Sorry Sinner – Forgiven Mistake Maker

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The biggest lie ever told:

Oh, you are forgiven and saved because you believe in Jesus, but you’ll always sin.

Let’s be clear about what sin is. Sin is a thought or deed we KNOW is wrong and we do anyway. Sin is repetitious, like chronic fatigue syndrome. We say sorry but use our “fallen state” as an excuse to keep doing it. USING Christ’s forgiveness as a tool to keep doing it.
Mistakes, we will make. But sin we do having been unwilling to learn from a mistake.

We have been given Christ’s forgiveness to give to others. We have been given the Spirit of the Living God to teach us how to learn from mistakes, and sin no longer has power from that point. Sin is habitual, mistakes are part of life.

Repented sin, cleans conscious’s, having confessed and turns away from and does the opposite of the original deed.
A liar, tells the truth, both outwardly and inwardly – repentance.
A thief, works for all they get, and gives from then on – repentance.
A fornicator, stops trying to get for themselves from others and serves/sacrifices for others – repentance.
An adulterer, stops taking selfishness to bed and starts being faithful especially to those who are faithless to them – repentance.
A repentance that cost you nothing, is not repentance.
A love that gives nothing, is nothing.
It takes God to correct the “flow” of right action. Saying sorry takes nothing but wounded pride.
Don’t be a “sorry sinner”.
Let Christ’s power flow through your weaknesses and become a sanctified Life learner.
There IS Power in His Blood, its the power of protection, not surrender to sin.

Don’t believe the lie. Christ’s forgiveness sets us free. Sets us free to make mistakes but be unshackled from their repetition. Sin. Sets us free from condemnation because it unshackles us from a repetitiously guilty conscience. Its the power of God come down from heaven to make us stand before Him with the costly blood of His Son to present us spotless. It is true power. Power of true freedom. Not of having rights, and lives and hurts. Instead having a humble spirit, with only His Life as our Life-force and the power to turn hurt into love. Hurt done to us – into love. Now that’s power! It comes from its Originator, the first One to take hurt and turn it into love, forgiveness, grace, mercy, compassion. True Action. Righteous deeds.

Mistake makers ask for feedback and reproof, and receive Life-giving rewards of freedom. Sinners are those in bondage to the lie above. Worse, because they take the Name of God with it and render it powerless. This blasphemes the Holy Spirit.

Yeshua (Jesus) had a message. Open up your Words and read anew.

Turn from your sin and return to God.”

Go ahead, open up to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; read it for yourself. It wasn’t, “say your sorry, and believe that I will forgive you as you stay as you are because you’ll always be a sinner.” What a human, pitiful rendition of His mission! There’s no such power of God unto Salvation in the flow of that blood. His blood flows with the Power of His Spirit to keep us learning as we walk with Him. Like children learn how to walk. Watch them. They fall, assess, learn, get up. Fall, assess, learn – walk. Talked to, corrected, coached and encouraged along the way. This is the Spirit of our Mighty Living God! The One who keeps us from sin! Knows we must learn. But teaches the difference between sorry sinners and forgiven mistake makers.

May we find our peace in such truth! May we LIVE this power unto Salvation everyday! What a Light He shall be in such vessels of turning!


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡


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Don’t Miss Jesus

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He is there around the corner of that dusty Inn
No cares for its appearance He walks right in
Even though the street is named for its certain “kind” of Hell
Peace and understanding walks into the empty shell
He lays His hands upon the open oozing wounds
And sets free the waylaid captive from inside their tombs.
Can you see Him?
Don’t miss Jesus.

He’s sitting down along side the drunkard in the alley way
Sharing a sip of the drink His child consumes today
The stench of the forgotten does not reach His nose
He unchains the binds that drink His brother and stands in front of the stones it throws
Do you see Him?
Don’t miss Jesus

He’s there beside the pastor standing at the front
Of crowds of restless listeners
While the doors go thump
Orchestrating every word that proceeds from his mouth
Watching eyes be open and ears turn South
Waiting patient for His Father to enter in
Sending His holy prayer to forgive their sin
Do you see Him?
Don’t miss Jesus

He takes the hands of the doubter
While he walks away
And touches future moments
When his doubt will sway
Releasing Truth upon them
With a gentle hand
Do you see this Man?
Don’t miss Jesus

His arms surround a griever
Shaking fist of blame
To all of life and it’s Giver
While their hearts aflame
Pouring out His waters
Like a river wild
Washing, stroking, holding
This His precious Child
Do you see Him?
Don’t miss Jesus

He is standing in the midst of a few gangster boys
Listening to the rhythm on their empty toys
Rage against the wounds that beat and kill
He is the Still and Quiet riot in their midst
He writes their names with His blood upon a Page
Writing souls down on a moment not yet seen
He is the inbetween
Do you see Him?
Don’t miss Jesus

He’s there beside the lesbian
Who’s just been told her sin
Is greater than the liar
Who knows the truth within
He prays to His Father
Reminding Him that He now holds the Balances paid in full with Blood
He drank the cup and His hands became each scale
He cups her face and whispers
“That’s why they now have holes”
She looks up into His face -though right now she can’t see
He assures her spirit
“An appointed time will come I promise child you’re free”
Do you see Him?
Don’t miss Jesus


How can you love Him and miss Him?
How can you know Him and doubt Him? He now lives inside sinners.
He sits beside sinners. He holds the hands of sinners. He opens the eyes of sinners. He whispers His love to sinners. Past, present, future… sinners. He sits at the right Hand of the Father, who sent Him to and for sinners. He died for sinners, rose again for sinners. Now alive for sinners. He saves sinners. Because that’s all there is. .. For now. .. sinners.
Do you see Him?
Don’t miss Jesus
Don’t miss Yeshua
Don’t miss Salvation
Sins are not remembered
Forgiveness is
Forgiveness has a Name
Unforgotten and True
Don’t miss Him… His Name is Jesus!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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