Awake! – Part 21/b – Timing is Everything

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How do you think you did on the test? Did you hear from Adonai? Was His voice painting the final analysis? If so, the test was passed. 

We live in a world right now, where there’s the “Truthers”, “fake news”, conspiracy theorist, real reporters, paid actors, and the list goes on. Amy Grant once wrote a song; “Ya gotta know, who to, and not to, listen to”. I remember it was one of my faves. I was in 7th grade when it came out. 

It’s not so much why God placed inside me this calling card, as how and when. From the time as far back as I can remember, He has sent one thing after another to confirm He speaks directly to His children! The whole Word of God confirms it, but no book does quite like John. As you read, underline every time God spoke/speaks and His initiation to communicate. Your Bible will quickly be full of underlining! Then count how many times the phrase “I speak only what God/My Father tells me to say – do only what He tells me to do” 

I was raised in the non denominational Christian church. With few exceptions, every single one of them taught that God doesn’t speak directly to His People! Years later I understood it is pure deceitful fear that has been behind this in the church. What did the enemy say in the garden?

“Did God really say….?” 

That same enemy is still planting that same seed in the garden of God’s Vineyard. Hence the drowsiness encompassing His sheep. For today, this time, the buck must absolutely stop at what He says for our bearings to be correct where He has us, how and when. There are two ways we can stand firm in this:

  1. His Word, the Bible
  2. His Voice

That’s it. There is too much deception, too many people thinking they have the answers, too many people who think they can not be deceived, too many people afraid to hear from the Truth! (Remember…He’s a person, God – Yeshua/Jesus). 

Here are two quotes from God, from the book of Jeremiah. The entire 51st chapter is crucial to our lives today. 

Jeremiah 51:39; 57

When they are hot with desire, I will prepare them a drink, I will make them so drunk they will have convulsions, sleep forever and NEVER wake up, says Adonai. 

I will intoxicated her leaders and sages, her governors, deputies and warriors. They will sleep forever and NEVER wake up. Says the King, whose Name is Adonai-Tzva’ot. (Lord of Angel Armies)  

Let’s face it, when God spoke, quite often, it was plain just hard to hear. Not hard as in too low in frequency, but hard as in difficult to accept. I believe the disciples themselves can be quoted as saying that very thing about Yeshua’s teaching. Yet, let those verses sink in, time is going to run out, come to an end. Time ran out for Pharaoh, Goliath, Samson, Jericho, Sodom and Gomorrah, Haman, Pilate and the “church” in Yeshua’s time. The list goes on. Those in Israel at the time of Jeremiah 52, indeed were put to sleep and Never Woke up. It’s so important to never think we have some “spiritual nodoze” that makes us immune to falling asleep – aka: being deceived. Read in the Book of John how Yeshua emphasises hearing Him, listening to Him and staying in union with Him. And not being decieved! 

Now is not the time to be afraid of people’s reactions to us, either quoting the Word of God or telling them what He says to tell them! 

And now is definitively not the time to be afraid to hear Him! For we can “take this to the bank”, if we do not, right now, hear Him over every other voice shouting at us from every direction, we will fall asleep and waking up will not be a pleasant experience. 

How are the many ways the enemy is saying “Did God really…?” to you right now? Let me rephrase his wording as can disguise the same phrase. 

Why am I here? What am I doing? When will I be given a mission or ministry? Where do I matter?

The key to knowing why these questions are from the pit of hell instead of “nice soul searching Christian thinking” is because the emphasis is on the one letter word in each question. I. Nothing is accidental, God is behind everything about our lives. Where we are, how we are effecting others, and He may not choose to show us exactly how impactful He is in us, right now. 

Are you bearing fruit to bring Him glory? Or hiding behind leaves that reveal no fruit can be found? Hiding is about us, bearing fruit will always hallmark that we are about Him! I have yet to meet anyone truly doing the work of the Kingdom that can see exactly how and when God is using them at all times. Or even most the time. People who brag about how God is using them are not liars, but I guarantee they are blind in some very important spots. 

When King David thought he had it all together, was settling down into the kingdom God had given him. He took a walk on a roof and became a murderer and adulterer in the space of about 5 seconds. Remember, it starts in the heart, the mind, where only God can interrupt one efficiently and effectively. 

Remember, Peter was warned exactly how he’d deny Yeshua, and he still did it. It wasn’t the power of suggestion, it was prophesy. Yeshua’s timing in exactly when and how He warned Peter and then made the cock crow that third time was to His glory not Peter’s. It did indeed produce fruit for the Kingdom of God. Yet Peter will likely tell you he had not a clue how. David too. Every one of us gets stuck on ourselves at least a dozen times a day. It’s hard not to trip over something that stays with you everywhere you go. 

Remember, it’s not why, God parted the Red Sea, it’s how and when. Timing! It’s not why, Yeshua walked on water, healed the sick, lame and blind, raised the dead and died and rose again, it’s how and when! The why is obvious, God wanted to do it, it got done. God wants the evil to end, but not the lives of His created precious children. The end will get done, and every chance will be exhausted to bring His children into His Kingdom. Both are happening, right now, at the same time! 

Are you awake? Can you hear Him telling you? Remember Yeshua’s Words, let them ring in your ears…

He who has ears, let him hear…”  

If the only way to hear God is in reading His Word, He would have said “He who has eyes, let them read.” God would not have sent prophets or Yeshua to speak. The Torah, would have been enough, Yeshua would not have been needed. I could go on and on…but I pray you get the “picture”. The Word of God is anointed, alive and active. Just like it says. Yet relationship with God, is personal, talking, walking, living, responding, and knowing.   

If anything less than relationship was what God is after, He would have gave us a book, like a dead school book of rules and called it a day. Pun intended. 

If God’s timing is everything, and He didn’t say; “Lisa go to your neighbor and invite her to dinner.”  in the Bible, how then could I obey? I can verify in the Word, that the Voice I heard was God’s, but the Bible still won’t personally reach down on my block with the specific people He placed in my path and tell me what to do and say that applies to their life for His glory. It will confirm and reinforce the Living God whose Voice goes out from everlasting to everlasting; written as His Voice directed it to be written. I’m in no way understating the validity and power of the Word of God. No, indeed, that very Word is the same person as the Truth, Yeshua the Messiah; and He said…

John 10:3-4

This is the one the Gatekeeper admits, and the Sheep hear His voice. He calls His own sheep, each one by name, and leads them out. After taking out all that are His own, He goes on ahead of them, and the Sheep follow Him because they recognize His voice.   

John 10:16

Also I have other sheep which are not from this pen; I need to bring them, and they will hear My Voice; and there will be one flock, One Shepherd.  

John 10:27

My sheep hear My Voice, I recognize them, they follow Me…  

✡ May the grace and peace that comes from hearing and knowing Yeshua the Messiah be with you. Now and forever more. ✡

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Quote Note

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♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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Everything Means Something

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Isaiah 48:16-17
“Come close to Me, listen to this:
Since the beginning I have not spoken in secret, since the time began to be, I have been there and now Adonai Elohim (the Lord God) has sent Me and His Spirit.”
Thus says Adonai, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel:
“I Am Adonai, your God, who teaches you for your own good, who guides you on the path you should take.”

In a moment, things can change. As I was struggling the other day, a series of memories dropped down the screen of my mind. On the surface it seemed rather redundant to me, felt very self-possessed, and I was so tempted to wring the collage of them away…until God spoke very astutely! “Wait!!”

They were a series of “self-taught” moments. I will list some.

~ I taught myself, to ride a bike
~ I taught myself, to swim
~ I taught myself to play piano

There were a few more, but the idea is the goal here. Then God’s “Wait!!”, I was still…my thoughts had been rolling into “how absurd! Those memories are meant to embitter and bring down!”
That was when He “jumped out in front” with His wait, like a person trying to stop a car for help. My “vehical” was ready to gun it outta there as my thoughts were perceiving at the time. I slammed on the proverbial brakes and “He walked over, opened the door and invited me to let Him drive me back through them,” His thoughts the view out the “wind-shield” of my mind. I am so glad His grace gave me courage to “hop out, switch seats, and go along for the ride”.

You see, most people have had someone; a parent, teacher, coach, friend, brother or sister, someone that connects to their memory of learning how to swim and ride a bike. It has always brought first sadness, then pride (not the “good” kind) that I “taught” myself. The temptation being, to be hurt that my folks, no one, seemed to care enough to teach me. Which could lead to bitterness, I have no interest in following that course. I also begged for piano lessons, and came away disappointed. So I decided I would just figure it out on my own. Again, sadness coupled with pride. I had already done “the work of forgiving my folks for their lack, and realized that many many teach themselves to ride a bike, swim, and play piano. So much of my heart had been healed and kept from bitterness and haughtiness. Again, thanks be to God alone!

As He “drove me back” though the scenery changed. The above verse was the “sound” of the “engine running in the cab of the car”.
I taught you…”
Giving me eyes to see. I was a stunned passenger!
“Everything means something! And it all points to Me!”
Images of His hands holding me in the water as I took my first forward moving stroke from dog paddle to swimming. His hand on the back of my bike, His whisper in my ear “You can do it!” as I peddled and wobbled into a somewhat steady ride on my bike. His whisper “I will teach you, see how the pattern of keys repeat, listen to how they change in pitch but the tone is the same…” as I doodled around on those black and white keys of the piano in my Grandparents Rec-room. The next series of “self-taught’s” revealing similar images and His voice leading the way, shattering any former illusion that sadness and pride ever had a place next to them in the first place! All my life He has been there, He was the absent parent, friend, coach, He was teaching and leading me in the way I should go. Everything really does mean something and it all points back to the “current Driver in the seat next to me”, right now!

I wonder how many people think those words are true.

Everything means something.

I wonder…if they don’t connect the “meanings” to the God who created them; how can it be true? I thank Him for everything in a new way today because it does! I wonder how religion can appeal, when the very real and personal relationship like the above is so Life changing! How believing God does not exist can bring meaning to anything? Yet, not to long ago, those memories held a vague impression changed by “religion”, and the sight and sound of His presence there took my memory from rather Godless to full of Him ~ meaning! His timing is/was perfect. The religion kept my heart from puffed up pride and bitterness, His Word is true! Now His presence shows me the meaning of it all! I am right on “target” in His hands!

Tears of gratitude fill my vision today 🙂 For Yeshua, my God, my Coach, my Rabbi, my Teacher, my Way, my Truth, my Life, my Counselor…my Everything, my Meaning.

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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