Awake! – Part 21-a – Awake Test 

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Testing, testing…

Here’s a video, watch and listen. Not just to the words coming out of the speaker on the video, but hear the voice of the Promised Spirit that gives discernment and wisdom! Part 21 ~B, will cover the unpealing of the onion. In this video is truth and falsehood; definitive signs of God using imperfect people, in imperfect times to do His perfect will. Note what you get side tracked with, what irritates you, what made you curious and what sinks in deep and quick as true. Hold each note up to Yeshua – the Way, The Truth, and the Life. He said, “My sheep know My Voice…” He will speak directly into your thoughts of this video. He will tell you what you need to note, what to disregard and what to share. 

So let’s take an awake test. Let us see what we learn and still have yet to. After all, each moment we are alive, no matter where we are or what we’re doing the line of communication between ourselves and Adonai is meant to be a central line, the thing we cling to for every thought and it’s shaping of our souls. The is the state of fully aware, ready, prepared and watching. 

✡ May the grace and peace of Yeshua the Messiah be with you. ✡

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Testing, Testing…

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The above verse is one I started to put to memory around 6 months ago. I taped it written out to my bathroom wall, front door, cupboard in my kitchen, and started tattooing it on my heart. At the time, we had just launched our own business. I was sure I’d need to be reminded I was seen and known by God, (both Sam and I) and even more sure that it would stretch us with testing. Little did I know the extent of such testing! One month after our launch into S Corp-ship, God pointed His finger at a different geographical location for us. We blinked and blinked, shook our heads to attempt to clear our eyes in case we were “seeing things” and said “okay, Lord, we’ll knock on the doors – Your will be done.”
What else could we do? Doors flew open, and we got the message.
So in the midst of an already crazy schedule with huge adjustments being made already, off I went to find a house in Rio Rancho, NM. It took 4 days longer than planned (nothing really in perspective) but here sat a house that seemed to have been literally set aside specifically for us. No interest in the property for months and open houses unattended…ours was the only offer. This house was so nice it was rather odd it hasn’t just screamed off the market, lesser houses had but this one just sat there. The owner and I both remarked that it seemed Someone had this place in mind for us. The contract was signed, inspections passed with flying colors and off I went back to Denver to pack. Meanwhile, all the stuff of life still needed tending to and the holidays were about to converge on the calender.

Busy became a newly defined word for us. Stretched? Huh, we were as maxed out as a human could get on every level. The verse on the various surfaces and constantly rolling over my mind was being tattooed every second of the day. I leaned on it, and joy bubbled within. Oh how we had been praying for God to move us out of Denver! An answer came, though the direction was not what we expected, nor hoped. It was around the beginning of December that Wayne Stiles book Waiting on God fell into my hands and I began to traverse it’s pages with much desperation. The legistics to buying the house were solid, but it seemed that we picked the one house that could not be sold as it was due to a new city zoning ordinance that was enacted right about the time I first laid eyes on it. It had to have a garage. The owner was in a real bad spot now having to deal with a huge hit to the pocket book. The search to find a way out of it began as my boxes filled up and our nerves began to be tested in extreme.

Then began the whole “everything that can go wrong will go wrong” motto to EVEYTYHING we did. Our truck got vandalized, computers for the business crashed, parts went out, answers about the house vasselated going back and forth with no real answers, Sam’s grandpa died. Continuing to “head south for the winter” became impossible. Limbo is and has been the motif since mid November. Living out of and surrounded by boxes has lost its excitement. Do we doubt what God said in the beginning or wonder whether we heard Him? Yet He wouldn’t release us to pull out of the deal. No clear shut doors would occur no matter how hard we pressed for one. Limbo drags on, and our back is sore. “What in heavens name?”

The house has lost all and I mean all its appeal. We just want to empty boxes and return to a state of “normal”. Here – there, we don’t care. God’s will be done has been our prayer, fingers off the whole thing!

We wait and ask only that our eyes stay tightly tuned into the process, the lesson being taught, the wisdom to be gained and light to be shared. The light grows dimmer in our vision, limbo is starting to feel like torture. Still no release.
Then I come across this treasure of words from Abba, Waynes book.

Psalms 105:18-19
They shackled his (Joseph) feet with chains, and they bound him in irons; until the time when his Word proved true, God’s utterance kept testing him.

Is it ironic that that verse in Jeremiah became a project for memory back in June? I don’t think so. I’m not big on coincidences, cause I don’t believe God considers anything such.
Here’s a quote from Waynes book.


The whole book centers on Joseph’s story. Wow, what I’m learning! Its clear the testing we’ve encountered is no accident, and just like Joseph, we do not see what all God is doing, most of what He’s doing, in fact! Somewhere behind hidden doors, God’s moving fast and furious, solidifying His will, not just for us, but every single person that has been and will be effected by all this. We’re not the only ones waiting. ..everyone connected to this is waiting, family, friends, realtors, lenders, neighbors, everyone! Waiting and watching very closely because God said to us to go and now He’s held us for a time at the crossing. People are weary of the prospect of saying “goodbye” to us where we are, others can’t wait for us to arrive. What a strange turn of events and the circumstances just lay in front of us, waiting for God’s green light. Whichever way He gives it, all will welcome the release. Stay or go, it doesn’t matter.

Have my eyes stayed on You, my God and King? Is my devotion to You the brightest light? Oh, how my heart truly hopes so, dear Lord! May Your honor continue to stretch out my weary and waiting soul. Not for a house or for empty boxes, but Your Salvation displayed for all to see. Your beautiful timing and amazing will! Your strong protection and constant presence, no matter the situation! What a promise! Just like You were with Joseph, You are with us, through all. There is no greater gift! Test me, Adonai, and make true my devotion to You!

♡ Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Quote Note

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♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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The Sound of a Person

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In Hebrew the word voice is Qol; meaning the sound of a person.

I know my husband’s voice. I know his sound. I can tell the difference between his allergy snores and his cold snores. I can tell his many varied grunts, gasps, groans. I can discern his mood or state by his tones. Grant it I still sometimes take one for another; but over all I know the sounds of my husband. That which vibrates the inner-ear and outer. His gaze speaks, his eyes, his face, his countenance, his walk, and all that silence surrounds in his “speaking without his voice box”. I have lived with, wanted to know, listened to his voices for 18 years. Of course it does seem to be a bonus that he comes with the ability to voice a physically detectable voice. Meaning its “attached” to his physical vocal chords and vibrates my physical ear-drums.

The Sound of God…now that is truly amazing! This requires the inner-ear alone. Yes, He often uses another fallible human voice…but if you don’t know His voice; straight from His “lips” to your ears…you will never know it. His speech is like that of the Word, His tone is personal and pitched depending on what He is “saying”, His loudness/softness intimate and sure. Often one may think it “sounds” like one’s own voice. Though the Source could never come from us. That is…the Wisdom, Truth, and Clarity of Absolute Knowledge. It can only “sound” like His Word (the Bible). That is to say…it sounds like Yeshua (Jesus). The “logic” from which He speaks more often than not will fly in the face of what seems familiar to us. It will stand out as white as snow in sunshine and black as pitch against the “logic of the world”. It doesn’t encourage self-esteem, it encourages God-esteem. Example:

Worldly: You got this. You can do it. Trust your instincts.

Heavenly: “I got this. I can do this. Trust Me and let go of your own understanding. (the I’s and Me’s are God…not the child He made’s I or me)

He wants us to have confidence in Him. Not ourselves. To try and explain the workings or logic of that is impossible by way of human invention or framework. Either His Voice confirms this concept in our spirits or the chances are we don’t hear His Voice.

Yeshua said, anyone who hates his life shall gain it, loving it he shall lose it.

This passage is still debated in its context and meaning today. It means the above; we decrease, He increases. His life is lived in us, not ours in Him. Its not about us.

The Voice of God is spoken as if in word and form it is tailored specifically for each child He has made. In other words; He knows how to say, with what words, in the exact timing each of us needs and can hear it without denying we were told by Him. To this day, even though God has opened my heart to the Truth in any voice He should send it…His alone I can not deny.

Hearing His Voice takes devotion and specified times of shutting out all else and assuming we know nothing. This is countercultural in this age of “know it all-ism”. Hence we must decide to push against our own natural bend. We come to Him with blank pages…and only He may “ink them”. If we haven’t read how He has spoken in the past, we won’t know the “sound of His Voice” in the present! His Voice alone can teach us what He sounds like.

The Sound of His Person is what we follow. Its the single most important thing in Walking with God. Mistake this…and lost is the sheep.

John 10:27 ~ Yeshua speaking…

My sheep listen to My Voice, I recognize them, they follow Me.

John 12:25 ~ Yeshua speaking…

He who loves his life loses it, but he who hates his life in this world will keep it safe right on into eternal life!

John 10:1-5 ~ Yeshua speaking…

Yes, indeed! I tell you, the person who doesn’t enter the sheep-gate through the door, but climbs in some other way, is a thief and a robber. But the one who goes in through the gate is the sheep’s own shepherd. This is the one the gate-keeper admits, and the sheep hear His Voice. He calls His own sheep, each one by name, and leads them out. After taking out all that are His own, He goes on ahead of them; and the sheep follow Him because they recognize His Voice. They never follow a stranger but run away from him, because stranger’s voices are unfamiliar to them.

They who have ears…let them hear!!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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Workin’ It Out – Part 1

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1 John 4:1

Dear friends, don’t trust every spirit. On the contrary, test the spirits to see whether they are from God;…

1 Thessalonians 5:19-22

Don’t quench the Spirit, don’t despise inspired messages. But do test everything – hold onto what is good, but keep away from every form of evil.

Philippians 2:12-13

So, my dear friends, just as you have always obeyed when I was with you, it is even more important that you obey now when I am away from you: keep working out your deliverance with fear and trembling, for God is the One working among you both the willing and the working for what pleases Him.

I have spent much time in prayer, sitting somewhere with an armada of books, especially my Bible, note books for note taking, and a good amount of “heavenly elbow juice” (this comes from the Spirit of the Living God – not my human “effort”); over the scriptures above. I will share a few of the jots I have been given, but I must emphasize that each of us must pursue, dig, scratch, scrape, wrestle, chew, ask, seek and knock for themselves for any scripture to come alive to them. What others have shared from their own seeking…has been of great influence to me, but I say with absolute 100% assurance; following someone else’s “prescription’s” for studying to show yourself approved exactly as they do it, will not work for anyone but the one the “prescription” has been written for. Not one thing does God intend to repeat, except that which writes a unique and individual name down in His Book via adoption. The “method” of adoption is different for everyone, the way He feeds them is specified to their particular needs and “make up”. That He will always use His Word, the Way is Yeshua (Jesus), the Spirit the Counselor and Enabler is the limit to our common ground in walking with God. Sometime God puts us in a particular class with others on a specific lesson, but each one comes away with different hues being “bathed in the same general color”. So my intent here is not to say “Do this exactly and you will “arrive” at the “same destination.” Rather, I am sharing some amazing things that have helped me in pursuing the goal of the scriptures above.

First of all in regards to the first Scripture -1 John. The word spirits always seemed to “throw me off”.  So much time has been spent on my part asking God to make clear what these spirits are. I will attempt to make clear what’s been given to me in clarification. Just like an action can not reveal the motive behind it, often words are cloaked in a spirit that is opposite or in conflict with the words spoken. Example: We have become habitual at saying “Hi” with a question “How are you?” Most of the time the spirit of the question is “Hi.” Not really wanting to know how the person is. 90% of the time its a situation where one does not have the time to really listen to how one is much less can one give an answer that correctly states how one is at the time. Grocery store check out lines would be lengthy should the spirit of such a question be followed :-).
Most of us answer verbatim “Fine” or “good” or at times some short form of complaint “I’ve been better.”
Another is how often the words “I’m sorry” get said. I could go on but I pray ya “get my drift” 🙂

What John is calling us to is a testing that uses discernment/insight. It takes listening with spiritual ears, not just the ones on your head. This takes a continual invitation for God to whisper in your ear moment by moment…which either seems extreme/absurd to us or “hits” a nerve that makes sense without our intellect really understanding it. Whew…hope that made sense 🙂
So testing the spirit is very important when we are looking to know God as He really is, and the best form of this testing is the Word of God. Especially if something we hear seems to “jar” our view of Him; either read or spoken. Hence, why we must be wise and never sever our connection with the Lord.

The third Scripture in Philippians also had a bit of a word war involved. The word work in connection to our own deliverance (often translated salvation); seemed contradictory to me. Since God alone gets the credit for and has done all the work for my salvation/deliverance, it threw me off a bit. I believe today, this work refers to the inward press to know God more each day. To the point that we really do learn from Him, about Him, something we didn’t know the day before. This work, rarely uses the physical body but is mostly done within the mind, heart and will of a person.

So this series will be very unique in style and tone from typical “work outs”. My “muscles” tend to get a work out a bit different than everyone else. The “muscle” that is always being either stretched or grown is the trust “muscle” for, with and about God. Seeing that each of us has been wounded in our trust departments differently, we need a God who understands more than we see and can even remember and has a personal investment in correcting how these muscles have been developed.

This is part 1, which is more of a description of what’s to come. I can guarantee an adventure, and pray that the Spirit use, as with every word you find here, this series to build up, His body.

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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