He weighs the clouds down with moisture, and they flash forth His lightening. He, by His plans, turns them around, and they do what He commands them anywhere on earth; He brings them forth on the earth sometimes to punish, sometimes to express His grace.

Job 42:11

Then all his brothers and sisters came to him, also all who had known him before, and they ate a meal with him in his house. They consoled and comforted him for all the evils Adonai had inflicted on him.

Isaiah 29: 13-14

Then Adonai said:
“Because these people approach Me with empty words, and the honor they bestow on Me is mere lip-service; while in fact they have distanced their hearts from Me, and their ‘fear of Me’ is just a mitzvah (good deed) of human origin – therefore, I will keep shocking these people with astounding and amazing things, until the ‘wisdom’ of their ‘wise ones’ vanishes, and the ‘discernment’ of their ‘discerning ones’ is hidden away.”

Isaiah 43:13

Since the days began, I have been He. No one can deliver from My hand. When I act, who can reverse it?

Isaiah 44:24

Here is what Adonai says, your Redeemer, He who formed you in the womb: “I am Adonai, who makes all things, who stretches out the heavens all alone, who spread out the earth all by Myself.

Isaiah 45:6-8

I am arming you, although you don’t know Me, so that those from the east and those from the west will know that there is none besides Me – I Am Adonai; there is no other.
I form light, I create darkness; I make well-being, I create woe; I, Adonai, do all these things

“Heavens above, rain down justice; let the clouds pour it down. Let the earth open, so that salvation springs up, and justice sprouts with it.
I, Adonai, have created it.

Isaiah 54:16

It is I who created the craftsman who blows on the coals and forges weapons suited to their purpose; I also created the destroyer to work havoc.


span class=”post_sig”>Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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When God is the ONLY One with the answer.

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Job 40:1-5

Continuing to address Iyov (Job), Adonai (the Lord) said:
“Does the critic want to dispute Shaddai (the Almighty God)? Let him who wants to correct God give an answer!”

Then Iyov (Job) replied to Adonai:

“I am too ashamed; I have nothing to say. I lay my hand over my mouth. Yes, I spoke once, but I won’t answer more; all right, twice, but I won’t go on.”

Job chapters 38-42 are the least touched upon chapters of Job. The emphasis always seems to get “centered” on Jobs suffering, God’s testing of his trust, the “banter of the humans” (Job and his friends), and a touch on the enemy of God at the beginning.

To me the last chapters are the MOST telling of the Book. The Book itself’s purpose seems to reveal a deeper issue. Back and forth the humans go with their “knowledge, wisdom, advice and views of God’s” and God lets them go on and on. Not unlike He does still. Then God replies. Give those chapters a “look-see”, there was a reason Job, a righteous man proclaimed by God, Himself; was speechless after God’s replies. All the things the humans had recounted and set back and forth in review were rendered utterly useless. 

We still do this today. Uncomfortable with the fact that God has knowledge we don’t have, and will NEVER know fully as He does. Topics like:

Salvation – if it can be lost

Is God merciful beyond “the grave”

When will Yeshua (Jesus) come back?

Will “the believers” go through the great Tribulation or not?

Endless attempts to prove and reprove God’s existence by: science, theology, reason, education, logic, philosophy, psychology, even going so far as to suggest a human can become such an “expert on Scripture” that one may achieve the same degree of “knowledge” as God.

God started His Word (the Bible) out far from His beginning! It was ours not His beginning! He had loved us so much and so desired our friendship and citizenship in His Kingdom; that He has given such a capacity to us to “know” some of what He does that the limit, so far, has not been reached!
But! He will always be God, and therefore know everything in such a way that the created will not; or He will cease to be God. His desire can not be more clear; that we would know Him but not become gods.

I am so comforted by the fact that Adonai, Yeshua, and the Spirit will always have the “monopoly” on everything! It shuts my mouth when bent towards argument so many times! There are somethings, only God will ever know. And even if this statement is wrong; He will correct me! I don’t have to have all the answers…whew! I just have to run head-long towards the One who does. And…He can speak for Himself! If I don’t know, I can point whoever may be asking me to Him; with absolute confidence of His ability to answer when I can not. He NEVER asked us to be “know it all’s”. He only ever asked us to believe He does.

The link below is a great example of how one of the above controversial topics was “exchanged”. I do so enjoy a good debate, but even better when the words run out; the silence and ceasing of human breath so God can open anew our sight of Him.

Oh how I love my Brother Job’s last words!

Job 42:1-6

Then at last, Job gave Adonai this answer:

“I know that You can do everything, that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.

“You asked, ‘Who is this, hiding counsel, without having knowledge?’

Yes, I spoke, without understanding, of wonders far beyond me, which I didn’t know.

Please listen, and I will speak,

[You said,] ‘I will ask questions; and you, give Me answers’

I heard about You with my ears, but now my eye sees You; therefore I detest myself and repent in dust and ashes.”

Then, and only then, did God heal and restore Job and far more than in his “earthly” possessions! 


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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