Internals and Externals

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It’s amazing how we gravitate towards externals. Isn’t it so much easier to paint the fingernails that show signs of malnutrition but we just “see” how marred (different/not perfect) they are. So we cover it up. We invent miraculous ways to sharpen the outter image. God made the human body so able to withstand such poison and punishment, truly its a wonder that the last three generations have reproduced at all much less lived past the age of 25. I’ve been to a number conferences, they were not at all medical in nature. Most were spiritual, for some ministry or topic related as a retreat. At one in particular, a medical doctor took the podium and began to speak about the incredible work God did in every cell, every system in our bodies. The room pulsated with awe, hushed, most of us barely dared breathe, yet all the sudden we couldn’t help but pay close attention to the sound of our breath, the rhythm of our hearts, the blinking of our eyes and the wonder that we were able to zero in on at least a dozen functions of our bodies at once without any problem at all. The best computer in the world still has light years to come close to what God made our bodies and minds capable of. (I do not believe He will ever allow computers,or anything man makes, to come close, either)

The number of the things capable of killing the human body instantly – is small. The number of things that will slowly but surely kill it over time…well its never been calculated. Let’s just say, it’s beyond the number of people alive on the earth today. It’s likely you who are reading this right now have put more poison in your body than pure and simple nutrients. There’s no blame involved here, 90% of people don’t really know it. Of those that do, about 2% of those really discipline themselves to the degree nesassary to begin the process of letting the mechanisms God created to literally cure and heal itself, just like our skin does with a minor cut. Yet everybody must be blind not to see the internal effects of the external shell we live in. Bones with no nerves ache, cartlage and ligaments waste away, memories completely shut down. The number of children alone in the last decade that read 3 as an E, is mind boggling. These things are NOT “normal” as God designed them. Normal to our culture, yes, but only due to the dullness that comes from ignoring the signs of internal malfunction by cutting off the warning signal (pain) with poisonous over the counter pain killers or worse chemical “circuit-cutters” called pharmaceuticals. There’s a pill for every ill. The “easy” generation is here.

The point here is this: we cannot put external “fixes” on and expect the internal to go along. God will not change the rules of function. The sun must come up from the east and set in the west, no matter how convenient we may think it would be to reverse it; or if you will, how inconvenient the eastern rise may be to us on any given day. God cannot change who He is, and what He has made IS who He is. If we want the skin He created us to have we must feed the body that which it requires, but most importantly, we must stop putting the skin damaging stuff INSIDE the body first. The skin is the bodies last filtration system. If you see a breakdown in it somewhere, the problem within has likely been going on for years and by now has corrupted every system. The same goes with our spiritual skin. If sin is unable to be overcome, it’s likely the internal system has been grossly overlooked (I’m not talking strickly psychology, but physiology and most importantly – mentality). We are TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING of our minds. Is your mind made up? How changeable is it? And how willing are you to simply act on its Creators blueprint for its health? (In other words, act on trust alone and do what He says without hesitation) Do the statistics above begin to make sense?  Does His Word? FEW are they who travel down the road of internal correction and realignment to its Creators design. There’s no easy button this way. Sleep will be lost. The very concept of comfort and convenience will fade away from the motivation center of our being. The concept of free, meaning you pay nothing and get something, will find itself an endangered species of the mind. The very thought that one can pick and choose what things they believe in God about, will begin to cause actual physical pain, due to the nature of it dysfunctional motion to our souls. The correct order of believing is… Who is God?, what does He say?, what does He believe? – “now, self, go along with Him whether you feel like it or not“, the basic muscle group is now – trust. It’s the brains of our faith – trust. The heartbeat is action. Everybody knows without brain activity and a heartbeat no body is alive. The mind must be in constant transformation (internal) or the heartbeat will be irregular. Hense, the body will be in dysfunction (external). Getting your stomach reduced to stop eating, will in effect only make you eat more with less of what God gave you to process the food. Saying “I believe in Jesus” while your actions say you do not is a lie. Like saying, “I ate yesterday” when in fact you consumed no food. No one may know that you lied, but God did. Gods ears reach to the furthest reaches of silence and sound. He made us, we cannot lie to Him, only to ourselves and others.

My granddaughter is reading an interesting book. It’s called Dumb Bunny. I’ve no interest in who the author is, save I know where they got their theme. (Satan). She asked to read it to me today. Delighted, ipulled up a chair. It starts out in diary form of a child. They called a classmate, dumb bunny, and their teacher said to stop. So, the child concludes, that they will just say it in the mind, because the mind is silent. My six year old granddaughter is being indoctrinated by illusions! So, I say to her, as she reads (she is giggling at the sneaky nature of the text) “Ahhh, but God hears the mind, huh Izzy?” My eyes fill with tears even now, as my precious granddaughter, already six years old, looked at me with defiance and said, “Sooo?” Shrugging her shoulders as if there was not one merit in thinking of God. But let me show you where there is hope. She then felt so uncomfortable reading this book after that, that she quickly lost interest. I could SEE the conscience God gave her making her squirm. I praised God for it! She’s not broken, just illiterate. Uneducated to the God who created her, but she is only six and God in that moment woke her up just a little. I pray He will invade her world! Passion for the truth to invade her external need to externally “treat” what can only be internally healed. God beamed His Light into her mind with my words, and she was uncomfortable with herself! Glory to God!

There is no silent mind to God, the sounds of our internal world are sonically booming in heaven. Our internal is the key. Actions only speak louder than words because the shouting from the mind will vibrate the whole body. The word – heart – in Hebrew means the mind, thoughts, that which makes up the substance of our actions.


Create in me, a clean heart, O God, and RENEW a right spirit within me.

This Psalms speaks a thousand words, it focuses correctly; on the e-ternal and in-ternal, for the key to the ex-ternal and temporal. Physically we will represent what spiritually is the center of all things. We can start taking vitamins, but if we don’t eliminate the poison from our diet, the vitamins will do us very little good.

In this day and age, how can this message not be relevant? How can we possibly not begin to stop treating this topic like a Sunday school lesson and start treating it like the very substance of our living? Join me, dear fellowsheep, in dropping to our internal knees and repeatedly asking for God to teach us the vital importance of the internal. For the courage to be an internal Light in an external world, yes, to its discomfort!


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Quote Note

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♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Holy Relocations

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Spending time with God: that place and space where His breath fogs the window we are looking out of and more than I can imagine gets left on the pane to remind me “This is what’s real!”

Wrapping, stacking, tracking.
Reminds me where I am lacking and have stuffed that spot with excesses in nothing but things that take up space and add weight to the journey.

I am in the middle of my (hang on a sec I gotta count with my mental and physical fingers)…30th move! Holey magoly, that number astounds me! I am only 41 years old! Needless to say my folks moved around the Northern Denver suburbs, then I moved out and carried on the  “family tradition” it would seem. Though when we bought our house in Kalispell, Mt I unpacked and planned to be buried little by little on that 1/2 an acre of earth over the next…30 years or so…or until I drew my last breath whichever came first.
I hate cliche sayings, but I must digress “Man plans and God chuckles” (I don’t “hear” a Halloween like mmmmmaaaaaahhhh from Him, more like a tsk tsk giggle type thing) Though He clearly led us to the house and practically bought the house for us…well His timing was His best kept secret. So much like the God I am getting to know…when He moves I follow…and He is constantly “on the move”.

Consequently my heart is therefore, always longing for my feet to land long enough to grow mildew or have the earth grow up around them to prove their “staying” ability.
I am this time so grateful we sold over half of all we owned before our shuffle back to Colorado! I have since honestly only accumulated a few DVD’s and about 2 dozen more books since then. The rest has actually moved out; broken dishes, shoes and clothing that have worn out so badly not even the Goodwill can’t use them. I’ve given quite a few books away so even my used but newly acquired delightfully bound friends won’t be adding more weight than I moved in with. Yet as I started stacking them in boxes today, this question/thought grabbed at the based of my heart and wrapped itself there like an echoing dream in a movie all day.

What if these never came out of this box and became “accessible” to you ever again?

Hello my Lord 🙂 I see You are moving more than my address again! I often tend to simply block out that You are a Gardener and Your expertise is pruning, among all the other things like seeding, watering, planting, weeding.

Among the many things about moving I hate…I really wish an OCD certified ability to organize was among my resume. Its not. I do okay, due to the grace of God alone, mind you. Its work for me though. I can organize a billion thoughts, words like a pro, but ask me to organize a room…and I fall on my sword! Next thought/question…

Where do you get your sense of order? Where does it come from?

Chew chew…pack pack…chew…stack…hmmmm. At this point I am able to know that both these thought/questions likely are strangely connected and have very little to do with the physical world He’s using to connect my “dots”. So like Yeshua (Jesus), using what we see, know, and the world we interact in everyday to draw us into His classroom for the real world. I’ve also learned that waiting is an art form that adds clarity to what He’s teaching! My imaginary hand went up like an eager student in a classroom with a thousand perfectly sensible and reasonable responses to those two whispers in my ears.

For the last 4 or 5 years or so God has really challenged Sam and I to take His measure on those “things” we think are needs verses the “things” we think are wants. In so doing our “habits” have changed dramatically. Shopping for just what you need daily (or every couple days) verses shopping in bulk type thinking is one example. You would not believe the feelings of irresponsibility that attempted to “break in and steal” what God was doing with that one! Akin to not having life, health insurance as considered irresponsible in this world too! Based on Yeshua’s words there’s no such thing except in the Kingdom of Heaven. And asking only for what you need for today is the only way He lived and taught about. Takes a whole lot more trust in God to live that way! So…over the course of those years much has been “let go of” mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Moving can take on so many forms! Truth is as long as I am His Child I am constantly moving towards my permanent home with Him. Packing, letting go, selling off, hauling and relocating this home He now owns inside me. I signed the deed over to Him.

Another little peak into my heart for these stacks if stones He asks me to pile up along the way. Introspection is my primary language…(snicker). I am fearless to do that. Though He is faithful to show me, I am far less comfortable with it than I think. Hmmm…yes, moving is uncomfortable. I grew up in a culture that has made comfort a responsibility!  An obsession. The Kingdom of God is offensive to that above all else. My Master is invasive or at least my self-absorbed/self-protected perceptions feel that way…alot! I am learning to allow Him to re-route my hard drive this way though. Talk about freedom, puhh, rights as we perceive them have nothing to teach about freedom. Mayhap that’s why people in countries without them don’t look for comfort, so much as purpose in discomfort.

So as I pack, wrap, stack and relocate this Thanksgiving I am asking for clarity in the function and purpose He has to show me in all things uncomfortable. I ask you to pray likewise for and with me. Also for the “be still and know” grace that I need while He pulls those thought/questions together for me. Seeking true satisfaction verses feeling content or happy is an act of obedience to Adonai. I want the “well done”, much more than the “well said”. 🙂


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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A Days Wages

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While pondering the events of the day these thoughts cascaded from my mind.

Life is lived at its fullest from the outside in.

To sell everything I own and give it to the poor; what Yeshua (Jesus) is calling for today…is everything I feel, think and identify as mine, inside this heart and give it to the poor in spirit.

People CAN get mad at and for nothing!

True blessings come wrapped in human tissue.

Life can show us how to die, as much as death can show us how to live.

Almost everything reversed makes more sense in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Love has its greatest power when it lets the heart assume the worst of you and loves as if it assumed the best.

A true teacher can teach beginners with the advanced at the same time.

Skills are never seen through the eyes of arrogance.

If beauty had wings, they would fly to the brokenhearted.

Let pain begin to drench your “trust muscles”

The physical body will betray the pain the heart won’t let go of.

All roads lead to change, no wonder smaller cities appeal more to me than big ones!

Understanding is the elusive wind that blows around a giving soul. It is the oxygen that fans the flames of trust first then it burns away the doubt which comes before it.

No one can think they trust, it must have action, like oxygen to the blood. It has to be breathed to flow.

There really isn’t anything that God can’t say for Himself with no “help”. Nothing is required for Him to speak, and all that’s required to hear Him is His intention that you do.

Knowing God is the key to everything. Firing the one you think He is will surely be as essential as letting Him re-introduce you to Himself, almost daily.

My most beloved friends are the thoughts Adonai shares with me. And yes, often they come in another brother or sister.

Today is closing in on tomorrow, I think I’ll go rest while God gets me ready 🙂

Oh how I love Yeshua, how I adore the Father, how I am awed by the Spirit…how infinite His Love! How mighty is His movement! How endless He captures my soul! May He NEVER get any glory from letting me go, but if it would bring Him more glory, I would beg Him to do with me as He see’s fit.

Glimpses into an eternal mind…often come cluttered with much that must die.

The word peace has been so twisted by the enemy, you only have to believe and live as if he has no bite, to have as little of the true-ness of it to suffer its absence.

Love makes me lopsided when I would stand-up straight. God makes me giggle, no – He giggles with me! I love You Abba!

And a whole lot of…
I will trust You
I will trust You
I will trust You
You are fully trustworthy
You are fully trustworthy
You are fully trustworthy
(The You being Adonai)

Thats a wrap!

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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Dead Mind Walking

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Dang, that person needs to do their job better. Don’t they know…..! I would… They could at least…..

What a jerk! (The list of fill-in names are endless and full of adjective expression, I won’t name them all)

I hate you, them, so-n-so!

I don’t have to like….  but I can hate what they do!

She is such a…  What a ditz! What a loser. He’s such an….  She could do better! He’s so blind! He deserves a real wife. She needs a real man.

They’ll, she’ll, he’ll never change!

I know what she, he, they think! They, he, she, acts like… She, he, they think she’s, he’s, they’re better!

If I was so-n-so, I’d….  Why should I do …. they don’t ….
Look at her, him, them …(conclusion/judgement drawn).

God! I wish those people would get with it, hurry up, figure it out, get out of my way, get over it, deal with it, get a clue, get a life, shut up, get a grip (you get the picture).

Huh, he, she, they probably think ….
come from, don’t have, need, …

Noone should think, act, do, be, say ….
(The ….. are blanks to fill in by the reader)

The above are mostly internal bullets, meaning they always start in the head 1st, then come out the mouth. They range from 22’s to 50 calibers. All kill, first they kill the mind and heart of them that thinks them, a little bit every time they are “thunk”. Then the object of the scrutiny. Deadening the heart to see its own depravity, and love, grace, mercy that can “resuscitate” the person who has entered “the judgement zone”. How? Well…did you ask them what motivated their actions, their thoughts, why they don’t do whatever you think they should or shouldn’t? Can you read minds and hearts? Do you know everything? Can you see all from such a short distance? Notice how often those bullets are all about you, how you see, what you think, what you have concluded based on your experiences, your observations, your priorities, your sense of wrong or right. If you have not put yourself out to inquire the whole picture, those bullets left the chamber and entered and killed. It doesn’t matter if you had a bad day, upbringing, life, marriage, childhood, experience, or p.m.s. or A.D.D. or forgot your prescription, or didn’t have time, or the “opportunity”, or it wouldn’t'”look” good, or if you know the person or not. The why means about as much to God as the why means to the people who suffered at any terrorist/mad persons shoot out, bombing, stabbing, maiming, killing spree. The dead are gone. Not that God has no compassion, but He and only He really does know why anyone does anything they do, good or bad. He doesn’t fire bullets, He empties chambers. (As in: disarms the weapon)

Every single human being alive (and dead) has been a murder. Killed in this fashion. All, (except Jesus), everyone. All have done it singularly, and by the dozens at a time. Going to any public function, the masses get blown away by the dozens by each one of us at least once in our lifetime. ( and I’m being generous) And we pick off others like snipers at our displeasure at will, the “victim’s” presence is not required. If you think I exaggerate, you have bigger problems than you think, I leave our Creator to educate you, its His “job” no one else’s.

Everyone has been the victim of these shootings, too. Its why we jump to the victims defense and service when the physical shootings/murders happen. Noone denies being judged, condemned, and misunderstood. That’s easy. Denial of doing the perpetrating…well that’s a totally different thing. We don’t view doing that as being as bad as picking up a gun and walking into a store, theater, school, bank, church or home and blowing people away. The illusion is if we can’t see the harm done, then it must not be harm done. God sees, hence the reason all we do internal and external are to be measured by His line of vision, His perifial vantage point, His ability to know everything. Not ours.

How many people did you kill yesterday? The day before?  Is what Jesus said starting to make sense now? Pray for your enemies, do (think) well to those who (in modern terms) annoy, confuse, bother, anger, irritate you, so a man (or woman) thinketh so is he/she, what so ever is good and of good repute, THINK on these things, Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. Hypocrite? Madman? No. He is onto something…teaching us something about what we all say we want…peace, love. He said: take every thought captive, renew your mind. Its a disturbed mind that blows people away, rapes and kills, steals and robs, cheats and slanders, judges and condemns. Just like everyone is right now saying of James Holmes, terrorist, Obama, their neighbors. Disturbed minds. The “thinkers” in these people started dying well before they harmed the masses. Must be a really good place for the enemy to suit-up in sheep’s clothing undetected. Jesus said: what comes out of your mouth is actually coming from your heart, that is what makes a person unclean. For out of the heart come forth wicked thoughts, murder, adultery and other kinds of sexual immorality, theft, lies, slanders…(Matthew 15:18-19). Jesus came to set the captives free, not those who are willing participants.

If you are not among those who kill with your thoughts and hate the murder you do, you are not captive but co-partners with that which you need no saving from. If you are, you understand just how desperately we need God to lead our heart and mind every single minute of every hour, of every day. You understand just how freed we have been made by Jesus, everyday. You see why we can pray for our enemies, much less those we love and know. You see that love for God, Jesus, the Spirit, that informs, leads, and guides, came and took our punishment on Himself, that love alone for Him is what motivates our obedience to His lead. Out of profound gratitude for His freeing and saving, just our deadly thoughts, much less (and no more) our actions. Its not religion, or goodness on our part, adherence to His “rules and regulations” – no, its love and humility for Him. Not for others first. Why?? Because my fellow-sheep, HE FIRST LOVED US, else we would have no idea what love IS, much less how to give it!

How can one “preach” on the intense need for God’s children to pray and forgive James Holmes after what he did? Jesus. If there is no hope for James, no room for his forgiveness, no desperate need for his station, there is none for me or you. God has left His throne, and we all may as well get concealed weapon’s licences for the “packing” we all do everyday. That’s how.

I don’t understate those suffering from the losses he caused. I simply remind what happened to get us here. We have all failed our Lord, James is, all of our results, in that failing. If we hurt for the victims and not for the shooter, we condemn ourselves while we excuse ourselves at the same time.

Where are we if God’s gift of Salvation from all our sins doesn’t include the worst of them? Where would you or I be, if Yeshua (Jesus) hadn’t died while we were yet as disturbed and corrupted by our turning away from God, as James Holmes or Osama bin Laudin or Hitler? Who on this earth today can say that God wouldn’t use a shooting, war, or hatred to bring Salvation? Wasn’t it Him who watched Joseph’s brothers throw him away, and then move Joseph to “save” them later as a result? What Bible are we reading, to say “I won’t even mention his (James Holmes) name because of what he did!” God wrote my name down before I followed Him! He did say, follow Me!. We have no clue how lethal our thoughts are. Yet, when something like 9-11 happens God sends us a hint. Will we listen? Oh, how I pray so. I pray I will! May God have mercy on us all that injure and kill. May we give up our “rights” to bear arms in these ways. May we all, drop our guns, at the sound of Yeshua’s request…”He who has no sin, shoot the first round” unforgiveness, blame, jealousy, envy, hate…do you hear the sound of human judgement emptying from the chambers?? If not, then we all, like death-row inmates are all walking that corridor to the chamber, hearing the guard call out “Dead mind walking!”

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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