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“Rebellion,” the Bible says, “is as the sin of witchcraft” (1 Samuel 15:23). The heart that harbors rebellion is an open channel for the entrance of evil powers, for it has not the protection of God’s blessing. The heart that cries “Jesus is Lord”, can be moved upon by the Spirit of God. The spirit of rebellion refuses to confess the lordship of Christ and will not submit to His rule. To heartily confess that “Jesus is Lord” is more than repeating a nice-sounding slogan. It is the difference between submission and rebellion – the difference between the power of the Holy Spirit ruling a life or the powers of evil moving in and taking over. And we should not console ourselves that there may be some relatively safe area in between.
– Frances J. Roberts – Total Love page 148

♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Mark 8:34-36

Then Yeshua (Jesus) called the crowd and His talmidim (disciples/followers) to Him and told them. “If anyone wants to come after Me, let him say ‘No” to Himself, take up his execution-stake, and keep following Me. For whoever wants to save his own life will destroy it, but whoever destroys his life for My sake and for the sake of the Good News will save it.”

Romans 13:1

Everyone is to obey the governing authorities. For there is no authority that is not from God.

1 Corinthians 15:28

Now when everything has been subjected to the Son, then He will subject Himself to God, who subjected everything to Him; so that God may be everything in everyone.

Ephesians 5:21,22,24

Submit to one another in fear of the Messiah.
Wives should submit to their husbands as they do to the Lord.
Just as the Messianic community submits to the Messiah, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.

James 4:7

Therefore, submit to God.

1 Peter 5:5-6

Likewise, you who are less experienced, submit to leaders. Further, all of you should clothe yourselves in humility toward one another, because
God opposes the arrogant but to the humble He gives grace
(Prov. 3:4). Therefore, humble yourselves under the mighty Hand of God, so that at the right time He may lift you up.

It has become a “four letter word” as democracy has taken its many forms over time. Some due to the fact that it had been defined as “I have the right to abuse you” in layman terms. Sadly, mostly because we don’t like to submit. Those who live in democratic nations resist monarchies. Indeed all monarchies that has a human being as its “head” – not the Son of Man/Son of God – but a regular sin-filled human being have found themselves to be cruel and far from free. Hence why we love our independent nations. We get a vote or at least the right to “say so”. We have the option to break the rules or obey them. This is why God blesses this. He, too, grants such “freedom” – or rather let’s us choose without killing us on the spot should we disagree and disobey.

I’ve said it before here, and will say it again; though it is rather unpopular. Heaven is a Monarchy. God rules, end of story. Our say so is not needed. Our votes will not be cast. He knows all, made all, is all, and ever shall know more than any living creature…forever.

I asked two very precious people to give me their “take” on submission. Here are their responses:

Submission: give it up….not give up…give it up…”it” being whatever “it” is you think you have or want or need …you can give it up willingly or have yourself “beaten”(as in proven wrong every time) into submission… Either way you give it up…..
– Poppy

Submit by dictionary : to offer a conscent; decision ; present ; offer
Antonymn: resist
Since both the definition and the antonymn have depth in the word I wrote a couple definitions that are personal.
1. Calling forth all the energy of my soul both heart and will to stand in a place or circumstance where I trust the outcome as a place where I belong.
2. The word submission evokes the power of choice and relinquishment of will whether to good or evil or benign causes. It could imply force to be coerced with or without conscent and resistance to a circimstance or power of authority other than my own.

I choose to see it as a relinquishment of self in some form.
– Catherine

In Hebrew there is no word: submit. It is often interpreted as many words; go, obey, bind, wait, return, and subdue. The closest word in Hebrew to our Greek/English submit is subdue.
Ka-vash – to conquer and bring into subjection, bring under control. A close cousin to the word subjection.

Submission gets a bad rap because quite frankly it hits human pride between the eyes. When it comes to submitting to God it basically tells us we know nothing and creates space for us to see God prove Himself as far superior than us at every turn. We need only move into this space. It’s called trust. It doesn’t “come natural” to us to trust. Not mankind, not ourselves, not circumstances, weather, things, and most especially not a God who is so different than us and does things very contrary to our sensibilities. Yet this is the “cost” of admission into the Kingdom. God rules, oversees, calls the shots, makes the decisions and provides all we need. He doesn’t ask us what we think, though He delights to listen, His will is set, firm upon the outcome only He can see – our good and His glory. We like rather the thought of our glory and our good. Boy if only we all could get that what we call glorious and good is often the very thing we despise. Terrorist, having just bombed a bus full of children in the name of jihad consider their good and glory begotten. God says different. His glory and their good (both the terrorist and the bus full of children) are the only plausible outcomes of such events when they happen. We cannot understand that. Well, unless we submit to Him. Often our understanding has very little to do with submitting. I don’t submit to praising God for hard circumstances because I understand it – I trust Him, so I praise Him. I also share my hurts and fears and pain with Him, and He listens, comforts, and assures me though the events do not change. I do, but circumstances or at least appearances on the outside often do not. I die, He lives. I follow, He leads. I’m the created, He is the Master Creator. I know this will never change. Not even when I sin no more will I ever be God. All knowing, all seeing, all loving, all good – God, and Him alone will always be these, no one else as long as life goes on; in my case – eternally.

Those in countries that have monarchies as their rule will ‘ease’ into Heaven a whole lot smoother. They submit to God, once having found Him with a trust that those of us from independent nations must be broken in order to learn. This is truth, however unpopular or not.

Submission is a gift. It’s lavished in grace and fueled by the Holy Spirit in one having taken Yeshua as their Savior. Glory in this gift! Only by the doing of it can one truly know freedom!


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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