Battle Tactics from Yeshua

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Mark 1:23-28

In their synagogue just then was a man with an unclean spirit in him, who shouted, “What do You want with us, Yeshua from Natzeret (Jesus from Nazareth)? Have You come to destroy us? I know who You are – the Holy One of God!” But Yeshua rebuked the unclean spirit, “Be quiet and come out of him!” Throwing the man into a convulsion, it gave a loud shriek and came out of him. They were all so astounded that they began asking each other, “What is this? A new teaching, one with authority behind it! He gives orders even to the unclean spirits, and they obey Him!” And the news about Him spread quickly through the whole region of the Galil (Galilee).

See here we can see a tactic of God and the enemy. What God wants for a time to remain quiet or secret the enemy’s tactic is to reveal and shout at the top of his lungs -even if it’s God’s very name! Likewise what God would have revealed, the enemy then seeks to submerge and distort! In this particular time. .. it was the Fathers will that Yeshua come in quietly and keep the focus on the work with His people before the “powers that be” took notice. So the enemy sought to reveal in advanced. Also notice, the enemy obeyed Yeshua, but fought all the way. Our enemy will not relent. .. but must at last yield… but he will go attempting to tear apart the room as he goes. This is a war. .. and the enemy is determined not to leave any “spoils” in his wake. Yeshua took this seriously. We must learn from Him. .. and all we need to do so is right in these four gosples… within each and every line of Yeshua’s works and words.

So how do we apply this to today, now, in our times. It’s quite simple. The enemy now seeks only to submerge. .. depress… distort that Yeshua is here, alive and King. So we are to shout like John the Baptist, given just a few short sentences prior to the Scripture above; shout. .. “turn to God from your sins! Be made clean by Yeshua’s blood!”  Our “tactic” is to make way to allow God to do His work. So. ..our shouting, speaking, proclaiming in effect “makes a way” for Adonai to enter in. How different that perspective can make us when we see that sharing Yeshua in all things with everyone we know makes such an impact on the front lines of Yeshua/God’s invasion across enemy lines!

Also note: an unclean spirit often gets defined as ‘demon possessed’. Caution. .. any spirit which is considered unclean is simply a spirit that has not been cleaned, washed, renewed by God. When I become argumentative and defensive. .. My spirit is unclean. When sarcasm and cynicism invade my thoughts first and then my speech. .. My spirit is in need of cleansing. We often make the works of the enemy far more powerful than they are and paint a picture of the worst debasement when in fact it’s far less complex and a simple need to turn from those things unclean to God is the ointment needed to heal the spirit within. David was never demon possessed yet he asked the Lord to renew a right or clean spirit within him. (Psalm 51:10)

So here is our basic training ground: our minds, our spirits within. Discerning, with the help of the Holy Spirit, where our unclean spirits need to be told to turn to God and claim Yeshua’s forgiveness and then we take action to do the opposite of what we were doing in the power of that unclean spirit. We take note of it and ask Adonai (the Lord) to renew a correct spirit within us. In essence we turn from our sins to God. Simple…yes. Easy…no. We have an enemy who will stop at nothing to dull our minds and spirits to the need for inner correction! If he can stop us there. .. then we can not shout to others in pointing to Yeshua. Know thy God and He will teach you how to deal with the enemy! For that enemy is first and last God’s enemy… this is why he is ours. Satan is no enemy but a friend to those who have no “turn signals” towards heaven!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah


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God’s Perfect Response to Satan’s Accusations ~ Part 1

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***This is a series taken from The Christian in Complete Armor by William Gurnall.***

What immeasurable comfort to know we are not left on our own to ward off Satan’s blows to our conscience. Is he clever? Your God is more so, who can safely lead you through the devil’s labyrinth right back to Himself!

1. God uses Satan’s own schemes to make His saints wise.

With them He unmasks the devil and exposes the children of Beelzebub, those offspring of the enemy who show the same craft as their infernal father in vexing the spirits of the saints. These are some of the ‘children of Satan’ whom Satan sends out to molest a saints peace.

Those who dig up the saints old sins, which God has forgiven and forgotten, merely to grieve His spirit and muddy His name; these show their devilish malice indeed, who take such pains to travel many years back to find a handful of dirt to throw on the saints face. Thus Shimei taunted David, ‘Come out, thou bloody man’ (2 Sam. 16:7). When you meet such reproaches, answer them as the French theologian Beza did those who, for lack of better ammunition, charged him for some impious poems he penned in his youth. ‘These men,’ he said, ‘begrudge me the pardoning mercy of God.’

There are also those who lie in wait for the saint to stumble, then point out every faltering step to make him seem graceless, and themselves graceful by comparison. Such pawns of the devil bring a curse upon themselves, although they think little of it. Consider Amalek, the remembrance of whose name God threatened to blot out from under heaven (Deut. 25:19). Do you recall what he did to deserve Gods wrath? He had his soldiers slay those at the rear of Moses’ company who were feeble and could not keep up with the rest! We can hardly imagine a greater cruelty, yet in God’s sight it is even worse to smite with the edge of a mocking tongue the feeble in grace.
Some wicked men sin with the evil purpose of troubling the saints spirit.

Perhaps you have watched a blasphemer in action. When he discovers there are those who love the Lord and cannot bear to hear His name taken in vain, he deliberately uses foul language the grates on chaste ears and troubles the sensitive spirits of his listeners. This rascal strikes Father and child at one blow. He thinks dishonoring God is not enough, but insists that the saint stand by to see and hear the wrong done to their heavenly Father.

Perhaps worst of all are those who
blame a child of God for the consequences of their own sins. This is why Ahab called the prophet ‘the troubler of Israel’ when it was really himself and his fathers house who were the blame. What grief to Moses’ spirit for the Israelites to lay at his door the blood of those who died in the wilderness. God, Himself, can testify Moses was their constant bail when at any time His hand was raised to destroy them.

The finest of God’s servants in this crooked generation of ours lie under the same curse. ‘We may thank them,’ say the profane, ‘for all the miseries of our nation; we were doing fine until they tried to reform us.’ Do not blame the good medicine that was administered, but the corrupt body of the nation that could not keep it down!!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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