The Saint’s Fortification ~ Part 4

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***Taken from The Christian in Complete Armor by William Gurnall.***

4. Maintain Assurance of Salvation

Still another way to fortify yourself against Satan is to preserve the hope of your salvation, which is promised through the Messiah’s atoning sacrifice. Record God’s special visits to you in the memory book of your heart. Paste keepsakes of the occasions when He declared a holiday and came to you in festive robes of mercy, holding forth the scepter of His grace more familiarly than usual. Keep old receipts written in His own hand for the pardon of your sins.

“But,” the doubting soul may ask, “what if I cannot grasp this assurance, or vouch for those evidences which I once thought to be true?” Then try the following prescriptions as a tonic for your ailing trust.

First of all, renew your repentance, as if you had never repented. Put forth fresh acts of trust, as if you had never believed, and you – by the power of the Spirit – will beat Satan at his own game. Let him tell you that your former actions were hypocritical, or that they are old and worthless. What can he say about your present affirmation of trust? In this way, the very accusations he uses to drive you away from God, instead only serve to drive you into His loving arms!

If he still haunts you with fears of your spiritual conditions, then apply to the throne of grace and ask for a copy of the old evidence, which you have misplaced. The original is in the pardon office in heaven, of which the Messiah is the Master! And if you are a child of God, your name is on record in that court! Appeal to God, and hear the news from heaven, rather than listen to the tales your enemy brings from hell. If you would argue less with Satan and pray more to God about your fears, they would soon be resolved. Can you expect truth from a liar, or comfort from an adversary? Turn your back on him and go to God. Try not to worry. Sooner or later you will receive your certificate of assurance.

If your soul is so buffeted that you cannot seem to hear God’s reassuring answer above Satan’s howling, sail away from the enemy and head straight for God’s harbor. Make an honorable retreat into those assurances and strengths which Christ provides for His endangered soldiers. There are two places of advantage into which deserting souls may retire: the Name (character) of God, and the full proof promises of His Word. I think of these as  the fair heavens, which are chiefly of use when the storm is so great that the ship cannot live at sea. And there was nothing inherent in the creature to move the great God to make such promises, so there can be nothing in the creature to hinder the Almighty from keeping them, where and when He pleases. This act of trust in retreating to the promises, accompanied with a longing desire after that grace you are actively seeking, while it may not fully satisfy all your doubts, will nevertheless keep you from sinking.

Finally, if Satan continues to hound you, call in help and do not listen to the devil’s counsel to the contrary. The very strength of some temptations lies in trying to keep them hidden. Telling a trusted, godly friend of your struggles often brings relief. Satan knows this too well, so in order to more freely rifle the soul of its peace and comfort, he frightens into silence. He has kept many a poor soul in misery by swearing it to secrecy. You lose two blessings by keeping the devils secret – the light of your fellow brother/sisters Light of God, in their  experience of His grace and their prayers. And what a grave loss this is!


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤


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The Saints Fortification ~ Part 2

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***Taken from The Christian in Complete Armor by William Gurnall.***

2. Cling to God’s Promise of Justification (Forgiveness)

Another way to fortify yourself against Satan is to study that grand gospel truth of a soul’s justification before God. Acquaint yourself with this truth in all its aspects: the free mercy of God’s grace; the accomplishment of Yeshua’s (Jesus) sacrifice; the effectiveness of trust in appropriating these blessings (ROM. 3:24-25). An effectual door once opened to let the soul in to this truth will spoil the devils market. (The hounding and taunting with the lie of condemnation).

When Satan comes to take away your peace, if you do not understand the full significance of your forgiveness in the Messiah you will be easily overcome. A child of God without assurance of salvation is as the rabbit that darts into the thicket to escape a fox, but is easily followed by the print of their feet and scent they leave behind. In Yeshua (Jesus) you have a hiding place where the enemy dare not come: ‘the clefts in the rock, in the secret places of the stairs’ (Song of Sol. 2:14)

While the devil may be in hot pursuit of your soul, the very scent of Christ’s blood, by which you are justified, is noxious to him and will stop him in his tracks. Run straight into this tower of the covenant, and roll this truth on the head of Satan, as the woman cast the stone on the head of Abimelech: ‘To him…that…believeth on Him that justifieth the ungodly, his trust is counted for righteousness’ (ROM. 4:5)

Psalms 32:1-2

Blessed are those whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered over; blessed is the man whose sin Adonai (the Lord) will not reckon against his account.


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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The Saints Fortification ~ Part 1

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***Taken from The Christian in Complete Armor by William Gurnall.***

‘Well,’ you say, ‘I need no more arguments to prove the troublesome nature of my adversary. Tell me now what I can do to fortify myself against his attacks.’

1. Beware of Satan as a Seducer.
If you want to be protected from your enemy as a troubler, you must take heed of him as a seducer. You can be sure he takes heed of you! The handle of the hatchet with which he chops at the root of the Child of God’s comfort is commonly made of the child’s own wood. Satan is only a creature and cannot work without tools. He can indeed make much from a little, but he cannot make anything out of nothing. We see this in his assault on the Messiah, where he troubled himself to no purpose because he came and found nothing in Him. (John 14:30)

But when he comes to us he finds fossils of our old natures, which tell him much about our the disposition of our hearts. These are the artifacts of our carnal hearts once held so dear: our strength, our lust, our pride. He holds them out to us, thinking to draw us away from our new found grace in Yeshua (Jesus). Beware of his enticements. Do not drink from his cup; there is poison in it. Do not on look on it as it sparkles in the temptation. What you drink down with sweetness, you will be sure to bring up again as gall and wormwood.

Above all sins, guard against bold or arrogant ones. You are never beyond the danger of such. If caught in the web of presumptuous sin, call quickly to God for help. If you hesitate, you only give the enemy time to entangle you more tightly. But if you cry out to God in true repentance, He will come at once to rescue you. The sooner you yield to the Spirit, the less damage is done.


Grace and peace in Yeshua the Messiah ❤

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