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A snapshot in two times, two prophets, two children of the Father, one a prophet drawn by the heart of the Father with bitter warnings, one The Prophet, the Son of God, the One the former prophet warned and spoke of, given by the heart of the Father as the ultimate gift for the world.

Both of these scriptures come within the context of woes and warnings. Both reveal the heart of the Father, that weeps for our unwillingness to listen, to obey, to see His mighty merciful and longing Fatherly heart. Firm but broken open for the refusal of His people.

Too, often God is pictured as the rule giving, too demanding, too strict, lacking in understanding and patience. It was 470 year from Jeremiah to Yeshua (Jesus), it’s been roughly 2011 years since Yeshua to now. Could any of us be patient like God the Father? How many of us would wait, longing, hoping, working, loving. ..for just that amount of time 2481 years, how about a tenth of that? Now consider since the creation of the world? I think He still weeps, reaching with longing arms towards us. I relate, as a parent, as He intended for that experience to show us His own heart. Reaching for my children, lost and wandering, searching for answers different than the ones they’ve been taught. Knowing deep down God’s way is best, but mixing up their own with His attempting to do it their own way. I remember well my own searching, wandering, wayward bend. This reminder is recalled daily as I learn anew how deep that cavern goes in my flesh. As a young woman, I felt nothing but my own displeasure and disgust for my behavior. This I projected onto God the Father. I thank God everyday, that now I know He weeps for me, reaches out for me, full of love, with the strength of His compassion! Most people don’t see how full of power The Father’s compassion is! The unbending hold of His tears! Holding all things in a seeming state of suspense to us, but winding down into His awesome will like seeds of flowers in a field about to be doust with spring rain to prove what we can’t see is just there, resting in His hand that feeds all things in His timing! Alone the seeds seem small and worthless. The ground, fallow from winter sleeps, seem dark and lifeless.

God the Father seems to be content with lack of growth for a time. Perhaps He is. Content because He has never made even one little thing that can not and will not grow. The rains are His tears, all around the world, the flood of His tears run and slide and wash away the things of this world that could never provide what His tears could and can. Elsewhere, the drought of His weeping until there are no more tears, turns the earth into a cleansing fire. Man sees it as a destructive invasion, God sends His tears in the form of a scould to stop the bleeding of wounds. Haven’t you ever cried so hard so long that tears ran dry?

Thousands of years ago, there was a weeping prophet, drawn into and compelled by the very heart of a weeping God. Then came a weeping Savior, whose final tear as a human torn asunder, fell from His cheek with the words “It is finished“. The weeping will now one day be turned into nothing but dancing! The arms of the Loving Father are now held out, wide open, desiring that none should perish, so the weeping continues, and the longing, reaching, teaching, faithful patience that makes Him who He is!

These are two reflections, of the heart of Abba Father.Remember He weeps with us, groans with us or rather our own weeping and groaning reflect Him! His patience has purpose for all of us. Those of us who acknowledge Him in all our ways, those who run from Him, and those who will be lost to Him forever. How long will I hold out for my child? As long as I have breath in my body. God’s breath created the very beginning of all things, it shall never run out, it shall never grow old and decay, it is eternal. We remember, we are not waiting on word for this or that; we wait on Him. We are not waiting for answers to prayer; we are waiting on Him! The answers are already there! We aren’t waiting on jobs, raises, houses, results, beginnings or endings; we wait on Him. We wait on Him, and He is worth waiting for! May we find that we are satisfied, as the earth we stand, sit, and rest upon is satisfied with all He provides!


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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True Beauty

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Vanity and what the fleshly eyes call beauty robs the soul of its true allure. True beauty is found when all the surface appearances fade away, the heart is turned inside out and seeing straight thru it’s pain, the soul finds the Savior painting His canvas.

Gone is the passing fancy of all we compare ourselves to. His face with His shining grace becomes the only strength of captivating beauty we see. Textures of mercy, shapes of forgiveness, highlights of His hope flowing thru His blood etches true beauty upon the soul He breathed His life into from its conception. Etched upon the lines and wrinkles of our stretches towards His perfection. The soul sings, “Only in You, only in You…Holy holy holy is the Lord! The origin and true north of all things beautiful!”

One day we will all be given new bodies, free from the presence and violation of sin. It’s not that one day skin will be flawless, or legs lengthened, hair straightened or curled, colors of eyes brought to what we call perfection; no none of that will matter. For all we see will be illuminated by His light, transparent, free, vulnerable yet perfect. Like the atmosphere of our world. See His beauty, listen to Him teach you what it is. Throw out every idea of what beauty means to your external senses and let Him show you how to see hearts instead of bodies, souls that thru His eyes true beauty will reveal itself as Love, such love as He gives. Yes, often, according to man’s idea, blind Love. Blind to temporary states, eyes opened to His ever working, changing glory being painted in the halls of eternity. Seeing now in a dimly lit mirror, but the light growing ever brighter by the day, as He draws nearer and nearer the soul everyday. Nearer and nearer to His reappearing proving that death has no sting, decay is illusionary, and beauty is in His eye – The Beholder. Amen and amen!


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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O Lord, Yeshua

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O Lord, Yeshua
Walk with me today
Be in every thought I think
And every word I say

O Lord, Yeshua
Be fully alive in me
May Your grace be fully wrought inside
Your Spirit in every action
Remind me I am free

O Lord, Yeshua
I bow to Thee as King
Pour out from heavens flood gates
Pure things that make me sing

O Lord, Yeshua
I trust Your Righteouness
Cover every part of me
With Your sweet blood, I plead.

O Lord, Yeshua
I call upon Your Name
Hold my hand and talk with me
About The Father’s fame

Then Lord, Yeshua
In Your presence I’ll abide
And Love such as I’ve never known
Will renew my heart inside

O Lord, Yeshua
Live in me this day
Let me hear of Your great work
Then all will hear me say

How great is our Messiah!
How great His mighty deeds!
How awesome is His righteousness
That provides our every need!

O Lord, Yeshua
I wait upon Your touch
I wait and long and stay quiet
Upon Your hem I clutch

I praise You, Lord Yeshua
I bask in Your glory
I love You, Lord Yeshua
I think and sing Your story

O Lord, Yeshua
How much You set me free
I am Your humble servant
Thank You for choosing me


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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The Last Letter

December 24, 2014 at 10:08 pm (Remodeling the Mind, WSGD Newes) (, , , , , , , , , , , )


Dearest Ariel,

It’s Christmas eve and I’m waiting for you as best I can. Though I know I will not be here when you arrive. The IV bag drips like sands in my hour glass. I’ve had a visitor though, and His visit has given me enough clarity of mind and energy to write. Though truth be told it was an order, I’m simply obeying. Yet also I’ve been told I will not be here when you arrive and that it’s to a purpose and I’m not to worry about it. This is my tav!

Thank you so much for being willing to come out here, dropping everything during the holiday festivities to be here. Please read this carefully Ariel for in the end you will see that it is not wasted… nothing is accidental nor wasted ever! That I will see you soon is no understatement and nor a flight of religious fantsy. Oh, so near to the end are all things! Yet the very barest of beginnings for those who trust the Messiah and follow Him without a second thought of turning back. And who, who once truly having come face to face with Him could ever turn back? Haven’t we said that over and over again?

I know dear one how you were brokenhearted that I would not seek my “healing” via the medical and pharmaceutical avenues available today. That you thought I was radical and – well a bit crazy. I have also watched how you’ve changed having been open to the information I gave you to pursue, and thank you again for being open and willing to listen and indeed seek the truth for yourself. That’s a great gift given by God alone, never ever take it for granted. Now you must hear me say this: in all things all – the right direction is the one Adonai leads you to. For He uses all things and the obedient child going through whatever He leads will have His blessing – that is; His presence and strength because of it to get them through whatever He asks. Not many things in this world that man has gotten their hands on and twisted to use to their advantage are safe anymore, but then this is the way things have been for thousands of years and there has been nothing He has not been bigger than and able to turn into His own good will. We suffer more due to them often but oh how we become united with Him in so doing! So fear nothing! Should He lead you through a medical door or a natural one; one day – only do what He tells you and nothing more and nothing less! We too often follow in the footsteps of another loved and trusted human; having thought of them as holy and right with God. Yet each of us are called to follow Him not follow exactly the way others we love follow Him. This is complicated but I’ve been assured He will make it simple for you as you need. Be patient, don’t covet more than you know and are given every day. Let the knowledge and wisdom of Yahweh come as He sees fit, take heart! For He has given us eternal life because He intends to give us all He has to offer, and it will take that long! Our biggest mistakes are in rushing knowledge and wanting more of it than He gives – goes right back to the beginning in the Garden. We do not trust Him. But Yeshua has enough trust to lend us in our short supply!

Remember what we’ve discussed and how we have been living out the knowledge and wisdom God has been giving us! Remember our laughter and tears at the process of being set apart and diving deeper into the covenant God has given from the beginning and sent His Son to part the ‘red sea’ of sin to cross us over into – the very presence of Himself as it has always been meant to be. Remember too, that picture of the wolf in sheeps clothing on one side and the sheep in wolves clothing on the other – one said – caution; the other said – sent. Wise as serpents, gentle as doves! The enemy has no faces in human form, he is and always will be the defeated one masquerading as light, shoveling darkness down upon the object of his hatred – mankind. So weak yet so beloved of the Creator, how he hates that! Remember how we spoke of this to encourage each other to obey and follow Yeshua’s very words; turning cheeks, offering more when accused of not giving enough, giving no matter what without looking at our reserves first. Forgiving…covering every sin we see, hear and know with His love – remember! These are our treasures, our wealth!


Now one thing more He has given to me, and I share with you before I must follow Him into the next thing, tomorrow is going to be a heck of a day! Remember – I’M NOT DEAD! If you trust He lives, and I know you do – SEE we are one and His promise is true! Celebrate, don’t have a funeral! Nasty, drab and not in keeping with the Kingdom mind we’ve been given – funerals. Yes there is a time to grieve but not now, when you miss me give Him your tears but I’m finally in total freedom – this is a time of happiness and joy – trust in that and celebrate! In so doing you celebrate your own liberation to come! There I’ve went on about this and my point in conclusion is not yet touched.

Concerning Christmas, cease to celebrate this dear one! I’ve included, as you see, again some resources for you to peruse. Nothing anyone with a heart for truth cannot find themselves these days if only they would use the vast resources we have today to do so. It’s in the same heart of being set apart and offering all things as He has told us to do, up to Him; and letting go of anything – anything that has something other than Him in it. Hear His voice; “Come out from among them!” Seek the truth and follow it no matter the cost Ariel!

The last couple of years of going back to the Word of God as the disciples and Yeshua spoke of have been the most miraculous and fruit bearing years of my life with Him! As you know well. Teach everyone you know! The new testament is precious and true but the encouragement found there to live the Word is speaking of the old testament. How the enemy has robbed the church! How many times have we spoke of it, prayed and fasted against it! The holy commands of Yahweh, how Yeshua fulfilled them! How all would know if only they would live it! Do you remember how awed we were when we began to understand the Law as His instructions for the best earthly experience possible! Remember how we’d look at each other and say “it’s true!” Finally experiencing the Life of the Messiah in us like for the first time! Be driven to see that same excitement in every face you see as long as He has you here! Oh, how we danced as we learned that obedience and submission to His ways and leading is freedom!

The light grows dim. ..I must have said all He wants me to say. Heed His voice as the continuance of this letter Ariel. Let Him show you the way through these next moment’s, I promise they will lead you to joy! Mayhap, my visitor will stay and visit with you a while before you go home. Do exactly as He says, and Home will become a new thing right here and now!

I love you dearly and can’t wait to see you soon! But oh how He loves you more! Let Him love you to Life!

Glory to God! I’m free!
Baruch atem b’shem Yeshua!


For those who desire to follow the truth warned about in this letter…

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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