The Voice of God

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Purest sound – sweetest silent crescendo
How supreme You are to me
The splendor of my soul
Love in broken melodies and tones
Shaking my frame – aligning my bones
Break forth a mighty wind
Over, around and all the way in
Breath of Life vibrate my sin
Blow deep into my hollow aching need
Let me cease to pulsate
Allowing You to breathe

Voice of God
Ultimate Beginning
Promise-filled End
Never cease to resonate
Mysteries flow
My mind can never know
But You – alive within
Yes, You know all
So, now I contain You?
This must be the universal question – yes?
But, “How?” Is a human question
Innocent as the dawn
Yes – childlike – open – free
But! Your “Why” is the finish
Because You can!
You delight!
Filling – Breathing – Shining Light
Into the smallest weakest vessel
Bright! Holding weakness inside Your might
Why? How?
There’s only the Now
Now, contains the Who
You – You – I Am!
Present, Now, Forever
Breathe, Speak!


Voice of God
My foundation – Staff and Rod
Break in and through
Life-infused gale
Break upon my shores
Loosen the concrete barriers of my mind
Holding captive the song of “Set Free”!
Begin again and afresh!
Oh Beginning Refrain
Speak! And I will be spoken
Rippling Your Image upon the liquid glass of Your soul
See Your Son whole and complete
Despising my shame
Dispensing the sounds of Grace
Clear, pure white hot Sacrifice
Exchanging the souls likeness
Flesh for Spirit
Stars sing and dance this refrain
The Moon reflects this wax and wane
The Kingdom’s Trade
With that which only Your hands have made!


Voice of God
A tree offering shade
To the desert traveler – weary
Each step, dehydrated and bleary
Holds Your oasis of Wisdom
Making liquid action of Love
All blistering and bruising made a song
Voice of God – Sing!
Breathe such sweet suffering over me
Let the waters rush to create canyons
Where Your wind has swept them free
Carving waves of Your joy – undiminishible
Wings grow out of stone
To carry me – alighted on Your finger
Like a bird – perched and anchored to Your draw
Up, up, up – beyond the crumbling embers
Of distractions pointing forward and backward
Restlessly desperate to leave the Now
Speak! A Holy Halt!
Time does not exist to You
Instill my boundaries with Your Present!
Fortress my heart in Your hands
Claim me Father!
For I am Yours or I am nothing
Converse with my heart in tones of Forgiveness
Commune my soul in Mercy!
Making all of me Your witness
Your Kingdom come in me
Write Your instruction
Deep and penetrateing
Separating bone from marrow
Yes! Your Wisdom!
But More!
Your power to live it!
These are the drums and bass of Your rhythms
Obedience is a song
A sanctuary – a hiding place
Life pulsates there!
Hold me captive to these shores
Anchor me deep in the abyss of it
Mystery and unknowing
You fully know!
There I will grow
More like Your child instead


Voice of God
In the earth and sky
Rock and stone
Air and wind
In my ears and eyes
Heart and mind
Soul and spirit
Show me You and I will cease my striving
Give me all the Sound of You and the sense of Your arriving!
Voice of God
Live in me!


♡ Grace and Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah ♡

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The Sound of a Person

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In Hebrew the word voice is Qol; meaning the sound of a person.

I know my husband’s voice. I know his sound. I can tell the difference between his allergy snores and his cold snores. I can tell his many varied grunts, gasps, groans. I can discern his mood or state by his tones. Grant it I still sometimes take one for another; but over all I know the sounds of my husband. That which vibrates the inner-ear and outer. His gaze speaks, his eyes, his face, his countenance, his walk, and all that silence surrounds in his “speaking without his voice box”. I have lived with, wanted to know, listened to his voices for 18 years. Of course it does seem to be a bonus that he comes with the ability to voice a physically detectable voice. Meaning its “attached” to his physical vocal chords and vibrates my physical ear-drums.

The Sound of God…now that is truly amazing! This requires the inner-ear alone. Yes, He often uses another fallible human voice…but if you don’t know His voice; straight from His “lips” to your ears…you will never know it. His speech is like that of the Word, His tone is personal and pitched depending on what He is “saying”, His loudness/softness intimate and sure. Often one may think it “sounds” like one’s own voice. Though the Source could never come from us. That is…the Wisdom, Truth, and Clarity of Absolute Knowledge. It can only “sound” like His Word (the Bible). That is to say…it sounds like Yeshua (Jesus). The “logic” from which He speaks more often than not will fly in the face of what seems familiar to us. It will stand out as white as snow in sunshine and black as pitch against the “logic of the world”. It doesn’t encourage self-esteem, it encourages God-esteem. Example:

Worldly: You got this. You can do it. Trust your instincts.

Heavenly: “I got this. I can do this. Trust Me and let go of your own understanding. (the I’s and Me’s are God…not the child He made’s I or me)

He wants us to have confidence in Him. Not ourselves. To try and explain the workings or logic of that is impossible by way of human invention or framework. Either His Voice confirms this concept in our spirits or the chances are we don’t hear His Voice.

Yeshua said, anyone who hates his life shall gain it, loving it he shall lose it.

This passage is still debated in its context and meaning today. It means the above; we decrease, He increases. His life is lived in us, not ours in Him. Its not about us.

The Voice of God is spoken as if in word and form it is tailored specifically for each child He has made. In other words; He knows how to say, with what words, in the exact timing each of us needs and can hear it without denying we were told by Him. To this day, even though God has opened my heart to the Truth in any voice He should send it…His alone I can not deny.

Hearing His Voice takes devotion and specified times of shutting out all else and assuming we know nothing. This is countercultural in this age of “know it all-ism”. Hence we must decide to push against our own natural bend. We come to Him with blank pages…and only He may “ink them”. If we haven’t read how He has spoken in the past, we won’t know the “sound of His Voice” in the present! His Voice alone can teach us what He sounds like.

The Sound of His Person is what we follow. Its the single most important thing in Walking with God. Mistake this…and lost is the sheep.

John 10:27 ~ Yeshua speaking…

My sheep listen to My Voice, I recognize them, they follow Me.

John 12:25 ~ Yeshua speaking…

He who loves his life loses it, but he who hates his life in this world will keep it safe right on into eternal life!

John 10:1-5 ~ Yeshua speaking…

Yes, indeed! I tell you, the person who doesn’t enter the sheep-gate through the door, but climbs in some other way, is a thief and a robber. But the one who goes in through the gate is the sheep’s own shepherd. This is the one the gate-keeper admits, and the sheep hear His Voice. He calls His own sheep, each one by name, and leads them out. After taking out all that are His own, He goes on ahead of them; and the sheep follow Him because they recognize His Voice. They never follow a stranger but run away from him, because stranger’s voices are unfamiliar to them.

They who have ears…let them hear!!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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