Awake! – Part 3 – The Time is Now

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Psalms 102:12-13

But You, Adonai, are enthroned Forever ; Your renown will endure through all generations.  You will arise and take pity on Zion, for the time has come to have mercy on her; the time determined has come.   

The more I read God’s Word, especially lately, the more I see that every single word applies to either Yeshua’s (Jesus) first coming or second and mostly how they apply to both! His first coming was a determined time and so His second. This appointment He has set is set, immovable and definitive! Signs were placed in the heavens, seasonal changes in the earth indicate that the earth has kept up with His intention; the revealing of things hidden for these two marked off calender days blink like neon signs for those who are looking to Him. I can’t help but get the real sense that every time I look at a clock, I’m looking at Him! To even greater joy and delight, but with no small urgency as well, I hear Him saying, “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming…SOON!” 

Psalms 93

Adonai is King, robed in Majesty; Adonai is robed, girded with strength; The world is well established; it cannot be moved.  Your Throne was established long ago; You have existed forever. Adonai, the deep is raising up, the deep is raising up it’s Voice, the deep is raising it’s crashing waves. More than the sound of rushing waters or the Mighty breakers of the sea, Adonai on High is Mighty. Your Instructions are very sure; holiness befits Your House, Adonai, for all time to come.   

Isaiah 41:4-5

Whose work is this? Who has brought it about? He Who called the generations from the beginning, “I, Adonai, Am the First; and I Am the same with those who are Last.”  The coastlands have seen and became afraid. The ends of the earth have trembled. They have approached, and now they come.   

Isaiah 43:10-13

“You are My witnesses,” says Adonai, “and My servants whom I have chosen, so that you can know and trust Me and understand that I Am He – no god was produced before Me, nor will any be after Me.  I, yes, I Am Adonai; I have declared, saved, and proclaimed – not some alien god among you.  Therefore, you are My witnesses,” says Adonai, “ I Am God. Since days began, I have been He. No one can deliver from My Hand. When I act, who can reverse it?”   

Isaiah 44:6-8

Thus says Adonai, Israel’s King and Redeemer, ADONAI-TZVA’OT (Lord of Heaven’s Army’s ): “I Am the First, and I Am the Last; besides Me there is no God. Who is like Me? Let him speak out! Let him show Me clearly what has been happening since I set up the eternal people; let him foretell future signs and events. Don’t be frightened, don’t be afraid. Didn’t I tell you this long ago? I foretold it and you are My witnesses. Is there any God besides Me? There is no other Rock – I know of none.”   

All of Deuteronomy chapters 32 and 33, are 1st and second coming prophesies! I say that with much trepidation, as I really don’t believe there exist a scripture in the entire Bible that isn’t. Yet I will put a few verses of these two chapters here, without specific identification so as to spur you to go and read these in their entirety yourself. 

They sacrificed to demons, non-gods, god’s that they had never known, new gods that had come up lately, which your ancestors had not feared. You ignore the Rock who Fathered you, you forget God, who gave you birth. 

“I considered putting an end to them, erasing their memory from the human race; but I feared/see (translated יראהyirah in hebrew meaningsee with anger, to make tremble with fury-) the insolence of their enemy, feared/yirah that their foes would mistakenly think, “We ourselves accomplished this; Adonai had nothing to do with it.” 

They are a nation without common sense, utterly lacking in discernment. If they were wise they could figure it out and understand their destiny. After all, how can one chase a thousand and two put ten thousand to rout, unless their Rock sells them to their enemies, unless Adonai hands them over? For our enemies have no rock like our Rock – even they can see that!      

“Rather, their vine is from the vine of Sodom, from the fields of Gomorrah – their grapes are poisonous, their clusters are bitter; their wine is snake poison, the cruel venom of vipers. “Isn’t this hidden with Me, sealed in My Storehouses?   (See John 15:1-6; Yeshua’s Words here are pointing directly back to this passage!) 

When he finished speaking all these words to all of Israel, he said to them, “Take to heart all the words of my testimony against you today, so that you can use them in charging your children to be careful to obey all the words of this Torah. For this is NOT a trivial matter for you; on the contrary, IT IS YOUR LIFE! Through it you will live long in the land you are crossing the Jordan to possess.   (This was current to the times of Moses, but pointing to the future, the crossing over the Jordan representing crossing over from this life to our eternal Life with Him forever).

Yeshurun, there is no one like God riding through the heavens to help you, riding on the clouds in His Majesty. The God of old is a dwelling-place, with everlasting arms beneath. He expelled the enemy before you and He said, “Destroy!” So Israel lives in security; the fountain of Jacob is alone in the land of grain and new wine, where skies drip with dew. Happy are you, Israel! Who is like you, a people saved by Adonai, your Defender helping you and your Sword of Triumph? Your enemies will cringe before you, but you will trample down their high places.”  (See again how these words apply to their present application but how they leap through Time to a future of fulfillment in Yeshua, 1st coming AND 2nd! Past, present and future !)  This is why it’s so very crucial to study, read, apply, and know Adonai through all His Word!  

There are a total of 17 words in Hebrew that are God and attribute Time to His Nature, and His alone!

Here are a few:

✡ ערי – ady – witness, till, until, a time, while, a repetition of time either definite or indefinite.

✡ ועד – w’ad – the only Son eternal, the Word eternal, advancing time, destination, target

✡ שנה – shanah – corresponding time period for a different planet, a year representing one revolution of earth around the sun, two, a repeating of the first or what was before, repeat, do something a second time, in the sense of changing seasons, again, generation.

✡ עלם – ulam – My Name is ancient, hide – obscured from sight, covered, unknown, ancient – as time hidden from the present.

✡ חלד – kheled – this world, this life, age, a passing through space or time. 

✡ עולם – olam – a distant time in the past or future, ever lasting, of old, perpetual, evermore, never, time, ancient, world, always, long.

✡ זמן – zaman – inevitable passing of events, measurement of quantity, time set aside, appoint, duration of time, 1st, Last, sleep, connected. 

Hopefully by now you can see, or rather perceive; that Time is not what we possess. That our days are numbered, before we came into physical reality here on earth, we were a true reality in Heaven. That we have been appointed for the specific time we are in, to stand out, speak, witness, repeat, point to, and live as if Time can count everything we think, say, do and stretch us out into eternity with what our witness says. Adonai is the Author of all things, He alone has seen every event long before they happened. Yet those who have gone before us, their lives are still speaking for Him or speaking for the destruction of His enemy. Either way our witness will shout out to eternity! This is why we don’t allow the stupid inclination of the enemy suggest we grow lazy, and resent Time. To see it as some small thing, not the miraculous gift we’ve been given; focused on what this world has to offer and growing ubtuse to the One who has destined our purpose to His glory! He deserves it! Insane thinking that says Life with Him will be boring compared to here and now in this, completely devoid of fulness, of all good things we have had but a small taste of here! So much better will things/Life be with Him should we choose Him! And not just choose to say we believe He exist, even the devils do that! No! We choose to pull everything, all thoughts, and therefore actions, all we are, all we desire into His instructions and Ways, that mark us NOW, as His! 

Job 36:22-26

“Look, God is exalted in His Strength; who is a Teacher like Him? Who ever prescribed His course for Him? Who ever said, ‘What You are doing is wrong’? Remember, rather, to magnify His Work, of which many have sung. Everyone has seen it, but humans see it only from a distance. Look! God is Great! Beyond what we can know; the number of His years is uncountable.   

I’ve mentioned in this blog before that it would be best if when reading the Psalms, that in most cases when the Psalms speaks of enemies to remember the psalmist is usually referring to those powers, and principalities of the air, the one who is seeking to devour, the enemy of God and his minions. For we are not at war with flesh and blood!  Even when we encounter other human beings that persecute us, these are under the power of God’s enemy, tortured souls, hence Yeshua’s instruction to LOVE our enemies, do GOOD to them! The power of Yeshua in our obedient action to do this, not religiously, but because He’s proven such power, such worthiness for us to give up “our rights” in exchange for the right to see Him face to face, really Live a real Life with Him, this is using our Time (talents) wisely. This is the power to save! We were all His enemy once. This is staying awake! Yes, indeed, it surly will mean suffering ridicule and coming soon, severe persecution to do so. The worst of the worst we may be spared, but not all of it dear fellow sheep! This kind of suffering is what shall mark us as His! Him, who came and suffered far more than anyone ever has since our ever will, Him who did this in vast measure, so we could identify in small measure with Him. Shall we count it an honor to whatever degree such things must happen? Knowing that He shall shield and guide us, be present with us, as He was with Daniel in the Lions den, Shadrach, Mishach, and Abednego in the fiery furnance. Shall we doubt Him now or ever – after so long a history of proving Himself true, right, and truly God?

To be awake, is to be on Time! On Time each minute for each appointment He has for us each day, and on Time for THE DAY we shall meet Him in the cloud, changed instantly into the Glory of His likeness in full! Awaken O Bride of The King of Israel, of Heaven and earth! Rise like the deep, rise up and become a mighty wave of the Image we are made in – Yeshua Hamashiach, Salvation is His Name! He comes! He comes again soon! Rise up to meet Him!

Hebrews 1:1-3

In the days gone by, God spoke in many and varied ways to the fathers through the prophets. But now, in the acharit-hayamim (end of days), He has spoken to us through His Son, to whom He was given ownership of everything and through whom He created the universe. This Son, is the radiance of the Sh’khinah (Manifest glory of God present with men), the very expression of God’s essence (image), upholding all that exists by His powerful Word; and after He had, through Himself, made purification for sins, He sat down at the Right Hand of HaG’dulah BaM’romim (the Greatness on High). 

Revelation 22:16-17

I, Yeshua, have sent My angel to give you this testimony for the Messianic Communities. I AM the Root and Offspring of David, the Bright Morning Star. The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come.” Let anyone who hears say, “Come!” And let anyone who is thirsty come – let anyone who wishes, take the water of Life free of charge.  
🔯 May the Grace of the Lord Yeshua be with all!🔯

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Quote Note

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♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Considering Job

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I’ve been reading Job, again. I can’t count how many times I’ve read this book of wonders. It tends to be dubbed “the book of suffering”. True enough, if one wants to read about someone who suffered for righteousness sake (other than Yeshua-Jesus); this book will do splendidly!

This time, however, I’m struck by a different theme altogether. It’s message is not so hidden, but not ‘right in your face’ either. It’s been brushed upon, but from a different point of view. The message of “the motive more than words”. I’m struck by how much truth could be found in the words of Jobs friends. In fact, aside from their outright attempts to fixate on what they think Job did to deserve such a lot, most everything they said about God was true. What made it as though they never should have spoke at all was that their motive for speaking truth voided any relevance to the hearer – Job. (And perhaps others who listened from a distance)

This happens when I think I know so much…and my aim is to bring the “work of God” into plain sight. I quote-fingered that because I don’t bring the work of God when I think I’m the one who knows better and tromp in with my Holier-than-thou halo hanging from my brow. Trust me, my husband, friends, and family could tell you all about it! It’s often so full of truth that it seems that’s all I’m full of! Hmphft! Not even close! What sends the message crashing to the abyss is the fact that, like Jobs friends;
A) I wasn’t sent by God, I took it upon myself to speak, go, correct, “save”.

B) I ran out ahead on my perception of their “lot” and spoke into it like…well…like it was Gods!

Believe me, Gods response to Job in chapters 38, 39, 40, and 41 have a familiar “ring” that my spine has intimately become attuned to in such cases! It seeks out every single nerve ending of my pride and gives them a good “talking to”. The dust doesn’t settle for quite some time when Adonai puts me in my “place”. (It’s ends up on His lap but with a firm and sturdy grip that means to subdue!)

The following is a bunch of pictures with various “shots” of the book of Job. Notice the trend in the words. I kept the names of the “friends” out, they ring like the Accuser – famous for cloaking discouragement with truth.

You see, it rarely gets mentioned but the enemy not only attacked Job physically, emotionally, mentally, and his family and all he owned. He attacked Job through his friends and neighbors – even his own wife! Often when in such situations we need discernment for knowing the real enemy is not the human body doing the talking/accusing/”correcting”. Just like God uses us, we can be used by the enemy. When we sin, doubt it not who is pulling your strings! We virtually take them out of God’s hands and hand them over to the enemy – not just His enemy, but ours too! This is why Yeshua says to “pray for, do good to” those who seem very much at the time like an enemy.

I enjoy doing these pictures, they help me assimilate, digest, and remember the Word. I pray they do you too.






Here’s where Adonai Elohim steps in. I love that even He sometimes drips sarcasm down with His correction. Though I’ll admit I never have heard anyone but Him do it justly, perfectly and total authority to do so being 100% His right. Usually when we drip with sarcasm, God is quick to “pluck on our pride strings”.









Are you familiar with this tone in Adonai’s dealings with you? If so, I rejoice with you! If not, I pray you will become a friend of this beloved part of God voice, intimately correcting, moving motives into His will. It’s one of the greatest blessings I have. It’s the Work of God, intimate, precious and loving beyond all words. It’s why I call Him Abba.

I believe that one of the greatest reasons why God grafted this book into His Word is not only because it prophecies the suffering of the Messiah, but it’s also one of the most detailed responses by God to man about everything under the Sun. There is nothing left out in His speaking about who and what and how He makes things. Got questions, read Job chapters 38-41, the answers are in there! Oh! Not to our complete satisfaction! But then, He left the conversation open, all we need do is ask. 🙂 He has always meant to continue teaching and leading and guiding us. Each period after each sentence in His Word can be turned into a comma.

♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Chasing Chesed (Mercy)

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Matthew 5:7,10

How blessed are those who show mercy! For they will be shown (given eyes to see, a heart to give) mercy.

How blessed are those who are persecuted because they pursue righteousness (chase mercy)! For the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs. (Now and forever)

On a tombstone somewhere in the holy land the inscription reads that the one for which the grave serves as a resting place; that they spent much of life under the oppression of persecution but after having been freed from Auschwitz-Birkenau they spent the rest of their life chasing Chesed.  Chesed is the Hebrew word for mercy, release from judgement, forgiveness granted without delay, and without need for retribution.

It strikes me as something of a mystery that one who suffers and could thereby live their life in bitterness or reclusion due to such torture at the hand of mankind’s cruelty; would spend their life chasing mercy.

Well, it’s not so much a mystery to me because of Yeshua (Jesus) who Is Chesed. But it stops one in their tracks and makes you want to take notice at least a little, right? My guess is much like one did with Yeshua Himself – still does.


We spend so much time trying to dissect and minimize our sufferings. Countless hours in therapy, and so much wasted breath pushing air in and out attempting to discern “who errored” ourselves, others or even God when suffering happens to us. I find this usually points to the severity of the suffering. Not to minimize anyone’s suffering, but here in the USA, we have very little concept of it really. Mostly the suffering that is not called suffering in Biblical terms but really just the way of life; loss of life, financial hardships, illness, etc. The suffering of such as those who are beaten repeatedly and made to slave in working conditions that would and is designed to kill even the hardiest human. .. this is an American unknown. The Auschwitz kind of suffering leaves no room for one to assign blame and manipulate how they can use their victimology to evade life more. They dont expect to see the “end” of it. Something happens inside the womb of this kind of suffering that gives birth to a new creature much like Yeshua speaks of in being born again. Chasing mercy. .. chasing… running after… the art of forgiving. Looking for places to forgive; people to forgive or asking the Father to forgive…every minute of every day. Instead of looking for offense, looking for how ones rights are being violated, usurped, taken. What do we really have a “right” to? Given by God Almighty?

Mercy to receive from Him.
And if received to be given away just as He has given.

Waking up everyday to “put on our running shoes” to give mercy, live mercy, be merciful, receive mercy from God. Chasing Chesed. Not walking towards it… but running. Like a child chases a butterfly until they catch it. Having caught it they cup it into their hands and run to show mom or dad…”Look! Look what I caught!”

My life has seen such an absence of even normal life suffering. My loved ones have mostly died of old age. The ones that haven’t I was not really close to or did not know well due to the fact that I was so young when they died. Illness has not found its lethal teeth among my family or friends. Hardships in life all normal and mostly consequential. Hard, yes but hardly the Auschwitz kind. Yet all this in review and pulled under a scrutinized thumb has still produced a chasing Chesed heart in me. How can this be?

There’s a stigma in christianity that seems to go like this. The more one suffers the better, stronger and more holy they are. I think this is sideways a bit. It’s what we do with whatever suffering God sets before someone that dictates how strong He becomes in them. Putting suffering on a scales in human measure is tantamount to judgement. Everything that causes one to reach out and say “I can’t do this without You God!” – this is what comes under the heading of character building, persevering, soul climbing out of this world and into Abba’s lap stuff. Degrees to suffering is pointless. Throw out the scales. God is the only One who can measure.


What makes you chase Chesed?
What makes you want to give it out like candy? What makes you yearn to forgive and see others forgiven? What makes you cast away any concept of offense? What makes you willing to give up on having “rights” instead of protesting to have more?

For within the bound of this kind of thinking; sufferings have a new name – Joy. Not happy, smiley, warm and fuzzy, giddy emotions. But deep well, beyond the tears that cascade from your soul because He lives – Joy. His will be done – Joy. The Lord gives and He takes – Joy. It is as He wills – Joy. Nothing is loss – Joy. His presence is all that I need – Joy. Indeed we can be wretched and twisted in pain and approach the Throne of heaven with this Joy. Not pastey, grin and bear it, put on a good face, pull yourself up by the bootstrap foolishness. But a real human being full of all its strengths and weakness, scorning the shame of its fallen nature but rising up with Yeshua from the grave that wins the victory – humbly but boldly crawling into the lap of the Father for every need and want and desire. Joy. Chasing Chesed is the key to this mystery.

These are the shoes of readiness spoken of in the armory closet we are instructed to put on every day. Not preaching the Gospel… but living it. Chasing Chesed.

What do you chase?


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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In the Service of Suffering

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Then you have decided to die of smallpox?

Only if it be God’s will,” replied Hester. “To that, and that alone have I made up my mind. If I die of the smallpox, it will not be because it could not be helped, or because I caught it by chance; it will be because God has willed it as best for me and for us all. It will not be punishment for breaking His laws. He loves none better, I believe, than those who break the laws of nature to fulfill the laws of the Spirit.”
~ ~George MacDonald – The Gentlewoman’s Choice

“The story of Job was written to demonstrate before Satan and his angels that a person can love and trust God for who He is, in Himself and not merely for what he/she gets out of Him. God doesn’t want people to become His children just as an insurance policy against trouble and suffering.”
~ ~ Alister Begg – Why Suffering?

At the core of my knowing, I know God can do or undo anything. The impossible is NORMAL to Him. Its not surprising that I ask “Why?” to suffering. Suffering is the thing we least understand; even after all the years, all the sages, philosophers, think-tanks, preachers, teachers and “experts of this field”; we all end up on our knees – dumb, deaf and blind. To truly know suffering one must look no further than Yeshua (Jesus) – not just on the cross – but every word written about Him; every word He speaks to this day. As we look at Isaiah 53, sermons echo, books published, conferences attended, expositions made, songs, hymns, poems written, pictures painted…still they pale. For LOOK – really look at the words.

(I have typed it out and its on the link below, to keep the length of this post as “short” as
possible – for which I confess this will be one of the longest post to date here on Hisimagenme. I pray you will click and read before moving on as the “momentum” gets lost without it)

Instead of picturing the Yeshua (Jesus) that has always at best been mildly handsome; picture instead something like Down-syndrome individual. The words of Isaiah then get rendered justly. Instead of imagining the Yeshua who was sturdy and at the least physically unafflicted; imagine Him with a weak immune system, prone to illness. Then the Word finds its strength in truth. Instead of imagining Yeshua as having a “people magnetism”, imagine Him ridiculed and avoided because they believed that ill people were cursed by God! Then you begin to understand how little we render the prophesy real. Imagine now, not a crowd of grieving on-lookers but instead only mockers and inciters following Him to the affixing of the cross in place. Those who had followed Him, turned away at best, in confusion; at worst…shame.Now add to this reality that He heard His Father tell Him to do all this and obeyed because it pleased the Father; then we begin to understand why we grapple with suffering!

Rejection? Who can educate on this subject better? Who is more rejected than God? Who knows better the pain of something or someone cherished taken from them; by death, by disease, by lies, by hatred, by love of themselves, by betrayal? Who can tell Him about unspeakable physical pain? When we have “seen” Him on the cross; we’ve seen flailed, beaten, flogged, bruised, thorned and bleeding man – but LOOK inside! EVERY single disease, cancer, diabetes, syndrome, flesh killing, heart rending, physical, emotional, and mental affliction from Adam and Eve to the unnamed last – all fell upon Him. Who can comprehend suffering like Him?

The Passion by Mel Gibson did much to give a realistic persecutional perspective of Yeshua’s suffering and highlighted a bit of the spiritual. Yet it left out the illnesses! Ben Hur with Charleston Heston gave a glimpse – as Judah’s mother and sister walked away from the site of our Savior situated on the will of His Father.
The thunder cracked and winds blew
While their skin began to renew
Upon the Servant of Sufferings hands
Their leprous leisions obey His commands
All sin, all sickness, all disease, all forms of sins appearing
While their skin was clearing
His was rending, inside and out. Cancers grew, bowels rejected, kidney’s failed, liver bloated, tumors formed. Not one persons pain, not one from all eternity did He get spared. He opened His whole being and embraced it all, absorbed it; held it until His Father was done with it in and upon Him. Like an “eighth day” of creation, all sin and suffering hid His frame from the Father – death swallowed in victory, but the Father again pronounced “It is good.” “It is Finished.”

I stub my toe and feel like some injustice has jumped up and bit me! I get sick and throw my countenance out into a long suffering future that CAN NEVER HAPPEN! I feel weaker as the years “pull my youth” from my bones and grasp and stretch to pull it back.

Suffering is the number one thing we avoid. Believers and non-believers alike. Time has not changed this. Our “understanding” is still deaf and dumb. We can only trust – accept that it is good. Acceptance isn’t longing for it; but embracing it as a lover finally home after a long separation. Holding on to it and all it offers until God has made me good inside it. Its the fire that burns away all impurities; if we ask it to stay until that Voice calls it to quit because the beauty is now unsurpassed.

I am most uneducated in suffering because I think I know what it looks like. The enemy is always happy to teach me “what I don’t know”. But none compare to Yeshua! Only He can shrink a boil without any substance but His Love. Only He can cause a mad-mind to calm like the Sea of Galilee with words. He alone has traversed the universe of pain, loss, madness, disease, cruelty, hatred, rejection, abandonment, betrayal – this “science” is known only to Him. The Healer, Restorer, Completer, Resurrection, Author and Finisher of Life. And He suffered, oh how He suffered! But Life was born within it – not death!!


How strange this fear of death is, we are never frightened of a sunset. ~ George MacDonald

Doubts are the messengers of the Living One to the honest. They are the first knock at the door of things that are not yet, but have to be, understood. Doubt must precede every deeper assurance. ~ George MacDonald

I should like to think that on the affliction I feel both inward and in my physical body; that God is squeezing something in and at the same time something out. Pain sends signals from nerve to brain and tends to forget to consult the heart. Perhaps the thinking has nothing to do with it. For the heart breaks when nothing physical has been burdened; and keeps beating – skipping all the while my soul is racked with pain. Pain and suffering answer and obey One Voice – God is the Pain-Whisperer. He is the wildfire that puts right the suffering soul. ~ L.R.V.

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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