Dead Mind Walking

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Dang, that person needs to do their job better. Don’t they know…..! I would… They could at least…..

What a jerk! (The list of fill-in names are endless and full of adjective expression, I won’t name them all)

I hate you, them, so-n-so!

I don’t have to like….  but I can hate what they do!

She is such a…  What a ditz! What a loser. He’s such an….  She could do better! He’s so blind! He deserves a real wife. She needs a real man.

They’ll, she’ll, he’ll never change!

I know what she, he, they think! They, he, she, acts like… She, he, they think she’s, he’s, they’re better!

If I was so-n-so, I’d….  Why should I do …. they don’t ….
Look at her, him, them …(conclusion/judgement drawn).

God! I wish those people would get with it, hurry up, figure it out, get out of my way, get over it, deal with it, get a clue, get a life, shut up, get a grip (you get the picture).

Huh, he, she, they probably think ….
come from, don’t have, need, …

Noone should think, act, do, be, say ….
(The ….. are blanks to fill in by the reader)

The above are mostly internal bullets, meaning they always start in the head 1st, then come out the mouth. They range from 22’s to 50 calibers. All kill, first they kill the mind and heart of them that thinks them, a little bit every time they are “thunk”. Then the object of the scrutiny. Deadening the heart to see its own depravity, and love, grace, mercy that can “resuscitate” the person who has entered “the judgement zone”. How? Well…did you ask them what motivated their actions, their thoughts, why they don’t do whatever you think they should or shouldn’t? Can you read minds and hearts? Do you know everything? Can you see all from such a short distance? Notice how often those bullets are all about you, how you see, what you think, what you have concluded based on your experiences, your observations, your priorities, your sense of wrong or right. If you have not put yourself out to inquire the whole picture, those bullets left the chamber and entered and killed. It doesn’t matter if you had a bad day, upbringing, life, marriage, childhood, experience, or p.m.s. or A.D.D. or forgot your prescription, or didn’t have time, or the “opportunity”, or it wouldn’t'”look” good, or if you know the person or not. The why means about as much to God as the why means to the people who suffered at any terrorist/mad persons shoot out, bombing, stabbing, maiming, killing spree. The dead are gone. Not that God has no compassion, but He and only He really does know why anyone does anything they do, good or bad. He doesn’t fire bullets, He empties chambers. (As in: disarms the weapon)

Every single human being alive (and dead) has been a murder. Killed in this fashion. All, (except Jesus), everyone. All have done it singularly, and by the dozens at a time. Going to any public function, the masses get blown away by the dozens by each one of us at least once in our lifetime. ( and I’m being generous) And we pick off others like snipers at our displeasure at will, the “victim’s” presence is not required. If you think I exaggerate, you have bigger problems than you think, I leave our Creator to educate you, its His “job” no one else’s.

Everyone has been the victim of these shootings, too. Its why we jump to the victims defense and service when the physical shootings/murders happen. Noone denies being judged, condemned, and misunderstood. That’s easy. Denial of doing the perpetrating…well that’s a totally different thing. We don’t view doing that as being as bad as picking up a gun and walking into a store, theater, school, bank, church or home and blowing people away. The illusion is if we can’t see the harm done, then it must not be harm done. God sees, hence the reason all we do internal and external are to be measured by His line of vision, His perifial vantage point, His ability to know everything. Not ours.

How many people did you kill yesterday? The day before?  Is what Jesus said starting to make sense now? Pray for your enemies, do (think) well to those who (in modern terms) annoy, confuse, bother, anger, irritate you, so a man (or woman) thinketh so is he/she, what so ever is good and of good repute, THINK on these things, Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. Hypocrite? Madman? No. He is onto something…teaching us something about what we all say we want…peace, love. He said: take every thought captive, renew your mind. Its a disturbed mind that blows people away, rapes and kills, steals and robs, cheats and slanders, judges and condemns. Just like everyone is right now saying of James Holmes, terrorist, Obama, their neighbors. Disturbed minds. The “thinkers” in these people started dying well before they harmed the masses. Must be a really good place for the enemy to suit-up in sheep’s clothing undetected. Jesus said: what comes out of your mouth is actually coming from your heart, that is what makes a person unclean. For out of the heart come forth wicked thoughts, murder, adultery and other kinds of sexual immorality, theft, lies, slanders…(Matthew 15:18-19). Jesus came to set the captives free, not those who are willing participants.

If you are not among those who kill with your thoughts and hate the murder you do, you are not captive but co-partners with that which you need no saving from. If you are, you understand just how desperately we need God to lead our heart and mind every single minute of every hour, of every day. You understand just how freed we have been made by Jesus, everyday. You see why we can pray for our enemies, much less those we love and know. You see that love for God, Jesus, the Spirit, that informs, leads, and guides, came and took our punishment on Himself, that love alone for Him is what motivates our obedience to His lead. Out of profound gratitude for His freeing and saving, just our deadly thoughts, much less (and no more) our actions. Its not religion, or goodness on our part, adherence to His “rules and regulations” – no, its love and humility for Him. Not for others first. Why?? Because my fellow-sheep, HE FIRST LOVED US, else we would have no idea what love IS, much less how to give it!

How can one “preach” on the intense need for God’s children to pray and forgive James Holmes after what he did? Jesus. If there is no hope for James, no room for his forgiveness, no desperate need for his station, there is none for me or you. God has left His throne, and we all may as well get concealed weapon’s licences for the “packing” we all do everyday. That’s how.

I don’t understate those suffering from the losses he caused. I simply remind what happened to get us here. We have all failed our Lord, James is, all of our results, in that failing. If we hurt for the victims and not for the shooter, we condemn ourselves while we excuse ourselves at the same time.

Where are we if God’s gift of Salvation from all our sins doesn’t include the worst of them? Where would you or I be, if Yeshua (Jesus) hadn’t died while we were yet as disturbed and corrupted by our turning away from God, as James Holmes or Osama bin Laudin or Hitler? Who on this earth today can say that God wouldn’t use a shooting, war, or hatred to bring Salvation? Wasn’t it Him who watched Joseph’s brothers throw him away, and then move Joseph to “save” them later as a result? What Bible are we reading, to say “I won’t even mention his (James Holmes) name because of what he did!” God wrote my name down before I followed Him! He did say, follow Me!. We have no clue how lethal our thoughts are. Yet, when something like 9-11 happens God sends us a hint. Will we listen? Oh, how I pray so. I pray I will! May God have mercy on us all that injure and kill. May we give up our “rights” to bear arms in these ways. May we all, drop our guns, at the sound of Yeshua’s request…”He who has no sin, shoot the first round” unforgiveness, blame, jealousy, envy, hate…do you hear the sound of human judgement emptying from the chambers?? If not, then we all, like death-row inmates are all walking that corridor to the chamber, hearing the guard call out “Dead mind walking!”

Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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