Truth and Consequences

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I wonder…at the simplicity and complexity of the truth at times.
To ponder it too long it would seem, can send it further out into a boundless place, mankind was never intended to fully grasp, yet could never escape. The tree of knowledge of good and evil. Yet at its most simplistic level, God, Himself, was always enough. That prefect balance that we need, always have, always will. Knowing a truth, for knowledge sake, this is the abominable forsaking of it. How many of us, (only the truly insane of human kind being the exception), how many of us don’t know a basic truth: lying is wrong. The only time we excuse it is when we’ve lost the ability to apply it to ourselves. To lie, for example, to “protect someone” from the truth; this is the ultimate oxymoron. Why in heavens name would there be an ounce of sanity involved in the mind of man to think it’s protection to keep the truth from someone; especially someone we love? Everyone knows lying is wrong because we don’t like to be lied to. Yet somehow, we make exceptions for someone else when the truth then becomes a matter of the free will God gave for everyone to accept it, let it live in them, remake them. It’s not our job to protect or defend the truth. It NEVER will be. We do many many things out of this false sense of protecting people, especially those we love. Nature gives us every clue as to Who the job of protecting belongs to. Look at the earth, such a tiny layer of protection God has given it from the vast enemies from space to kill her. That layer is, if you will, His “skin”. Nothing can kill God. Or break His “skin”. In fact there’s is only one thing God has given to us that we can break, this is His heart. His heart is Truth. His Son. Which bled out on a stake, broken for us. I begin to understand, which is to say, like Paul, through a mirror dimly, what a delicate line the Truth draws between sanity and insanity. Why, to so many, the One True God just doesn’t make sense. They are, of course, trying to use that “knowledge” intellect alone to grasp it. I know many truths, but none of them have ever done me any good until they’ve broken me, became a matter of the heart and soul, not just my head. Truth made alive, begins and ends in brokenness. Our ability to grasp that it – in and of itself – can not be held in the head for profit, but must reflect the Heart of it, that which has broken from the beginning of time, because just having Him, wasn’t enough. Can we not relate? Who among us at our very core can honestly say, that this at its very core is relationship essential: To know that just us, all that we are, good and bad, is enough for someone who says they love us.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only and unique Son, so that everyone whoever trusts in Him (Him alone)may have eternal Life, instead of being utterly destroyed. – John 3:16

How often has this verse been repeated? Used? Notice how the very last part seems to always get chopped off in the quoting so famously of it? You see, the truth has blessings, but denied it bares consequences. I almost forgot, myself, that this last part was included in the famous verse. Everyone can quote it, followers or wayward, by now everyone can quote that very first part by heart. We avoid truth because of its consequential nature, not because we can’t see the benefits of it. Everyone agrees, to be lied to hurts, it’s benefits are are acknowledged on a selfish level. We don’t like to hurt. Selfishly at the same time we throw away the benefits of the truth, to lie to ourselves first and then others, in the efforts to “protect” – ourselves. Even when we say we’re trying to protect someone else, at the very core of it, we are trying to protect ourselves first. Ever notice the lack in the Bible of any concept of our duty to protect…anything? We were told to, be fruitful, care for, but not protect. Cherish, value, teach, exhort, admonish, forgive, love, be compassionate, encourage; conspicuously the word protect is missing. There is one word that could be mistaken for it; guard.

Above everything else, guard your heart; for it is the source of life’s consequences. Proverbs 4:23

But guarding in this sense is not the power given to direct and defend as if the sole responsibility is left in our hands. Guards can’t keep the heart beating as God can. They can only attempt to keep an outsider from entering in to try to kill, but the life beinging guarded is only directed by God. He counts the days of each child on earth. Many of them have been guarded, but ultimately not “protected”.

You who live in the Shelter of ‘Elyon (The Most High), who spend their nights in the shadow of Shaddai (The Alimghty), who say to Adonai (the Lord), “My refuge, My Fortress! My God, in whom I trust!” – He will rescue you from the trap of the hunter and from the plague of calamities; He will cover you with His pinions, and under His wings you will find refuge; His truth is a shield and protection.
Psalms 91:1-4

See David, who “got it”, he knew protection only came from God. That truth broke him first. He fled for years of his life, had many guards, but only One Protector. I love the CJB version of this verse. Notice why we are to guard our heart? Because it’s the source of life’s consequences. We are told the heart is deceitful above all things! Where does Life come from? If God, Yeshua, lives in your heart, its protected – the Way, the Truth, the Life can dwell within. If they do not, well enough said. My heart can now, no more be deceitful with Messiah living in me, than the ground can cave in our heave without the breath of God to move it. I can now, being given eyes with the power of Truth, see where the lies shall come to enter in to my heart and attempt to rob the truth with illusion. I can bat them away, now. Before I could not. But the protection within, is still God, Himself. Please don’t misunderstand, we in no way protect God from lies, or ourselves. The Spirit (Truth) is the power given, we just choose it, and that ability to choose only comes from one being saved/rescued by Yeshua – the Truth. NOTE: verse 24 of Proverbs is about lies and deceit. Not coincidental.

For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but rather so that through Him, the world might be saved (protected). Those who trust in Him are not judged; those who do not trust have been judged already, in that they have not trusted in the One who is God’s only and unique Son (protector). Now this is the judgement: the Light (truth) has come into the world, but people loved the darkness rather than the Light (truth). Why? Because their actions were wicked. For everyone who does evil things hates the Light (truth) and avoids it (protects themselves), so that his actions won’t be exposed. But everyone who does what is true comes to the Light ( truth – surrenders, makes themselves vulnerable) so that all may see that his actions are accomplished through God.
John 3:17-21

Self protection is an oxymoron too. But a choice to be sure, we can accept God’s or choose our own. The truth protects, anything other than truth in its purity, no dilution, no variation, attacks! The “consequence” of truth is vulnerability, exposure to great hurt, great pain, great rejection, great loss but also great peace, great joy, great love, great passion, great perspective and first and foremost a great life lived in the presence and relationship with a Great God.

Truth: we can not live within a deep and abiding relationship with God, and not know great pain. This pain is the constant open eyes to the consequences of our own and others rejection, avoidance and blindness to the Truth. Everyday, my closeness to Messiah, brings with it a brokenheartedness over His absence as the Way and Truth in lives all around me but especially mine. The lack of Life. Yet on the same string of brokenness, comes increasing joy, for His protection. That thin layer on the world? It protects everyone, those who love Him AND those who don’t. Grace and Mercy is God’s “molecular DNA to His skin”.

When we guard, we stand watch to only stay true to the truth that’s been given to us. We don’t protect it, or defend it. Truth, itself, does that for us. We have no power in this way, none. The watchful guardianship we are given is with eyes only on its application to us in all things, not others, not selfishly used for our gain, or as a measure of our worth.

The Word of God is protection and Truth, all by itself. It never returns void – ever. Even if we don’t choose it’s protection for ourselves, it will move beyond us into someone else. We just won’t know how. Blindness is the first symptom of truths rejection. One may ask: “how then, will I know if I’m blind?” God will be sure to send an agent to attempt to remove the scales, this is His job, and why He chose this particular application in Paul for us to learn from. Someone was sent by God, faithful as He is, to remove the scales from Paul’s eyes. They came with vulnerability, humility and truth. God is the great scale remover of all eyes. His promise never fails.

I wonder…how lately these thoughts roll down and up the halls of my mind, causing great flows of tears to fall down their walls. What purpose do they serve? I see the reflection of so many beloved faces in there, fallen, blind, beloved, prayed for with bloody knees, and (only because of the God who lives here in me), speaks the truth to each without regard to its rejection of me by them. What compels me to write this night is that brokenness, those tears, that heart that shares in Abbas suffering and hurt. Not some strange ability to know the truth, or indignation for it, or even a great grasp of it! It’s expanse is still so far beyond my ken. Unless the Truth keeps hold of me, I’m completely beyond its reach. God never gave mankind the ability to hold it in their hands, only to invite it into their hearts. Every time I’ve tried to lay hold of it in any other way, it has nearly severed every “appendage” I’ve attempted to hold it with. Remember the Scripture? It’s a double edged sword. Metaphorical – yes, but still accurate. Function is the key to understanding God’s Word and His speaking. Man is like dust, for example, what is the function of its application? Unless the Spirit (truth) guide you in the study insanity will ensue to try and grasp it. Leaving so many of the lessons making so much of dirt on the ground as we know it. The dust being referred to is that which is held in the hands of a living God at the very beginning, when He breathed His Life into it and formed the first of us. We always start at the beginning to get to the end. There are no short cuts.

The ultimate test of true bonds of love in any relationship is that the truth is always held at the center of it. Any variation, any slight shift or severe, will bring a sad illusion of strength of bond, but in truth, it will be bondage instead. Then God will send the scraping scouring agent to remove the scales, for relationships are His specialty. His invention, idea, and dedication. Not ours, and most certainly the design of His enemy and ours plainly seeks to destroy any resemblance of it or hope of it. Noone has a relationship with the devil. They are prisoners, there’s is no relationship possible with him. A relationship by God’s definition, is a total surrender to Truth, it’s direction and it’s product. He walks and talks and listens and teaches ands guides and comforts in relationship, yet there is still our ability to acknowledge we are willing slaves to Him who sets us free. What sets us free?

you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

Notice it doesn’t say, love, empathy, compassion, only truth. Which when one walks with God, we learn, all those other things only come as a result of a surrender to the Truth first. In 1st Corinthians 13, is a portrait of God, Himself. The chapter of all chapters on Love. Everywhere we see the word love in it we can replace it with – Yeshua, the Way, the Truth, the Life -.
There’s no Way to the Truth without Him, and thus no Life. There’s no Love apart from Him. No love, is no love. There are no degrees to it. We are never sort of in love, kind of loving, almost loving, we either are or we are not. We put degrees and levels on things like truth, love, grace, mercy and justice and most grievously forgiveness. God does not.

The truth in its very nature repels a rebellious heart. This is why it’s said to cut. In the Hands of a Loving God, it’s like pruning sheers. Removing the dead, lifeless, limbs, making room for the new, full of life, truth and promise to…(key word here)…grow. It’s a process, limbs get cut and it takes time to see the fruitful product of such a pruning. Many reject the truth due to the lack of ability to wait, feel the loss of the old dead unproductive thing that held life back. In time, we don’t count it as loss, as Paul spoke so well. Without the time, all we will feel is loss. Hence God doesn’t stop the suffering we often have instantly. Yet the truth to live at this point is, trust…wait and trust that God is growing something new within it. It takes time to remove scales.

Here is how we will know that we are from the truth and will set our hearts at rest in His presence: if our hearts know something against us, God is greater than our hearts and He knows everything. Dear friends, if our hearts know nothing against us, we have confidence in approaching God; then whatever we ask for, we receive from Him; because we are obeying His commands and doing the things that please Him. This is His command: that we are to trust in the person and power of His Son, Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) and to keep loving one another, just as He commanded us. Those who obey His commands remain united with Him and He with them. Here is how we know that He remains united with us: by the Spirit whom He gave us. – 1 John 3:19-24


♡ Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Grace Infused

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Romans 12 1-3

I exhort you, therefore, in view of God’s mercies, to offer yourselves as a sacrifice, living and set apart for God. This will please Him; it is the logical “temple worship” for you.  In other words, do not let yourselves be conformed to the standards of the ‘olam hazeh (this world; this age). Instead, keep letting yourselves be transformed by the renewing of your minds; so that you will know what God wants and will agree that what He wants is good, satisfying and able to succeed. For I am telling every single one of you, through the grace that has been given to me, not to have exaggerated ideas about your own importance. Instead, develope a sober estimate of yourself based on the standard which God has given each of you, namely, trust.

Butterflies are such a magnificent display of being born again! There is nothing in a caterpillar that even hints at a butterfly. The caterpillar is “stuck” on the earth and all is surfaces. It’s perception can be changed only by attaining a different surface experience. It can climb a stalk or tree and “look down” at the ground. In such a way it can “get above” a certain surface but it can not rise. Then as if by some strange disease it begins to mutate into a ‘cocoon creature’. There’s this saying that is quite popular that goes “just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending. .. it became a butterfly”. It touches on the truth, but is mixed with human perspective. I doubt very highly a caterpillar had such thoughts of the “world” much less can perceive it’s “ending”. I do, however, believe it must be a jolting experience that causes the creeping, inching creature to pay attention in a way it never has to its own condition.


The process is another example that God has given us to see what He has instructed and the purpose of His instruction. I absolutely love how GRACIOUSLY He has done this with everything He has made and we can see if we are looking through the “cocoon eyes” He gives us when we take Yeshua’s (Jesus’) hand and begin to follow Him in the Spirit filled walk towards the Father who created us.

Look at the first line in the above scripture. Notice the “cocoon eyes” we are exhorted to look through?

‘In view of God’s mercies’

Followed by the action we are to take. ..

‘Offer yourselves as a sacrifice,

Let’s stop here for just a moment and fully digest what’s being given as such a delicacy from God here.

In all things. .. God’s mercy is to be taken into account before even our own thoughts have a chance to ‘weigh in’ on the thought that forms in finality. God’s grace is the standard by which we measure everything. The implications of this is staggering and fully points back to Yeshua’s words in Matthew 5 and 6 as something quite achievable in our lives every day, right now in this ‘olam hazeh (this world; this age; these times). As the Scripture goes on to exhort. But also notice it says;

Let yourselves…keep letting yourselves…’

Does this mean it’s all up to us? No its a surrender initiative. When we let ourselves do a thing. .. we give ourselves to the process of the doing. God does the doing. .. we let Him. Just like the caterpillar let’s itself become a cocoon creature. And right after we are given the ‘let yourselves and keep letting yourselves’ exhortation we are given where we go for the cocooning process.

‘Be transformed by the renewing of your minds‘.

Where all we do or say begins before the doing or saying ‘gets done’.


You ready for your wings? The very next set of words are the wings of this scripture. .. famously quoted over and over in Christiandom. Romans 12:2 – ‘be transformed by the renewing of your minds’. Ahhhh but most often the last portion of this amazing piece of information is left out. Hence the wings are often ‘clipped’.

…so that you will know what God wants and will agree that what He wants is good, satisfying and able to succeed‘.

This is paramount to the first famously repeated words. .. it points to the beginning exhortation to ‘offer yourselves as a sacrifice’ to the acceptable Sacrifice that God can accept… Instead of how we think;  His Son thinks, instead of how we feel; His Son feels right now because He’s alive and living inside us to be lived in; instead of our logic; the Sons logic as it has been given in Matthew chapters 5 & 6.
I refer to these chapters in Matthew because it addresses almost every single situation one can encounter here in the world we live in. I qualify though. … every Word Yeshua spoke and shared can be applied to all our lives and every situation we come into in our lifetimes.

Want to know the purpose of the cocoon? Verse 3 of Romans 12. Where we “go inside” to seek the Father about how He thinks and what He wants. But also to get this “sober estimate” of ourselves before our thoughts (minds) can bring our actions to completion. To listen to Him tell you and I the ‘… standard which God has given… namely – trust.

And once we choose the Trust of Yeshua we are given our wings and have been grace-infused to be that ‘living and set apart sacrifice for God”…. Oh then! Then… we become the new creature and rise up with wings as eagles and remain in His presence. .. rising rising above all the world and its perspectives and fly in the Kingdom of Heaven we are so urged by Yeshua to live in, turn to, preach about, witness to. We can not witness to something we haven’t ‘seen’! Not seen with our eyes but with our inner Life experiences as we die to ourselves and live to Christ everyday in every way. It is a truly dead soul who can be walking along and have a butterfly wisp its way before their face and not be inclined to watch it fly.


I took the liberty of looking up the word transformed via a thesaurus.

Main Entry: transform

Part of Speech: verb

Definition: change completely

Synonyms: alter, commute, convert, cook, denature, doctor, make over, metamorphose, mold, mutate, reconstruct, remodel, renew, revamp, revolutionize, shift gears, sing different tune, switch, switch over, transfer, transfigure, translate, transmogrify, transmute, transpose, turn around, turn over new leaf, turn the corner, turn the tables

Antonyms: leave alone, stagnate

Notice the antonyms? When we by-pass the sacrificial transforming process of our minds by the standard of God’s grace. We are left alone and stagnate. We don’t die in a cocoon. .. we die as a caterpillar. Left to this world and it’s surfaces and our efforts to try to change our perspectives. … using logic as man can. .. by their measure of grace. Which we all must know isn’t even as abundant in size as an atom. The world’s grace (which is NOT grace) but limited mercy; is based on tit for tat; you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours; if they call, I’ll call, if they. .. then I’ll; eye for eye; tooth for tooth; life for life; earn and reward… and the list goes on and on and on. With statements like. ..’but they. ..’; ‘well you saw what they. …’; ‘if you wouldn’t have. ..’; or ‘if you would have. ..’; and justification after reasoning after justification. Cocoon killing. ..caterpillar remaining graceless living too often disguised as Christianity because the words get quoted and not lived.

Oh but to be a butterfly! Shall I tell you what a delight it is to humbly always be lifted by the measure of God’s grace; like a wind to send me Aloft into the grace of giving the kind of grace He gives and experience the Life of Yeshua within my own flesh here in such a hard and imperfect world. If only. .. if only I could tell you and the mere words would send you into a surrender of cocoon living! Ahhhh… but that is Adonai’s job. Not mine. I’m just a little winged witness. .. May His will be done. .. on earth as it is in heaven!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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Inside Intimacies

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Oh Sweet Yeshua
Guardian of my being
I invited You in
And saw my sin
And that’s where You began

Hovering ever faithful
Over my soul now clean
Guarding, leading, guiding
And everything inbetween

Each foot stands upon a veil now torn
Bridging a gap so wide
Your blood leading to a Father
With You guaranteed by my side

Each hand holding back the waters
Of sin and death like the Sea
Calling my name, erasing my shame
As I walk on dry ground now free


Oh how, my Great Messiah
Can I express my gratitude from this grave
Dying to so much of me each day
Yet knowing I am saved

Oh Rescuer of condemned and dismayed
You dive into the depths
You breathe it’s waters and exhale new life
And cancel all the debts

Redeemer, Restorer, Relinguisher
Refiner of dust and clay
Resecitating the decayed
Reshaping what You made
Renaming, Reclaiming and Declaring…
Freedom for failure!!
Shocking every fiber of my being


Reweaving the threads from dust to diamonds
Born from every tear
From Your eyes and mine and infinite eyes reflecting Your image
Time before, time gone
A legacy of wretched redemption!
Agony remade
Delusions dispatched to holy repentance


Heaven’s language is the only foreign thing on earth
Yet it’s dust remembers and won’t forget
And so we must learn or die trying not to.
What irony and beauty becomes You!

Oh Sweet and Terrible Truth
Unwavering and Relentless You are!
I am just a little reflection
A flashing twinkle in Your Star
But Yours dear God
Forever Yours
I count on You alone to make that true
Yours right now and Yours when You’re through

Sweet Yeshua
Holy God
Unfathomable Spirit of Life and Truth pointing The Way
Father, Abba
I am Your Child
Here a lump of clay
In Your Hands – a Beloved
Your commitment to us astounds me!
Surrounding me like arresting forces
I surrender and know I am free


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah

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